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Types of men's hats with names and photos

People complement their everyday look with a hat for various reasons. These may be religious beliefs, for protection from hot sunlight, as a unique item that emphasizes individuality. Today, men are increasingly choosing this accessory to emphasize their elegance and sense of style. Fashion designers represent a huge selection of hats for representatives of the strong half of humanity, which differ not only in their functionality, but also in materials and in terms of sewing.

What are men's hats

Being a compulsory wardrobe item, in past centuries hats were common among men everywhere. Then their popularity quickly faded, and this became a relic of the past. Today, men again use a hat to emphasize their special status.

Today you can highlight a huge number of different types of men's hats:

  • trilby
  • baseball cap,
  • Fedora
  • different cut caps
  • cap,
  • Panama and others.

Important! The first mention of hats on a man appeared in ancient Egypt. Scientists have found an image of a man in a high and wide-brimmed hat on the wall of the tomb.


This type of headgear is the equivalent equivalent of a straw wide-brimmed hat, but with reduced margins and tulle. It is usually made from straw, and in our country also from light textiles. Designed to protect against burning sun rays. Mostly performed in bright colors and goes well with light summer suits, complemented by moccasins.


It is somewhat similar to Fedor's model, but differs from the popular style in shortened fields, slightly raised up. In the original, such a hat should be made of rabbit wool. Fashion designers also offer many options from straw, tweed, wool or nylon, which also have quality and appeal.


Stylish modern British people have at least one such headdress in their wardrobe. It is a cylindrical product with a flat tulle and narrow margins, slightly raised up. It is usually made of dense felt. Stylists recommend combining it with fashionable chinos in a tandem with a fitted jacket.

English cap

Stylish and fashionable accessory, perfect for casual style. It is an almost flat rounded model with a rigid visor that protrudes slightly forward. Most often, the material for the manufacture of such a headdress is tweed, less often wool or cotton. The lining is usually made of silk.

This model goes well with:

  • everyday looks, consisting of classic jeans and a polo shirt,
  • fitted coat in urban style.

Important! Choosing a suitable accessory model should be based on the structural features of the figure and face.


A very common version of a man's hat, ideally combined with images in a free urban style. The accessory is usually sewn of soft and supple felt, as a result of which the tulle can change its shape. The margins of such a product of medium width are slightly down. The ideal combination for a fedora hat is considered to be a classic straight cut pants with shirts and sports jackets.


This is the choice of strict and business men who prefer clear lines and shapes. The headdress is an analogue of the Fedor model, but its fields are stiff and slightly bent upward, smaller in size than its predecessor. These hats are combined exclusively with classic business suits and are a stylish accessory to maintain a formal dress code.


A small headdress with a flat tulle and small margins, ideal for creating summer looks and protection from the scorching sun. The shape can be made in an oval or round version. For the first time, Venetian gondoliers used them in their costumes, and then fashion spread to many countries around the world. Today, a hat is often made from straw, which allows air to pass through very easily and makes you feel comfortable even on hot days.

Cap of three, five, eightblade

This headdress has many names:

  • eight angle
  • newsboy cap
  • Gatsby
  • poor man's hat.

It looks like an ordinary bulky cap with a small, slightly protruding forward visor. It is distinguished from an ordinary cap by the presence of 3, 5 or 8 wedges and a small button in the very center of the crown. It is recommended to combine it with jeans and denim shirts.

Baseball cap

One of the most sought after and popular hats among men of all ages. Initially, they were part of the equipment of players of the same sport, today it is a popular everyday accessory designed to indicate the style and image of a representative of a strong half of humanity.

The baseball cap is made of lightweight materials, has a round shape with a hard visor protruding forward. Its main purpose is to protect the eyes from bright sunlight. In addition, the baseball cap is equipped with a special Velcro or a fastener on the back of the head so that the man can perfectly fit the accessory circumference to the shape of his head.

Often on the front of the headgear are various applications, inscriptions, labels or names of sports teams. Use of both monophonic, and multi-colored products is allowed.


This accessory is most often part of military uniforms. It is a product that looks like a cap, featuring a short hard visor, a little protruding. It is made of leather or transparent plastic. This is a casual wardrobe item. Therefore, it is better to combine a cap with stylish urban sets.

Any men's hat has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose them based on your taste preferences, as well as depending on the shape of the face and style of clothing. The headpiece is designed to emphasize the individuality of its owner and protect it from the wind. Cold or sun rays.

Types of hats

In order to know all types of men's hats and their names, it is enough to simply try on each look to your image and style. The first men's hat was called "pyleus", it was worn because of religious beliefs, and later with its help they emphasized their special status in society. Later, a hat with brim appeared, it was called "petasos". After a while, this headdress was also used to protect from the sun.


Visually, Tribley's hat is similar to Fedora’s model, but she assumes a shortened edge of the fields, which rises and tucks up a bit. The original hat of this style is made of rabbit wool, although sewing from wool, straw, tweed and nylon is allowed. It is customary to combine it with suede shoes, a cotton suit or chinos shorts.


In the 17th century, during the Thirty Years' War, all of Europe wore military clothes and men wore a soft fleece hat (from the undercoat of a bison), with a wide field decorated with one or two feathers, women wore a feather hat with a curled hat.

Around the middle of the 17th century, the hat made of a hat became solid and dark in color. From about 1670, the dominance of French fashion began throughout Europe, which included in three places a raised hat fitted with a feather.

In the era of powder wigs, the hat was worn under the arm because of the powder, it became triangular and instead of feathers was decorated with a girdle from the edge.

Eight angle

The second name of this hat is “Gatsby” or “Newspaper Hat,” in design it resembles an English cap, but it is supposed to be denser in shape and the presence of 8 corners. Yes, and at the very center of the hat’s top there is a small button, which is also a feature of the octagonal. They wear it in tandem with denim shirts, skinny trousers or jeans.


Such a hat model is supposed to have a pointed, rounded and flat-shaped top, cylindrical or hemispherical, soft or hard tulle. The fields at the hat can also be different - hard or soft, bent down or opposite raised up, as well as straight, but always wide. Today, such styles of hats often act as beach accessories and are much more often flashed on the heads of beautiful ladies.

Who needs these types of hats?

Almost all of these types of hats are great for men of a creative mindset and prefer a casual style of dress. The most common model is Fedora, which is suitable for young men with a brutal manly appearance. Athletes and young men usually prefer a baseball cap, but Homburg and Trilby are suitable only for respectable business men. For dudes, experts advise Panama models, a Pork-Pai hat, an English cap and Kanotye.


Any man who appreciates hats should understand the types and names of such hats in order to competently combine them with different outfits and images. The harmony of the image directly depends on the little things, so you need to pay attention to the details. Yes, and you need to be able to wear a hat, this image is suitable only for bold and confident men, it is only important to choose a style for your appearance and character.

What is a hat made of?

  • Tula, she is the crown - this is the main part of the hat, which covers the head and protects it.
  • A band is a tape or strip that is located inside and does not give sweat, if it is a summer hat, to drain onto the forehead or eyes.
  • A visor is a solid element that comes out of the front of the body. It serves to protect both from rain and from the sun.
  • The edge, it is the field - the part that serves for the same as the peak, but is located on the entire plane of the hat. A visor is the destiny of baseball caps and caps.

The main types of hats

There are many types of hats, but we have selected the most common - those that appeared a long time ago and since then, if they have changed, then slightly.

This type originated from the classic straw hat. As a rule, a panama is made in light colors from light breathing material.

Ideal for hot weather that will look good with the following things:

  • light suit
  • shorts and a T-shirt.

This hat is very similar to the well-known fedora, with one exception: it has a shorter edge, slightly bent up. Traditionally, it was made from rabbit wool, but over time, trilby became popular, and other materials began to be used to create it.

Looks best with:

  • cotton shirts and chinos,
  • cotton suits and suede shoes.

This is a cylinder top model with a flat top. Its distinguishing features are its small height and a special recess in the upper part. If you prefer British style, spanking is the perfect option.

It goes well with:

  • fitted jackets and trousers made of lightweight fabric,
  • light chinos
  • shirts decorated with decorative elements.

This is a rounded model with a small hard edge protruding forward. Most often it is made from tweed, sometimes from wool and cotton. The lining is usually silk. Favorite headdress of British immigrants.

Caps can be worn with:

  • jeans and polo shirts,
  • coat in casual style.

The most common men's hat. The shape of the tulle may vary slightly depending on the designer’s imagination: most often these hats are made of felt, and he is very soft and supple.

Looks great with:

  • cotton shirts and straight trousers,
  • light sports jackets.

Ideal if you like a formal dress code. This is a more strict version of Fedora: the form is the same, but more rigid fields, and still no side dents. The right choice of a business man.

It goes well with:

This is a summer hat made of hard straw, which is distinguished not only by a golden color, but also by a flat tulle. Previously, boater could be seen on the head of every second man: this is the perfect everyday dress for hot weather. Now most often these hats are worn in Venice.

We recommend combining with:

  • lightweight summer suits
  • jeans, t-shirts and everything that fits in casual style.

Cap-octagonal, she's Gatsby

The well-known hat of the newsboy, it is very similar to the English cap, but differs in a more complete form: the name itself indicates the presence of eight corners. A characteristic feature is a small button on top.

You can wear it with:

  • jeans and denim shirts
  • tight trousers.

This is a well-known soft hat made of two elements: a rounded body and a hard visor in the front. Often baseball caps are decorated with logos of sports teams, food companies, film studios and others - therefore, of course, they are respected by fans.

Looks good with:

  • any casual and sportswear.

A cap-like hat with a flat top and a stiff, rounded visor. One of the favorite military hats. Most often, caps are made of nylon and cotton.

Recommended to wear with:

  • regular trousers and t-shirts.

This headdress is most often worn in the army, as well as in paramilitary civil organizations. The short visor was previously made of leather, but now in most cases they prefer to use shiny plastic for this.

Looks great with:

  • leather or biker jacket,
  • any things in casual style.


This model of hats is distinguished by a cylindrical tulle, a flat top and short fields, bent up.

The hat got its name for its perfect resemblance to a special pie dish.

Spanking is a sign of British style.

This model of hats goes well with fitted jackets, trousers in bright colors, shirts with a collar, silk ties.


A hat with a high top of a cylindrical shape.

The top of the tulle is flat, the fields are small and the top is bent. The cylinder looks quite provocative.

Steampunk fans choose it as a symbol of the Victorian era. Illusionists, actors use this headdress in their representations.

In everyday life, it is not often possible to see a person in a top hat and all the more interesting when he appears in a crowd - an unusual headdress always attracts everyone's attention and catches the eyes of passers-by.

Cowboy hat

Recognizable and colorful hat.

The cowboy hat has a high tulle with a small dent and wide fields, bent up on the sides.

It goes well with jeans, a leather jacket, a vest, with shirts and trousers. It will add color and style to the image.

Thus, if desired, a man can easily pick up a hat to his liking and suitable for the main wardrobe.

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