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Men's hairstyles with a pigtail back

With the help of hair, many men manage to express themselves, demonstrating to society their individual style and originality. In addition, the haircut correctly places emphasis, corrects the shape of the face, emphasizes the best features, hiding minor imperfections. Outrageous and trashy hairstyles are most often preferred by extraordinary and creative personalities, which in the style of clothes also differ from most.

So, for example, men's hairstyles with a pigtail are preferred by musicians, artists, media people, respectively, people with a developed imagination and a tendency to self-expression. In addition, the story goes that long hair, pigtails, long beards, all this from ancient times was considered a sign of masculinity. Today, braids for guys are considered an indicator of good genetics and style.

Fashion pigtails in men's hairstyles

Initially, it was difficult to imagine men's haircuts with a pigtail or tails, since for several decades more men wore several plain versions of short and medium haircuts. But fashion does not stand still, designers and stylists have developed many new models of hairstyles for men of all ages and outlooks on life. In addition, if a man has luxurious hair, why is it necessary to cut it?

For several years, model haircuts with short side parts and elongated hair at the top of the head have been popular. Many men prefer to collect their hair in a bun, tail, and also braid one large or several small braids. Today, stylists advise many to try on men's hairstyles with a pigtail at the back to stand out from the crowd in a fashionable and spectacular way.

Men's hairstyles with a tail

Who should use a male haircut with a tail?

  1. Her often men of creative professions choose, it is no coincidence that such hairstyles are classified as a bohemian style. Wearing “tailed” hairstyles were “noticed”: Hollywood actor Brad Pitt, famous German couturier and photographer Karl Lagerfeld, our Russian boxer Kostya Tszyu, football player David Beckham.
  2. Hairstyles with a tail tear off the face as much as possible, while emphasizing all its imperfections. They visually expand round faces, and narrow ones lengthen even more.
  3. Reasoneski with a tail with good reason can be called "out of age".

Men's haircut with a ponytail

Varieties of braids

Hairdressers say that only a few men manage to grow long hair below their shoulders, otherwise braid lovers are inclined to the option of building curls. And if earlier it was a purely female prerogative, today unisex haircuts and hairstyles are in fashion. In addition, experience has proved that a man's hairstyle with a braid only emphasizes the youth, brutality and masculinity of a representative of the stronger sex.


The French believe that braids for men are an indicator of courage and courage, according to historical information and traditions. In this country, men's braids are an analogue of braids, that is, when braids are woven from a strand highlighted anywhere in the head from the edge of hair growth towards the roots. An experienced master will be able to cope with such a task, as a result of his work, a dense and small pigtail will be obtained. The flight path of such braids can be varied.


The most popular trend around the world among men is afro-braids, which can be performed on short hair, medium and long curls. There are even special weaving lessons for hairdressers and masters, since weaving such braids is an ancient art. To begin with, a bundle of curls is separated on the head, after which a tight braid is woven through the bottom. As a rule, all hair is braided to the very bottom, after which the braids are loose or gathered in a bun.


A variety of afrocos are dreadlocks, which are usually made out on medium hair. Although if a man lacks his own hair length, the master can build up artificial knocked down locks, which visually are no different from native hair. Only an experienced master possesses the skills of knocking tangles out of hair, for this, the hair is divided into squares, collected in bunches and combed from the ends to the root zone. With a shortage of native hair, synthetic Kanekalon is woven.


Brades are a real trend today among men and women, such hairstyles with a pigtail for guys are the perfect solution. The master, as a rule, braids thin pigtails around the entire circumference of the head, at least 100 pieces. Outwardly, these are the same French braids, but there should be a lot of them, therefore, with a lack of native hair and their density, the master weaves the synthetic material Kanekalon.

Who is it for?

No matter what the name of the haircut with braiding or braids, a man prefers, it is important to consider several criteria for choosing a haircut. Namely, the structure of the hair, the type of appearance and age, the shape of the face and other individual characteristics. Stylists note that such haircuts visually expand the features of the face, ears and neck, so owners of large features should abandon this style.

Also, an exception may be a man with an elongated face and nose, as tightly braided braids will only exacerbate this feature in appearance. Do not knock or braid tight braids to owners of weak and thin hair, as they will not withstand such stress. Any problems with the scalp will become more noticeable if hairstyles with a pigtail for guys are framed.

Options for braiding short hair: photo

As mentioned earlier, today 4 types of braiding on male hair are popular. You can see the weaving options in the following photographs of men:


Hairstyles with pigtails on the head - this is a trend among men around the world. Younger guys increasingly prefer to knock their hair into dreadlocks, as well as braid more than a hundred thin tight braids to emphasize the beauty of their hair and the individuality of style. Braids can be worn loose or gathered in a thick bundle or tail, which goes well with a strict style in clothes. The advantage of haircuts with a pigtail on the back of the head is also the simplicity of care and styling.

Male braid weaving options

It should be noted that for men's hairstyles, ordinary braids, as a rule, are not used, and therefore we will discuss options for weaving "courageous" braids.

Very popular in our time are men's hairstyles with a pigtail at the back, like Kostya Tszyu. In such haircuts, the hair is very shortly cut all over the head, and a long lock is left in the back of the head, which is braided into a thin stiff braid.

  1. No less popular are French braids, which are also called braids. Such braids can be braided in different directions in the form of various patterns. Practicality is characteristic of braids; they do not require special care.
  2. Dreadlocks - these are African braids. A special material is used to make dreadlocks, and they are attached to a person’s own hair. Weaving dreadlocks is a very long process.

Dreadlocks are not recommended to be woven from their own hair, since it is almost impossible to untangle them


Long hair needs special care. In addition to regular washing, your hair needs special care: massage the scalp, applying nourishing masks once a week. The intake of appropriate mineral and vitamin complexes will not interfere. Only with this approach will the hair remain strong, healthy and beautiful!


It is generally accepted that a long braid is an exclusively feminine “decoration”. However, weaving has been popular among men since ancient times. Moreover Nowadays, men's hairstyle with a pigtail is considered traditional among followers of a particular religion (for example, Buddhists). According to historical information, the popularity of long men's hairstyles began to grow in the second half of the last century, in the hippie era. Most often, representatives of this subculture wore their hair loose or made partial weaving. Over time, the male braid became an addition to short haircuts or acted as a spectacular “chip” on medium-length hair.

For many men, this hairstyle is a way of expressing individuality. And also most mods choose spectacular styling for the desire to always stay in trend.

Today, a man with a beard and a French braid is unlikely to attract judgmental glances. On the contrary, the original appearance will characterize him as a free, creative person.

Attitude to long hair in men in history

Even in ancient times, in different cultures, long hair in men was considered a symbol of courage, health, courage and dignity. Ancient warriors, defeating an opponent, cut off his strength, along with his hair.

Slavic sorcerers, growing their hair, believed that all their magical abilities were stored in them. The biblical hero Samson never cut his hair from birth, but braided seven braids. In them was all his power. In the inhabitants of early Germany, Ireland and France, long hairstyles were a symbol of power and position, and only representatives of the lower classes and slaves wore short haircuts.

In Soviet times, men's haircuts were typical, there were very few options, long hair was considered a symbol of femininity, it was unusual for men to wear them. Long haircuts were preferred only by representatives of informal youth movements, as well as creative professions:

  • musicians
  • artists,
  • theatrical figures.

Who are they going to?

Choosing this or that styling with weaving, a man should take into account his type and quality of hair. Naturally, a tight braid is contraindicated for owners of thin, sparse hair. In addition, men with expressive "eagle" nose from a similar hairstyle also should be abandoned.

Stylists claim that weaving on male hair visually “opens” the face, thereby exposing flaws. Thus, hairstyles with a braid are most suitable for guys with an oval face shape, neat ears and expressive eyes. Do not forget about the condition of the skin. When braiding pigtails, keep in mind that all problem areas will be in sight.

As for age, weaving does not have any restrictions. However, braids look best on young men and women under 40 years old.

Viking style

Perhaps the Vikings, Scandinavian warriors of the Middle Ages, were considered one of the brightest representatives of the stronger sex with long hair in history. They firmly believed that the strength of a person is stored precisely in the hair, so they did not cut them, cherished them and paid special attention to caring for them.

Unlike medieval Europeans, who greased their heads with fat, the Vikings were very clean. They regularly washed, combed and styled their hairstyles and beards every day. Their styling, as a rule, was all kinds of weaving from long hair, often in combination with shaved areas of the head.

Fashion is cyclical, modern men are often inspired by the images of the Vikings, especially after a series of popular films and books recently published on this topic. Increasingly, you can meet pigtails from brutal owners of a fashionable style.. The modern hairstyle of the Vikings, in its various variations, firmly enters the everyday image of many representatives of the stronger sex.

Fashion options

The modern beauty industry offers various options for men's hairstyles with braids: with French charm or in the style of the Vikings. The most common include braids and dreadlocks.

Brades (French or boxing braids). It is a kind of tight African braids (all over the head). To give brightness to the image, artificial fibers - kanekalon are woven into the strands. Moreover, their shade should match the natural color of the hair. Professional boxers most often choose brands because weaving keeps a presentable appearance for a long time. Naturally, braids require careful care. It is necessary to periodically wash your hair with a special shampoo (1 time in 14 days). In addition to athletes, creative young people like this hairstyle. They often choose weaving in different directions, creating patterns and beautiful ornaments. Creating boxing braids requires the hands of a professional master.

Dreadlocks. This option refers to one of the species of afrocos. Suitable for long and medium hair. Outwardly, dreadlocks resemble the cylinders of cylindrical or rounded shape. Many masters also use the synthetic material Kanekalon, which is very similar to natural strands, to give volume. Only professional craftsmen can create spectacular dreadlocks. As a rule, a hairdresser divides men's hair into zones, gathers them in bunches, and then performs a pile (from the ends to the hairline). Like braids, warlocks require care. Cleansing the head with afrokos should not occur more than 3 times a month.

Note that natural dreadlocks are considered “dangerous”, since there is a high probability that it will not be possible to unravel the tricks. Most often, men choose dreadlocks created from artificial fiber. “Safe” tassels are attached to native hair with the help of special hooks. It is very easy to get rid of such a hairstyle at any time.

In addition to these hairstyles, there are several options for braids.

On the back of the head. For this option, the presence of short strands on the crown and temporal parts is characteristic, and an elongated strand remains behind, which is braided into a braid. A similar hairstyle looks quite extravagant and unusual. Athletes (soccer players, runners and swimmers) like to braid a thin pigtail. Thus, they fix the hair, taking part in competitions.

On the side. It is braided, as a rule, on medium-length hair. It is important to fix the weave with a thin hair clip and varnish with strong fixation. Lateral weaving looks very creative and unusual. This styling is relevant for young guys. Such a braid is very easy to weave.

"Spikelet". Many men are afraid that such a hairstyle will “kill” their masculinity. For such cases, stylists advise combining a French braid with a neat beard. A stylish option is a short haircut with an elongated central strand, which is combed back and braided into a spikelet.

History tour

The history of men's hairstyles resembles swimming in the open ocean. Storms gave way to calm, radically short haircuts replaced powder wigs. In Europe, the most diverse types of styling were popular. For example, in the early Middle Ages, when the harsh Vikings plowed the northern seas, men often laid their hair in braids. For a number of nomadic peoples (Polovtsy, Mongols, Scythians and others), such hairstyle options were the most practical and convenient. The most striking carriers of braids were North American Indians.

In some medieval cultures, pigtails in hair and beard symbolized belonging to a military caste

In ancient and Middle Ages, such hairstyles were a sign of belonging to the military caste or wore the status of a distinctive sign of the representatives of the ruling class, as was the case with the nobles of Europe who wore wigs with letters and pigtails.Since the mid-20th century, hippies and musicians who were not popular with the conservative generation, accustomed to the hardships and deprivations of wartime, began to wear long hair laid in afrokos.

Wig with a pigtail in Victorian Europe symbolized membership in high society

Nowadays, the film industry, catwalks and social networks are popularizing men's styling with pigtails. According to stylists, braids (boxing braids) will soon displace brutal beards and become a new symbol of masculinity.

Beautiful examples

Brave guys complement the original weaving with bright rubber bands and scarves. Partially painted locks look no less impressive.

For example, a French braid is braided on a highlighted elongated bang.

And also African braids are decorated with all kinds of bright laces, ribbons and threads. Some men stain partial weaving with coloring varnish or crayons.

Do not forget about the bangs. It can be woven into the "main" braid or left as a separate "stroke" in the image.

Types of men's hairstyles with pigtails

Most of the styling, involving weaving, can only be done in a salon. The most difficult options for braids with braids are braided for several hours. As for the variety of weaving, it is not as great as for women, but it does not always require long hair.

In Russia, any braids except for braids are still a challenge to the dress code

How to braid?

Men's hairstyles with a braid do not always require the hands of a professional master. For example, braiding a pigtail on long, medium and short hair will turn out at home.

Weaving technique on the hair of the maximum length:

  • clean hair thoroughly comb and apply foam,
  • comb the hair back, and begin weaving (from the back of the head),
  • We “carry” the braid to the very ends, fix it with an elastic band.

On short and medium hair, weaving looks more interesting. So, we proceed:

  • thoroughly wash my hair and dry slightly with a hairdryer,
  • apply a little mousse to moistened hair and highlight the central strand,
  • comb it back and start weaving a “spikelet”, adding hair to the main braid from the side parts,
  • we fix the French braid with a bright rubber band, cover the entire hair with varnish.

As for the African braids, it is advisable to entrust their creation to the hairdresser. However, weaving can still be done independently. The process is quite painstaking. You will need:

  • thin comb
  • set of silicone rubber bands,
  • styling products (gel or wax).

We divide clean hair into zones (weaving will go horizontally: from ear to ear). Put a small amount of wax on the front strand, then weave a tight, thin pigtail. By analogy, we create afrokos all over the head. We fix them with elastic bands.

Partial weaving will look equally impressive. To do this, it is enough to apply strong fixation gel on clean hair and highlight the central strand. Braid a wide French braid and fix it with a thick rubber band. Coat the hair with varnish. To add extravagance to the image, shave the rest of the hair.


Weaving is a very long, laborious and painstaking process.:

  1. The head is divided into 100-300 small squares, the strands of each of them are divided into 3 parts, of which tight weaving is carried out according to the principle of a classic braid.
  2. An artificial fiber - kanekalon is woven into each pigtail, which allows you to get weaving of any length.

It is enough to have natural hair from 5 centimeters. This hairstyle does not require special care. Wash your hair enough once a week. African braids can be worn for 3-4 months, both in a loose form, and make a tail out of them or braid them in a hairstyle.

French braid

French braid is the most popular and simple in its execution styling. If your master does not know how to weave such pigtails, then he is an amateur, who should not be consulted in the future. Outwardly, such weaving resembles a spikelet curling over the head. To braid a braid enough hair of medium length. Stylists with this styling capture locks at the very roots and intertwine them with each other. You can braid hair both in the occipital or parietal part, and throughout the head. You can wear this styling on your head without unwinding for up to one week.

French braid is widespread among actors and athletes


The French look of weaving is created exclusively from your own hair without adding any additional materials. Very comfortable and convenient hairstyle, worn for 2-3 weeks. She needs a hair length of 10 centimeters.

Back weaving pads on back of head

This option is quite common. For its execution, the whole head is shaved or shaved, except for a small area on the back of the head. A growing strand of hair is braided into a tight pigtail. Representatives choose this option:

  • some peoples (Kazakhs, Turkmen, Mongols),
  • religions (Buddhists, Hare Krishnas),
  • as well as people involved in energy and spiritual practices.

Which men are suitable?

Male and female braids have little in common. If ladies prefer thin elegant lines in hairstyles that make the image more feminine, then the stronger sex is the opposite. They choose for themselves more rude and brutal forms of weaving, adding courage to their image. Often weave beads or men's jewelry.

It is very important to combine these hairstyles with a beard. Sometimes it is appropriate to add weaving to the beard. Short men's braids look elegant. Often such a hairstyle is chosen by pop stars and athletes.

The right to be yourself

It is very good that those times when it was impossible to be different from others are in the past. Now people are freer to express their thoughts., in the style of dressing, in the choice of hair color and hairstyles.

It is very important to like yourself in the mirror, and bold decisions help to prove yourself and show what you really are.

Feel free to reveal yourself to the world and then the world will open to you!

African pigtails

African braids - one of the varieties of braid. Kanekolons are used for styling, giving the hairstyle an extravagant look. To imagine how the styling looks, it’s enough to recall the images of residents of African-American regions of major US cities. African braids allow you to greatly lengthen your hair thanks to the canecolons woven into them. It’s easy to take care of such a haircut, just wash your hair with shampoo once a week.

The legendary Edgar Davids and his African pigtails

Who can braid hair with braids?

Men's braids are still a bright and defiant hairstyle for Russia. That is why only representatives of public and creative professions (musicians, actors, writers) braid braids. But abroad, such hairstyles are in the order of things. Athletes often put their hair in neat French braids. Fashionable braids can be seen on the heads of football players, swimmers, runners and boxers.

Athletes who are the main consumers of pigtail hairstyles are often considered style icons.

However, office workers and intellectual workers should be moderate in their desires. In this case, neat geometric-shaped braids on the back of the head or thin patterns on the temples will look spectacular, fresh and will not harm career growth at all.

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