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Zinc for men: causes and signs of deficiency, daily intake, products and preparations containing zinc

Micro and macro elements are involved in biochemical reactions in the body. One of such valuable trace elements is zinc, the importance of which everyone needs to know. This article will help to understand the need for this element for men, and in what foods it contains.

The role of zinc for men

Zinc is a chemical element necessary for the full functioning of all organs and systems of the body. He participates in the formation of more than three hundred enzymes, hormones, and his role for the body is as follows:

  • Acting as an immunomodulator, it increases the protective functions of the body,
  • When interacting with vitamin B improves memory, focuses, has beneficial effects on cerebellar function,
  • Stimulates the production of sex hormones, improves the functioning of the sex glands, improves the quality of the seed,
  • Promotes puberty in adolescents,
  • Improves the condition of nails, hair and maintains a healthy skin condition,
  • It is a wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent, accelerating the process of regeneration of damaged tissue,
  • Needed to improve vision
  • Strengthens the strength of bones and teeth,
  • Normalizes the functions of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract,
  • Being a strong antioxidant, it cleanses the body of radicals and harmful toxins, removing toxic compounds and heavy metals from the body,
  • Supports the normal course of biological processes of the nervous system,
  • Improves metabolism,
  • Supports the functional activity of the immune system,
  • Participates in the production of seminal fluid,
  • Slows down the aging of cells
  • Participates in blood formation processes.

Zinc is responsible for many processes in the body and helps men to be more active in the genital area.

Zinc for men - benefits and harms

Zinc is involved in the formation of many hormones and enzymes. It is contained in the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, which is involved in the transport of carbon dioxide. This mineral affects the functioning of the circulatory system and is very necessary for diabetics, as it helps to improve insulin absorption and lowers blood glucose levels. Zinc is also needed for serious injuries to heal wounds.

In the human body, zinc performs the following functions:

  • affects the functioning of the gonads,
  • boosts the immune system
  • improves memory and brain performance,
  • affects the formation of bone and muscle tissue,
  • regulates digestion processes.

The effect of an element on the human body occurs at the cellular level

A large amount of zinc blocks the absorption of the remaining trace elements important for life. Special attention should be paid to the importance of this mineral for men, since products with its content qualitatively and effectively enhance men's health.

Why do men need zinc?

Zinc is involved in all metabolic processes of the male body. It begins to show its significance during puberty of the boy and it is important to ensure that their diet includes foods saturated with this trace element. With insufficient doses of zinc during puberty, problems with puberty and pathological disorders in the testicles can occur.

What is zinc and its role in the functioning of the whole organism

To understand the effect of zinc on health, it is important to know what such a chemical element is in general. Zinc is a microelement that is extremely necessary for the body to fully function many organs and systems.It is involved in the formation of more than 300 enzymes and body hormones.

The role of zinc is as follows:

  • in combination with B vitamins, beneficially affects the functions of the cerebellum, nervous system, improves memory, increases concentration, and also improves the mood of a person in a positive way,
  • acts as an immunomodulator, increasing the body's defenses,
  • establishes the functions of the sex glands, namely, stimulates the production of sex hormones, prevents diseases in this area, improves the quality of the man’s seed,
  • while carrying the fetus it increases the stamina of a woman, and also controls the balance of hormones,
  • helps to cope with adolescents during puberty and contributes to the normal maturation of the body,
  • is the prevention of diabetes,
  • improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails,
  • responsible for visual acuity,
  • works as a wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent,
  • normalizes the pancreas and other digestive organs,
  • considered a powerful antioxidant that cleanses the body of toxins and radicals,
  • zinc is involved in blood formation processes.

From this it becomes clear how important it is to prevent a lack of zinc in the body, since the trace element is responsible for most of the vital processes of the body. The element helps women to maintain beauty, men - to be active in the genital area.

Zinc for testosterone

What is useful zinc for men. One of the most important functions of zinc for a man’s body is to naturally increase his own testosterone — the hormone of good luck, victory, success, “the hormone that made a man.” It is testosterone that gives endurance, provides a constant flow of energy, increases physical strength and vitality.

It is important to know that the internal environment of a healthy body is in strict balance, and hormones, in particular, must correspond to a certain level. This suggests that more does not mean better. Therefore, the level of testosterone should not exceed physiological boundaries. A number of studies have been conducted that have shown the effectiveness of Zn in increasing male hormone in people with low levels of it.

That is, the mineral is able to normalize the hormonal background without the risk of exceeding the maximum threshold.

The effect of zinc on the body of a man

In the human body, the total zinc content should not exceed 3 grams!

Of the important functions of zinc in the male body is participation in the process of sperm maturation. The fertility of a particular man depends on the level of mineral content in the tissues of the organs of the reproductive system. Zinc is not only involved in the formation of sperm, but also affects the degree of their mobility, and also has the following effects.

    Acceleration of the process of regeneration (restoration) of damaged tissues. Maintain a healthy skin. Strengthening the strength of bones and teeth. Stimulating effect on testosterone production. Support for the normal course of biological processes in the nervous system. A positive impact on the intellectual development of men. Improving metabolism (zinc takes an active part in the production and breakdown of carbohydrates, fats, proteins). Maintaining the functional activity of the immune system. Participation in the production of seminal fluid. Participation in the process of eliminating toxic compounds and heavy metals from the body. Slowing down the aging of cells.

Benefit and harm for men

To understand the importance of zinc, you need to know exactly what its benefits and harms for the male body. The beneficial effects of zinc on the male body affect several systems at once:

  1. Testosterone - Numerous studies by scientists have shown that zinc stimulates an increase in testosterone levels, especially in conjunction with magnesium.Accordingly, doctors note that zinc is an important substance for the sexual sphere and reproductive health. Its deficiency leads to sexual weakness, low fertility of men and difficulties in conceiving a child.
  2. Brain work - In conjunction with magnesium, zinc is responsible for brain activity and the functioning of the nervous system. The component treats insomnia, increases mental disability, improves memory and eliminates various difficulties that interfere with a man’s learning ability.
  3. Estrogen - The optimal level of zinc in the body of a man reduces the amount of female hormones estrogen. This in turn prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone, protecting the health of the prostate and scalp hair.
  4. Dopamine - The microelement regulates dopamine in the body, which plays an important function in neurotransmission. Zinc "inhibits the absorption" of dopamine, which improves the sexual functions of men.
  5. Depression - Scientists have found that in all patients with depression, zinc decreases. Accordingly, its optimal level protects the psycho-emotional background from the oppressed state.
  6. Reproductive health of men - Zinc is involved in the production of testosterone, and in the work of the sex glands. Increased zinc enhances sperm production, increases its quality and the number of active sperm.

Zinc is a trace element whose level is important to clearly regulate. If you overdo it with the use of zinc preparations and vitamins, in the future it can increase the risks of developing prostate adenoma, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome, dementia in older men, pathological changes in lipid levels. Excessive zinc also interferes with the absorption of iron and magnesium.

Beneficial effects on body systems

  • Zinc in combination with magnesium increases the level of testosterone, being an indispensable product for the genital area and reproductive functions. Deficiency of the substance provokes sexual weakness, low fertility, difficulties in conception,
  • In combination with magnesium, the trace element is responsible for brain activity and the functions of the nervous system. It helps to treat insomnia, increase mental disability, improve memory,
  • The optimal level of a substance in the blood reduces the amount of estrogen (female hormones) and prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone,
  • Zinc regulates the production of dopamine in the body, which plays a large role in neurotransmission and prevents the absorption of dopamine, which improves the functioning of sexual functions,
  • The proper amount of zinc in the blood prevents the development of depression in men. Studies have shown that most patients with depression do not have enough zinc in their bodies.
  • The element is responsible for the production of testosterone, sperm production and the qualitative composition of all sperm.

Zinc for potency

A lack of zinc in the male body can lead to an imbalance in male health, as due to a lack of zinc, testosterone levels are reduced. In addition, zinc helps to absorb vitamin E, which is important for potency.

Thus, a lack of zinc in a man’s body affects health both directly, by itself, lowering testosterone and indirectly, making vitamin E more difficult to assimilate. As a result, a man may encounter problems in reducing sexual activity, reducing sperm, infertility, and prostatitis.

Zinc preparations for men are recommended by specialists for the prevention of prostate diseases. Scientists have found a connection between the content of Zn in the cells of the prostate gland and its work. It turned out that a deficiency of this element reduces the protective properties of prostate epithelial cells, interferes with the normal restoration of cells and antioxidant processes in the tissue, which is exactly what is observed with inflammatory and oncological lesions of the prostate.This topic is at the development stage, doctors tend to suggest that normalizing the level of trace elements in the blood may be the leading method in the fight against diseases of the male genital area.

What is zinc for in a man’s body?

The biological component of zinc is present in the organs, however, most of it is located in the prostate gland and sperm. How is zinc useful for men at different ages? In adolescence, it is important to take zinc, because trace element affects proper puberty. In adulthood, zinc is responsible for the production of testosterone, increases the activity and motility of sperm and prevents the inflammatory processes of the prostate gland. It has been proven that Zn is a structural component of a biological membrane and cell receptors. Also, this trace element has high antioxidant properties and improves the functionality of other antioxidants.

For information! The need for zinc for athletes is high enough, because with strong physical exertion, the trace element comes out with sweat.

It is proved that the norm of zinc per day for men has a positive effect on such processes:

  • the combination of the vitamin B and zinc groups ensures the correct functioning of the nervous system,
  • Vitamin A is able to be absorbed in the presence of zinc,
  • Zn is responsible for supporting visual function,
  • strengthens the protective function of the body,
  • involved in the production of insulin.

Daily zinc intake for men

You can learn more about the daily intake of zinc from the video.

The amount of trace element depends on the weight category of men. Consider how much zinc a man needs per day. Daily intake of 20 milligrams of the natural component of Zn contributes to the normal functioning of the body and the production of testosterone. It has been proven that most of the trace element is excreted from the intestines along with food, part with urine and part with sweat.

For information! The daily norm of zinc increases the life cycle of sperm.

In the process of ejaculation, the male body loses up to 2-3 milligrams of a useful microelement, and with frequent sexual intercourse there is a deficiency of zinc in the body. To compensate for the loss of an element by the body, it is recommended to include foods rich in a useful substance in the diet, as well as to eliminate the loss of microorganisms if possible.

Important! The process of conception depends on the level of Zn in the body of a man, its low rate causes a decrease in male fertility.

How is zinc deficiency reflected in the body?

Certain symptoms, as a rule, indicate the development of zinc deficiency in the human body. The most common symptoms include:

  • prolonged healing of wounds, sores,
  • decreased protective function of the body,
  • low resistance of the body during the epidemic of viral infections,
  • decreased production of male sex hormone testosterone,
  • violation of sexual function,
  • decreased sperm quality,
  • decreased sperm activity,
  • the appearance of a rash of a different nature,
  • change in hair structure and striation of the nail plate,
  • corneal edema, the development of conjunctival inflammation, cataract formation,
  • change in the perception of taste and smells,
  • loss of appetite,
  • neurological disorders, manifested in the form of decreased concentration, attention, gait changes, tremor of the extremities,
  • drowsiness, sudden mood swings, increased irritability,
  • infertility development
  • impotence,
  • the development of atherosclerosis,
  • epilepsy,
  • cirrhosis
  • the formation of malignant neoplasms.

For information! The lack of a useful microelement in adolescence can cause and develop dementia.

You can learn more about the symptoms of Zn deficiency in the body from the video.

To restore the level of beneficial trace elements in the body, it is important to understand what causes the deficiency. Consider the reasons that can lead to a loss of zinc.

Alcoholic drinks

It is proved that excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages leads to the loss of a large number of beneficial trace elements from the body. Inhibition of a beneficial substance occurs due to poor absorption of trace elements in the gastrointestinal tract during the use of alcohol. In case of chronic alcohol intoxication, it is recommended to take Zn-based drugs for the relief of intoxication and the prevention of alcoholism. In order to understand how to take zinc, it is recommended to undergo a laboratory study of serum, hair and whole blood.

Diet therapy

To increase the influence of a useful microelement in the body, it is recommended to eat properly. It is recommended that foods containing Zn be included in the diet, these include:

  • Brown rice,
  • yeast,
  • nuts
  • mushrooms
  • sesame,
  • pumpkin seeds,
  • bean
  • cheese,
  • germinal part of cereal crops,
  • bran,
  • soybeans
  • eggs, especially yolks,
  • shrimp, oysters, squid,
  • red meat
  • kidneys, liver, tongue, lungs.

For information! A large amount of zinc is found in seeds and nuts.

It is worth noting that the presence of fetic acid in food contributes to the poor absorption of a useful trace element.

Drug treatment

Drug therapy includes the intake of vitamin complexes rich in Zn. Popular medicines include:

  • Zincteral
  • Picolinate Zn,
  • Zn sulfate,
  • Zincite,
  • Viado Forte
  • Selzinc.

It is recommended to take drugs at a dosage of 2 tablets per day. The duration of the course of treatment depends on the course of the pathology and the level of deficiency of a useful microelement.

For information! Treatment of skin rashes caused by a deficiency of Zn is carried out using topical drugs: gels, ointments, pastes.

As a rule, medications contain herbal components, however, with an independently increased dosage, the agents provoke side effects. Side effects with increasing dosage of a natural element cause:

  • bouts of vomiting and nausea
  • intestinal cramps
  • liver failure
  • impaired renal function,
  • anemia
  • intestinal bleeding.

Important! Double daily zinc intake for a man causes a decrease in the level of absorption of copper and iron by the body.

Read more about diet therapy and zinc in the video.

Contraindications to the use of drugs:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the drug,
  • lactose intolerance (which is often used to prepare drugs).

To prevent the loss of a useful trace element will help:

  • enrichment of the diet with products containing Zn,
  • 2-3 times a year to take a vitamin complex.

If you find symptoms of a deficiency in a nutrient, it is recommended that you consult a nutritionist.

Zinc for men is responsible for reproductive function. Micronutrient deficiency leads to a decrease in immunity, the protective function of the body, infertility and worsening well-being. An independent treatment technique and the selection of drugs lead to the development of irreversible processes.

Zinc for men

About 2 g of pure zinc is found in the body of an adult male. The element is concentrated in the prostate, muscle tissue, pancreas and liver. Metal is an integral part of more than 400 enzymes responsible for biochemical reactions in the body. Zinc for potency performs an essential function for the reproductive system, responsible for spermatogenesis, which led to the widespread use of drugs based on it for the prevention and treatment of male infertility.

Among the many factors and processes in which the role of zinc in the body of a man is especially important, there are:

  • producing enough sperm to fertilize,
  • participation in the process of metabolism of vitamin E, the absorption of vitamin A by the body,
  • ensuring the full functioning of the prostate gland,
  • participation in the synthesis of anabolic hormones (including growth hormone and insulin),
  • decomposition of alcohol in the body (zinc is part of alcohol dehydrogenase),
  • participation in the processes of formation of cellular immunity and maturation of lymphocytes,
  • regulation of the functions of the central nervous system,
  • body protection from the development of pneumonia.

Zinc for men to conceive

The first place in the list of minerals necessary for men before conceiving a child belongs to zinc. Modern medicine can offer a large list of vitamin complexes and dietary supplements with its content.

Zinc is involved in spermatogenesis. In addition to testosterone, it affects the follicle-stimulating hormone, which is responsible for sperm maturation.

Complexes with zinc effectively improve sperm quality, affect sperm motility and the quality of egg fertilization. Popular remedies for men before conception are Spermactin, Spematon, and Duovit for Men.

Vitamin complexes with zinc are usually prescribed to men three months before the conception of a child.

Other applications

Zinc is also prescribed by men in areas not related to sexual functions:

  1. The mineral improves the activity of nerve cells in the brain, therefore, it is prescribed as an additional element to improve memory and brain performance.
  2. It is prescribed for heart failure and arrhythmias. Zinc regulates the movement of calcium in the heart, the excessive release of which can lead to various diseases. The mineral also regulates blood pressure.
  3. It is prescribed for liver diseases and alcoholic hepatosis.
  4. In diabetes mellitus, zinc can increase the efficiency of insulin functioning.

Trace stimulates brain function and mental activity

Zinc deficiency in the body (symptoms)

Since zinc is a very important element for health, its deficiency can cause many disorders and diseases.

Symptoms of a lack of zinc in the human body:

  • decreased immunity,
  • irritability, drowsiness,
  • mood decline and depression,
  • fragility of nails and hair,
  • heart diseases,
  • acne and rash
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract
  • BPH,
  • prostatitis.

Effect on potency

Supporting the required testosterone level directly depends on the amount of zinc in the body of a man. In addition, the element has a direct effect on sperm motility and the amount of sperm produced. Erection and potency depend on the saturation of the body with male hormone, so the role of zinc in the body of a man is to determine sexual potency.

What causes zinc deficiency?

Zinc deficiency can be caused by systematic stress and anxiety.

With a deficiency of zinc in the body, patients most often complain of fatigue and irritability.

Factors affecting the deficiency of this mineral:

  • thyroid disease
  • liver disease
  • vegetarianism,
  • unbalanced power system,
  • alcohol abuse
  • extensive body burns,
  • diabetes,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of a lack of zinc in the body

Since zinc is an essential element of the metabolism within the male body, its lack is reflected in well-being and especially on the functions of the reproductive system and potency. A systematic micronutrient deficiency can lead to prostate adenoma and a decrease in sexual desire against the background of erectile dysfunction. The insufficiently high quality of sperm caused by the lack of an element affects the ability of sperm to fertilize the egg. The following symptoms indicate a trace element deficiency:

  • skin lesions in the form of acne or a chronic form of erythematous-bullous dermatitis,
  • disturbances in the formation of hair and nails,
  • malabsorption of food in the gastrointestinal tract,
  • negative ocular symptoms (photophobia, conjunctivitis, clouding of the cornea),
  • neuropsychiatric disorders, change in concentration,
  • anemia
  • morning irritability
  • endurance, lethargy, depression,
  • hypogonadism
  • dulling of smell and worsening of taste.

The danger of zinc deficiency

Men should maximally control the sufficient intake of zinc in their body, since its deficiency leads to problems in the reproductive sphere. Deficiency of an important trace element can cause deterioration in the health status of men and women and lead to various diseases.

To identify a deficiency, it is necessary to undergo an examination with a specialist

Signs of Zinc Deficiency

Lack of trace elements in the body, as a rule, manifests itself already when this leads to the development of pathologies and internal disorders. Zinc deficiency is most often due to the genetic characteristics of the body or congenital diseases. In addition, an excess of protein, salt and sugar in food can lead to this.

If there is a lack of zinc in the body, symptoms in men can be as follows:

  • low appetite
  • blood anemia
  • visual impairment
  • losing weight for no reason
  • hair loss,
  • the formation of white spots on the nails,
  • prolonged healing of skin wounds,
  • decreased immunity and frequent diseases.

In male adolescents, a lack of zinc is manifested by a delay in sexual development and maturation. In men - a decrease in libido and potency, a deterioration in sperm quality, possibly even infertility.

Daily requirement of zinc for men

The daily intake of zinc depends on the age of the man and the degree of his physical and mental stress:

  • for infants 1-3 years old - 3 mg,
  • for children 4-8 years old - 5 mg,
  • children 9-13 years old - 8 mg,
  • boys 14-18 years old - 11 mg,
  • adult men - 15 mg.

How to determine an oversupply of an item?

If the zinc rate per day for the body is known, which can lead to a zinc deficiency, many forget to think about how dangerous the excess of the substance is, what symptoms it expresses. Excess zinc exhibits the following symptoms:

  • changes in the skin, especially on the back of the palms,
  • food poisoning with pain, vomiting, salivation,
  • impaired immune function,
  • sweet taste in the mouth
  • dry cough,
  • the beauty of the conjunctiva and pharynx,
  • overgrowth of the prostate,
  • drowsiness,
  • pressing dull chest pain
  • temperature rise.

Sometimes an increase in zinc in the body is accompanied by a jump in blood glucose, fibrous degeneration of the pancreas, the development of pneumonia and pulmonary edema.

What products are contained in?

Knowing how much zinc is needed per day, a man can acquire vitamins with such a dosage, and can determine for himself foods with zinc and regularly consume them. The second option is safe and does not entail side effects. So, doctors distinguish the following foods with a high content of zinc:

  • potatoes,
  • poultry meat
  • berries
  • green tea,
  • different types of cheeses,
  • different types of nuts
  • porridge - lentils, buckwheat, soy,
  • citruses
  • apples
  • wheat bran
  • bread.

Knowing what zinc is useful for potency, many men are taken to drink pills. In fact, there are many products that are a source of natural zinc. Some types of offal also contain it, and to maintain its balance, all of these products need to be regularly supplemented to the main menu.

What are the preparations with zinc?

If a doctor prescribes zinc preparations, seeing serious indications and reasons for that, a man needs to clearly follow his instructions in order to balance microelements without deficiency or excess of any of them. Most often, vitamins with zinc and zinc are used in tablets, namely:

  1. Zinc sulfate - A drug for the male body to naturally increase testosterone levels.
  2. Zincite - tablets with a high content of zinc, used strictly as directed by a medical specialist.
  3. Viardo - A dietary supplement containing both zinc and many other components to enhance men's health.
  4. Zincteral - Zinc-containing drug for the comprehensive treatment of infertility in men and in planning pregnancy.
  5. Complivit Vitamins with Zinc - an auxiliary agent that is used for the prevention of sexual disorders and their complex treatment.

These are not all the preparations that contain this microelement, the main thing is to know how to take zinc in tablets so as not to lead to its overabundance. If zinc is needed for potency, it is taken more often as quality dietary supplements and male vitamin complexes.

Price in pharmacies

The price of vitamins and dietary supplements containing zinc in most cases is not so high that the average man could not afford them. If vitamin complexes and medicines with zinc will cost in the range of 300-500 rubles, then dietary supplements that contain different plant components and additives in addition to the microelement can cost from 300 to 1500 rubles on average in a pharmacy.

Features of the assimilation of the element

It is not enough to know how zinc is useful for health, and also what causes zinc deficiency or its excess, it is also worth knowing under what features its absorption occurs. A trace element can both be friends with certain substances and compete. Doctors recommend combining zinc with vitamin A, C, E, and B6, magnesium, picolinic acid, and fluoride.

But zinc is categorically contraindicated if a man simultaneously takes drugs containing folic acid, lead, copper, tin, iron, calcium and copper. Tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages in large doses can lower the digestibility of zinc and its level in the body. Also, zinc is not absorbed with the use of diuretics, anabolic steroid drugs, birth control and cortisone drugs.

The Role of Zinc for Men in Pregnancy Planning

If a man in the near future seeks to conceive a child, a specialist will certainly familiarize him with the role of zinc in planning pregnancy. This trace element is extremely important for the health of future parents and the fetus itself, it allows the child to fully develop from the first days.

Zinc deficiency in the body can trigger the development of various fetal malformations, for example, hydrocephalus, curvature of the spine, splitting of the palate, and more. In this regard, zinc must be prescribed already from the first trimester of pregnancy. Zinc is important for men at the planning stage, as it increases the number of active sperm, helps the gonads produce seminal fluid and germ cells.


Having studied all the beneficial properties of zinc, we can conclude that it is important for a full life and health for everyone - the fetus during pregnancy, children and adolescents, men and women. A micronutrient deficiency is accompanied by symptoms, as well as an overabundance of the substance, so drugs and dietary supplements with zinc are taken with caution and as needed. Otherwise, products containing this substance will help.

What contributes to greater digestibility?

In order for the body to receive a sufficient amount of mineral, it is necessary to take care of the presence on the dining table of foods with a high content of zinc.

When taking zinc products, immunity begins to work much better.

It is especially useful to know what contributes to the greater digestibility of this trace element:

  1. Do not take foods that contain zinc with folic acid. With their simultaneous use, a compound appears that is not absorbed by the body.
  2. Zinc is not compatible with phytic acid. It is found in all cereals, nuts and legumes and inhibits the absorption of zinc, magnesium and calcium.
  3. Combine brewer's yeast with zinc. Yeast promotes better absorption of zinc and is found in kvass, kefir, grapes and cottage cheese.

How much zinc does a man need per day?

Due to the fact that in men a significant amount of zinc is excreted with seminal fluid, they simply need to replenish such losses daily with the help of products or preparations containing a trace element.

Each age category has its own standards for the level of zinc in the body.

    Children under 13 years old - up to 7 mg. per day. Adolescents under 18 years old - up to 10 mg. per day. Adult man - up to 18 mg. per day. Athletes or men who have a pronounced zinc deficiency in the body - up to 25 mg. per day.


Oysters lead the list of zinc-containing foods. 100 grams of oysters account for up to 100-400 mg of zinc. These mollusks strengthen the immune system, improve the reproductive function of men and tone the nervous system.

Large amounts of zinc are seafood

A large amount of zinc is present in beef, pork and veal. Dietary meat includes all the essential amino acids, they can strengthen muscle and bone tissue. Vitamin B6 present in meat improves zinc absorption.

Zinc deficiency in men: signs

    Deterioration of the skin (rashes near the anatomical holes and on the extremities, longer healing of superficial skin lesions, decreased activity of the genital and sebaceous glands, which leads to dry skin). Pathological changes in the condition of the hair (partial loss, the appearance of a red tint or a weakening of pigmentation). The appearance of white transverse stripes on the nails. Ophthalmic disorders (edema and clouding of the cornea, conjunctivitis, cataract - clouding of the lens). Distortion of taste and olfactory sensitivity. Loss of appetite. Neurological disorders (trembling of the extremities, impaired coordination and speech functions, dementia, lack of concentration of attention and learning ability). Emotional imbalance (irritability, depression, decreased performance, drowsiness). Erectile disfunction. Infertility.

What is the danger of excess zinc in the male body?

Not only zinc deficiency, but also its excess can harm male health. Therefore, when symptoms of mineral deficiency appear, you cannot, without consulting a specialist, run to the pharmacy and buy the first dietary supplement that comes across. Excessive zinc concentration can lead to the following problems.

    A decrease in the content of copper and magnesium in the body, which are in an antagonistic relationship with zinc. Their deficiency can cause the development of cardiovascular diseases, the appearance of early gray hair, a decrease in collagen production, etc. The development of dementia (dementia) as a result of damage to the structural cells of the nervous system. Diseases of the prostate gland, including the development of a malignant neoplasm in its structure. Violation of metabolic reactions. Atherosclerosis of blood vessels. Iron-deficiency anemia.

Zinc in foods: what is better to eat?

If the zinc deficiency in the male body does not reach a critical level and is not associated with any complex pathological conditions, then it is enough to correctly adjust its diet. The following foods are rich in zinc: oysters (a record holder for mineral content), beans, onions, garlic, potatoes, buckwheat, soy, bread, radish, lemons, pine nuts.

A trace element is found in sufficient quantities in meat and meat products. Useful dishes for zinc deficiency are stewed beef and fried veal liver.

Pine nuts

Pine nuts contain high amounts of zinc. They normalize the nervous system, improve blood composition. Such nuts have a beneficial effect on the prostate gland and prevent the formation of cholesterol.

Vegetable food cannot give a person the full volume of a given trace element.

To obtain zinc, you must include in your daily diet various cereals from such cereals:

Porridges give energy, improve bowel function and increase testosterone. They are always included in the menu for sports nutrition, as they increase muscle mass and endurance of athletes.

Overview of Viardo forte with zinc

The composition of the product includes wheat germ oil, zinc salt and selexen. It has a very positive effect on the condition and functioning of the reproductive system, saturating the tissues with necessary nutrients, including zinc.

Specialists prescribe Viardo Forte in the following conditions.

    Erectile disfunction. Early ejaculation. Anorgasmia (lack of orgasm). Decreased libido. Prevention of the development of prostate diseases. Impotence associated with the age factor. Prostatitis and prostate adenoma. Psychoemotional disorders (stress, increased irritability, chronic fatigue syndrome) arising from a decrease in testosterone concentration.

Capsules should be taken for at least 2 weeks, while the drug does not need to be canceled even if side effects occur.

Wheat bran

Wheat bran is a storehouse of various vitamins and elements. They normalize the work of the intestines and prevent the absorption of glucose into the blood. Fiber, which is present in bran, helps to eliminate bad cholesterol. There are 8 mg of zinc per 100 grams of product.

Now attention will be paid to various cereals

Review of the drug MagneZi B6

1 tablet of MagneZi B6 contains 100 mg of magnesium, 5 mg of zinc and vitamin B6. Does not include synthetic additives.

MagneZi B6 is prescribed to restore psycho-emotional balance with prolonged stress. It is recommended to everyone who has been subjected to excessive physical and mental overloads for a long time, for example, athletes, people engaged in intense physical labor, and patients suffering from depression.

The effect of the use of the drug occurs after about 1 week of daily intake. The beneficial effect of zinc and magnesium, which are part of the product, on the nervous system becomes apparent. Thanks to this, sexual activity is also normalized.

Zinc Brewer's Yeast for Men, Is It Worth It?

Brewer's yeast can be purchased in pharmacies in pill form. They contain a high amount of beneficial properties for men and women.

The benefits of brewer's yeast in tablets for men are the following properties of the product:

  • help to gain weight by a lean man
  • contain vitamin B, which has a beneficial effect on the hormonal system,
  • improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

Brewer's yeast tablets for women are used for cosmetic purposes. They qualitatively reduce rashes, acne and relieve oily skin.

Overview of Zincteral Teva

Zincteral Teva is available in tablet form. The active substance here is zinc sulfate heptahydrate.

Indications for use of Zincteral Teva.

    Prevention and treatment of zinc deficiency, which may be caused by insufficient mineral content in the diet or malabsorption of the substance, as a result of any pathology. As an additional component in the complex treatment of enteropathic acrodermatitis, a genetic disease associated with impaired absorption of zinc in the small intestine. Treatment of purulent acne.

According to doctors, a significant drawback of the drug is the occurrence of a large number of side effects with prolonged use, especially from the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, in case of violation of the dosage rules, the following pathological conditions can be noted: leukopenia (a decrease in the level of leukocytes in the blood plasma), an increase in the general body temperature, fever, sore throat.

Doctor's recommendations

  1. Before using drugs, you should consult your doctor.

  • Vitamin complexes and dietary supplements with zinc are taken in full accordance with the instructions.
  • Three or more cups of coffee or strong tea per day impair zinc absorption.

    Balance is the key to men's health and longevity!

    To maximize the strength and youth of the body, it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle. Sports, regular sex and proper nutrition are the key to men's health and longevity. Products with zinc will help preserve men's health, prolong potency and increase immunity.

    Originally posted 2018-05-03 14:26:03.

    What is zinc good for?

    Here such zinc has properties:

    • Helps the normal functioning of our eyes
    • Participates in the production of sex hormones
    • Prevents nerve overload
    • Participates in the connection of proteins
    • Thanks to zinc, our taste and smell are improved.
    • Participates in the production of serotonin, thereby improving mood
    • Helps metabolism
    • It nourishes our brain, with a lack of zinc, memory worsens

    • Zinc takes involved in the conversion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates into calories. It helps the absorption of vitamin A.
    • Zinc is needed for raising immunity, physical, sexual and intellectual development of a person.
    • Zinc is involved in bone formation. Bones are formed not only in children - adults also need skeleton restoration.
    • Zinc is needed for people aged to prevent heart attack and stroke. is he protects the brain, prevents damage to blood capillaries.
    • Senile senility and forgetfulness is treated with zinc, after treatment, memory returns to such people.
    • Already, many doctors have concluded that schizophrenia - a disease due to a lack of zinc, manganese and vitamin B6.
    • If a woman has enough zinc in her body, she can easily tolerate the onset of menstruation.
    • Zinc is useful for people with diabetes, because it regulates blood sugar and is a participant in the production of insulin.

    Zinc damage

    Excess zinc in the body is harmful to health

    • Zinc in the form of metal is not harmful to humans. Harmful zinc compounds with other elements, especially zinc phosphide, which is used to destroy mice and rats.
    • For human health harmful galvanized dishes (bowls, buckets).
    • An excess of zinc in the body is harmful as well as its lack. If zinc is in excess, it interferes with the absorption of iron and copper. This diagnosis is confirmed if the pancreas and liver work worse than before, immunity decreased, and nausea appeared.
    • From food, the body cannot take more zinc than it needs.. Oversupply Possible only when improper use of zinc preparations.
    • Also zinc poisoning can happen if drink water that has stood in a galvanized bucket for a long time, or cook food in such dishes.

    Zinc poisoning occurs when its amount in the body is more than 150 mg.

    The role of zinc in the body

    Eating zinc-rich foods helps your body:

    • Fight harmful bacteria and viruses
    • Increase the body's immunity
    1. Zinc is needed muscle building athletes
    2. Zinc is needed pregnant womenespecially if a boy is to be born. In the first 3 months, the placenta develops and the genitals form in the fetus
    3. Zinc is needed puberty boys. He is responsible for the production of testosterone, the male hormone, in the body. The body of a young man contains more than 2 g of zinc, and mainly in the testicles. Zinc deficiency affects sexual potency. In adulthood zinc deficiency leads to diseases such as impotence and prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate gland)
    4. Woman's sex drive depends on zinc - with its help, lubricant is produced, so necessary during intercourse

    Zinc is needed for both men and women to prolong the genus

    Daily zinc intake for women, men and children

    The norm of zinc per day for an adult is contained in 200 g of beef steak

    Daily Zinc depends on the age of the person and some features of the body. It is such an amount:

    • Children from birth to 13 years of age require 2-8 mg of zinc
    • Pfor adolescents - 9-11 mg
    • INadult men and women 15 mg per daybut if there is any disease in the body or a person is actively involved in sports, then the norm increases up to 25 mg per day
    • Dfor a pregnant woman 18 mg per day, for a nursing mother - 19 mg per day

    Important. 200 g of beef steak contains a daily intake of zinc.

    Zinc needs to be replenished every day, since it leaves our body every day: through the intestines - about 90% and with urine and sweat. A significant part of zinc in men goes away with ejaculation.

    Important for women. Taking birth control pills reduces the amount of zinc in your body.

    Value for the body

    There are various products with a mineral content that differ in concentration in the composition. The daily zinc rate for the male body varies in the following ranges:

    1. 15 mg - provided that it does not have a deficiency in vitamins and minerals.
    2. 20 mg - the dosage is increased, provided that the person not so long ago suffered stress, physical strain, suffers from vitamin deficiency.
    3. 30 mg is the maximum dose, a person who regularly goes in for sports on a professional basis needs such an amount.

    The role of zinc in the body or what the element is for:

    • participates in metabolic processes, the production of thyroid hormones,
    • increases fertility, affects sperm counts, drive and libido,
    • affects the process of sperm formation,
    • participates in the process of regulating the level of testosterone in the blood.

    Vitamins with zinc content are prescribed for men with fertility problems, are prescribed as part of complex therapy for the treatment of infertility and impotence. They help normalize the process of spermatogenesis and increase sperm motility in the ejaculate.

    Indications for use

    Vitamins with zinc for men are prescribed for various diseases, there are a number of indications that are considered an occasion to start taking such drugs:

    1. Sexual dysfunction, especially if stress is considered to be the cause of the problems, lack of testosterone in the body.
    2. Decreased performance, increased fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome.
    3. For the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system (in patients after 40 years).
    4. With insufficient level of sexual activity, decreased libido.
    5. With a low amount of motile sperm in the ejaculate.

    Why else do you need zinc for the male body:

    • participates in hematopoiesis, is prescribed for anemia and poor blood coagulation,
    • prescribed as part of cancer prevention.

    It is difficult to overestimate the beneficial properties of zinc, because its deficiency in the body causes various disturbances in the functioning of vital organs and systems.

    The best vitamins with zinc

    The ranking of the best drugs is not so extensive. There are several medications that have received good marks from doctors and men who have resorted to their help. Positive characteristics and high efficiency are the main advantages of these medicines over other vitamins with a similar composition.

    Zinc Chelate

    The drug, which contains a trace element in a high dosage (25 mg), while the form of the substance has its own characteristics. Zn is contained in an easily accessible form, which facilitates its absorption. It is recommended to take medicine if there are problems with reproductive function, as a prevention of prostatitis and prostatic hyperplasia. Reception takes place before or after eating food, once a day.

    The best vitamins for men after 40 years


    Stimulates reproductive and sexual function.It also has an effect on the immune system, helps fight viruses, infections and colds. An appropriate combination of a trace element with ascorbic acid allows you to tone the body. Zincovital may be part of complex therapy, but it is often prescribed as the main drug that can completely eliminate Zn deficiency in the body.


    Available in effervescent tablet form. It is prescribed mainly in the framework of preventive procedures for eliminating the deficiency of useful trace elements. 1 tablet contains 10 mg of the substance. It is recommended to take tablets once a day, after dissolving it in a glass of warm water. Among the indications for the appointment is a lack of Zn.

    Complex vitamins with Zn

    Multivitamin complexes containing, in addition to Zn, other useful components: selenium, copper, calcium, potassium, phosphorus in the pharmacological market are not uncommon.

    These funds can significantly improve the condition and well-being in general and at the same time eliminate the deficiency of the necessary trace element.

    In the rating of the best complexes, you can include a number of drugs with an impeccable reputation and excellent effectiveness.


    It is classified as a food supplement that can eliminate the deficiency of nutrients. They are used to prevent the lack of vitamins and minerals in the composition contains 15 mg of Zn, which allows you to replenish the daily dose. It works well in conjunction with proper nutrition. One of the best complexes designed with all the characteristics of the stronger sex.


    Suitable for strengthening the cardiovascular, immune and reproductive systems. How to take the Alphabet correctly: 3 times a day, 1 tablet of a different color. The drug is unique in that 1 tablet contains substances that enhance the action of each other, facilitate absorption. As a result of regular use of the Alphabet, it is possible to significantly increase the overall tone, get a powerful charge of energy.


    It is prescribed to normalize the work of the organs of the reproductive system, increase the concentration of testosterone in the blood. Parity due to the composition positively affects the production of male hormone, stimulates this process. As a result, a person has increased endurance, increased sexual activity. The complex is suitable for long-term use, it is recommended to drink 1 capsule during meals.

    Vitamin complexes for men to increase potency

    Doppelherz Asset

    Supplements which include various vitamins and minerals. The complex is ideal for people leading an active lifestyle. Helps to cope with mental, emotional and physical stress, successfully eliminate the deficiency of nutrients in the body. Take Doppelherz 1 time 1 capsule per day, before meals or after.


    Vitamins in tablets and capsules for men with zinc are well combined with other medicines of various kinds. It is not recommended to combine several complexes at the same time, provided that they contain Zn. To avoid the development of an overdose.

    The trace element Zn combines well with ascorbic acid. Such interaction optimizes the functioning of the immune system, helps to quickly get rid of colds and viral diseases.

    Vitamin-mineral complexes with zinc can be easily found on the shelves of pharmacies. But since such drugs are considered rare, it is better to make an order (quickly sold out). In this case, the drug will be delivered after the specified period of time. It can be picked up at a convenient time.

    You can make a purchase online - by contacting the online sites selling such drugs over the Internet. In this case, the vitamins will be delivered by mail or by courier delivery.

    The cost of vitamins containing zinc is indicated in the table:

    Name Quantity (pcs.) Price (rub.)
    Zinc Chelate100600
    Viardo Forte18300
    Doppelherz Asset30390


    Preparations with zinc in tablets for men do not have serious contraindications. These funds are not taken only if there is hypersensitivity to the components or individual intolerance.

    But do not assume that vitamins are so harmless that they should be used in high dosage, not following the rules and recommendations of a doctor. This can negatively affect your health.

    What are the most healthy nuts for men?

    Zinc is found in various foods, the highest concentration of the element in excess of the daily dose is in 10 grams of oysters.

    The element is also found in veal, citrus fruits, herbs, fish. But its concentration is much lower than in oysters.

    A short list of products rich in Zn:

    1. Rabbit and chicken meat.
    2. Nuts, chicken eggs.
    3. Wheat bran, calf liver.

    To normalize the work of the field system and eliminate fertility problems, it is recommended to include products in the diet. They will complement the influence of medicines.

    Foods rich in zinc, like vitamins, will not help if a man adheres to an unhealthy diet, consume alcohol, smoke and lead a passive lifestyle.

    Listing the names, you should not consider complexes and vitamins a panacea in the treatment of problems with potency and erection. Zn is involved in the process of spermatogenesis, but this trace element will not be able to get rid of sexual disorders alone.

    How is zinc useful for men and in what form should it be taken?

    Testosterone is what makes all the stronger sex real men. And the production of sex hormone directly depends on the level of important trace elements, vitamins, protein and other beneficial substances. But zinc is considered the most indispensable for men, which naturally stimulates an increase in testosterone.

    Accordingly, we can conclude that zinc is responsible for the sexual functions of men, its potency and appearance. Therefore, to talk about the benefits of this substance is not even necessary. Despite this, few men understand the importance of zinc in the body, not considering it necessary to take vitamins with zinc and food products containing it as necessary.

    All about the benefits and harms of zinc for men

    For men, zinc is especially important, as it takes an active part in the synthesis of testosterone. Drugs enriched with these micronutrients are prescribed for patients suffering from low testosterone levels. When taking such drugs, the concentration of "male hormone" reaches normal levels, while preventing its excessive production.

    Reasons for shortage

    The body retains small zinc reserves, but the regular intake of the element must be provided from the outside to maintain potency. The reasons for the shortage are various factors:

    • Stress and stress.
    • Significant injuries accompanied by blood loss.
    • Refusal to eat meat products and natural meat (vegetarians) leads to impaired potency due to the predominance of foods rich in phytates in the diet. They inhibit the absorption of zinc.
    • Taking diuretics, corticosteroids on an ongoing basis.
    • Gastrointestinal tract diseases, cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus.
    • Oncology, smoking, alcoholism.
    • Excessive consumption of coffee, energy and beer drinks, unhealthy foods.
    • Lack of selenium (a component of sperm that improves the condition and motility of sperm), potassium (which improves transmission of a nerve impulse, restores pressure, blood circulation), magnesium (an antioxidant element that prevents the development of prostate adenoma).

    Harmful effects on body systems

    The level of trace elements is recommended to be clearly regulated.With an overdose of zinc drugs, you can provoke a risk of developing prostate adenoma, the development of prediabetes, metabolic syndrome, dementia in elderly men, a pathological change in lipid levels. Excess zinc interferes with the beneficial absorption of magnesium and iron.

    How to make up for zinc deficiency

    The daily intake of an element is 15 mg. If a deficiency is found, then it is necessary to make up for it by taking at least 30 mg of zinc daily for three months. This dosage will help to cope with the consequences of the lack of an element and ensure the current need. To improve the absorption of zinc for potency, you need to combine its intake with copper supplements, because long-term use of zinc preparations leads to depletion of the element’s reserves, apathy. There are groups of people susceptible to micronutrient deficiency:

    1. Alcoholics - the element is poorly absorbed by prolonged and excessive consumption of alcohol.
    2. Diabetics - large doses of the trace element can greatly lower blood sugar levels, so with diabetes should be taken with caution.
    3. Patients on hemodialysis - they are prone to deficiency of all substances.
    4. Patients with malabsorption - a rare hereditary disease characterized by a disorder of the processes of digestion, transport and absorption of nutrients.
    5. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis - their body absorbs less element.
    6. Patients receiving parenteral nutrition, depleted of anorexia or bulimia, patients with severe diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic kidney disease, sickle cell anemia.
    7. Accepting bisphosphonates, quinolone and tetracycline antibiotics.


    Microelement deficiency can be compensated by taking special preparations based on it. It includes zinc salts - acetate, lactate and sulfate. Popular remedies are:

    1. Viardot - capsules based on wheat germ oil and zinc lactate. They serve as a source of selenium and zinc, improve the sexual health of men. The tool is indicated for normalizing the functional activity of the genitourinary system, it is taken 3-5 capsules three times / day with a monthly course. Contraindication of admission is individual intolerance.
    2. Zincteral Deva is a vitamin-mineral complex in the form of tablets containing zinc sulfate. The drug stimulates metabolic processes, is an antioxidant. The drug is taken on a tablet three times / day. Contraindication is hypersensitivity to the components. Of the undesirable side effects of the drug, nausea is noted.
    3. ZinkoVital - is used to increase the level of trace elements and in violation of potency. The drug is approved for use by diabetics, patients after serious injuries, alcoholics, people with genetic pathologies. The medication additionally contains ascorbic acid. 1 tablet is prescribed for resorption 2-3 times / day. No side effects of the drug have been identified.
    4. Selzinc is an antioxidant complex based on selenium and zinc salts. Additionally, it contains vitamin E, beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. The drug is taken one tablet once a day for 30 days. In rare cases, the medication is allergic.
    5. Zincine - effervescent tablets for dissolution based on zinc sulfate. The drug is not prescribed together with glucocorticosteroids, with autoimmune disorders, acute renal failure. One tablet is dissolved in a glass of water, taken once a day for 30 days. You can repeat the course 2-3 times a year.

    Multivitamin Complexes

    If zinc deficiency is not so serious, then special multivitamin complexes containing other vitamins and minerals can be taken to maintain men's health. Popular in the market are:

    1. Duovit for men is a special complex for potency, containing vitamins A, D, groups B, C, E, niacin, folic and pantothenic acids, biotin, zinc, iron, copper, iodine, magnesium, manganese. The dietary supplement is gluten and sugar free. Contraindication of admission is individual intolerance to the components. Adults are shown a tablet once / day with a monthly course.
    2. Alphabet for men - contains three different pills taken in a complex. Siberian ginseng is taken in the morning, contains eleutherosides, vitamin B1 and folic acid. Carotenoid + daily tablet includes zinc, selenium, manganese, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, vitamin E. Evening L-carnitine + includes L-carnitine, vitamin K, calcium, vitamin D3. The drug is taken on a tablet of a different color three times / day with an interval between use of 4-6 hours. The components are easily absorbed, practically have no side effects.
    3. Parity - issued in the usual format and with a reinforced formula. The complex preparation consists of capsules based on the extract of long-leaved euricoma, nicotinamide, zinc oxide, ginger rhizomes, extracts of antlers of maral and yohimbe bark. The beverage concentrate includes nicotinamide, zinc lactate, liquid pantocrine, extracts of gorodoksvetkovaya, yohimbe bark and ginger rhizomes. The drug contributes to the production of natural testosterone. Capsules are taken once a day for 15 days, the drink concentrate - 10 ml in a glass of water once / day for 20 days. You can repeat the courses 3-4 times a year.

    An excess of zinc in the body

    An excess of an element in the blood is dangerous to health and is manifested by the following symptoms:

    • Changes in the skin, which is very noticeable on the back of the palms,
    • Food poisoning, accompanied by profuse salivation, pain, nausea, vomiting,
    • Immune System Impairment
    • A sweet taste in the mouth
    • Pressing dull chest pain
    • Dry cough
    • Fever
    • Drowsiness
    • The development of cardiovascular pathologies,
    • Early gray hair
    • Decreased collagen production
    • The growth of the prostate and the development of malignant neoplasms,
    • Atherosclerosis of blood vessels
    • Iron deficiency anemia.

    In some cases, an excess of product in the body provokes a jump in glucose levels, fibrous degeneration of the pancreas, the development of pneumonia, and pulmonary edema.

    Healthy foods

    Due to the fact that zinc for potency has a huge effect on a man’s body and is consumed daily on vital processes, it is worth paying attention to the content of this component inside the consumed food. The inclusion of the following products in the diet will help ensure the need for a trace element, which will certainly have a positive effect on erection and potency:

    • apples, citrus fruits, figs, grapefruit, raspberries,
    • nuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, peanuts, cashews, spinach,
    • celery, parsley, chickpeas, mushrooms,
    • seafood, fish, lobster, flounder, mackerel, shrimp,
    • lean beef, beef liver, beef tongue, boiled chicken hearts, lamb, chicken,
    • milk, egg yolk, kefir, yogurt,
    • cereal bread bran
    • yeast, cocoa powder.

    Recommended Daily Allowance

    In order for the element to benefit the body's systems and protect it, it is recommended to know the daily intake of zinc. For an adult male, it is 18 mg, although some drugs and biological supplements contain a much larger component.

    For each age, there are standards for the level of trace elements in the body:

    AgeDaily rate
    Boys under 13 years old7 mg
    Teenagers 13 to 18 years old10 mg
    Men from 18 years old18 mg

    Important! The daily norm of zinc in the body of athletes is increased to 25 mg.

    If there is a shortage of the element, it is recommended to start taking it with 30-35 mg per day for two weeks. This will eliminate the effects of the deficit and provide a daily requirement.

    For better absorption of zinc, it is advisable to take it in combination with copper. With long-term use of drugs with zinc, the level of copper in the body decreases, which provokes the occurrence of anemia.

    High Zinc Foods

    Drugs can be replaced with products that contain large amounts of zinc in the composition. Replenishing an element in the body with products containing zinc does not provoke side effects for men.

    The high content of zinc is observed in the following products: various types of processed and hard cheeses, bread products, potatoes, wheat bran, poultry, apples, berries, citruses, green tea, barley, buckwheat and hercules groats, flounder, mackerel, mussels, lobsters, oysters, shrimp, eggs, pine and sesame nuts, flaxseed and pumpkin seeds, honey.

    Knowing the benefits of zinc for potency, representatives of the stronger sex are often taken to take drugs with the addition of a component. But there are a lot of valuable products with the content of this element, which are recommended to be regularly consumed to maintain zinc balance.

    Symptoms and signs of zinc deficiency in men, women and children

    A lack of zinc in a man’s body can lead to impotence

    The lack of zinc in the body in children:

    • Slower overall development of the child
    • Late puberty

    Symptoms of a lack of zinc in the body in adults and children the following:

    • Frequent colds
    • Dry skin of the face and body
    • Acne
    • Often the mood changes
    • Hair loss
    • Wounds heal poorly
    • Decreased appetite
    • Visual impairment
    • Impotence in men
    • Dizziness and tinnitus
    • Memory loss
    • High blood cholesterol

    If for a long time there is not enough zinc in the body, then in the future such diseases may develop:

    If white spots appear on your nails, they become brittle and break - this is a lack of zinc in the body.

    • Zinc deficiency leads to eye diseases such as blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), cataracts (clouding of the lens).
    • Zinc deficiency in children is most often the cause of late puberty, insufficient development of the testicles and penis.
    • A lack of zinc in men can cause impotence.
    • A lack of zinc in women is sometimes the cause of infertility.
    • Zinc deficiency in pregnant women threatens them with bleeding and miscarriage.

    Zinc excess: symptoms, signs of cause

    With an excess of zinc, as well as with a lack, hair can fall out

    The abuse of vitamins with zinc leads to an excess of zinc in organism. These may be such symptoms:

    • Headache
    • Nausea
    • Digestion problems
    • Hair fall out
    • Nails flaky
    • Liver deterioration
    • Weakened immunity

    Important. If you use natural products, there will not be an excess of zinc, only zinc compounds and fermented zinc bring harm, in the form of additives and vitamins.

    Zinc for face skin

    A lack of zinc in the body negatively affects the skin of the face - it becomes inflamed, acne appears

    Zinc in the body is necessary in order to update dead skin cells in time. If there is enough zinc in your body:

    • Skin allergy decreases
    • Dry skin is reduced
    • Acne passes
    • Early facial wrinkles go away
    • Small wounds and cracks heal faster

    Zinc is added to various creams.that help:

    • To regulate the oily skin downward
    • Heal sores on the lips
    • Reduce facial skin inflammation

    Zinc for hair

    Shiny and silky hair with enough zinc in the body

    Hair also needs zinc. With a deficiency, his hair ceases to grow normally, lose its luster, become dull, hard, brittle and fall out.

    In order for the hair to regain its former shine and silkiness, it is necessary to take vitamins A, C, F, E, B5, B6 and trace elements zinc, selenium.

    In order not to take each vitamin individually, pharmaceutical companies produce combined means vitamins:

    • Centrum
    • Alphabet Biorhythm
    • Multifort
    • Vitrum Beauty
    • Vitamins with zinc for women and men
    • In the pharmacies of our cities, many preparations with zinc are sold, but before taking them, you need to consult a doctor, take tests, and find out if you really have enough zinc in your body or these are false symptoms.
    • Zinc preparations are sold as follows:
    • Capsules
    • Tablets
    • Drops
    • Chewing pastilles
    • Effervescent tablets

    Vitamins with the addition of zinc and selenium. They are used for the prevention of cancer, raising immunity, better heart function, and are prescribed to former smokers and alcoholics.

    Men are prescribed these drugs for male infertility for sperm motility.

    These are such drugs:

    • Complivit Selen
    • Vitrum Forayz
    • Multivitamins Vitrum Beauty
    • Bioactive Zinc + Selenium
    • Selmevit
    • Multivitamins Perfectil

    Vitamins with Calcium and Zinc have a general strengthening effect on the body, normalize blood coagulation, metabolism, blood pressure, calm nerves and establish sleep.

    Also, with the help of vitamins, the condition of the skin of the face, hair and nails improves, pain in the joints and muscles decreases:

    • Supradin
    • Multivitamin Alphabet
    • Multivitamins Vitrum Beauty
    • Sea calcium with zinc

    Vitamins with Zinc, Calcium and Magnesium. Each of the microelements has its own characteristics: zinc enhances immunity, calcium - makes bones and teeth strong, magnesium - strengthens the nervous system, muscles.

    With these trace elements in pharmacies, the following drugs are sold:

    • Super Calcium with Zinc, Vitamins and Magnesium
    • Gravinova
    • Vitrum Osteomag
    • Complies with magnesium
    • Vitrum Beauty

    Vitamin E + Zinc. The drug is used for infertility, liver disease, allergies and worsening of the skin and hair. Vitamins are also prescribed for diabetes and for faster healing of wounds.

    • Zinc and Vitamin E Stone Oil
    • Centrum
    • Watering
    • Duovit
    • Alphabet

    Vitamin Zentrum

    Vitamins with Iron and Zinc improve blood condition, eliminate anemia, normalize metabolism.

    These are such drugs:

    Vitamins with zinc for women and men

    Vitamins with Magnesium and Zinc improve cell division and protein metabolism, water balance, muscle and nerve function. Vitamins also strengthen immunity, regulate blood pressure.

    These include:

    Vitamins with copper and zinc lead the body's fat metabolism to a normal level:

    Vitamin C and Zinc - a very common vitamin. It is often prescribed by doctors to increase immunity, in the fall and winter, during the frequent manifestations of colds and flu viruses:

    • Evalar Zinc and Vitamin C
    • Blueberries Forte with Vitamins and Zinc
    • Doppelherz Asset
    • Zinc Lozenge lozenges
    • Dubis

    Vitamin C + Zinc

    1. Vitamin B6 and Zinc - A complex of vitamins for the exchange of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as for the treatment of diabetes and obesity.
    2. Vitamin B6 has a calming effect on the nervous system.
    3. These are the following tools:
    • Doppelherz Asset
    • Stressstabs
    • MagneZi B6
    • Prenamine
    • Centrum

    Vitamin D and Zinc. The tool reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands, protects the liver from toxins, strengthens the immune system, heals wounds:

    Vitamins with Sulfur and Zinc for women after childbirth. The tool helps to heal tissues, tidy up the hormonal background, body and hair, better metabolism.

    This is Nutricap.

    Vitamins with zinc specifically for men. A lack of zinc in the male body can result in sexual dysfunctions. The intake of vitamins with zinc for boys and men prevents further diseases such as prostatitis, and then prostate cancer.

    In a man’s body, zinc maintains normal testosterone and provides high-quality sperm.

    Preparations for men:

    Vitamin with zinc for men "Zinc"

    Vitamins with zinc especially for women help maintain youth: improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails, increase immunity, remove toxins.And the property of zinc to increase metabolism, if you follow a diet, will help you lose weight.

    Vitamins for women:

    • Cosmetics Alphabet
    • Complies Radiance
    • Multi Tabs
    • Vitrum Beauty
    • Duovit

    To look beautiful and healthy, a woman needs to take vitamins with zinc for women

    • Note. You should not take vitamins with zinc if you have previously been allergic to zinc.
    • Important. You can not take vitamins with zinc along with antibiotics, the gap should be 2 hours or more.
    • Important. Vitamins with zinc should not be taken with dairy products.
    • Important. Self-medication with zinc is dangerous to health. Take only as directed by your doctor.

    Vitamins with zinc for children

    For development, a child from 4 years old is allowed to take vitamins with zinc

    To grow and develop normally, children from 4 years of age pediatricians are allowed to appoint vitamins with zinc. Besides raising immunity, improving vision, skin and hair, regulating the metabolic process, zinc increases mental abilities and physical development in children.

    Preparations for children:

    • Vitrum
    • Vita
    • Multi-Tabs for children
    • VitaBear

    Vitamin E + Zinc. These drugs are prescribed for children who are slowly growing and lagging behind their peers in development:

    • Zinc and Vitamin E Stone Oil
    • Watering
    • Centrum
    • Alphabet
    • Duovit

    Zinc in food

    Most zinc in oysters and yeast for baking, and very little in vegetables (green onions, cauliflower and broccoli, radishes, carrots), as well as in fruits (cherries, pears, apples).

    Table of zinc content in products, in mg per 100 g of product

    Zinc is good for our body, especially during and after illness, but it cannot be taken uncontrollably. If you notice symptoms of a lack of zinc at home, you need to see a doctorand he will prescribe vitamins with zinc and other minerals.

    Zinc Food

    What products does it contain?

    We see that the volume of zinc in the body can fluctuate, and therefore a conscious preparation of its menu for every day is a necessary condition. What should I look for?

    Vegetable products, according to experts, are not able to fully provide us with the right amount of zinc. Although there are suitable examples among them (see the table below). And still the main emphasis must be placed on seafood and meat. Using the data in the table, we will examine in more detail what we should choose for our daily diet.

    Go in for sports? Read about proper nutrition for muscle growth. Detailed recommendations for acquiring a beautiful and athletic figure.

    The main thing for maintaining our health is the task of strengthening our immunity. Find out in this article how to boost your body’s immunity.

    You can find out why hookah is harmful to health here - http://ialive.ru/privychki/kurenie/kalyan-vreden-ili-net.html

    Food Zinc Table

    Product line itemsPercentage of zinc (1 mg) per 100 g. Of food consumed.
    Meat products
    Fried veal liver16,0
    Beef stew9,5
    Boiled Chicken Hearts7,3
    Roasted Lamb Liver5,9
    Boiled beef tongue4,8
    Roasted Ram Kidney3,6
    Boiled eels12,0
    Butter anchovies3,5
    Canned salmon0,9
    Nuts and dried fruits
    Pine nuts6,5
    Brazil nut4,0
    Peanut nut2,8
    Pistachio Nuts1,4
    Dried apricots0,75
    Vegetables and fruits
    Boiled carrots0,3
    Cereal and bean products, seeds
    Wheat bran16,0
    Poppy seed8,1
    Sesame seed7,8
    Pumpkin seeds7,5
    Sunflower seeds5,6
    Flax seed5,5
    Soya flour4,9
    Soybeans, dry beans4,2
    Dry lentils3,8
    Dry peas3,3
    Wheat flour (wholemeal)3,1
    Dry white beans2,6
    Boiled beans1,4
    Oat flakes0,5
    Boiled white rice0,45
    Products of plant, fungal and animal origin
    Dry yeast8,0
    Egg yolk3,9
    White mushroom1,5
    Dust (variety - ordinary)1,0
    Green onion0,4

    Foods Containing the Most Zinc

    High Zinc Foods

    So, most of all zinc is in cereals and legumes (18 items in the list of products) and in nuts (10 items). However, the record holders for the content of this useful substance in 100 grams of provisions are oysters, which are not without reason considered to be a delicacy. Boiled eels and wheat bran are also rich in zinc. Assistants to the body are meat products.

    In the well-known debate about what is more beneficial - dry or pressed yeast, the first type of fungal product may get an additional advantage, since it contains more zinc, like other minerals and, often found in pharmacies, it is offered to customers along with bioadditives.

    Experts also advise eating more poultry, cheese, onions, potatoes, garlic, green vegetables, buckwheat, also containing zinc.

    Lentils, soybeans, barley flour, dried cream, celery, asparagus, radish, and bread are also useful in this regard. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, apples, figs, dates, blueberries, raspberries, black currants are good for dessert.

    Having already received many praises in his honor, green tea can also attract attention by the presence of vital zinc in it.

    Daily Zinc for the human body

    Children just need to consume zinc with food every day. In this case, the daily minimum is determined by the number of years the child is over:

    • at the age of six months to 3 years - 3 mg of zinc,
    • from 4 to 8 years - up to 5 mg,
    • from 9 to 13 years - 8 mg.

    Also norms gender dependent: 2 mg of zinc is enough for girls in the first six months of life, and 3 mg for boys. For youth and adults, there are also nuances: for girls and women 14-18 and 19-50 years old, 9 and 12 mg of zinc are enough, for boys and men at the same age - more, 11 and 15 mg.

    After fifty years, these indicators decline for everyone: for women, up to 10 mg, for men, up to 13 mg.

    For pregnant women who eat, as they say, "for two" there are indicators: under the age of 18 they are recommended to take 15 mg of zinc, from 19 years - 14 mg. Nursing mothers also spend a huge amount of trace elements and need additional recharge. Their norm is up to 18 years - 15 mg, after 19 - 17 mg.

    Attention, these factors must be considered!

    1. Contraceptives significantly reduce the percentage of zinc in the body, undermining its health.
    2. Zinc can be toxic at doses greater than 150 mg per day.
    3. The body requires more zinc for impaired bowel function or for diuretic use.
    4. Dairy products slow down the absorption of zinc.
    5. Caffeine and alcohol practically “drain” zinc from the body, sugar and salt also contribute to this.
    6. Protein-rich foods, such as legumes and nuts, exert excellent influence on the absorption of zinc.
    7. The same function is performed by baking powder, used in baking bread, and soy products that have passed fermentation or fermentation (tempe and miso).

    With high cholesterol in the blood, it is necessary to use a cholesterol diet. The principles and features of the use of this diet, examples of the menu.

    All about the use of burdock oil for the health of your hair - http://ialive.ru/zdorovie/narodnaya-medicina/lechebnye-rasteniya/repejnoe-maslo-dlya-rosta-volos.html

    Zinc for men - benefits and harms

    The benefits of this element have been discussed previously. It should also be remembered that its excess is dangerous. How much zinc a man needs - this question is decided individually, based on how much blood was before the intake, what foods are consumed, what are the costs and lifestyle, etc.

    Excessive use of zinc threatens:

    - a decrease in the amount of copper and magnesium in the body, which are in an antagonistic relationship with Zn.Their deficiency leads to heart disease, early graying of hair, a decrease in collagen production,

    - the development of dementia (dementia) as a result of the destruction of neurons,

    - damage to the prostate, including cancer,

    - the development of gross forms of metabolic disorders - metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes,

    - atherosclerotic vascular disease, increased levels of "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides,

    - the development of anemia as a result of impaired absorption of iron.

    The norm of zinc for men

    The recommended daily intake of zinc for a man’s body is 15 mg (for athletes - 20-25 mg of zinc per day).

    How much zinc is needed per day for a man
    More accurate indicators are individual and depend on the state of health, lifestyle, diet and physical activity of a person.

    Zinc is especially recommended for men who regularly drink alcohol, who lead a very active life, have problems with childbearing.

    Products containing zinc for men

    ProductZinc, mg per 100 g of product
    Wheat bran16.2
    Roasted veal liver15.9
    Cooked eels12.1
    Braised Beef9.5
    Dry yeast8.0
    Pine nuts6.5
    Fried lamb liver5.9
    Parmesan Cheese5.3
    Egg yolk3.9
    Fried mutton kidneys3.6
    Anchovies in oil3.5
    Fried pork fillet2.7
    Fried chicken breasts2.7
    Whole milk0.8

    In general, products with zinc for men with the highest content are mostly protein, which is what the strong half of humanity prefers, and they will definitely like such a diet.

    Zinc for men

    Zinc is found in sufficient quantities in lentils, peas, nuts, meat, fish, oysters, raw eggs, liver, mushrooms, parsley, wheat, turnips, olives, tomatoes, grapes, shrimps, squid and many other products.

    The daily intake of zinc for men can be obtained from foods or vitamins for men's health that contain this trace element.

    An additional source of zinc can also be obtained by using a dietary supplement.

    An additional source of mineral for men is zinc in tablets.

    After 3-5 weeks of taking Zincit, patients have an increase in potency and sexual desire, and the quality of the formed sperm improves. (http://medi.ru/doc/171103.htm) Zincit is also used against hair loss for men.

    Zinc for men contributes generally:

    Zinc is available in the form of soluble effervescent tablets. Each tablet is 10 mg of zinc. A man can easily choose the dosage he needs.

    For the prevention of zinc deficiency, it is recommended to take one tablet of Zincit per day for a month, with a repeat of the course from 2-3 times a year.

    Before use, consult your doctor.

    The main signs of a lack of zinc in the body

    Signs and symptoms of a lack of zinc in the body

    • brittle nails
    • hair loss,
    • whitish spots on the surface of the nails,
    • frequent colds
    • long and painful healing of wounds and abrasions,
    • impaired memory and attention,
    • distraction
    • lethargy,
    • pale skin,
    • stunted growth and development of the body.

    Properly selected daily diet will allow you to significantly strengthen your physical and psychological condition. And the memo below will serve as an additional motivation for choosing zinc-containing products - the foundation of a healthy diet.

    The benefits of zinc for the body

    • Stimulates brain function, mental activity.
    • Positively affects the effect of the genetic apparatus.
    • Serves as a connecting thread between the stomach, intestinal mucosa, kidneys, white blood cells.
    • Stimulates the work of growth hormones.
    • Positive effect on bone formation.
    • Regulates breathing and restores blood formation.
    • Stimulates wound healing.
    • Normalizes the functioning of the nervous system.
    • Strengthens and rejuvenates the skin, hair, nails.
    • Helps the body produce testosterone (male sex hormone)
    • Increases potency, stimulates sexual activity.
    • It removes cholesterol from the body.
    • Participates in the formation of its own antioxidants.
    • It takes care of the eyesight.
    • Enhances regeneration.
    • Reduces allergy symptoms.
    • Acts as a detoxifier (for alcohol poisoning, for example).
    • Prevents infectious diseases.
    • Serves for the prevention of fibrosis.
    • It neutralizes toxic effects on the body of heavy metals, reduces the lead content in tissues.

    The benefits of zinc for every person living on earth can hardly be overestimated, but you can underestimate it if you are not attentive enough to your body. Take note of what we have told, and start taking care of your diet in a new way. This will certainly improve the quality of your life!

    How to maintain normal testosterone levels? The 9 best zinc vitamins for men

    Zinc is considered an important element for our body, while it has special value for males. This is due to the fact that he is directly involved in the production of testosterone - the main hormone of men. In addition, zinc is required for bone formation, elimination of inflammation, and prevention of infections and viruses.

    The daily requirement for men in zinc reaches 15 mg. If a man has some kind of malfunction in the body, then the need for an element rises to 20 mg. Athletes may require up to 30 mg of zinc per day. Medicine recommends using zinc in conjunction with other beneficial ingredients.

    Vitamin complex for men No. 1 on the market!

    Indications for admission

    It is worth noting that you should not just prescribe yourself drugs. Their actions are aimed at resolving specific problems. At the stage when dysfunctions are just emerging, you need to start taking zinc supplements. Vitamins can help normalize metabolism, cell function, make up for the deficiency of micro and macro elements.

    Attention: self-medication can lead to unpredictable consequences! Always consult a doctor before taking medications.

    Vitamins containing zinc take:

    • with malfunctions in the function of the activity of the reproductive system. In particular, if this happens with a drop in testosterone in the blood, stress,
    • with excessive fatigue,
    • with alopecia areata,
    • with manager syndrome
    • with anemia, poor coagulability,
    • for the prevention of cancer
    • after 40 years for the prevention of urogenital problems,
    • in case of problems in the exchange processes,
    • with insufficient sexual desire and activity.

    Moreover, zinc is often prescribed for low testosterone due to age-related changes and other pathologies. Another indication for taking ascorbic acid and zinc is atherosclerosis.

    What vitamins with zinc for men are better to get?

    1. Zincteral Teva. This vitamin complex is prescribed to replenish zinc reserves, it is also prescribed for diabetes mellitus, diseases of the digestive tract, hereditary pathologies. Often prescribed for prolonged stress, trauma and intestinal pathologies.

    Available in tablet form. The average cost in the country for a pack of 25 tablets is 340 rubles, and for a pack of 150 tablets - 1100 rubles.

    Evicent - brewer's yeast with zinc. This medicine contains selenium and zinc. In essence, they are simple brewer's yeast, but because of their unique composition, they bring great benefits to the body. It will help to normalize the work of blood vessels and heart, nervous system. In addition, a systematic technique will help reduce fatigue, improve skin condition.

    Release form - tablets. A package of 60 tablets will cost an average of 190 rubles.

    Supplement Viardo forte. This is one of the popular complexes for saturating the body with zinc. The main active ingredient in the composition is zinc.

    Available in capsule form. A pack of 18 pieces costs about 320 rubles.

    Selzinc Plus. Such a drug is a complex antioxidant.It is used to fill the body with useful substances, which is very important for dysfunctions of the digestive system, high loads. It contains 5 important elements and vitamins: selenium, zinc, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, beta-carotene.

    Release form - tablets. In a pack of 30 pieces. The average price in the country is 360 rubles.

    Lack of zinc causes a decrease in the protective function of the body and resistance to infections.

    Zinc Chelate. The drug is aimed at stimulating the function of immunity, regeneration of the prostate gland, stimulation of the body's natural processes.

    Release form - tablets of 100 pieces per pack. The average price is 550 rubles.

    Parity. This is a vitamin complex based on natural ingredients. It is attributed to dietary supplements, effective for the regeneration of sexual function, increases the quality of sexual life, reduces the risks of prostate diseases.

    It happens in the form of capsules. The average cost of a package of 15 capsules is 510 rubles.

    Connection with other useful components

    Magnesium has the ability to increase sperm motility, which increases the chances of fertilization. In addition, magnesium:

    • plays an important role in the regulation of cardiac muscle activity,
    • normalizes blood pressure,
    • reduces the risks of developing strokes and heart attacks,
    • stimulates the pancreas,
    • normalizes the nervous system, which is very important for stress.

    When combined with zinc, selenium and chromium, magnesium improves the functioning of pancreatic beta cells, which are responsible for regulating insulin production.

    About the vitamin complex Urotrin tells Pavel Burdenko, urologist, doctor of medical sciences:

    “Hello, dear men! The vitamin complex for men Urotrin is an excellent tool to combat men's problems: stress at work, overweight, impotence, prostatitis, premature ejaculation and many others! Remember that we have one health, and a man cannot be called that without him. So start taking care of it before it lets you down. "Urotrin" is a great assistant to men's health at any age! ”

    Magnesium supplemented names

    1. ZMA. An advertisement for vitamins reports that this complex is only slightly inferior to BCAA, creatine and glutamine. It is on the same line in the ranking with prohormones, taurine and HMB.

    And with a fairly balanced diet, it will give a fairly pronounced anabolic effect. Composed of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6.

    The cost of the complex is about 1000 rubles. for 90 capsules. Pretty expensive.

    It is more profitable to purchase these components in a pharmacy and take them.

    Tablets "Calcium Magnesium Zinc" from Solgar. This dietary supplement contains three beneficial ingredients at once.

    Three tablets contain 1000 mg of calcium, 15 mg of zinc and 400 mg of magnesium. The average cost for a pack of 100 tablets is about 700 rubles.

    MagneZi B6. Magnesium and Vitamin B6 are a known beneficial combination of substances that fight stress.

    The new formula also includes zinc, which enhances the action of the components and complements them. In the composition of 100 mg of magnesium, 5 mg of vitamin B6 and 5 mg of zinc in 1 tablet.

    90 capsules per pack are produced. The cost is about 700-900 rubles.

    What foods contain zinc?

    To replenish zinc reserves by changing the diet, you should know where exactly it is in sufficient quantity:

    • yeast, chicken eggs, brown rice contain about 2 mg of zinc per 100 g,
    • rabbit meat, chicken meat, oat and barley flour, nuts contain about 5 mg of zinc in 100 g,
    • calf liver, fish contain 8 mg per 100 g,
    • wheat bran contains about 20 mg of zinc in 100 g. This is the best source of such a substance,
    • but the maximum zinc is in oysters. Only 10 g of this delicacy is able to provide daily needs for the body.

    Some zinc is in green vegetables, citrus fruits, honey, apples. Also found in tomatoes, raspberries, currants, celery, veal and bread.

    Zinc will benefit at any age, regardless of gender. Children need it to grow the skeleton. For women - for the balance of hormones. Men - to improve sexual function and hormonal balance.

    Urotrin is the No. 1 vitamin complex for men on the market! Overweight problems? Poor weight gain? Do you sleep badly at night? Impotence or prostatitis? Stress Finish early? Even if you just want to improve your men's health - this complex is for you!

    Pavel Burdenko, urologist, doctor of medical sciences: “Today's man is faced with a huge number of threats to his health - from the wrong lifestyle to the susceptibility to various diseases - from prostatitis to oncology.

    Due to the abuse of fast food, fatty foods, a sedentary lifestyle and, of course, a tremendous amount of stress, men become prostitutes and impotent by the age of 30.

    Therefore, I urge all my present and future patients to take care of their health and start taking Urotrin, a natural, highly effective drug that copes with the tasks of treating and preventing the majority of male diseases known to science. ”

    The composition of the product includes only natural ingredients! It includes:

    1. Juniper,
    2. Oak Bark, Vitamin D, Creeping Tribulus
    3. ea also Parsley and Ginger!

    And the best part! When ordering today - a special discount! Order!

    Zinc for men, vitamins for men's health

    What is useful zinc for men. One of the most important functions of zinc for a man’s body is to naturally increase his own testosterone — the hormone of good luck, victory, success, “the hormone that made a man.” It is testosterone that gives endurance, provides a constant flow of energy, increases physical strength and vitality.

    It is important to know that the internal environment of a healthy body is in strict balance, and hormones, in particular, must correspond to a certain level. This suggests that more does not mean better.

    Therefore, the level of testosterone should not exceed physiological boundaries.

    A number of studies have been conducted that have shown the effectiveness of Zn in increasing male hormone in people with low levels of it.

    That is, the mineral is able to normalize the hormonal background without the risk of exceeding the maximum threshold.

    Take a test for testosterone Learn more about testosterone

    A lack of zinc in the male body can lead to an imbalance in male health, as due to a lack of zinc, testosterone levels are reduced. In addition, zinc helps to absorb vitamin E, which is important for potency.

    Thus, a lack of zinc in a man’s body affects health both directly, by itself, lowering testosterone and indirectly, making vitamin E more difficult to assimilate. As a result, a man may encounter problems in reducing sexual activity, reducing sperm, infertility, and prostatitis.

    Zinc preparations for men are recommended by specialists for the prevention of prostate diseases. Scientists have found a connection between the content of Zn in the cells of the prostate gland and its work.

    It turned out that a deficiency of this element reduces the protective properties of prostate epithelial cells, interferes with the normal restoration of cells and antioxidant processes in the tissue, which is exactly what is observed with inflammatory and oncological lesions of the prostate.

    This topic is at the development stage, doctors tend to suggest that normalizing the level of trace elements in the blood may be the leading method in the fight against diseases of the male genital area.

    Learn more about potency

    Watch the video: Symptoms of a Zinc Deficiency (March 2020).

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