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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Men's check suit - style and elegance of the image

Checkered jackets are once again in the top of the most fashionable things in 2020. Therefore, more and more people are in search of this attribute of clothing, and more and more designers are trying to come up with new styles and use new textures in their work. So let's figure out what to wear with a checkered jacket.

Women's checkered jacket

Despite the fact that a few years ago, the jacket was mainly a men's wardrobe, now it is used by women with might and main, because it is the jacket that creates a unique official image in which you can go to work or to a business meeting. A checkered jacket is a special kind of garment, since you can create any look with it.

A women's checkered jacket can be combined with different types of clothes, here are a few examples with which you can combine a jacket.

  • If both the trousers and the jacket have the same cage, it is preferable to complement this image with a classic white blouse, otherwise the image will be too overloaded. Do not forget about accessories such as a hat and a cute watch.
  • If you want to create a more casual style, then just change the blouse to a regular T-shirt and wear sports shoes.

Men's checkered jacket

If a man is wearing a checkered jacket, we can safely say that he has good taste and he is not from a poor family, because the checkered jacket has long been associated with British aristocrats in people. Nevertheless, the male half of humanity will not manage one purchase of a jacket in a cage, because you need to be able to combine it correctly with other things, which is a little problem for men.

Not every man can wear a jacket. This is a little strange, but it all depends on the nature of the person. If a man is not self-confident, weak-willed, then the jacket will look ridiculous on him, so checkered jackets are the choice of worthy and courageous men.

  • Basically, guys are used to creating everyday comfortable looks with the help of such a jacket. To do this, they combine it with shabby jeans or any other pants in this style.

  • In other cases, it is customary to choose more traditional options. For example, it is enough to put on a checkered jacket in addition with classic dark men's jeans, and you will already look well-groomed.

Some more tips for men

  • If you are going to some formal event, such as a wedding, it is easiest to wear a white blouse and a bright checkered jacket. This image can be complemented with a regular bow or tie. By the way, the color of the tie does not have to be combined with the color of the jacket. This is already tired of everyone and has become quite boring. You can choose contrasting shades of a tie, for example, the color of the back of the jacket.
  • A blue check blazer and blue and white shirts will seamlessly integrate within a variety of outfits. As for the bottom, it is best to focus on the dark version or trousers in tone and print jacket. Blue itself is a color that exudes calm, restraint and confidence. Therefore, it is best suited for going to work or business meetings, because in this way you will radiate success and self-confidence.


Elegant men's suits in a cage do not go out of fashion due to their high functionality, practicality and appearance. Products are in demand among young people and among older men, and are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of status and build.

The cell has always been a trendy pattern, capable of changing the style and significantly transforming the male image. Stylists advise choosing the right print to skillfully emphasize the merits, hide the imperfections of appearance.

  • Slender and tall guys fit outfits in a large cage, which visually add masculinity and volume to the figure.
  • Muscular and inflated guys can wear products with a small print, allowing to demonstrate masculine strength and beauty.

Types of print

A male audience is offered a wide selection of products of various shapes, lengths and designs. You can buy a stylish suit in a cage, emphasizing individuality and giving eccentricity to the image.

A practical and functional outfit allows you to create business, work and everyday looks, becomes the main focus of the youth style and flaunts the best aspects of appearance.

Depending on the purpose of the event and the purpose of the ensemble, a certain print is selected that significantly affects the perception of the male image. The most common is a pattern called the "Prince of Wales", which gives elegance and presentability to the appearance. The basis of the print are two primary colors, suppressed by a third hue. In such a suit you can go to a wedding, attend a social event and an anniversary.

No less popular is Scottish cell, visually adding volume to the figure and giving extravagance to the male image. Tartan drawing favorably sets off beautiful parts of the body, adds brightness and freshness to the appearance. In summer, multi-colored kits are in demand. Madras patternassociated with India, the sun and good mood. Respectable men use suits in a small cage, while informal youth prefers a pattern with a large pattern.

Of particular interest is the Black Watch pattern, which includes blue, black and green patterns.

This kit can be worn at a friendly party or an informal event. In everyday life, clothes with a goose foot pattern, popular in narrow circles, are used. Among creative youth, products with a “lumberjack” print, including contrasting squares in black and red, are relevant.

Models and styles

Demand is a classic suit, characterized by conciseness and restraint. A single-breasted jacket and straight-cut trousers add sophistication and elegance to the look. Formal (tuxedo, tailcoat, business card) and informal (casual) sets are of interest.

For important meetings, they put on a black kit in a gray and blue cage with two slots in the back. For informal events, you will need an American suit of a free cut, and in a relaxed atmosphere, the Italian version with a fitted jacket is useful.

It is believed that short men should wear a shortened jacket with voluminous chest, rounded shoulders and a narrowed line of the hips. Tall guys fit European-style models with a long jacket, loose trousers and wide shoulders.

A jacket with three buttons and two slots can be worn by men of any complexion. An elegant three will decorate the silhouette and add gloss and presentability to the look.


Stylish men are now offered a huge assortment of products of various formats made of high-quality and beautiful materials.

  • For sewing winter products, wool, cashmere, flannel and acetate or viscose lining are used.
  • In the fall, tweed sets are popular for comfort and ease of use.
  • Spring ensembles are created using elegant acrylic costumes with satin lapels and side seams.
  • In summer, linen and viscose dresses are used, which are distinguished by their lightness and good air exchange.

A chic check wedding suit is made of wool with a high twist index. An elegant product effectively transforms the male image, allows you to express individuality and demonstrate the best aspects of appearance.

Fashion informal suits are made from cotton, linen or silk. Club jackets and trousers are made of suit fabric or tweed, and business attire is sewn from wool with polyester.

Each model is unique and has its own advantages and certain properties.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a fashionable checkered suit, you should take into account your lifestyle and status, complexion and purpose of the ensemble. A brown kit in a gray-blue or black-green small cell is always useful. Add extraordinary style to the outfit with a large print. It can be a black or dark green cage suit in a muted shade. If you are going to an informal meeting, you should pay attention to the tweed loose jacket and moderately tight pants.

Costume selection rules:

  • Choose a model taking into account the composition and purpose of the bow.
  • The collar of the jacket should not protrude.
  • Sleeves - without creases and folds.
  • The slit line cuts should not be too deep.
  • Sleeve length - to the wrist.
  • Armholes - deep, not constraining movement.

  • Shoulder seams should be straight.
  • The collar is rounded around the neck and does not form folds.
  • Pants should taper from the hip to the ankle.
  • Optimum length (to the place where the shoes go into the heel).
  • Set-in trouser pockets fit well to the body.

Classical suits with two slots of standard length will become the ideal choice.

In summer, a light beige or blue suit with a bright pattern, made of natural silk or polyester, is useful. In winter, chocolate, violet, brown wool products in a neutral-tone cage are more acceptable.

Spring bows are created using gray laconic models with a black and blue print based on costume fabric. In autumn, they wear tweed suits in the color of chocolate with a dark pattern or half-woolen models with a “goose foot”.

How to wear

Suits in a cage have great potential and the ability to radically change the style and masculine image. It is important to choose the right model and color in order to attract attention and put in a favorable light external advantages. emphasize individuality.

Choosing the shape of the jacket, it should be borne in mind that fitted options are more suitable for tall and thin men, and free formats adorn muscular and squat guys. It is important that the shirt matches the style and fits into the masculine look. It should be a strict and restrained model with long sleeves, a tight collar and open buttons.

Young dudes choose sets with a bright screaming cage, and handsome men prefer muted and restrained shades. Blondes are more likely to have a light print, and brunettes will be decorated with an expressive dark cage.

If you are planning on graduation, you can wear a free suit with a Scottish pattern. For a friendly party, a casual outfit with a multi-colored print is suitable. For a business meeting, the fitted dark blue set with a clear arrangement of shoulders and trousers to the middle of the shoes will be an ideal option.

What to wear

Under an elegant business suit, you can safely put on a light shirt and tie, which gives a special zest and piquancy to the image. A combination of a double-breasted blazer and a pair of breeches and neutral t-shirts will come in handy. At the party, fashionable guys put on bright sets, combining with a black or white turtleneck.

A modern tandem will be tailcoats and skinny pants, complemented by an elegant chemise. Festive bows will create a woolen jacket and slices, an elegant shirt and a stylish butterfly. The completion of the image can be elegant shoes - patent leather shoes with pointed toe, shoes with zippers or loafers with laces.

An indispensable attribute of the male image are exquisite accessories. Watches that complement the business style and accentuate the male personality are in special demand. Cufflinks are always in fashion, attracting the attention of others and stylizing the image.

Various ties are relevant, giving elegance to the appearance. To create holiday bows, a satin or silk butterfly is used to decorate men. Accessories play an important role in shaping the style and image, emphasize the status and add nobility and presentability to the appearance.

With matched sleeves

Tucked up or rolled up sleeves for several years have become fashionable and do not leave it. This is true for sweaters and cardigans, to which this detail gives relaxation and chic youth style. Of course, with any combination, even the simplest women's oversized blazer will look stylish and not ordinary.

With denim shorts

The same story as with a miniskirt, in place of which shorts fall. By the way, it is the shorts in this outfit that look more restrained due to their closed cut. Shoes can be chosen both elegant and heavy, so as not to make the image frivolous and vulgar simple stilettos in combination with shorts.

With a pencil skirt to the knee

The tight-fitting hips and pencil skirt always run the risk of looking boring and trivial. But not only if it is effectively complemented by an oversized jacket with tucked-in sleeves or with a strap at the waist. It is best to consciously get away from the image of an office worker and not wear a suit with a skirt, but pick up a contrasting pencil skirt to the base jacket or blazers.

With wide belt

If you have a wasp waist that you want to emphasize, there is nothing impossible in an outfit with an oversized jacket that seeks to “absorb” the figure. Just pick up a wide leather belt and designate a waist. Such contrasts of masculinity and fragility always look stylish and spectacular.

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Return to cell fashion

Stylish men's checkered jacket was not at the peak of popularity not so long ago. But in the last few seasons, such a style in the men's wardrobe has experienced a new take-off. A checkered jacket is an English classic and the skill of combining clothing elements with the most democratic things. If you are an admirer of smart casual style, then you have come to the right place.

In which case should a man wear a checkered jacket?

The men's jacket is always at the peak of popularity. But, more recently, he has risen even higher, especially the last two seasons, and a combination of clothing elements has also occurred. The craftsmanship of manufacturers, as well as English classics, have become the most democratic products.

Men do not always sing praises to the classics; many depart from this and look closely at bold shades or a cage. The main thing to remember is that such models are not acceptable among businessmen, but not all, only for those who are organic with a dress code. These are legal cantors, consulting companies, as well as bank employees. Most often, jackets in a cage are used for informal events. Suitable occasions are corporate party, partner dinner, or going to the theater. It is important to adhere to neutral tones, autumn, such as olive, gray or brown.

When choosing everyday clothes for yourself, you need to do this so that it matches your image. If you already have a checkered jacket in your wardrobe - this already indicates that you have your own opinion, you do not pay to the opinions of others.

But, in addition to appearance, the fabric from which the product is made plays a huge role, and also to understand what image it suits.

Designers also choose a cell

The last few seasons, a man in a plaid jacket in a special favor. Without straining your eyesight, you will notice that fashion designers unanimously dictate new fashion rules to us. The summer and spring collections of Ted Baker, Botteg Venet and Jeremy Hackett testify to the appeal to the cage. These designers realize their embodiment of a fashionable young man.But each of them agreed that the cell brings style, authenticity and aristocracy to the male bow.

Hackett highlighted classic motifs, and as can be seen in the photo, he emphasized cells of various sizes. Shades are often used basic and calmer. The most popular mustard, brown, blue, black and gray.

Bottega Veneta offers a collection significantly different from Hackett. Here you will see a lot of checkered blazers in a classic style, but with a tendency to innovation. So the designers inflicted stains on the lower part of the jacket and on the sleeves, similar to watercolor paints.

Baker offers the most affordable collection, which is combined with trousers and pants in other colors. Smart casual aficionados will appreciate the combination with jeans and trousers. It is thanks to this fashion designer that many modern men put on a checkered jacket under jeans. Baker's fashionable bow is a blue tweed jacket, pink vest and olive trousers.

What clothes is suitable for?

If you take into account some tips for combining clothes, you will always look stylish. For men who prefer casual style, a single-breasted jacket is mostly suitable, it must be combined with a pullover, plain shirt or turtleneck. It looks great with a tie, scarf, bow-tie, but you can without them. Pants in this case are better to wear narrow, classic with a contrasting color. Regarding the shirt, it is very important that the rapport is smaller on the shirt than on the jacket.

A classic jacket made of tweed is a classic. It is usually complemented by ocher or gray trousers, a plain shirt or striped shirt and a textile vest. The tie should not have a large pattern. You can wear such clothes for a business meeting, a country walk, also suitable for travel or office.

A large cell on the product indicates the unusualness of the male trend, allowing you to express individuality. It is impossible to go unnoticed by putting it on, so not everyone will decide on this. If you bought a checkered suit on the recommendation, but do not dare to wear it, you can wear the parts separately. Thus, every day you can look in a new way, creating different images.

Current Useful Trends

If you decide to buy a bright and stylish jacket, remember that wearing it without self-confidence is impossible. Also, an indifferent attitude to the opinion of others should be added to the cocktail with confidence. Without such a character in a checkered jacket you will not look so win-win.

In addition to the fact that a checkered jacket in itself is a self-sufficient thing, you should correctly select the rest of the wardrobe. What to wear it with? In the first case, jeans with bold scuffs, bright long T-shirts and turtlenecks should be preferred.

For the rest, choose more traditional ideas, for example, blue jeans or classic soft pants, shirts of the same shade. A striped shirt will be a great addition to a jacket. This option will emphasize your commitment to street fashion and highlight extravagance. If you want to impress a girl, choose a similar option combination.

For a wedding in any style, especially in retro, you can wear a white shirt and a bright checkered jacket. A buttonhole or bow instead of a tie will make you the brightest guest. If you wear a tie, it is not necessary to match it exactly to the color of your jacket. This element of the wardrobe can be of a contrasting shade, combined with the back of the jacket or the color of the cage. Wear a gray or black jacket with a dull cage with a gray or blue shirt, tie in burgundy, black, gray or even yellow.

If you bought a red jacket with a black check, put on olive pants and a white T-shirt. Other bright accents in clothes are better not to do anymore.

Those who have chosen a blue jacket should look at white and blue shirts, as well as pink models. Down you can wear jeans, olive or blue pants, as well as classic trousers in the color of a jacket. Blue is a deep and noble color. It is best suited for work and everyday life, emphasizes your seriousness and determination.

A black and white version of a man is rarely worn, but this model is universal and refreshes its owner. Combine this color scheme with black and blue things. The small print looks more presentable and interesting.

Some men will proudly wear patchwork patterns on their sleeves. This fashion has come to us long ago because of its practicality and originality. Together with a small cage, patches are in perfect harmony.

A color scheme

A shortened article having a large cage can be combined with light-colored shirts with soft collars. Pants in this case also need to be shortened or put on jeans and a striped tie horizontally.

In the summer, checkered attire can be complemented by a cotton jumper, light-colored shorts to create an elegant and relaxed look.

If the checkered jacket contains a print, experts recommend giving preference to high-quality materials and fairly accurate execution. Thus, you can choose a model that will serve for many years and remain attractive and fashionable.

Choosing checkered things, what should I start from? The expert’s answer is their moderation. If the robe is too mottled, then this image will not decorate, but will kill. To choose the right one, you need to take one of the things that have a cell and combine it with other plain. To complement the combination with a scarf - this will be enough. It is very important not to abuse the cell.

When choosing a cell, it is important to consider its type. In any case, the Scottish tartan will look defiant, because it contains contrasting and vibrant patterns. If you have such a thing, then let it be the only one that emphasizes, the rest will have to be muffled.

What to wear with a jacket?

For those who lack imagination, we are pleased to offer several relevant options for combinations:

  • Blue jeans with a twist, a white shirt, a dark tie and shoes, as well as a fashionable black and brown jacket.

  • Bright sweater and discreet fitting jacket. The contrast option looks especially beautiful, and also when the shade of the jacket is a few tones darker than the sweater. For a brown jacket, take a mustard or orange color. For black and white - a red sweater. And for a gray jacket - a turquoise blazer.

  • The volumetric cage looks beautiful with a shirt in a small print. Wear such a jacket with any things. It can be brown or blue trousers, light jeans or olive pants.

  • Small cells are much easier to combine with the rest of the wardrobe. A rough and eye-catching large cage, similar to a plaid, combines far with all types of clothing and often plumps.

  • Combine the goose foot with any clothing of the basic wardrobe.

It is better to buy a thing in boutiques, proven materials and brands will allow you to wear a jacket for several seasons. It is better to purchase a beautiful branded thing more expensive than throwing out low-quality or defective goods.

In any case, the cell will be noticeable and attracting attention from others. Experiment, turn on fantasy, create your own combinations of colors and shapes. And then you will look stunning!

Men's looks with a plaid jacket: photo

Although a jacket is an important element of a men's wardrobe, it does not always have to be strict or done in a classic style. A casual suit can be beaten by various methods. For example, color inserts, patches, make contrasting lapels or apply decorative scarves. All this will make the image unique, refined.

But, for a long time, the use of prints on jackets remains widespread. This is the most unobtrusive method to decorate the product. Checked clothing that has never been out of fashion and is considered to be hit, which can be decorated with a print and diversify a men's jacket.

If you follow the dress code, the cell is unlikely to be praised even on one of the elements of the jacket. It is itself an expressive thing. To make the image more conservative, while maintaining individuality, it is better to use a small cell. The jacket should be a cold shade, while contrast should be avoided.

  1. Small cage can become a key element in the chosen image, the main thing is that it differs in color from the main suit. A small cell looks organically on brown clothes, blue, red and mustard.
  2. Black and white cell. This is a bold, impressive image for a man. In such a robe you will not go unnoticed. This kind of cage looks great on black jackets and all shades of gray. The shirt in this case should be one tone.
  3. A double-breasted check jacket is a good choice if you prefer to make an ensemble of different elements. Combine it mono with jeans, classic trousers, choose a t-shirt of the same tone or a shirt with a bow tie for them.
  4. A patch jacket is a strong youth option. A cell will complement this image well. But, if you want to have a simpler look, then buy a plain jacket with plaid patches.

Right choice

A jacket with a cage looks great with a classic. Do not forget that the emphasis placed on him, trousers and a shirt should be selected as concise as possible, without additional details. It is better to add an image of bright shoes, red shoes or brown. To create a festive image of decorative details, you need to add more: a tie. Scarf or scarf.

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