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How to return a girl after parting: psychology of the “former”

Every adult man had such an unpleasant situation as parting with a girl. Some people prefer to suffer and indulge in self-digging, while others are looking for ways and means in every way how to return a girl after parting. If true love really lives in the heart, psychologists advise not to fold hands, but to take a sober approach to difficulties, trying to solve them.

You can return your beloved girl only if the man probably knows the reasons for the separation, and is also ready to work on changes in relationships and in himself. What to do in such situations, leading psychologists and specialists in the field of interpersonal relations are ready to share tips. In such decisions it is important not to rush, not to succumb to emotions and feelings, but to act logically and competently.

Psychologist's advice

You can return an ex-girlfriend only if there were really strong real feelings between the partners. If her feelings have cooled, she does not need to give up, since, according to most psychologists, any feelings go through the stage of extinction, and partners are required to rekindle them in a timely and competent manner. But first you need to pay off the boiling emotions, many people need time for this.

Psychologists advise all the guys who want to return the girl’s feelings to themselves to follow these steps:

  • Relationship analysis. To begin with, a man needs to think carefully whether he needs to return a woman; indeed, such actions are driven by feelings, and not by hurt male pride. If the motives are true and sincere, you need to discard resentment and pride, thinking through further actions.
  • Search for a reason. Any problems in the relationship are the fault of both partners, so a man needs to forgive the mistakes of his lover, as well as understand and realize his misconduct.
  • A meeting. Now you need to come up with a reason, place and time for a meeting. A calm competent dialogue should take place on it, during which it is necessary to explain without reproaches and scandals. Be sure to clearly make it clear that the man realized all his mistakes, and he is ready to change. You can return your beloved girl if she left you, letting her understand the seriousness of her intentions, responsibility and strong feelings.
  • Time. If the beloved is not ready to meet, most likely, emotions and resentment have not yet subsided and she simply needs more time. Having given time, you can wait for the moment when the feelings cool down, and the girl will analyze all her mistakes, including.

What is not worth doing?

Before looking for proven ways to restore relationships after breaking up with a girl, a man needs to clearly understand what to do clearly. For instance:

  • After a long breakup, you should not be too intrusive, constantly call, write messages, send gifts. For a woman, a man who kneels in front of her is not worth respect and attention.
  • It is not practical to return a girl who has stopped loving completely. Even if she gives a chance to a man, the result of the separation will be inevitable. Active actions should be taken only in relation to that girl who was truly mutual with her partner.
  • Do not manipulate the threats of self-harm. Nobody has yet succeeded in building relationships on pity.
  • Do not swear on global changes that cannot be done right away. The girl needs to feel, feel and feel the difference not in words, but in practice.
  • No need to drown out unpleasant emotions with alcohol. In fact, alcohol only exacerbates all feelings, and also pushes people to stupid and sometimes fatal acts.

Even if the relationship collapsed, the man must make every effort not to fall in the eyes of the woman, trying to return her. He needs to maintain self-confidence, prudence, peace of mind and leadership qualities.

Reasons for the breakup

To return the girl’s love and relationship with her, the man needs to clearly identify the reasons for the separation. Eradicating the causes of quarrels and negativity, you can even fall in love with a girl again if she experiences such positive changes in a man for her sake. Most often, the following motives become the reasons for the breakdown:

  • lack of trust - jealousy, the desire for control, monitoring of personal space sooner or later leads to a breakdown in relations,
  • cheating - any deception destroys trust, which is not so easy to return,
  • lack of feelings - if she stopped loving you, returning the girl you love is extremely difficult and not always advisable,
  • selfishness and selfishness - with a lack of attention and selfishness towards herself, sooner or later any girl will get tired and rebel,
  • obsession with the past - contacts with former passions are annoying, and convincing a girl that the past does not harm the present is extremely difficult.

If a man broke up with a girl on her initiative, it is very important to discuss with her all his misconduct, which led to such a negative ending. In the absence of explanations, you can turn to a psychologist, since psychology qualifies on issues of interpersonal relationships.

What to do if the girl left: how to return her?

To make peace with a girl is quite possible if you follow a few recommendations from psychologists and give both of them time to calm their emotions. The main thing is not only to return the girl’s interest in herself, but also to save her face so that she does not cease to respect the man. To do this, you do not need to beg for a second chance, to guard her, to be too intrusive and persistent.

Consent to her decision

You can prove positive changes only by actions, therefore the advice of psychologists is minimized by promises and big words. With words about parting and subsequent refusals, you need to take words calmly, even with a touch of relief. This will be a big surprise for her, which will confuse and even level the moral advantage. As a result of such behavior, the girl will be confused for a long time, perhaps after a while she will begin to act.


For some time, the girl needs to be left alone, not write, do not call, do not track accounts on social networks. This will make her worry why a man is not trying to regain communication and relationships. You can act on the same principle if you abandoned the girl himself, but then regretted what he had done. Most likely, events will unfold in two scenarios:

  1. The girl will find a good reason to meet or call, write herself. It is extremely important for a man not to show emotions, calmly maintaining a conversation.
  2. If no initiative comes from her, you can accidentally arrange a meeting in the place where she most often happens. At the same time, you don’t need to give gifts, express strong emotions, imitating a “chance meeting”.

You need to communicate in a positive, calm, but monosyllabic, leaving some mystery and understatement. It is better to end the meeting on your own initiative, citing matters. After this, you can disappear for a while without maintaining contact.


Lurking, the man thereby fuels interest in himself from the ex-lover. At this time, you need to completely reconsider your inner world and appearance.

Self-improvement will allow you to conquer it again, and employment will help not to be sad. What can be done to change yourself:

  • improve physical fitness, improve body shape, remove extra centimeters in the figure,
  • completely renew the wardrobe, adding more bright colors to the image,
  • engage in extreme sports or travel to increase self-esteem,
  • make new acquaintances, take photos with girls, and then upload them to social networks.

A personal meeting

A man can arrange a meeting, but after following the previous tips. It would be better if it would be like a chance meeting, which will help the girl to see all the changes in the man and his behavior. It is very important to avoid communication via the Internet, only live communication will show her all the good that a man instilled in himself during the period of separation. In the course of communication, you can compliment, be gallant, you must definitely make it clear to her that the man is ready to start a relationship.

How to regain trust?

It is extremely difficult to regain confidence after infidelity, so a man needs to think about whether such a relationship is worth reanimating. If the trust gained at the beginning of building relationships is easy, then only after a betrayal, after a quarrel and deceit, only a few manage to restore it.

The man in words and actions must be shown in every possible way that such mistakes will no longer be made. You can directly ask your beloved what actions can return her trust. Any whims and wishes need not only to listen, but also to fulfill in the future. If the girl’s requirements have gone beyond the norm, it is necessary to immediately discuss on the shore the impossibility of their implementation and the alternatives she offers.

How to return the girl’s feelings to herself?

Many men, getting a second chance at a relationship, do not think about how to regain feelings is the next task, without which a second parting is inevitable. In order to rekindle old feelings or sow new ones in her heart, you need to remember what qualities she loved a man from the beginning.

Further, psychologists give some simple tips on how to rekindle sympathy:

  • you need to be interesting to her, having common hobbies and hobbies,
  • it’s important to be tolerant of her family and friends and they will like it,
  • a man needs to monitor his appearance, be neat, tidy and pleasantly smelling.

Only frank conversations in calm tones and emotions will help me find all the stumbling blocks in a relationship and possible ways to restore them. It is important for a woman to understand that a man is ready to change for her, but at the same time, without losing his dignity.


The girl who left you, in fact, is not always completely convinced of the impossibility of a relationship. Psychologists note that because of emotionality, a tendency to rash and hasty actions, women break off relationships, but in the end they expect initiatives from a man. Experts have brought all the existing ways to make peace and return the girl’s interest in themselves.

Do I need to return the girl

Despite the strength of the initial impulse, this desire may be a mistake. Most likely, you did not part from scratch.

  • If it was an impulsive gesture on her or your part - everything is a little easier, you can cool down and decide to return the relationship.
  • But if you broke up due to a serious conflict - the chances are small.

The main thing to realize is you broke up when you noticed something in the girl that you’re not ready to put up with, which you cannot bear in her. Or she noticed this in you. This means that you will not return to your loved one with whom you were before this event, but to a person with whom you cannot be together - by your own decision. That is why stories of a return to the former in most cases end in failure.

There is still a factor of mistrust - you have already left once, which means that someone (or both) will be a little suspended all the time. But will this happen again? And how much is your (or her) word? After the first parting, it will be much easier to decide on the second - because of nerves and mistrust.

Therefore, there are only two cases when it is really worth returning the former:

  • You parted because of an obvious trifle and love this girl. Whoever initiated the break
  • you cannot let her go the first time. Thoughts that everything needs to be returned do not give rest, and a second call is needed to make sure that the person is not yours and you need to part with him

Therefore, think a few times before deciding to act so that the girl wants to return. Read the article how to conquer a woman once and for all.

Top 7 Ways to Get a Girl Back

I share behavioral strategies that will help return the love and interest of an ex-wife or girl. Choose one or mix a few, but do not try to apply everything all at once - this will cause confusion, and not a desire to restore relations.

  • Be honest. The best strategy if you are really worried. Come to her or call, tell everything as it is. Think about what you are ready to return this relationship, and say so too. Speak as much as possible - women love to listen, and it is important for them to understand what is happening to you. But do not forget that everything said must be true. If you promise something, do it. Think in advance what you want to say, what you’re ready for, devote at least a few days to finding the right words.
  • Show how the gap affected you. This is pressure on pity, but if you properly arrange it and show how you really regret the break and suffer from it, there is a great chance to melt her heart and try to continue the relationship. To produce the desired effect, look unimportant, speak deeply, but illegibly and out of place, give the impression of a person who has lost the most important thing in life.
  • Return to her others. Contrast previous strategy. Wait a while (more than a week), and be calm and confident during the conversation. Say that she is very dear to you, and that you have weighed everything and know how to solve the problems that caused you to break up. Emphasize that it is more important than some life principles. Behave as a person who has changed or decided to change: try not to do what usually infuriates her, even at the stage of the first conversation. The longer you hold out - the greater the chance that everything will work out.
  • Make you jealous, and then go to meet. Make her see you in the company of another girl or even several. Impress the person who is trying to move away from the gap in the society of others. Do not drag out this game: in a few days or a week you can come and say that it’s not so good with anyone and will not be like with her. In this case, knowledge about your experience can bribe her - you really prefer her to other girls.
  • Disappear from her life. Immediately, as soon as we parted. Completely. Finally and irrevocably. Do not get in touch, do not write or call yourself, do not answer her. Interrupt contact as much as possible, do not cross and do not interact at all. Do not let us know about yourself - as much as possible. The girl will begin to get bored, the complete absence will be a shock for her, and she herself will try to bring you back. When you decide to part with your friends, you give her a chance to get used to her absence. At least as a young man. And in this situation, she will be so uncomfortable that she herself will take a step forward, and so you make her return.
  • Remind her of something good. Write that you remembered about one of the pleasant moments in the relationship. Describe it in detail and so that she feels how warmly you remember it and relate to it.
  • Behave like a friend. You probably still have one thing in common - friends, hobbies, maybe even things. Keep talking, but do not show her any signs of attention - intentionally keep a friendly distance. And when she herself wants to break it, let her do it, agree that we also would like to return everything.

Steps to Reconciliation After Parting

Many male representatives naively believe that a beautiful bouquet and a sincere apology will be enough to return the former darling. Of course, this option is suitable for those whose relationship ended due to a ridiculous quarrel or a bad joke.

Reference! After a long breakup, heavy artillery is needed.

If you want to return your beloved, you should be patient and cunning, because in front of a man a long, and sometimes exhausting process awaits.

How to restore confidence by deeds?

If a woman left, then, regardless of the reason, she lost confidence in her chosen one. Relations without trust are doomed to failure, at least how many times do not return the lady of the heart.

So how to return to its former warmth and frankness, and with it their beloved?

In the first stages of the break, a man should take a break:

  • No need to immediately run to an already ex-girlfriend and fall to your knees. Such acts will only convince the dear lady that the conscience of her ex-partner is not clear.
  • On the contrary, you should give the woman time to think things over, calm down and get bored. After waiting a couple of weeks, a man can throw a white flag and offer the girl a clean and immaculate friendship, and there, on the rights of her friend, go on the offensive. At first, it will be a formal, strained communication.
  • Sooner or later, the girl will begin to gradually open her soul to her newly-made “friend”, who will support her in all endeavors and at the right moment will substitute her strong shoulder.

Important! A man who is always nearby, without any questions helps and sincerely cares, has every chance to rehabilitate in the eyes of a woman, and at the same time return to her heart and life.

It may happen that a girl does not want to be a friend of a former young man. It is very important not to give up. Success will come only to those who are persistent and savvy.

In this case, the rejected chosen one should carefully observe the object of his adoration. Surveillance should not be arranged, but you will have to call periodically. It is necessary to make it clear to the girl that an integral part of her life in the person of an ex-boyfriend will not go anywhere, but on the contrary, will always be there.

Life after parting is equally hard on both sides of the conflict.

Being depressed, the girl will seek solace from someone who is always with her, even when she rejects this person.

Selfless help and constant attention are guaranteed to restore confidence in a man.

What needs to be done to get her back

There is a simple plan of action that will help avoid fraud. You are unlikely to return the girl if she does not want it. But, acting on this plan, do everything right and get the best quality result.

  • Stay alone. At least a couple of weeks. Bring feelings and thoughts in a relative order, survive the gap, consider everything.
  • Pay attention to yourself. Devote these two weeks or more to activities that bring joy. Enjoy life and freedom, do what you love, remember how bachelors live and why such a lifestyle is also good.
  • Think about the reasons for the breakup. Where there was incompatibility, where patience ended, where there was no way out. If we are talking about the girl who left you, think about what brought her finally.
  • Contact her if, after the first three points, the desire to return everything to normal has not disappeared. Show a positive and easy mood when making a call or in a message, and speak about a serious one already at a meeting.
  • Hold your face when meeting. Behave as if you went for a coffee with a friend - even if it is hard. Do not make drama. Show her the guy she fell in love with, and not whom she broke up with.
  • Continue to see if you have not changed your mind after the meeting. Watch for sensations - whether you really need to return everything, or is it an obsession with an idea, or a hunter's instinct.
  • Lay out all the cards after several irregular meetings. Tell us that you survived the breakup, made conclusions, changed and still want to be together. Convince that you are working on yourself that you heard her words and are ready to change.
  • Once you have agreed, start working on relationships to avoid past mistakes and not make new ones. Talk about what is happening, carefully criticize each other, be patient.


To achieve the best effect, a deeply believing man is advised to pray for the return of his beloved woman. There is no double bottom in such a ritual. Faith helps people to cope with difficulties and believe in themselves.

Reference! In matters of the heart, sincerity and spiritual unity are especially important.

The most effective is the prayer addressed to St. Matron:

“I ask you, Mother Matron, pray for the return to me of the servant of God (name), the servant of God (name). May her heart and her soul be cleansed of evil thoughts. Let her heart become kinder and she wants to live in peace with me. Let her soul reach for me and miss me and what we had in order to live in peace and harmony. Let her believe that I love her, and that she will be well. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen".

How to read a prayer:

  1. It is better to read a prayer in a church.
  2. A man should not forget that reading a prayer should work with him, and not in his place.
  3. Self-improvement and recognition of one’s own mistakes, combined with visiting holy places, will increase the success rate.

Look at the video prayer for a beloved woman:

What to write to a girl to return her

Before you sit down to write a message, find out what should not be in it:

  1. Flashes of emotion and rudeness.Perhaps you really have a hatred for the former. But if you let her know about it and at the same time scold her somehow stronger, it is unlikely she will ever want to talk to you again
  2. Spam A constant stream of messages about everything in a row. Feelings, weather, memories, thoughts, plans
  3. Drama-queen mode. Do not write that she broke your heart, that you experienced such pain only as a child at the dentist, and now it’s a little worse that you want to reset, that without it, the world has dimmed, and you have lost your taste for life. Don't humble yourself

If you still could not resist and made one of these mistakes, write something like “Sorry, I was not myself. In addition to parting, more troubles fell, so I broke. Good luck". Succinctly apologize and put an end to the correspondence with the last phrase.

It makes sense to postpone the first message for about a month. Having appeared in touch earlier, you will put yourself in a weak position as a persecutor of a girl and give her all power over the decision about what to do with you and with your relationships.

A month without communication will swap you:

  • she will seek your attention
  • worry why you don’t reply to messages,
  • haunt and depend.

In addition, in a month you both will have time to cool down and understand a lot about each other and relationships.

Remember several correspondence rules:

  1. Do not reply to messages instantly. Wait from 15 minutes to a couple of hours, so as not to show that you are waiting for her answers.
  2. Answer succinctly. Write something to help you continue the conversation, but avoid long texts about feelings, thoughts, and events.
  3. The past is in the past. Do not arrange a showdown about relationships, do not ask if she has someone now, do not touch on conflicting topics. Talk about what is relevant and what interests her. Be sincere.

Here are five examples of messages that are suitable for starting communication and fit into all the voiced rules:

  • "Hi. I plan to go on vacation to Turkey, I remember that you know good places there. I would be very grateful if you advise anything. Maybe we'll meet for coffee for about 10 minutes? ”
  • "Hi. I am starting a repair in the room and I don’t know what to make it in the end. Can you help a little with ideas? You always had a great time thinking over the interior. We can discuss it over a cup of coffee, I won’t take much time. ”
  • "Hi. Do you remember the name of the restaurant we went to in October? I want to go there with a friend, but I forgot the name and where it is. You would be very helpful. "
  • “Recently I saw children in an amusement park and remembered how we squealed on a roller coaster. I hope you all are well"
  • “Remember how we went on our first outing that season?” And a butterfly sat on your knee, and you got scared. I’m still laughing at this moment, it’s one of the warmest memories of the past year. ”

How to refresh feelings?

The saddest option for breaking up a relationship is loss of feelings.

Important! If a girl fell out of love with a man, then the matter is bad, no matter how much she would not allow herself to love after the break, to communicate and hope for something.

To begin with, it is worth analyzing past relationships. It is incredibly important for a man to remember that crucial moment when his woman got cold. Contrary to popular belief, feelings do not disappear just like that, and true love does not die.

Remembering all the romantic and important moments in the past relationship, you should begin to project them on the current situation:

  • It is necessary to create conditions as often as possible in which the former girl would recall her previous union.
  • It can be music, joint significant places, cute trinkets or her favorite cakes.
  • Faced with his subject of adoration, a man should as often as possible remind the lady of the time when they were happy together.

If past memories are not able to melt a woman’s heart, then a man can go from the opposite. He needs to completely change the image, manner of behavior, habits.

Reference! Perhaps an old man with new (positive!) Qualities is exactly that breath of fresh air that a woman so lacked.

How to return the girl’s feelings is described in the video:

How to return a girl if she has another

When your ex is no longer alone, returning her may be more difficult.

  • If you broke up recently, then most likely she began to meet with someone to forget you and immerse herself in a new love, instead of painfully experiencing a break.
  • If several months have already passed, then she could well have come to herself and consciously enter into other relationships - and then your chances are slim. Better sign up for the EmilyDates dating site and start a new relationship.

In such a situation, a man has two main levers: to be better than the current partner and recall how good it was together. You will have to work hard on yourself and get rid of those habits that caused you to break up and that annoyed her. It will not be superfluous to find out what you can be better than her new boyfriend than he can infuriate her in order to use this to his advantage.

  1. To begin with, shorten the distance a little, appear sporadically in her life without the slightest hint of courtship and signs of attention.
  2. Ask for advice, share news, take an interest in her life - unobtrusively.
  3. Do not recall past relationships and do not try to seem like a threat to current ones.
  4. Then reduce the distance more strongly, become her friend and support, be perfect and do not pretend to be her lover.

At some point, a relationship will occur in her relationship, and from weakness she will tell you about it. Here you will get your trump cards: say that you have changed, rethought everything that was between you, appreciate it no matter what, and think that it deserves the best (try to demonstrate in advance and at that moment that the best is you).

Remind me how good you were together. Show and prove that you have changed and heard her. Most likely, she will feel it, and you will be able to return it.

Psychology Techniques

Psychologists are the same people and their advice is also for people. In addition to the above conscientious ways, some experts advise to go on the contrary and offend female pride.

Causing jealousy or ceasing to notice the former passion, a man can give rise to the thought in a woman’s head: “Whom have I lost!”. It is understandable: any representative of the weaker sex, breaking with her boyfriend, expects him to kill, wallow in his legs and go crazy about her.

Reference! Not receiving the expected reaction, the lady can be offended and provoke a man to the reaction herself.

Receiving only indifference and cold in response, the girl gives up and thinks about taking the first step herself.

"Emotional swing" - Another reliable, but not the most conscientious way to return the girl you love:

  • A man first steps on her heels, caring and seeking, and then ... disappears.
  • And the dear lady has already managed to get used to it and does not doubt for a second that her admirer will be from any minute. A sharp cold will be regarded by a woman as something unnatural and offensive.
  • Having come to her former chosen one for explanations, the lady will again see a nice and ready-made guy for her sake.

Here a young man kills two birds with one stone at once: attracts attention, and makes the woman feel the necessary love and care, losing which even for a short time, the girl herself will want to return back.

Reference! It is worth resorting to such manipulation in emergency cases, so that there are no more reasons for parting. Also, after such a maneuver, a man runs the risk of hearing a beaten up address: “I knew that! You haven't changed a bit! ” The main thing is measure and accuracy.

Watch the video in which the famous psychologist Danil Delichev tells how to return a girl without requests and humiliations:

How to return the girl who threw himself

It’s easier for the girl who left you herself to change her mind. If you were the initiator of the break, power over the future of relations remains in your hands. The partner is afraid of this - she does not like that she can be controlled, moved away and brought closer at will. Therefore, either she, out of strong feelings, will strive to regain relations, or she will resist this to the maximum.

Your strategy is to convince her that you are not such a scoundrel as you seemed. It is necessary to convince the girl of safety - and this can be difficult. Even if she wants to return you, she will still be scared that you decide to leave her again.

Get closer carefully: find out how she feels, give time to suffer and get angry at you. At this time, do not get in touch, then check her well-being and claim to apologize as pathetically and pompously as possible. It is difficult for a deserted girl to believe in her value and in your desires - convince her of them. Gestures, help, expensive gifts or promises - what she perceives better.

In any case, you will always have the opportunity to choose the best dating site and register on it to get to know the girl you like.

If a guy appeared

Immediately after a long relationship, a girl has a new young man - this can only say that she is trying to fill a spiritual void.

Even if they could theoretically have a long bright future, a smart man will intercept his beloved at a low start, because he has the main trump card - knowledge. He knows and feels his former soulmate like no other.

A new candidate can be more successful, more fun and even prettier, but he needs a lot of time to learn how to feel and understand the new darling.

Moreover, habit is a powerful thing:

  • The girl will always remember those touches, those kisses, those dates and that particular breakfast in bed.
  • She will compare and evaluate.

Reference! You can take a risk - get into confidence in a new boyfriend and give him bad advice. Low - yes, but in war, as in war.

How to convince the former to establish a relationship?

There are many ways to convince:

  1. Conversation - The simplest, but far from the most effective option, especially if the oratory skills of a young person leave much to be desired. To convince a girl to return, a man should clearly let her know that he heard her, take into account all the insults and complaints, and the best thing is to confirm his words with actions.
  2. To conquer the heart of the virgin once again will help attention to details. She had long wanted a picnic in the park or a cute trinket - right now that moment. Neither tomorrow nor the day after tomorrow. Now.
  3. Maintaining Intimate Communication after the break, they contribute rather well to the future reunion. If a man managed to penetrate into this aspect of the life of a former girl, then you should not immediately start a heart-breaking conversation after proximity.

Better to gradually occupy all the larger parts of her life. Under the pretext of a "common cause", you can first watch a movie, and then agree on fixing the crane or tuning the antenna. Thus, everything will gradually return to normal.

Love spell

If a man gives up, and a sweetheart doesn’t get out of his head, you can turn to the old “grandmother's” method - to make a love spell on your beloved. Not all magic has a return and bad consequences.

Reference! There are many effective rituals that can achieve high results without harm to physical and psychological health.

The easiest way is to treat the subject of adoration with the enchanted sweetness. To do this, take a candy or chocolate bar, and quietly say these words over it:

A starling without a starling,

So would a slave (name) not be able to without me, a slave (name)

In the morning I would rush about, in the evening I would suffer, but at night I would not sleep.

All of me on the mind-mind would hold.

She would wash her face with a tear, and would throw herself at me.

My word is strong. I know how to bewitch (name)

Do not remove the love spell.

How to conduct a ceremony to return the beloved girl is described in the video:

If you fell out of love

If a woman informs a man that she does not love him more, then we can say that she hits below the waist. After such a statement, few will want to return to their previous relationship.

Many members of the stronger sex turn into weak and vulnerable boys, only hearing "I do not love you." And in vain. As a result, only those who know how to fight will be rewarded. Yes, and everyone has heard about female logic.

Important! Making a verdict, a girl may not be completely sure of her feelings.

If a man wants to return his beloved, he can only stand his ground.

Until victorious, go after the girl, fight for her, and most importantly - tell her more often that she loves him too.

If you persuade a person for a long time, there are many chances that he will believe it.


In most cases, women born under this sign They appreciate home comfort and stability. For them, family values ​​will always come first.

Important! The best way to return the girl to Aquarius is to indicate the depth of intent.

You can offer to enter a more serious phase of the relationship.

In the case of Fish, the man will have to concentrate all your attention on the girl.

You should arrange a beautiful meeting, listen to all the claims and thoughts of a woman and show maximum admiration for her.

Aries are incredibly quick-tempered, jealous and vulnerable. To return such a person will help romance and recreation of the first stages of a relationship.

Maximum emotions will reset the subconscious of the Aries girl.


These seemingly tender and fragile natures, it’s not easy to reconcile:

  • The forgiveness of a Taurus girl must be earned.
  • Flowers and apologies will not be enough.
  • The temperament of such a person can only be tamed by clearly planning and devising an offensive plan.
  • Taurus respect sincerity, loyalty and perseverance.

What is a Woman - Taurus in love is told in the video:


Ladies of this sign should never be bored.

Winning their heart a second time will help Extreme surprise or joint adventure. And they love to hear about how they love and respect.

All Cancers are very keen to break up. The girls of this sign desperately need attention and support.

Reference! A heart-to-heart conversation, acknowledgment of one’s own mistakes, a warm human attitude - this is what will convince Cancer to return.

Women Lions vital passion and a sharp change of scenery.

The recipe for reconciliation is as follows:

  1. good gift,
  2. sincere vivid emotions
  3. hot spontaneous sex.

But do not relax ahead of time. The lioness will long watch her narrowed, appreciating his every step.

After parting, this sign will continue to wear a mask of indifference for a long time. Calm logical arguments in favor of the resumption of the union will help restore the virgin's location.

These ladies believe in fairy tales and adamantly idealize their own relationships.

Important! You can get a ticket to a joint future with Libra only by realizing their beautiful story.


Scorpio women are incredibly proud and arrogant.

They will not want to listen to the former partner, even if they themselves were wrong and to blame for the breakup.

You can return such a young lady only through the bed. Physical intimacy will eventually take up pride and ambition.


Incredibly balanced representatives of this fraction forever leave the past in the past. They don't need tears and dramatic memories of how it once was.

The path to their heart is a stable and promising future:

  • You need to act carefully and measuredly.
  • Sagittarius will need time to return the former chosen one back to their life.

Important! No matter how a man decides to regain his beloved, one must always remember that you will not be forcibly sweet.

Manic obsession with a woman will only frighten her away, and forever deprive a second chance.

In any, even the most neglected situation, you need to act tactfully and confidently, then luck will certainly smile at someone who knows how to wait and fight.

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