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Stylish beards for men: a list of the most popular

A three-day stubble is an excellent option for those who are not yet ready for long vegetation on their faces, but at the same time want to add courage, brutality and sexuality to the image. Its length can vary from 0.5 to 6 mm. The generally accepted standard is 2-4 mm. To make such a beard, you will need to align all the hairs on the face to the same length using a trimmer with the desired nozzle. After reaching the required length, the formation of contours begins - you need to knock out the cheekbones and make a clear line of hair on the cheeks.

To maintain it in the right form, you have to once every few days align the hair with a trimmer.

Short boxed beard

One of the most popular types of male beard in recent years. Such a beard implies a short length of hairs and the obligatory presence of a mustache and whiskers. At the same time, the mustache and beard are connected by thin strips around the mouth, and the beard, in turn, also connects to the whiskers of a small strip of vegetation. The rest of the skin should be shaved smoothly.

You can take care of such a beard with the help of special narrow nozzles for a razor.

Chin Curtain (Skipper Beard)

Owners of the Chin Curtain beard completely shave off their mustache, cheeks, chin and neck, leaving vegetation only in the lower part of the face. In this case, the beard is connected to the hair on the head and, as it were, encircles the face. Well suited to the owners of a pointed or square chin.

Sideburns (Thick Sideburns)

At some point, the men decided that simple sideburns were boring, so they came up with the style of sideburns. It is characterized by thick and lush whiskers, with a completely shaven face.

Another style follows from here - Friendly mutton chops - when mustaches and whiskers are connected to each other, forming a strip of lush hair. The neck and chin are also shaved smoothly.

Another style - Mutton chops - implies lush sideburns, a mustache and also overgrown cheeks. Only the neck and chin remain shaved.

Van dyke (Chekhov's beard)

Van dyke beard refers to vegetation under the lower lip and mustache that are not connected to each other. To make this beard look neat, it is pointed at the tip.

If such a beard shaves off the mustache, then we get the equally popular style - Goatee Goatee. Both styles are for holders of a pointed chin.

Anchor (anchor)

Anchor beard is a haircut in which vegetation is located along the line of the chin and connects under the lower lip. Together with a mustache, it forms something like an anchor. With this type of beard, the cheeks and temples are smoothly shaved.

If the owner of this type of vegetation allows the hair to "go" a little on the cheeks, then you will get the equally popular Balbo style (balbo style beard).

Circle beard (canada)

The beard circle beard or "Canadian" resembles van dyke in its device. Only in this case, the beard growing on the chin is oval and is connected to the mustache with the help of thin strips along the edges of the mouth. The rest of the face is smoothly shaved.


An extravagant, but from this no less popular haircut mustache - this is a mustache upwardly curled up. With a completely shaved face.

Combined with petit goatee, a curled mustache gives the Napoleon III Imperial haircut.

Celebrity and stylish beard

The most popular beards can be seen on the faces of world famous men, Hollywood actors and singers, producers and directors, athletes and politicians. It is they who become unofficial trendsetters by virtue of the fanatical love of spectators and fans; according to their prototype, most men select a certain style and look of a beard. Therefore, a stylish beard haircut can be classified by famous people with a beard.


The first to bring this kind of beard into fashion is Italo Balbo, Air Force Marshal in Italy. Despite the fact that at that time it was a question of the representative of the fascist government, today Robert Downey Jr. is not at all embarrassed by this fact, preferring this particular beard type. Many men with beards imitate this popular actor, as he clearly demonstrated all the benefits of a balbo beard.


The style of Bandholz was first introduced into fashion and society by the owner of Beardbrand men's cosmetics Eric Bandholz, who was once forbidden by his leadership at work to wear a beard. But he quit this job and grew thick and long facial hair, promoting men the freedom of choice.

Ring beard

A small beard that begins under the lower lip and in the form of a ring covers the lower part of the chin - this is an annular beard. A striking example of the fact that the ring beard is a stylish haircut for young men was Robert Pattinson. The beard accepts whiskers and mustaches, although many popular men increasingly add mustache to this look. We can say that this is such a kind of goatee.

Trend of the year “Wide beard”

Few can imagine a man with a beard in a suit, especially if we talk about wide, dense vegetation of medium or maximum length. In fact, a wide beard in the trend, it is increasingly worn just under the classic style in clothes. In this case, the beard should be laid and carefully combed to attract the eyes from the opposite sex.


Famous and popular beards can not be imagined without a model in the person of Brad Pitt. This actor tried in his image almost all the trendy models of the beard, but the garibaldi looked on him the most charismatic and courageous. It is almost the same beard as the bandholz design, but its length should be slightly shorter. Beard Brad in his new way struck down all the women.


All presented modern beards for men are in the greatest demand around the world. You need to choose the type of beard for the type of face, especially the hair in the beard and according to personal preferences. The presented types of beards are suitable for almost all men, a barber in the salon will help to set the correct beard shape. The 2017 trend is, of course, a cool wide beard according to top ratings and competitions of the largest publications around the world. A photo with the model is a vivid confirmation of this.

The verdi

The Verdi Beard is a mustache curled up mustache and vegetation along the entire line of the chin, which connects to the hair on the head with whiskers. Mustache with a beard while not connected.


Beard, like captain Jack Sparrow himself? Sure, not a problem. In honor of its famous owner, this haircut was called pirate. Implies vegetation on the chin to the lower lip, which connects to the mustache. In this case, the tip of the beard is divided into two parts and braided in two pigtails. You can only make such a hairstyle on a long beard, so you have to endure to become a Captain.

The old dutch (old dane)

This type of beard is the most classical and, not afraid of the word, ancient. It is worn by Amish, Protestant Christians. With this type of beard, the entire jaw and neck are covered with vegetation, which connects to the hair on the head with the help of sideburns. At the same time, the mustache and cheeks remain smoothly shaved. The beard itself has a square shape, unlike the same round Russian beard.

If you grow a mustache with such a beard, you get The Garibaldi style. It means full coverage of the lower part of the face with vegetation. Mustache and beard are connected.

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