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BIOMANIX Capsules for Men

The drug Biomanix is ​​an innovative development of a new generation, which increases the duration of sexual intercourse, helps to increase the penis, provides a high-quality and lasting erection, which in its symbiosis significantly increases the quality of men's sexual life.

The tool was developed by German scientists and is produced in Germany, all production is carried out according to a unique patented formula. Today, about this formula, we can say that this is the most unique and effective product.

Clinical studies have been conducted for several years. The safety of the product, its effectiveness and the absence of negative reactions have been documented. It is confirmed that the course use of the drug provides an increase in the duration of sexual contact by 30 minutes.

You need to consider where you can buy Biomanix capsules for men, what information the instruction for the use of the drug provides, whether it has contraindications. And also find out what the price of the product is, and find out what real reviews of the stronger sex say?

Composition and principle of action

The main potent substance included in the drug is a PDE5 inhibitor. Doctors agree that this component is an effective substance that has successfully established itself in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Clinical studies confirm that in symbiosis with plant substances, the effectiveness of the inhibitor increases by a couple of times. The composition of the Biomanix drug includes more than six different components that are recognized to help men establish a sexual life.

L-arginine is an essential amino acid that is extracted from the seeds of walnut plants, and it contributes to increased production of male hormones, increases sex drive, and fights premature ejaculation.

Abstract means for male potency voices the following composition of the drug:

  • Extract from mollusks. It is enriched with zinc and other mineral components, which have a general strengthening property, and in combination with other substances, provide increased potency in men.
  • Mexican yams favorably affects the body as a whole, increases sperm motility, improves the quality of seminal fluid.
  • The rhizome of Muira puama is a natural natural pathogen, helps increase sexual activity and stamina, increases sex drive in men.
  • Stretch out okra is a component that improves the erectile function of the stronger sex, provides normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs, while helping cell division in the penis, as a result of which the male organ enlarges.
  • An extract of the rhizome of the poppy increases sexual desire, aggravates sensations during an intimate act, making them more vibrant and satisfactory.

On Biomanix, the reviews of doctors in the vast majority of cases are positive. They often recommend that men take this remedy in order to improve their erectile function.

How does the drug work, men ask? The instruction says that 30 minutes after taking the capsule, the following processes are observed in the male body:

  1. Blood vessels expand in the genitals.
  2. The increase in arterial blood flow in the penis, which leads to its significant increase during an erection.
  3. The functionality of the prostate gland is normalized.
  4. A high-quality erection is observed, the penis is hard and elastic.

If you take the remedy on a regular basis, that is, drink the course, then there is a leveling of problems with premature ejaculation, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases several times.

What you need to know about the drug?

Biomanix capsules for potency can be recommended by your doctor to help a man improve his quality of intimate life. You can also take them yourself. Since they have no side effects, they can be drunk without consulting your doctor.

The main indications for use are the following situations and problems: erectile dysfunction of any etiology, premature ejaculation, short duration of sexual intercourse, impaired reproductive function, decreased sexual desire, chronic or acute form of prostatitis.

Another indication is a small penis. It is known that size plays an important role in sex, and not all representatives of the stronger sex can boast impressive parameters.

Clinical studies of Biomanix showed that the course of the drug increases the genital organ by 30%, when compared with the original size. Definitely, from the first application, an increase will not occur, on average, the effect is observed at the beginning of the third week.

As for the improvement of erectile function, the reviews of men note that there are changes after taking the first capsule of Biomanix. If you compare the drug with similar means, then you can highlight its advantages:

  • A natural composition that does not harm your health.
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction, chronic and acute prostatitis.
  • Improving the quality of seminal fluid.
  • Increased parameters of the penis.
  • The absence of adverse reactions.
  • It can be taken at any age.

All these advantages can be obtained only if Biomanix buy a real one. Unfortunately, recently there has been a massive trend in the sale of similar drugs that are fakes.

Many men complain on the official website that the tool did not help them, the problems remained and did not go anywhere. When they approached this issue more carefully, they began to find out where the drug was purchased, and so on, it turned out that the purchase was made at all, it is not clear where.

Here we can confidently say that these representatives of the stronger sex, even lucky. And it’s good when the fake just didn’t work, but if it did, but in an unfavorable way?

Then the problems would remain, while with health it is not known what was.

Instructions for use of the drug

Before starting the story about the correct use of the drug, you need to dwell on the contraindications of the drug. The official manufacturer says that the only contraindication is a man’s hypersensitivity to the inhibitor or auxiliary components of the drug.

As for the side effects, clinical studies completely refute them, and exclude such a probability. Nevertheless, it is always worth remembering that every man is the owner of an individual organism, and how he will respond to a particular substance is unknown.

Therefore, it is recommended that after the first use of the capsule, carefully listen to your feelings, the development of an allergic reaction with skin manifestations (rash, itching, urticaria, redness of the skin) is not ruled out.

Instructions for use suggest using the following method of administration:

  1. If sex drive, poor potency, worsening of an erection are lost, then take one capsule twice a day. It is advisable to take in the morning, and then in the evening.
  2. To strengthen the erection, increase the duration of sexual intercourse, you need to take one capsule per day, or one capsule 30 minutes before intimate contact.

The advantage of the drug is that it works regardless of the age of the stronger sex. Potency problems of 30,40,50 and more years are completely solved.

As for the cost, the price of capsules is 990 rubles. If a man believes that it is expensive to restore erectile function, you can always wait, as the manufacturer often arranges promotions and discounts.

Pros of buying on the official website:

  • Anonymity of the acquisition.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Product Certificate.
  • Payment upon delivery.
  • Consultation of specialists.

To achieve visible success, capsules must be taken within 21 days. After a break of one week is made, the course of treatment is repeated.

A similar herbal medicine is Peruvian Maca, which has established itself exclusively on the positive side. The course of therapy is two weeks, and it forever allows you to forget that once there were problems with erection and potency.

Capsules for male potency Biomanix is ​​a development of the modern world that works in many areas, helping men cure erectile dysfunction, increase sexual activity and stamina, and return a high-quality and stable erection.

The effect provided by the drug

Biomanix capsules will help to quickly and harmlessly solve most problems associated with the reproductive function of the body. In addition to this, the substances contained in the preparation contribute to the growth of the penis. After taking the drug, a positive effect is noted, manifested in the following:

  • Increased and improved erection. First of all, men note that the erection of the penis has become much harder, and its duration has increased significantly, which led to an increase in sexual intercourse.
  • Member dysfunction is completely ruled out. Excitation will occur faster, and with it the genitals will rise faster, which prevents the dysfunction of the male body.
  • Repeated sexual intercourse. The active formula of the capsules stimulates the quick recovery of the body after making love, which entails the possibility of sexual intercourse several times in a row and not experience physical fatigue or psychological disorders.
  • The growth of the penis. The size of the penis increases significantly. Positive dynamics are observed in changes in its thickness and length, and the volume also increases, which gives you a more masculine look.
  • Restoring sexuality to adolescence. If you take the drug for the recommended period and follow the instructions, then your sexuality will remain at the level of an 18 year old boy.

What is Biomanix

Biomanix - food supplement, which is aimed at the delicate restoration of male problems in intimate life.

Its main positive qualities:

  • Restoration and strengthening of an erection.
  • Improving the quality of sexual life.
  • Improving sperm quality and sperm activity.
  • Strengthening the prostate gland, prevention of its diseases of a different nature.
  • Increased frequency of sexual intercourse in connection with increased sexual desire.
  • Sensitization during sexual intimacy does not cause early ejaculation.
  • A slight increase in penis size.
  • Without withdrawal syndrome, after discontinuation of the dietary supplement.

What is Biomanix: description and composition

Biomanix is ​​a dietary supplement from Prime Pharm, aimed at eliminating any sexual dysfunctions of the man’s body. The product is in the form of capsules, inside which contains a set of plant extracts and extracts. Namely:

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract - this substance improves blood microcirculation in the genital area of ​​a man, contributing to the full saturation of tissues with oxygen and useful substances, as well as the rapid achievement of an erection,
  • L-carnitine - this natural substance in the body of a man stimulates the additional production of testosterone,
  • Tongkat ali - a plant from eastern countries whose components contribute to the renewal and regeneration of tissue cells and muscles of the penis,
  • Muir Puam extract - a Brazilian plant whose chemical composition naturally increases the libido of a man and his attraction to the opposite sex,
  • Maki plant root powder - This substance at times enhances the effectiveness and properties of all other substances in the capsule composition.

All substances in the composition are exclusively of natural and plant origin, which means that they provide a soft and gradual effect on the genitourinary system and the body as a whole.

What is Biomanix

Biomanix is ​​indicated for the following problems with sexual activity:

  • a man drinks alcohol, after which there is no erection. Problems also arise if a man takes a small dose of alcohol,
  • the penis remains in an erect condition only until the use of a condom. In this case, safety during intercourse suffers,
  • an erection disappears during sex,
  • problems with erection after 35 years,
  • a man cannot cum
  • lack of erection against the background of excess weight,
  • insufficient ejaculate with a good erection.

The manufacturer Biomanix claims that the course of treatment will give the following effect:

  • penis enlargement
  • normalization of erectile function, regardless of age,
  • with Biomanix, men will be able to prolong sexual intercourse, and stretch the pleasure of sex for 2 hours,
  • the quality and quantity of ejaculate will improve,
  • orgasm time will increase. Vivid sensations will last more than 20 seconds.

You can achieve the above results with Biomanix in 3 weeks. The medicine acts quickly, and eliminates male problems without side effects. Biomanix capsules have a stimulating effect, thanks to expansion technology. Active components penetrate the penis, stimulating an almost instant erection.

The manufacturer says that in the development and production of capsules, a special technology was used that stimulated the natural production of testosterone. The presence of a sufficient amount of testosterone in the male body provides a stable and prolonged erection, prolonged sexual intercourse and a bright orgasm.

Performance guarantees

Enlarging the penis is not so easy. Only the correct sequence of intake of pre-selected substances can lead to a positive dynamics of its growth. Components should contribute to a multitude of factors driven by the size of the members.

Smooth muscle expansion and increased blood circulation are the most effective ways to increase size. It is in this way that the capsules are able to change the size of the penis of men. The hardness and volume of a member are affected by a complex of substances included in the composition of the drug.

Sequential compression and expansion of blood vessels in the male body, caused by the action of active components, contribute to the elimination of problems with potency. Increased blood flow provides a long and solid erection.
Together with blood, nutrients that contribute to the expansion of smooth muscles enter the blood vessels. An increase in the area of ​​these muscles leads to the growth of the penis.

The effect of the drug and benefits

Biomanix is ​​not a medicinal product, but rather a homeopathic preparation of natural origin, which gently affects a man’s body without side effects. The action of the drug works in several directions at once, namely:

  • in the body, the production of nitric oxide increases, this helps to expand the walls of blood vessels, which makes it easier for a man to achieve an erection,
  • due to normal circulation in the vessels and stabilization of the blood composition, the tissues of the penis are better saturated with nutrients and valuable substances,
  • the components of the capsules also trigger additional testosterone production, maintaining an optimal balance of hormones in the body,
  • muscle tone and vascular strengthening in the penis also increase.

The complex effect on all those processes that are responsible for sexual activity and reproductive health guarantees a man a stimulation of potency and erection, as well as an increase in libido. The positive aspects of Biomanix are as follows:

  • strengthening and restoration of potency after a course of therapy,
  • improving the quality of a man’s sex life,
  • increased sperm activity, as well as increased ejaculate quality,
  • prevention of prostate diseases,
  • increased sexual appetites and libido of men,
  • hypersensitivity of the penis without the problem of premature ejaculation,
  • increase in the length and diameter of the penis due to the strengthening of the erection.

Biomanix - a divorce or a really working drug

The drug Biomanix appeared on sale in 2017, everything new usually causes distrust among buyers. Therefore, we will try to figure out whether the drug actually works, whether it has analogues.

Biomanix is ​​a development of Swedish and German specialists who uses the root of Peruvian Maki, Chinese aphrodisiac Tongkat Ali, Brazilian adaptogen Muir Puama, Mexican Wild Yam to normalize hormonal levels and l-arginine for energy exchange.

Taking the drug daily in a man, hormone production normalizes, mental and physical activity rises, fatigue goes away, which is replaced by libido and sexual success. During clinical trials, the drug Biomanix proved its safety and effectiveness; for 1 course of use, men managed to achieve the following results.

    84% of the participants in the experiment were able to have sex again, although before taking Biomanix they suffered from erectile weakness from 4 to 6 months. 99% of the volunteers felt relaxed, and then the influx of sexual arousal about 40-50 minutes after taking the capsule. 63% of men were able to have sex for more than 15 minutes. Before taking Biomanix, sexual intercourse according to the participants was 7-10 minutes. 72% started having sex daily without taking the capsules.

Studies show that after a course of taking Biomanix, the results are stored for a long time, because Biomanix provides a prolonged effect, and not temporary, as Viagra is known to all.

Little dick? There is a solution to the problem

Scientists annually conduct research on the average length of the penis in men. To get the most correct results, information about the length of the penis is taken not from the words of the volunteers, but from their medical records. The average length of the penis of a white representative of the stronger sex in an excited state is 13.2 cm.

Other studies conducted at the University of California showed that the ideal size of the penis according to women is slightly above average - 16 cm (in length). This means that some women do not get the proper level of pleasure from having sex with a man whose member is shorter than the mentioned norm. This fact is also confirmed by surveys that were conducted at the same University of California. Scientists have collected a number of women who broke up with their sexual partners due to poor quality sex. 20% of the women surveyed said they abandoned their partners because their penis was too small.

How to solve the problem with a short penis? Having rummaged on the Internet on various sites and forums, you can find three ways:

  • Surgical - Some plastic surgery clinics offer penile lengthening services. The cost of the operation will be hundreds of thousands of rubles. This procedure has a purely cosmetic effect and does not affect the quality of an erection or urination. The disadvantages of the surgical method are many. The worst thing that can happen to a patient after such an operation is impotence. Often patients complain of infections, inflammation, scars and loss of sensation.
  • Injection - with the help of injections, medical specialists inject implants made of silicone or the patient’s own tissues under the skin of a member. This helps to increase the genital area in volume. This method, like the previous one, has a huge number of drawbacks - the formation of lumps on the surface of the penis, dips and more. The cost of injections will be several thousand rubles.
  • Medication - you can take a course of therapy with the help of tablets, ointments and all kinds of poultices, which help not only to increase the penis in length, but also to increase potency. The cost of this method is the lowest - only a few hundred rubles.

As part of the medical method of penis enlargement, you can use Biomanix for men's health. However, in recent months, this tool has been actively criticized in Moscow and throughout Russia. It's time to reveal all the secrets of the drug.

Composition and active ingredients

Capsules Biomanix do not contain synthetic components, therefore, does not adversely affect the body.

The effectiveness of the tablets is provided by natural substances that have the following effects:

  • Muira Puama Concentrate. An extract from a Brazilian shrub enhances sexual desire,
  • tongkat ali. The action of the concentrated active component is aimed at stimulating the natural production of testosterone, and normalizing erectile function,
  • Peruvian Maki Extract. Plant extract enhances the effect of other active ingredients, and helps to increase the penis,
  • Tribulus terrestris extract. The active ingredient contributes to a powerful rush of blood to the penis, which causes a stable and prolonged erection,
  • l-arginine. Amino acid of natural origin contributes to a quick, powerful and lasting erection.

Biomanix for men has a tonic effect on the male body, and enhances the sensitivity of erogenous zones.


Despite the natural composition and safety of the drug, it should be used only if there are reasons for that, that is, indications. Indications are the following phenomena:

  • unstable and weak erection,
  • decreased libido and attraction,
  • premature ejaculation
  • inability to have full sexual intercourse,
  • prostate diseases
  • impotence due to obesity or age-related changes.

Also, if a man cannot achieve an erection when using contraception or during alcohol intoxication, there is every reason to undergo home therapy with Biomanix capsules.

New remedy for penis enlargement and potency

A review of the drug is based on information from the manufacturer. After considering the composition and properties of the capsules, we find out whether the data from the manufacturer coincide with the opinion of medical experts popular in Moscow.

On the official website of Biomanix, the following properties of capsules are indicated:

  • an increase in penis in length and volume by 35%,
  • almost twice as long an erection extension
  • elimination of premature ejaculation,
  • reduction of “respite” between sexual acts,
  • toning the whole body during sex,
  • increased sensitivity of all erogenous zones.

The manufacturer advises to buy Biomanix tablets for everyone who wants to add a twist to their sex life. According to the promises from the instructions, bioactive tablets help to make a member more manly and hard, like steel. This is what should surprise the partner and lead her to an unforgettable orgasm. To improve the quality of sex and prolong an erection, it is necessary to take tablets twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening). The course of therapy is 21 days. For the better, the consumer will notice changes in potency after the first intake of bioactive tablets.

Biomanix can even be used to treat potency problems. It helps almost every man to feel "on horseback" and see complete satisfaction in the eyes of a partner after brilliant sex. If a representative of the stronger sex is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to drink one tablet of Biomanix daily for the same twenty-one days. The man will feel the first changes in the characteristics of the erection on the third or fourth day of therapy. To consolidate the result of recovery and increase potency, doctors recommended a second course of treatment lasting three weeks (1 month after the first).

Consider the basic composition of Biomanix for men:

  • L-arginine - Performs two functions, optimizes blood flow to the penis and tones the entire body. Thanks to this, the penis is rapidly expanding in size, and men have the strength for active and prolonged sex.
  • Maki Root - Helps to prolong sexual intercourse, preventing the so-called "rate of fire." Also in this component contains substances that give a man strength and vitality. This allows you to reduce the period of rest between sexual intercourse.
  • Muira Puama - strengthens the entire male genitourinary system, enhances libido, lengthens the penis and is found in a large number of expensive medications to increase potency (the cost of drugs in Moscow exceeds the mark of several thousand rubles).
  • Tribulus Tribulus - a penny, which in a specialized store in Moscow will be able to purchase for just a few dozen rubles. Anchors help strengthen the production of testosterone in the body of a man, acting on it like an aphrodisiac. Also in this component contains substances that contribute to the increase in penis size.

To familiarize yourself with the full composition of Biomanix, read the instructions for the use of capsules. Also, additional information can be found on the official website of the drug. Now we will get acquainted with real reviews about Biomanix from urologists and doctors of other specializations.

How does it affect the body

The main advantage of Biomanix is ​​that it gently and at the same time has a highly effective effect on the body of a man. The effect is due to:

  1. The tool stimulates the expansion of the walls of the vascular bed by increasing the level of nitric oxide and improves blood rheology.
  2. Due to the expansion of blood vessels and stabilization of the blood composition, there is an improvement and microcirculation and the supply of healthy tissue to the penis tissues.
  3. Active ingredients stimulate testosterone synthesis and maintain hormonal balance.
  4. Strengthens and tones the smooth muscles of the penis.

Eventually an increase in potency, an improvement in the quality of an erection and generally an increase in sexual activity are achieved. to contents ↑

Useful properties of Biomanix

    Eliminates 100 problems with potency. Protects against impotence and prostatitis. Enhances blood circulation in the genitals. Increases penis size by 2-3 cm. Causes sexual desire. Allows you to be in an erection state for up to 3 hours. The average frequency of sex increases to 1-2 times in 24 hours. Increases sensitivity during sex. The member does not lose its hardness in the process. Semen quality and sperm motility are improved. It restores the hormonal background (a man loses weight to his norm, fat becomes easier to process into muscles, hair loss decreases, and a beard grows better). It normalizes cellular metabolism (after 1 course, the face becomes younger, the skin is tightened). Brain activity increases. Passes irritation, nervousness, depression, frequent fatigue. If you have suffered frequent urge to urinate, then you will surely forget about nightly “running around the toilet”.

Biomanix - divorce or not

The manufacturer posted on the official website information proving the effectiveness and safety of Biomanix. These are documents on the passage of the certification procedure, the results of clinical tests. The tablets are approved by the Russian consumer supervision, and recommended by urologists of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Despite the information on the effectiveness and safety of the drug provided by the manufacturer, real negative comments periodically pop up on the forum. The manufacturer names the following reasons for publishing real negative reviews about Biomanix:

  • ordering and buying capsules from dubious distributors. Selling counterfeit products is common on the Internet. On third-party sites posted photos of the original capsules and reliable information about the effect of the drug. But after order confirmation, customers receive a fake. You can exclude fraud when buying and negative reviews about Biomanix only if you purchase the drug through the official website,
  • incorrect use of capsules. If a man does not read the instructions that indicate how to take the medicine correctly, then the drug does not work. As a result, comments appear that Biomanix is ​​a divorce,
  • negative, angry responses are written by order of competing manufacturers.

The manufacturer draws the attention of interested buyers: on the official portal there are real positive reviews about Biomanix capsules. On the site you can see the results of clinical testing of the drug.

To restore potency

If you suffer from problems with potency and often encounter impaired erectile function, then you should take the drug 1 capsule twice a day. The admission period is 3 weeks, after which you need to take a break of 7 days, and then repeat the course again.

As a rule, potency improves and erectile function is restored within 3 days after taking the capsules, but to consolidate the effect and eliminate other problems, you must complete the full course.

How to use?

The natural composition of plant extracts and extracts does not deny the importance of using the drug strictly according to the instructions. The Biomanix capsules are accompanied by instructions for use, which says that you need to take the capsules twice a day in the morning and evening for 3 weeks.

After passing the first course of therapy, you need to take a week break, after which treatment is repeated as necessary for another 3 weeks. To prevent problems with potency, the drug is also taken for 3 weeks, 2 capsules per day, but the break lasts for 21 days.

The special natural composition of Biomanix

    Peruvian poppy (root). Maca has long been used to restore potency in men. Stimulates blood circulation, relieves inflammation in the reproductive system, reduces the size of the prostate gland. Contains potassium, iron, magnesium, amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins. Tongkat Ali (extract). If you come to China, then be sure to go to the markets, in some departments they sell all kinds of dry herbs, rhizomes, plant powders. Among this variety, you will definitely find Tongkat Ali - this is an aphrodisiac used by the Chinese for sexual arousal. Both women and men take tinctures from this plant. Excitation comes in 40-50 minutes after administration. Muir Puama (extract). Brazilian plant that activates faded potency. If a member falls off in the process, you cannot complete the act, and the orgasms are dim. That Muir Puama will solve the situation in your favor! Wild Yam (extract). It normalizes blood circulation in the genitals of a man, saturates with vitamins, saponites, amino acids. The seminal fluid acquires the necessary density, the orgasm becomes saturated, and sex is longer. L-arginine. In men after 30 years, testosterone begins to be produced worse, l-arginine comes to the rescue, which normalizes hormonal levels. As a result, the man becomes slimmer, the number of fat folds decreases, his hair stops falling out, and more time is spent in the gym.

Biomanix - Cheating

Russian buyers suspected Biomanix of divorce for the following reasons:

  1. The tool is not sold in pharmacies, even in Moscow.
  2. In Moscow and the entire Russian Federation, effective drugs are not often advertised to increase penis length.
  3. The capsules do not contain a single popular and powerful substance that could stimulate the growth of the penis.
  4. The price of tablets is suspiciously low, in comparison with the cost of similar known medicines for potency (on average Biomanix costs 990 rubles).

The manufacturer claims that Biomanix has all the necessary documents proving its high level of effectiveness.

Quality certificates have been awarded to the product after numerous clinical studies. You can learn more about the documentary base of goods on its official website.

The manufacturer also explains why the price of Biomanix in Moscow and other cities is so low (990 rubles). According to him, a capsule-based pharmaceutical company makes profit from increased levels of sales. To buy the product could the maximum number of people, it must be cheap. That is why the manufacturer artificially keeps the price of tablets at the level of 990 rubles per package and below. The price of Biomanix is ​​constantly changing, so you can find out the exact tariff only on the official website of the product.

What can you find reviews from doctors about Biomanix on the forum? Doctors do not post negative product reviews. Therefore, in the network you can find comments only of such a plan:

  • Igor Rostovnikov, urologist, Moscow:

“In Moscow, Biomanix capsules are very popular because of their high efficiency and because they can be bought for just a few hundred rubles. Capsules for potency act according to the following scheme: increase the number of cavernous bodies of the penis, improve blood supply to the genitals, saturate a man with forces for a long sexual intercourse. The duration of treatment will be only 3 weeks. With this product, sex life becomes brighter, it is proven in a clinical way! ”

  • Andrey Kizilov, sex therapist, Moscow:

“No matter how many rubles a potency remedy costs in a pharmacy or on the Internet, it must first of all be safe for human health. Biomanix can be taken over a long period of time without any fears - the product has no side effects and contraindications. Capsules are based on natural components, therefore, do not accumulate in the body in the form of toxins. When choosing drugs, I always urge my patients to focus on their composition and safety for humans, because no female orgasms are worth the health of a man! ”

Pay attention to the following information! The capsule manufacturer adds that Biomanix receives negative reviews not only from people who suspect the product is of low effectiveness, but also from those who have already taken a course of pills. Such consumers really could not improve potency with the product. But, according to the manufacturer, this was due to the fact that buyers became victims of fraudsters and ordered not original but fake capsules.

Online pharmacies are created almost daily on the Internet that sell counterfeit products under the guise of certified medicines. In order not to become a victim of such sellers, you should refuse to buy drugs on unfamiliar sites, about which there are not even reviews on the Internet. Do not buy goods in suspicious online stores, even if it costs two hundred rubles or less!

Where to order the original Biomanix without cheating? About it further.

Instructions for use capsules Biomanix

The instruction for use of Biomanix has two options with slight differences, depending on the main purpose of taking the drug.

If the goal is to restore male potency, then you need to take 2 capsules daily in the morning and evening for the 21st day. Then a pause is made for a week and the course is repeated.

If the reason for taking the drug is an increase in potency, then 2 capsules per day are also taken. But after a three-week course, a pause is made for 21 days and only then is the therapy repeated.

If you are hypersensitive to the drug, we advise you to pay attention to other drugs that increase potency: tablets, drops or Chinese dietary supplements. to contents ↑

Clinical researches

To obtain confirmation of the safety of the drug, the manufacturer conducted clinical tests of Biomanix. Clinical trials involved men of different ages, from 23 to 71 years.

The subjects had problems with sexual life, and they used Biomanix for 21 days. After completing the treatment course, experts made the following conclusions about the action of capsules for potency:

  • the drug is safe, and does not affect the functioning of the heart muscle,
  • no side effects develop during the course of treatment,
  • capsules are suitable for restoring erectile function in men of any age,
  • proper administration of the drug normalizes the hormonal background, and stimulates the production of natural testosterone,
  • Biomanix gives a quick and lasting effect.

Clinical trials volunteers left positive comments about the drug. Almost all the subjects decided to order Biomanix.

Composition of Biomanix capsules

First of all, Biomanix is ​​an innovative natural drug, the unique formula of which allows a man not only to prevent early ejaculation, but also to increase the size of the penis by several centimeters. The drug is produced in Germany, has an officially patented formula.

The composition involves the following components:

  1. Muira Puama - Brazilian plant, which to this day is specially grown to stimulate male libido.
  2. L-arginine - An amino acid, which is the main stimulator of penis growth, as it is responsible for the production of testosterone, thereby increasing the erection of men.
  3. Tongkat ali - A Chinese valuable plant that stimulates the growth of the penis, saturating the body of a man with microelements. In addition, the plant contributes to an increase in libido.
  4. Tibulus Terrestris - increases blood flow, contributing to the rapid arrival of blood to the penis. This helps to stretch out to the cavernous bodies, which have the property of “remembering” a new state.
  5. Maki Root - a catalyst for other components, enhancing their beneficial properties. In addition, the plant also contributes to penis enlargement.

For reference! The active and most important substance of Biomanix capsules is a PDE5 inhibitor, which treats erectile dysfunction, regardless of the causes of its appearance.

This is just elementary! To return and strengthen potency, you need once.

The above components are supplemented with other substances useful for the male reproductive system, such as clam shell extract, wild Mexican yam, and okra extract. All of them also contribute to accelerating blood circulation, increasing the sensitivity of the genitals, improving the quality and quantity of seed, etc.

To enlarge a member

Men suffering from poor erection, small sizes of the penis and low endurance are recommended to drink 1 capsule once a day for 3 weeks. After this period, you must stop taking the drug for 1 month. After the complex application is repeated again.

Improving an erection is manifested in the first days of admission, but the growth of the penis can only be observed after a full course.

Buying Biomanix capsules for potency in pharmacies will not work. Sale of the drug is carried out only on the official website. When ordering a product there you protect yourself from acquiring a fake!

Instructions for use - dosages and contraindications

Manufacturers of the drug in the recommendations for taking the drug are advised to choose one of two schemes.

  1. Recovery of lost erection. For problems when there is absolutely no erection, it is recommended to drink Biomanix 1 capsule in the morning and evening. The course of use is 21 days. According to the results of studies, erectile function will return after 4-5 days of treatment.
  2. With a weak erection. If there is still an erection, but a weak one, it is not possible to finish the sexual intercourse. In this case, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsules immediately before the planned sex.

The drug is not a medicine, in case of serious health problems, first consult with a specialist. Biomanix is ​​suitable for weakening potency due to poor production of testosterone, with the inability to relax and enjoy during sex.

Biomanix actually relaxes, causes excitement and helps to get the most of pleasant sensations from sex!

Where to order the original Biomanix?

Buy a drug of the Biomanix trademark if you are in Moscow or another city of the Russian Federation, only on the official website of the manufacturer. The product is not supplied to intermediary online pharmacies and online stores. Therefore, if you are offered to buy an allegedly original drug in Moscow or another city, be aware that you are fraudsters.

It doesn’t matter how much you ordered the goods on the official website, you do not need to make an advance payment. The buyer has the right to pay for his order upon receipt at the branch of the transport company.

The pleasant bonuses from the manufacturer do not end there. Go to the official Biomanix website to see personally the best offers. Please note that here you can read reviews of real people about the quality of the product, as well as share your opinions with users. After completing the course of tablets, be sure to leave your feedback on their effectiveness. Remember that your opinion may be decisive for thousands of men!

Drug effectiveness

The question that most concerns men is caused by doubts about the effectiveness of the dietary supplement. Based on available clinical trial data, almost 100% of men after a course of therapy showed an increase in potency and resizing the penis.

The quality of potency increased on average by 32% of available before the addition of dietary supplements. However, there is a certain number of men, comprising less than 1%, for whom the remedy did not help. Some of them abused alcohol and taking third-party drugs during the course of treatment, and some did not follow the instructions. to contents ↑

Doctors reviews

Doctors speak positively about Biomanix:

  • Gennady Kovalev, urologist, sex therapist:

“Pharmacology, like any direction, is constantly evolving. Gone are the days when, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, drugs that have a negative effect on the liver and heart were prescribed. After the appearance of Biomanix, a real revolution in the solution of problems with men's health has occurred in the pharmaceutical market. I recommend that customers buy Biomanix. Unlike pharmacy products, the active components of the capsules give a quick effect without side effects, and stimulate the body to produce its own testosterone in the required volume. The tool will help solve problems with potency for elderly and young patients, and middle-aged men, "

  • Vitaliy Ignatov, sex therapist:

“Many men are in no hurry to see a doctor, embarrassed to admit problems with their sexual lives. But the sooner you deal with the elimination of pathology, the greater the likelihood of its successful solution. I want to tell all men who have problems in sex: do not be ashamed. It will be a shame if you disappoint a partner in bed. Do not look in the pharmacy for dubious drugs for potency. Order Biomanix, and after 3 weeks the erection will be fully restored ”,

  • Vladimir Grinevsky, urologist:

“I advise patients with erectile dysfunction to undergo Biomanix therapy. Capsules give a lasting result. Taking a course of treatment, the patient provides the body with a cumulative effect. Under the influence of the drug, the quality of sex will increase, physical and psychosomatic problems will go away. The tablets are safe, do not interfere with the functioning of the heart muscle, and have no contraindications for use. ”

To get the effect of therapy, you need to know how to take the capsules correctly.

How does it work?

Thanks to this unique composition, after taking the capsules, after half an hour, all the components begin to act in a complex manner.

The manufacturer promises the following results:

  • vessels expand in the genital area,
  • a large amount of blood rushes to the penis,
  • prostate functions are normalized,
  • 100% erection occurs
  • increases the synthesis of sex hormones,
  • increased genital sensitivity
  • sexual intercourse becomes long, and the orgasm is saturated and bright.

In addition, the systematic use of capsules helps a man control the moment of ejaculation, delay ejaculation, thereby prolonging sexual intercourse. This is confirmed by numerous reviews of Biomanix from men that have already tried the tool on personal experience.

Official site

To buy Biomanix, the easiest way is to visit the official website of its manufacturer and make a purchase there. This will take no more than 15 minutes, in addition, the checkout process will be done by phone. Since on the site you only need to give your number in the application for a call from the operator. He will take the necessary data for the postal service and answer all questions that will interest the client.

Biomanix: how to take?

Capsules for Biomanix potency can be taken for men who have erectile dysfunction, earlier ejaculation, insufficient penis size, low libido and attraction, as well as prostatitis and even infertility. Naturally, the last two diseases can not be cured with capsules alone, the main should be the treatment prescribed by the doctor. But Biomanix is ​​a great way to relieve symptoms.

To achieve maximum results, take the capsules according to the instructions. Instructions for use include the following:

  1. If a man seeks to increase potency, as well as the size of the genital organ, take capsules in the morning and at bedtime, 1 each. You can notice the first results already on 3-4 days of therapy.
  2. To increase an erection, as well as prolong sexual intercourse, 1 capsule should be taken daily. To achieve an erection, the capsule can be taken shortly before sexual intercourse.
  3. The course of therapy is 3 weeks, it can be repeated only after a week break. Before starting therapy, it is worth familiarizing yourself with contraindications and side effects, if any.

While modern stimulants of erection and potency suggest a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as hormonal levels and blood circulation, Biomanix capsules are a new generation drug that denies such consequences.

Are there any contraindications?

The composition of Biomanix does not suggest synthetic and hormonal components, as well as GMOs and preservatives, so the manufacturer does not indicate strict contraindications to its use. The only contraindication can be considered individual intolerance to the components, against which there is an allergic reaction - rash, urticaria, swelling and redness of the skin. With such symptoms, capsule administration should be discontinued.

Real reviews about Biomanix

Gregory.When I came across the official website of Biomanix capsules, I first of all began to read honest reviews about the remedy. I also found numerous reviews and even doctors' recommendations on other resources, after which I decided to try, as recently sex has become fast and erection is weak. I took 1 capsule daily for 3 weeks. I did not find any side effects, only an excellent boner, and sex became so bright and passionate that my wife even began to guess that I was drinking some kind of pills.I have already finished taking the capsules a long time ago, but the effect is still preserved.
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The drug helped me a lot, although the problems with potency and erection were quite serious. But not everyone can afford it; this is perhaps his only weak point. Otherwise, there is no side effect, I also did not notice addiction. A member is like I'm 20 years old, by the way, sex has become twice as long. And under such an influx of blood, the penis really increased by 2-3 cm.
Oleg.For me, at first the manufacturer’s promises of penis growth all seemed like a PR move. But I decided to try to expose. As a result, I can safely say that from such an erection the penis really increases, sensations become aggravated, but at the same time sex can last much longer. Therefore, the capsules passed my personal test and received the highest ratings. I advise everyone who has problems with erection and potency.

Where can I buy and how much will it cost?

Today you can buy Biomanix capsules in many online stores, but the manufacturer clarifies that many of them distribute crafts. In fact, you can determine the original if you know what color the capsule looks like. The package should contain 42 capsules of a dark blue shade. In addition, if you open this capsule, then inside it you can see a light tart powder.

Only the official website of the manufacturer is a 100% reliable source, in addition, a real price is assumed here. Given the constant promotions and discounts, you can buy a Biomanix package today for only 990 rubles. Delivery is made to different cities and neighboring countries, site managers answer all questions. Purchases of such a tool in pharmacy chains are currently unavailable.


The manufacturer of Biomanix is ​​Sashera-Med, which necessarily provides on its website a scan of all documents confirming the authenticity of the goods and protecting the rights of the copyright holder. If necessary, you can also contact the manufacturer, who localized his office in the city of Biysk in the Altai Territory.

The manufacturer also has several differences that confirm that the site for the sale of goods belongs to him and is real:

  • Stable price - held at around 990 rubles.
  • No need to pay for goods until receipt, the manufacturer works only cash on delivery.

How to distinguish a fake

The higher the effectiveness indicators of drugs, the more often they seek to fake them in order to deceive customers and get money without worrying about the threat to the health of customers.

In order to distinguish the fake Biomanix, you must consider:

  • The item is sold in a black box.on which there is a design in silver tones. Three circles are drawn from the bottom of the box to the inscription with the name, each slightly smaller than the previous one.
  • The package should contain 42 capsulesIt is imperative that they all be a dark blue hue. When opening the capsule, a powder with a light shade is determined in it.
  • With the drug there should be instructions for use.
  • The site has the opportunity to correlate the serial number of the goods received with those available in the database, and to verify its authenticity.


Although Biomanix belongs to the category of dietary supplements, it, like many other pharmacy products, has there are several contraindications:

  • A recent stroke or heart attack. In general, for those who have encountered one of these pathologies, the remedy is not categorically prohibited. But in the next six months to a year after an acute condition, you will need to refuse to take capsules.
  • Arterial hypertension of any genesis. This is due to the fact that the components of the drug can cause jumps in blood pressure.
  • Hypersensitivity to one or more components.
  • Increased excitability of the central nervous system.
  • Insomnia.
  • Epilepsy of any type.

About which drugs for potency do not increase pressure, you can find out from our article. to contents ↑

What men say about him and where do they buy Biomanix

The best understanding is formed of how Biomanix helps male health from customer reviews.

Vitaliy, 37 years old

He began a relationship with a girl who is sexually very active. She is constantly ready for sex and shows a desire at the first successful opportunity.

But I’m not so hardy already, constant workloads, a serious position with a mountain of responsibility, and I like to relax with alcohol after a working day. Potency somehow weakened, I realized that I did not satisfy my girlfriend from the word at all. Well, I began to look for how to cope with this.

I found information about Biomanix capsules and decided to try what the hell is not joking. Now I have already finished one course with them and do not regret a bit, because the results on the face, the girl is delighted.

Nikolay, 25 years old

I never complained about potency, and the partners were satisfied after sex. But he began to take gradually. The doctor said that this is related to nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle and advised me to start drinking Biomanix.

The price suited me, in principle, but the desire to find cheaper won. I found a site where dietary supplements are two times cheaper, so I ordered. Bottom line - the skin of the penis is irritated and all in an allergic rash was, I had to spend more on the treatment of allergies.

The doctor, of course, was not happy, he nevertheless recommended to buy the official goods, which I did. Now I regret that I chased for the first time at a low cost. Although I had to spend more money, but the effect was not long in coming, now I am already undergoing the second course of therapy and am quite pleased.

Watch a video review of Biomanix:


The current pharmaceutical market can offer men a huge selection of both natural and artificially created drugs that will help restore potency. And the innovation in the form of Biomanix already has a sufficient rating among men and has confirmed its benefit in restoring the quality of sexual life.

Where to get?

The most important question that men ask is where to buy Biomanix? The fact is that the bioadditive appeared in sales relatively recently and does not yet have access for distribution in pharmacies. Despite this, the capsules are sold out at high speed through the Internet on the manufacturer's official website.

It is here that you can buy a certified real drug; on many other resources, crafts are often sold for fabulous amounts. Thanks to the purchase of the drug through the Internet, every man receives absolute anonymity. The drug is packaged in a black plastic jar, inside of which 42 blue capsules are stored.

Another reason that the manufacturer sells the drug exclusively through the Internet is an affordable price without margins for stores and pharmacies. The cost per package with 42 capsules is 990 rubles. If this is the price at the pharmacy, it will obviously be an order of magnitude higher.

Real reviews and effectiveness

Before the manufacturer launched the drug, repeated clinical trials were conducted. During the experiments it was found that 100% of the tested men not only observed an increase in potency, but also an increase in the size of the genital organ. But for this, the capsules were taken by the course method.

Reviews of men who have already managed to undergo a course of therapy with Biomanix capsules prove that the drug really increases endurance and sexual activity. Some men managed to cope with premature ejaculation, others noted a strong and stable erection. And only 1% of the reviews revealed allergic reactions.


Biomanix production company says the drug has no pharmacy counterparts. The manufacturer argues its application with the following advantages of capsules for potency:

  • quick and lasting result,
  • all active substances are of natural origin,
  • the drug is suitable for men of any age category,
  • capsules do not affect the functioning of the heart muscle and liver, and do not cause side effects,
  • the medicine increases the duration of sexual intercourse,
  • the drug increases the stamina of the male body,
  • capsules have a double effect: normalize erectile function and the natural production of the main male hormone - testosterone.

Unlike pharmacy medicines, taking Biomanix does not require medical supervision. The drug has a budget cost. The medicine is sold only through the official website. No prescription required for purchase.

How to buy in a pharmacy

Buy Biomanix through pharmacy chains will not work. You can order capsules in Moscow and any other city in the Russian Federation only from an official supplier.

The manufacturer explains the reluctance to cooperate with pharmacy chains as follows:

  • if you sell medicine in pharmacies, then the price of Biomanix will increase more than twice. Capsules for eliminating erectile dysfunction are positioned as a budget, therefore, they are sold directly, through an official representative,
  • many pharmaceutical products in pharmacies are fake.

Regardless of the buyer's place of residence, in Moscow or another city, you can purchase the original drug only from an authorized seller.

Where to buy profitably

Advantages of ordering Biomanix from an official supplier:

  • the acquisition of a quality, certified product that has passed special safety tests and is approved by the State Supervision,
  • anonymous delivery. The name and purpose of the product are not indicated on the package,
  • delivery to any region of the Russian Federation and to the CIS countries,
  • no prepayment. Payment for the goods is charged at the time of receipt of the parcel at the post office or by courier delivery,
  • the opportunity to get a free consultation on the action and use of capsules,
  • The official portal contains information on the action of Biomanix. On the site you can get acquainted with the real responses of buyers who managed to get rid of problems in sex.

How to place an order for Biomanix:

  • a special form is filled out on the official website. The application shall indicate the country, name and phone number,
  • need to wait for a call back. The specialist will call the number indicated in the application to clarify the details of the order. If necessary, the manager will help you choose the number of capsules for the optimal course of therapy.

After confirming the order, the capsules are sent to the address indicated in the request. Parcel delivery time depends on the remoteness of the buyer. The average time for which a parcel arrives is from 3 to 4 days within Moscow and the region, and about 2 weeks when delivered to distant regions of the country and to the CIS.

Watch the video: Biomanix Pill Male Enhancement (March 2020).

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