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Athletes with a beard: photos of the most famous

The beard is popular with football players. They use it to add brutality to their image: they want to look courageous. Players grow a beard in order to stand out. Sometimes changing the image to a more brutal attracts viewers and fans more than a successful game.

The main mod of the world of football remains David Beckham.

His change of hairstyles causes a lot of hype. Fans follow the life and image of the star. David wears a balbo beard or classic brett.

The goat beard of Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo is also famous.

The footballer said that when shaving before the start of the game, he decided to leave a goatee. If he scores a goal, he will walk with this hairstyle. And scored a goal as much as two times. The beard brought good luck to the footballer - and he considered that it did not need to be shaved off.

Less popular footballers who have not yet become the legends of this sport can also boast stylish bearded looks.

Athletes with a beard

So deeply into the life of every person has a beard entered that no one is surprised by the fact that bearded men regularly meet on the street, flicker on TV screens, and work out in gyms. Athletes also do not stand aside, following the latest fashion trends, as a result of which many have already "tried on" this or that type of beard.

David Beckham

This athlete is known not only because of his brilliant career in football, but also due to his image of a burnt mod.

David, not only in public, but also in ordinary life, always looks like a needle, this can always be evidenced by a neatly shaved and trimmed beard.


As mentioned above, Joe Thornton is a hockey player who managed to shock the audience not with his awards and achievements in sports, but rather with a wild beard in appearance that resembles the vegetation on the face of a forester.

Despite a mixed opinion about his beard, Joe does not change his image and wears facial hair in life.

Alexey Lesukov

Another popular athlete with a beard is a bodybuilder and two-time champion of Russia, who also prefers to demonstrate his brutality with muscles not so much as a stylish beard.

It is enough to view his latest photos to understand how organically the beard fits into such a powerful male image.

Denis Gusev

Another bodybuilder of Russia, who supplemented his image with a courageous and fashionable beard, is Denis Gusev.

According to him, a beard helps a businessman concurrently win over people and partners.

Wayne Rooney

Irish Wayne Rooney is a player at Everton Football Club.

In England, this athlete was often called the best English football player among his own kind of "stars", and women are crazy about his sports career and achievements, as well as on external data and a beard.

Here are ten of the most famous bearded men from the world of sports

David Beckham - One of the most sought after and highly paid football players in the world, has always been a seasoned mod. No wonder that he was one of the first to experiment with various variations of stylish beards.

Alexi Lalas - Another football player in our top who received the nickname "Red Corsair" is no coincidence. His beard was so extraordinary and memorable that it almost diverted attention from the World Cup. Interestingly, the athlete can hardly be called a successful player, but the facial hair helped him make history.

Emil Karberg - The young Swedish hockey player boasts an impressive thick beard, which he grew during playoff matches for superstitious reasons (in sports circles there is an opinion that you can lose good luck with a beard). As for luck, it is not known, but the beard certainly added male charm to the athlete.

Alexander Emelyanenko - The Russian hero grew a beard after his recent stay in the monastery. She gives even this far not pretty fighter even more awesome appearance. Although what more could you wish for a person who deals with mixed fights?

Conor McGregor - Like the previous bearded man, this popular athlete used to conquer the fighting rings. But against the background of his associates favorably differs pronounced attractive style. His red beard and mustache can not go unnoticed, which confirms his pretty replicated media image.

Tyson fury - the heavyweight boxer, who won a landslide victory over Wladimir Klitschko, also released his bushy beard. By the way, before this fight, the Ukrainian did not lose 11 years. Fury himself claims that the beard appeals to his gypsy legacy and helps him win. Whatever the case, the vegetation blended into its rough appearance very organically.

James harden - An American basketball player, grows his catchy beard from the first year, when in his own words, "he just got tired of shaving." During this time, his lushly overgrown chin has become an integral part of the athlete's image. Harden's beard is so famous that it even appeared in a video in which the animators stretched it to frightening proportions.

Fletcher Plush Beard - Everyone who is at least a little addicted to bodybuilding, heard about this powerlifter. He is a repeated barbell champion and recently recognized YouTube star. It is difficult to imagine a rude athlete without his famous beard. Moreover, he is so merged with her that he even made part of his name.

Alexander Us - It was a sin for a Norwegian biathlete with that surname not to have facial hair. The athlete loves to let go of a long beard, which is often covered with hoarfrost during competitions and looks very impressive on snowy tracks.

Alexander Ovechkin - It’s hard to imagine a more brutal hockey player than this. There is a lack of front teeth and a chin overgrown with bristles. The main thing is that this does not prevent the athlete from swimming in the attention of recognized beauties, among whom were Victoria Lopyreva, Fergi, Zhanna Friske and many others.

In general, a beard is not a hindrance to professional sports. These famous bearded men proved to us that changes in their appearance did not affect their sporting achievements. For many, the beard has become not only an interesting experiment, but also an integral part of their image.

Why do athletes grow a beard?

According to many experts in this field, the beard and dense facial hair gives many athletes charisma, epicness and even a certain outrageousness. Bright representatives of a fashionable and stylish beard among athletes can be considered football player David Beckham, and boxer with a beard, Conor McGregor, known throughout the world, is not inferior to him. His beard has become a trend and is in demand in the barbershops of the world.

There is no need to talk about athletes of Caucasian nationality, many men envy their beard. Thanks to the beard, it is possible to focus on masculinity and strength. Sociologists and psychologists are of the opinion that athletes using a beard demonstrate their dignity, the presence of intelligence, determination and irresistible energy and strength to reach the heights of the sports Olympus.


If a man goes in for sports, this does not mean at all that simple male desires and needs are alien to him. Athletes are simply obliged to look stylish, fashionable and according to the latest “whims" of fashion, as they are indirectly public people. So, young people and male fans will be equal to them, therefore, in creating the image, you need to think through everything in detail, down to the beard.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Loved by everyone in the films "Titanic", "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Survivor" Leo is now simply not recognizable! Such a beard casts doubt on his status as a sex symbol of our time, but they say that such a change in image is due to a creative crisis. Well, we wish the newly-minted bearded man vivid roles!

Jim carrey

One of those whose facial hair is clearly not dyed is the beloved comedian Jim Carrey. A gray-haired, almost white beard only adds to the actor's years, especially against the background of his new young passion. Rumor has it that such a change in appearance is associated with future creative projects, but Jim himself does not comment on this fact.

Daniel Radcliffe

Probably everyone knows the story of Harry Potter - the boy who survived, but do you recognize the leading actor now? Immediately after filming in Potterian, Dan began experimenting with his appearance and a few years later conquered everyone with his stylish beard in the movie “Illusion of Deception 2”. Now the actor completely stopped worrying about the appearance, now the hairline is not only on the cheeks, but also on the neck.

By the way, the TOP-10 options for the most stylish beards on our site most-beauty.ru are presented in this article.

Jamie Dornan

To get away from the image of Christian Gray, the hero of the sensational saga "50 shades of gray" Jamie Dornan has grown an impressive beard. Indeed, now in this brutal macho one can hardly recognize a millionaire - the dominant.

With such a radical change, the actor makes it clear that he does not want to become a hostage to one role and is ready for new creative projects.

William and Harry

Royal family members can wear beards while on duty or traveling. However, at home, at the direction of the Queen, the brothers Harry and Williams had to say goodbye to their abundant vegetation.

As you know, Elizabeth II is a staunch opponent of the beard and mustache among members of the royal family and it is in this component that she is very strict with her grandchildren.

Dusty Hill and Billy Girrbons

ZZ TOP blues-rock guitarists Dusty and Billy have such chic beards that any priest will envy them. The image of the young guys of the 1960s distinguishes musicians from their “colleagues”. Interestingly, in 1984, Gillette offered everyone $ 1 million if they shave off their beards for a commercial. Naturally, the musicians refused.

Why do men grow a beard? This question is difficult to answer unambiguously. What can we say about combining her with long hair ?! You probably guessed who we mean.

Conchita Wurst (Thomas Neuwirth) can be treated differently, but it is certainly impossible to ignore this shocking character. A woman with a gorgeous beard, who conquered all of Europe at the Eurovision 2014 music contest, can give a couple of lessons on how to choose a beautiful beard and shock others.

The fashion for experiments with facial hair did not go past our domestic pop stars and show business.

Konstantin Khabensky

The presence of a beard gave Konstantin an outward resemblance to the no less famous Vladimir Mashkov.

For the first time, the actor appeared in the Lenkom Theater in this way at the Oleg Yankovsky Prize. And not long before this photo with the bearded Khabensky was published on his Instagram by the soloist of the Ivanushki international group Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonov.

Danila Kozlovsky

Rating the most beautiful actors in Russia with a beard is impossible without the presence of a bright, effective theater and film actor Danila Kozlovsky.

One of the most coveted men of our time changes the length of his beard depending on the requirements of the directors, and recently he completely got rid of facial hair, which pleased his fans.

Many friends and fans of Kozlovsky unanimously claim that without a beard their idol looks at least 10 years younger! However, most-beauty.ru believes that whatever the image of Danil is, this does not affect his popularity and relevance.

Ivan Urgant

During the filming of the popular project “Searchlight Parishilton,” the showman shocked fans not just with light bristles, but with a chic, thick beard. Fans of Ivan were divided into two camps: some liked this style of the artist, but for the most part they liked the “former Urgant”.

In 2017, Ivan Urgant returned to his usual image of a smoothie with brutal bristles.

Dmitry Shepelev

One of those representatives of the Russian show business who is very closely following fashion trends. That is why the famous TV presenter was one of the first to grow a gorgeous beard. This image came to taste not only Dmitry himself, but also to his many fans and his little son Plato.


A neat, well-groomed beard can become a decoration, a visiting card of its owner. Testosterone hormone is responsible for its presence or absence. This explains the fact that men with dense vegetation have long enjoyed great success with women.

Barbers trained in this art will tell you how to choose a beautiful beard, how to care for it. And overgrown stellar beards are often watched by entire teams of stylists!

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