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Why do we need and how to use phlebotonics with hemorrhoids? Properties, classification, review of the 11 best tools

A proctologist who treats hemorrhoids in men and women always draws up an individual treatment regimen. This is a therapeutic course that rarely consists of just one name. Among prescriptions, there are almost always venotonics. They prevent the possible consequences and complications of venous lesions of the rectum and accelerate the healing process.

What are venotonics and how do they work

Venous walls need to be strengthened not only for those who are already living with a diagnosis of hemorrhoids, but also for people who are prone to this disease due to hereditary or due to the nature of their professional activities. Venotonic drugs for hemorrhoids are included in the standard treatment regimen.

How venotonics act:

  • The condition of the vascular wall is brought back to normal, it is returned to tone by nervous regulation,
  • Restore the frame of the vascular wall,
  • Reduce the intercellular pores of the inner choroid, thereby blocking the exit of the liquid component of blood beyond the borders of the bloodstream,
  • Due to these actions, edema disappears, which compresses the nerve endings, pain, burning, itching go away,
  • The state of red blood cells is normal,
  • Blood coagulability decreases
  • The likelihood of thrombosis is reduced.

Venotonics from hemorrhoids are released in large quantities. Which one is more effective and softer - the doctor decides. Even a seemingly harmless herbal medicine has contraindications, therefore, the appointment should go to a specialist. If an acquaintance or relative advised you on a specific drug, this does not mean that you should take it - the adviser does not know all the features of your health, and cannot take into account the risk of contraindications.

Popular Troxevasin

One of the most popular venotonics for hemorrhoids is Troxevasin. This inexpensive remedy really has a positive effect on the walls of the capillaries and veins. Its components are absorbed into the blood smoothly: the components of the pharmaceutical preparation make the vessels not so permeable, prevent the formation of blood clots, and reduce inflammatory processes.

  1. Improves microcirculation of biological fluid in the anal canal,
  2. Reduces vein pressure
  3. Eliminates bleeding
  4. Normalizes venous blood flow,
  5. Strengthens the vascular walls of the rectum,
  6. Reduces the risk of thrombosis,
  7. It creates an anti-inflammatory effect,
  8. Stop the pain
  9. Reduces hemorrhoid cones,

  1. It tones the muscles of the anus.

Troxevasin and similar drugs (Indomethacin, Diosmin, Troxerutin) are analogues of natural rutin, which belong to the category of active bioflavonoids of semisynthetic origin. The components of these drugs are part of a huge amount of blood vessels.

Properties and general active ingredients

The disease causes a pathological enlargement of the veins of the anus. Blood vessels become less elastic, their elasticity worsens, shape changes. This leads to disruption of blood flow in the pelvic area and the appearance of hemorrhoidal nodules.

Medications are among the most successful treatments. Phlebotonics are considered one of the most effective - venotonic compounds combined into a large drug group. Their use allows you to return the walls of blood vessels to their original elasticity and increase their elasticity.

To solve these problems, the compositions:

  • increase the tone of the vascular system,
  • activate blood outflow,
  • repair defective areas
  • restore metabolism.


Phlebotonics exist in several versions, each for its own field of application:

  1. Tablets. The most common type of medicine. The principle of action is penetration into the lymph, the effect on the vessels from the inside.
  2. Ointment. For outdoor use. The drug is mixed with a fatty supplement. Being applied for a long time does not dissolve, having a positive effect on the affected area. Usually, ointments are applied with bandages overnight.
  3. Gel. The medicine is mixed with a water-soluble base, and therefore is perfectly absorbed into the tissues. You can apply at any time of the day, applying in the form of a film on the affected areas.
  4. Cream. Combines the previously described basics. It is applied outside in the form of dressings for the night.
  5. Suppositories - solid candles. This form allowed to achieve a high concentration of the drug. The principle of action is absorption through the intestines.

Venotonic tablets

Venotonic drugs for hemorrhoids are also released in tablets. Herbal remedies eliminate the symptoms of venous ailment. Compositions to strengthen the vascular walls reduce itching, pain, eliminate inflammatory manifestations and restore the tissues of the anal zone. In addition, the funds of this line have a good effect on the functioning of the intestine and gastrointestinal organs in general.

  • Venus. These pills are prescribed for the treatment of venous insufficiency and other diseases of the rectum. Venarus reduces the extensibility of veins, normalizes lymph outflow, and prevents venous congestion.
  • Vazoket. The active substance is diosmin. Indications for use are lymphovenous insufficiency of the legs or exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids. Reduces capillary permeability, has a venotonic effect.
  • Phlebodia. Also, a drug based on diosmin, and use it not only for hemorrhoids. It restores normal blood circulation in other diseases.
  • Detralex Based on the aforementioned diosmin. Pills for veins and blood vessels are often prescribed in the treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes. Well eliminate pain.
  • Doppelherz. This is not a pill, but an elixir on plant material, which strengthens the vascular walls, normalizes metabolic processes, accelerates regenerative mechanisms, and has a general strengthening effect on the body.

And these are only the most popular venotonics, and even in tablets. If you have problems with the digestive tract (ulcers and gastritis), then the tablet form of medicinal products should be discarded. But there is a worthy alternative - ointments.

Heparin ointment or Indovazin: which is better for hemorrhoids

Venotonics are also available in the form of creams, ointments, suppositories, balms. A well-chosen remedy (specifically for you) will speed up recovery, and the treatment process will be as comfortable as possible. Venotonics for external use are, no doubt, faster than capsules or tablets. They simultaneously affect the vasculature and tissues of the rectum.

Heparin ointment is a well-known venotonic, which is in great demand among pregnant women. This is due to the gentle effect of the drug. It is prescribed even to lactating young mothers, since the ointment does not have a negative effect on the lactation process. Without undesirably affecting the fetus, heparin ointment is actually a commonly prescribed drug for expectant mothers. The doctor will tell you exactly how to use such a venotonic: safety is maintained exactly to the extent that all your actions are regulated by the doctor’s recommendations.

Indovazin is a popular gel venotonic. It perfectly relieves swelling in the affected area, has a good effect on the state of blood vessels, and normalizes the blood circulation process. In addition, a drug based on indomethacin and troxerutin removes post-traumatic hematomas.It is often prescribed for hemorrhoids of various stages and for any form of venous insufficiency.

Mechanism of action

Ventonic - active substances and preparations based on them, capable of strengthen the vascular walls, make them more dense and elastic, reduce the risk of blood clots and hemorrhoids. Under the influence of drugs, the movement of blood and lymph normalizes, internal and external edema disappears, and the risk of ruptures and bleeding decreases.

Venotonic effect necessarily included in the therapeutic program, They are especially effective in the initial stages of hemorrhoids. The drugs are taken in courses of 2 weeks. To enhance the therapeutic effect, they can be combined with other medicines: antibiotics, hormones, powerful anesthetics.

Phlebotonics are indicated for the prevention of hemorrhoids. They are prescribed to patients at risk, suffering from hereditary fragility of blood vessels, obesity, frequent constipation. Venotonic can be used as a remedy after resection of hemorrhoids.

Phlebotonic drugs for hemorrhoids have the following effects on the body:

  1. Strengthening the walls of blood vessels prevents their fragility, internal tears and bleeding.
  2. Improving blood flow and thinning the blood prevents the formation of adhesions and blood clots.
  3. With an increase in vein tone, the outflow of blood from hemorrhoids increases.

The main properties of venotonic

Venotonics for hemorrhoids are used quite often. Such drugs have the following beneficial properties:

  • thin the blood, preventing blood clots,
  • strengthen vascular walls,
  • increase venous outflow due to normalization of vein tone,
  • prevent the development of inflammatory processes,
  • improve cell nutrition, which depends on the state of the vessels.

Venotonic agents provide positive dynamics in the treatment of hemorrhoids. That is why venotonics and venoprotectors are usually prescribed by doctors and make up the bulk of complex therapy.

Contraindications and side effects

Phlebetonics are the most sparing type of medication, based on all the drugs used are natural ingredients. There are no toxins, they do not accumulate in the affected areas, are excreted as soon as possible - 15% with urine, the rest with feces. However, there is a risk of an allergic reaction.

Doctors do not prescribe them for patients suffering from:

  • bleeding from the anus,
  • severe diabetes
  • renal failure
  • malignant tumors in the esophagus,
  • pathology of the autoimmune system.


Oral drugs are prescribed for various forms of hemorrhoids, they are especially useful at stages 1 and 2 of the disease. Preparations go well with ointments and suppositories of the same name, mutually reinforcing the effect.

Detralex An effective drug based on a combination of diosmin and hesperidin.

Venotonic and anticoagulant that quickly strengthens and restores blood vessels.

It has an analgesic effect, can be used with antibiotics or other potent drugs.

Drink up to 3 tablets per day, the course lasts 1 or 2 weeks.

Venus. Phlebotonic with analgesic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Eliminates stagnation in the capillaries and large veins, accelerates the outflow of lymph.

The tablets contain diosmin and hesperidin.

During remission, take 1 tablet per day, with exacerbations, the dose increases to 4 pieces.

The standard course of treatment is designed for 10 days.

Phlebodia 600. A drug based on diosmin with a pronounced antitumor, anti-inflammatory and general strengthening effect.

It improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs and lower extremities, prevents venous congestion and swelling.

With exacerbations, the course of treatment lasts up to 10 days (2 tablets per day).

The preventive course is designed for 20 days (1 tablet per day).

Venoruton. An angioprotector that relieves pain, inflammation, swelling.

Increases the elasticity of venous and capillary walls, improves blood quality.

Contains rutoside, is available in the form of coated tablets or effervescent pills for dissolution in water.

In acute forms of hemorrhoids, take 2 tablets per day, a single dose is sufficient for maintenance therapy.

Troxevasin. Capsules with decongestant, hemorrhaging, vasoconstrictor effect.

The main component is trocvasazin, which strengthens the vascular walls and improves blood flow.

The tablets have a mild analgesic and wound healing effect, the intake can be continued for up to 2 weeks (2-3 capsules per day).

You can find a list of the most effective hemorrhoids pills of various spectrum of action here.

Hemorrhoids ointments phlebotonics are effective in the initial and chronic forms of external or combined hemorrhoids.


The basis of the drug is the flavonoid troxerutin, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels and prevents thrombosis.

A light translucent ointment is rubbed into the skin 2 times a day, with it you can make compresses or rectal tampons.

To enhance the effect, tablets of the same name are taken at the same time.

The course of treatment is up to 2 weeks.

Troxevasin Neo.

The updated and expanded formula of the product includes not only troxerutin, but also dexpanthenol, which promotes tissue regeneration.

The composition also includes the anticoagulant sodium heparin, which dilutes the blood and prevents thrombosis.

The ointment is very easily absorbed, it can be used up to 3-4 times a day for 2 weeks.

Troxerutin. Gentle ointment based on troxerutin. It is absorbed very quickly, reducing swelling, improving blood flow and preventing inflammation. The course is 2-3 weeks, if necessary, it can be repeated.

Lyoton gel. Very light preparation with anticoagulation effect. The main component is heparin, which dilutes blood and prevents thrombosis. To calm and regenerate, the composition is enriched with natural lavender oil. Used 2-3 times a day, suitable for rubbing and compresses.

Heparin ointment. Venotonic and anticoagulant, which reduces blood viscosity, prevents thrombosis and strengthens venous walls.

The composition of the drug includes heparin, which regulates blood circulation, accelerates the outflow of lymph and reduces swelling, as well as active anesthesin. Relieving pain, inflammation and itching.

The drug is very affordable, suitable for rubbing into the skin and external hemorrhoidal nodes, as well as for intrarectal administration 2-3 times a day.

Pharmacological Overview

Phlebetonics are produced in several groups. There are drugs based on:

  • diosmin, such as “Flebodia 600”, “Detralex”, “Venolek”, “Venarus”,
  • a routine, such as Troxerutin, Troxevasin, Venoruton,
  • plant components - “Venitan”, “Ekkuzan”, horse chestnut.

One of the most used is considered "Troxevasin" (the active component is troxerutin). It has angioprotective, anticoagulant and decongestant effects, can also be used as a mild painkiller.

Sometimes it causes allergies and interferes with normal digestion. Not recommended for:

  • gastritis and stomach ulcers,
  • pregnant in the first trimester,
  • allergic reaction to the drug.

Supplied in capsule and gel form. Two capsules are prescribed once a day for two weeks.

"Venolex" is indicated for inflammatory processes in hemorrhoidal veins:

  • relieves pain
  • reduces swelling
  • prevents congestion in the vessels of the rectum.

Contraindicated in allergic reactions and dyspeptic symptoms.


Venotonic suppositories for hemorrhoids are especially effective for internal disease. They can be used together with other medicines.When choosing combinations, it is important to consider the active components, which can reduce the effectiveness of a drug. Suppositories have a local effect, the remains of the drugs are excreted in the urine no later than 10-12 hours.

Proctoglivenol. Candles with active veno-strengthening and analgesic effect. They are used for acute attacks, are especially effective at stages 1 and 2 of internal or combined hemorrhoids.

Suppositories contain a tribenzoid that increases vascular tone, lidocaine, which has an analgesic and antipruritic effect, as well as vitepsol, which enhances the action of active components. The drug is not recommended for use with tablets and ointments containing lidocaine. The course does not exceed 2 weeks, 2-3 suppositories can be administered per day.

Hepazolone. Suppositories contain the anticoagulant heparin, anesthetizing lidocaine and prednisone, which strengthens tissues and promotes their regeneration.

Candles are recommended for acute attacks and recovery in the postoperative period, the course of treatment does not exceed 10-14 days.

Hepatrombin. Suppositories from hemorrhoids with hepatrombin-based phlebotonics tones blood vessels, prevents swelling, microcracks and thromboses. It is indicated for acute and chronic hemorrhoids, can be used in other venotonics (mainly in the form of tablets). The standard course is 14 days with a triple or single administration.

Natural remedies

An extensive group of homeopathic medicines is created on the basis of plant materials. Among the most effective natural venotonics:

  • horse chestnut
  • Sophlora Japanese
  • Red grapes,
  • gingo biloba.

Based on plant materials, drugs such as Hemorrhoid, Venitan, Antistax, Ginkor forte.

Phlebotonics are actively used in traditional medicine. One of the most popular products is horse chestnut seed tea.

A handful of seeds is poured with a liter of boiling water, heated in a water bath, infused under a lid and filtered. The broth should be drunk 3 times a day before meals, 0.3 cups.

The course of treatment - at least 10 days. Alcohol tincture is made on the basis of Japanese soflora, which is used for baths, local compresses and ingestion according to a special scheme.

Tablet form release

In this form, drugs are prescribed in the initial stages of the disease. Most often, to maximize the effect, taking tablets is combined with the application of gels and ointments. Tablets are not prescribed for children under 14 years of age and pregnant women throughout the entire period.

The most effective remedy is Detralex, among the active substances of which are diosmin and hesparidine. The drug relieves pain, has a venotonic effect. It is an angioprotective and anticoagulant agent. There are no side effects, it is easily tolerated.

Flebodia 600 more often used as a therapeutic agent. Reduces the risk of inflammation, has a resolving effect. During use, strengthens vascular tissue, restores microdefects.

Contains 600 mg of diosmin, which brings the drug to first place in the concentration of the drug. The treatment course lasts a week, take 2-3 tablets per day. Effective in the initial stages of hemorrhoids.

Venus helps in the initial stages, as well as in acute and chronic form of the disease. The composition includes 450 mg of diosmin, 50 mg of hesperidin. Treatment is prescribed for a period of one to two months, depending on the stage. In the acute form, a short six-day course is possible, during which it is prescribed to take the first three days - 6 tablets per day, and 4 tablets - the remaining three days.

The value of venotics

Phlebotonics for hemorrhoids, in its combined treatment, are of great importance. Thanks to them:

  • vascular inflammation is eliminated,
  • preventive treatment is taking place
  • you can prepare the human body before surgery and restore it after
  • complications are prevented
  • the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels increases,
  • blood liquefies
  • blood clots are prevented
  • blood flow improves
  • metabolism is accelerated.

Which venotonic is better for hemorrhoids?

What is the best venotonic to choose for the treatment of hemorrhoids, it is this question that people who are faced with this disease ask. It all depends on the stage of development. Even at the first signs of hemorrhoids, measures must be taken. In this case, venotonic agents will help well and it does not matter whether they are cheap or expensive.

Doctors often prefer drugs based on diomine and hesperidin. They effectively cope with edema, bleeding and pain.

Also used are preparations based on herbal ingredients. They attract minimal side effects and are approved for use even during pregnancy and lactation.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

Severe diabetes mellitus is a contraindication to the use of such drugs.

Sometimes Venolife Gel and other venotonic drugs cause undesirable reactions, although most of them contain non-toxic substances. Funds are not recommended in such cases:

  • Cancers in the rectum
  • severe bleeding from the anus,
  • severe diabetes mellitus,
  • kidney failure
  • autoimmune diseases.

If an overdose of tablets occurs, a person feels bouts of nausea, vomiting, dizzy and a headache occurs. When using phlebotonics of local action, a rash on the skin, itching, burning and swelling at the place of application is possible. In rare cases, suppositories for rectal administration provoke diarrhea.

Combined venotonic candles for hemorrhoids

Candles have a complex effect - they work as painkillers, and as venotonics. Suppositories include anesthetics. Suppositories perfectly relieve inflammatory manifestations: pain, swelling, bleeding. In addition, suppositories are able to reduce the exit of the liquid plasma part beyond the boundaries of the vascular wall. They counteract venous congestion.

If the symptoms of hemorrhoids exacerbation are bright, such candles can be used twice a day, when the process subsides - one candle per day is enough. Before applying suppositories, be sure to empty the intestines, make a toilet of the anal area.

The most popular candles with venotonic effect are Procto-glivenol, Ginkor Procto. See your doctor for an appointment. Remember that suppositories are only part of the therapy, and cannot replace a comprehensive treatment regimen.

Hemorrhoids Factors

Varicose veins (hemorrhoids) are treated after diagnosis. It is necessary to treat hemorrhoidal disease taking into account the stage of pathology, severity, and characteristics of the patient's body.

Physical stress

  • sedentary work,
  • frequent pampering with spicy dishes,
  • sedentary life
  • addiction to alcohol, smoking,
  • genetic predisposition
  • difficult birth, pregnancy,
  • unbalanced diet
  • emotional instability
  • irregular stool (constipation),
  • hard physical labor.

Maintaining the right lifestyle reduces the risk of hemorrhoids.

Venotonics for hemorrhoids: which is better?

In the selection of the most effective drugs, the opinions of experts differ. However most proctologists consider tablets of the Detralex or Venarus type and troxevasin gels to be the most effective means. These funds work well together, quickly removing the main symptoms of hemorrhoids: pain, itching, inflammation, swelling. At the same time, they reduce the size of hemorrhoidal nodes, that is, they treat the disease itself, and not just its manifestations.

Venotonics - an indispensable component of the therapeutic regimen for the treatment of hemorrhoids. They are especially effective in the early stages, with the right dosage, tablets, suppositories and ointments are able to cope with the disease without causing harm to the body.

Natural venotonic herbs (and products)

Dealing with hemorrhoidal nodes is quite difficult. A good result gives only an integrated approach. Not the last place in it is food. There are products that are in nature excellent venotonic. People suffering from hemorrhoids or those who are just starting to experience discomfort in the rectum are recommended to use green tea, citrus fruits, buckwheat, currants, rosehip broth. These products contain bioflavonoids, but this does not mean that drugs can be neglected.

Natural venotonic herbs are also used in the treatment. Highly efficient Highlander and Yarrow, based on them, folk recipes are created. In addition, herbs are used in pharmacology.

Lyoton gel for hemorrhoids

Gel Lyoton is also considered a venotonic. It is prescribed to improve the microcirculation of damaged tissues and increase the regenerative abilities of anal tissues. Heparin, which is part of the gel, dissolves blood clots already formed in the veins of the rectum, and blocks the formation of new clots.

Lyoton-gel is a well-known remedy for varicose veins, but quite often this pharmaceutical preparation is prescribed as part of a complex therapeutic regimen for hemorrhoids.

  1. Nerolium and lavender oils,
  2. Ethanol,
  3. Trolamine,
  4. Propyl parahydroxybenzoate,
  5. Carbomer 940,
  6. Methyl parahydrobesoate,
  7. Purified water.

Lyoton gel is good has proven itself in the treatment of hemorrhoids, since this medicine can help with a disease that has already developed before the third, fourth stage.

In addition, this tool is safe - it is often prescribed even to minors, as well as to expectant mothers.

The gel structure itself is lighter than the structure of a cream or ointment, because the components of Lyoton are absorbed faster, and therefore the effect will come faster.

Who is forbidden such a high-quality drug? It should not be taken by people with any type of allergy to the components of the drug. It is not prescribed for active fissures and ulcers of the rectum with signs of acute bleeding (but ulcers without bleeding can be treated with Lyoton according to the doctor’s decision). You can not take the gel if the patient is diagnosed with bleeding disorders. It is also forbidden to use it with a reduced number of blood platelets.

Means for external use

Some of the most effective:

  1. "Heparin ointment" based on heparin and anestezin. It is a therapeutic agent used at various stages in combination with other drugs. Reduces the manifestation of the disease. The ointment is applied to a bandage applied to hemorrhoidal nodules.
  2. Lyoton Gel. Anticoagulant. It makes the lymph more fluid, resolves the bumps, relieves pain, prevents the formation of blood clots. It is superimposed in a thick layer on the anus three times a day.
  3. Troxevasin. An analogue of tablets, but on a helium basis. It restores blood circulation, seeping into the vessels, strengthens their walls. Heals microcracks faster, reduces the risk of hemorrhoidal ulcers. It is prescribed to be taken twice a day for two weeks.

Beneficial features

The effect of venotonic drugs for hemorrhoids:

  • Increase the tone of blood vessels, veins and capillaries,
  • Strengthen the vascular walls and make them elastic,
  • Reduces capillary permeability
  • Improve microcirculation in the circulatory tissues,
  • Reduce swelling and inflammation,
  • Reduce thrombosis,
  • Locally anesthetized
  • Improve outflow of lymph
  • Normalize the work of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

Venotonics for hemorrhoids are prescribed in combination with other drugs. They are available in the form of tablets, capsules and drops, taken orally. They can be found in the form of candles, creams, gels and ointments, applied externally.

In a complex way, it is possible to normalize blood flow in damaged vessels and strengthen vascular walls.

The best venotonic drugs are preparations made on the basis of plant components. They are the most "friendly" to the body, well absorbed, qualitatively solve the problem and have few side effects. Most often, they are prepared from components of plants such as rosemary, horse chestnut, horsetail, ginkgo biloba, Japanese sophora, peppermint, red grapes, lavender. Semisynthetic and synthetic medications are produced with similar actions.

What is phlebotonics

Venotonic drugs (venotonics) or phlebotonics are an extensive pharmacological group of drugs of plant or semi-synthetic origin. The main goal that doctors pursue when prescribing such drugs is to increase the outflow of venous blood in the lower extremities and increase the elasticity of the walls of the vessels. Venotonics are actively used to prevent ailment in people with such diagnoses:

  • obesity,
  • genetic predisposition
  • chronic constipation.

Pharmacological properties

Phlebotonics with hemorrhoids increase the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, improve blood circulation in the tissues. With the timely appointment and proper use of drugs, it is possible to prevent the loss of hemorrhoids and reduce the risk of the need for surgery. To increase the effectiveness of venotonics are often combined with other medicines: anesthetics, hormonal pills, antibiotics.

Under the influence of the active substances of the drugs, lymph movement and blood circulation in the tissues improve, external and internal edema subside, the risk of bleeding and the risk of rupture of the rectum decrease. All phlebotonics with hemorrhoids have the following pharmacological properties:

  • prevent fragility of blood vessels,
  • thin the blood, reduce the risk of adhesions and blood clots,
  • have a mild analgesic effect, facilitating the act of defecation.

Herbal Extract Medicines

These substances are often prescribed to older people, those whose immunity is weakened after an illness. This also includes pregnant women and children under 14 years old. Treatment may last a long time. Consist of natural ingredients, no synthetics. Available in the form of drops, ointments and gels. Based on them, decoctions for lotions, compresses and baths are made:

  1. Aescusan - horse chestnut extract, contains vitamin B1. Reduces tension in the vessels. It is administered orally by 5 drops per day.
  2. Antistax - available in tablet form. Prescribe 1 tablet with meals three times a day. Restores the vascular system.

Phlebotonics are prescribed as a therapeutic agent. Although they can be freely purchased at any pharmacy (a prescription is not required), we strongly recommend that you consult with a proctologist before starting your appointment.

Phlebodia - how effective is the drug

Phlebotropic drugs for hemorrhoids are the same venotonic agents. With many exacerbations of hemorrhoids, the drug Flebodia is indispensable. The medicine relieves anxiety symptoms and reduces the duration of exacerbations.

What is the effect of phlebodia:

  • The medicine strengthens the capillary walls, reduces their permeability and fragility,
  • Reduces congestion in blood vessels,
  • Improves lymphatic drainage,
  • It activates the metabolic processes in the vessels,
  • Blocks the production of free radicals.

The drug is rapidly absorbed from the digestive system, it has a really positive effect.At the same time, other phlebotonic preparations for hemorrhoids have more contraindications and side effects, but Phlebodia wins in this sense. It is prescribed even for pregnant women.

Top 5 popular remedies

Today in the pharmacy you can buy phlebotics for hemorrhoids, which have a tonic effect on the wall of veins. If you analyze the statistics, then the most popular tools are:

With such a wide selection of medicines, it is sometimes difficult for a person to make a choice in the direction of efficiency and effectiveness. To understand how these drugs differ, and what advantages each of them has, it is necessary to consider the drugs separately.


The tool has undeniable advantages over its counterparts. It works well not only on the capillaries, veins, but also takes part in the functioning of small vessels. It is used for acute and chronic hemorrhoids.

Its main action is aimed at:

  • an increase in venous wall tone,
  • improved blood flow
  • elimination of stagnant processes,
  • increasing the protective properties of the venous wall.


Proctologists often prescribe a medication for the complex treatment of hemorrhoids. The active substances - diosmin and hesperidin - perfectly activate the functioning of the veins, enhance blood circulation, strengthen the vascular wall and improve blood flow.

Venarus is available in tablet form. It is used for chronic pathology and its exacerbation. It is believed that the medication can be used at various stages of hemorrhoids, which makes it a universal remedy.

When taking Venarus, you must follow a special diet. It involves the exclusion of alcoholic beverages, spicy, fried and smoked dishes. Overuse of sweets is undesirable.

Venarus has a significant list of contraindications, therefore inferior to some of its counterparts.


The drug belongs to the group of phlebotonics. Available in tablet form. It is used for acute and chronic hemorrhoids. The positive side of the drug is a minimum of side effects and contraindications.

  • reduce venous congestion,
  • increase venous tone,
  • prevent sprains
  • lower the permeability of the capillary walls.

It is worth noting that the vazoket is not as popular as its previous counterparts. At the same time, many reviews about him on the network are positive and speak about the effectiveness of therapy.

venotonic with hemorrhoids which is better

Only a doctor should prescribe medications, especially when it comes to venotonics for hemorrhoids. Which one is best for a particular patient, the doctor decides based on the diagnosis.

Troxevasin and Troxerutin

These are pharmaceuticals based on the active substance of rutin. In the reviews, patients note that it is the external forms of these funds that are convenient for use, they also perfectly treat hemorrhoidal thrombosis. The ointment is easy to apply, well absorbed and dissolves blood clots.

These drugs are presented in capsules, but often the doctor prescribes to take both ointment and capsules of the same product.

Venotonics for hemorrhoids constitute a treatment regimen for the disease. But each patient needs to know that only the early and middle stages of the disease are subject to effective treatment, therefore, with such an ailment, it is recommended to consult a doctor who will select the dose and duration of treatment.

Attention! The information in the article is for informational purposes only. It is recommended to consult a specialist (doctor) before applying the tips described in the article

The main pharmacological properties of venotonics in hemorrhoids

Venotonic drugs today are usually the main way that actually prevents itching and irritation in the anus ten minutes after taking the drug. In addition to this action, venotonics have a number of advantages, for example:

  1. Prevent the risk of blood clots.
  2. Helps prevent inflammation and infection in the body.
  3. They help to make the walls of blood vessels less permeable, with the help of which the swelling in the inflammatory process becomes weak. In addition, small veins under the influence of venotonics become fragile and tender.
  4. They increase blood flow in small blood vessels, with the help of which the nutrition of cells in the tissues increases.
  5. The veins elasticity and pressure in them are brought to a stable state. And also enhance the functioning of the valves inside the vessels, due to which there is a resumption of the normal outflow of blood from the veins of the small pelvis.
  6. Reduce the harmful effects of white blood cells, thereby reducing inflammation.

Venotonic drugs for hemorrhoids are prescribed very often. Similar medications are common with varicose veins of the lower extremities. The action of drugs occurs quickly, in the first ten minutes after application.

The main properties of this group of medications are as follows:

  • strengthen the walls of the blood vessels of the affected organ,
  • increase the strength of the walls of blood vessels, small veins become more tender and fragile, relieve swelling,
  • pain reduction,
  • effectively stop the formation of blood clots,
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • lowers blood viscosity
  • venous and arterial tone stabilizes, the activity of vein valves normalizes. Venotonics improve the outflow of blood from the pelvis.

Symptoms of the disease

With internal hemorrhoids in patients, bumps become inflamed, which are almost invisible (submucosal). At the beginning of the disease, bloody discharge is sometimes noticeable after emptying on paper. Internal hemorrhoids are characterized by pain during / after emptying, a feeling of incomplete cleansing of the intestines, discomfort, the release of volume cones into the lumen of the anal canal.


Aescusan is a herbal product based on horse chestnut extract known for its properties. Available in tablets, drops and suppositories. Helps to improve the condition of the veins in the anus, prevents the formation of blood clots and fights inflammation. It is recommended to take it in a course, 2-3 tablets per day.

Venotonic for external use

Quickly cope with the unpleasant manifestations of hemorrhoids means for external use. On sale you can find ointments, candles. Choosing the best among them is quite difficult. In a lot, everything depends on the individual tolerance of one or another component. To make a choice, you need to see a doctor and independently study the properties of the most popular drugs.

The main signs of hemorrhoids are pain in the anus, the formation of hemorrhoids and bleeding. Ointments help to quickly alleviate the condition. They are well suited for the treatment of external hemorrhoids.

Ointments are of several types:

  • improving blood circulation - due to their use, nodes are reduced,
  • anti-inflammatory - relieve inflammation and relieve pain,
  • stop bleeding.

You need to choose an ointment depending on the condition. From a large assortment, the following popular products can be distinguished.

  • Heparin ointment - dilutes blood, preventing the formation of blood clots, relieves inflammation and helps to reduce hemorrhoidal veins.
  • Proctosed - An ointment based on heparin and hydrocartisone actively fights inflammation, improves the condition of the vascular wall, and relieves itching and pain.
  • Relief - It is a very popular remedy based on shark liver oil, the ointment promotes wound healing, relieves inflammation and stops bleeding.
  • Troxevasin - improves the condition of blood vessels, making them more durable, relieves inflammation and swelling,
  • Proctosan - due to lidocaine, quickly relieves pain, has a wound healing effect.


Hemorrhoids give a person unpleasant and painful sensations, it is completely life-threatening to launch it. That is why you need to take a course of treatment in a timely manner. Venotonic drugs for hemorrhoids give a very good result. They improve blood vessels and blood flow. Using both tablets and topical agents, you can forget about this disease for a long time. It is important that the doctor appoints a proctologist, taking into account the patient’s health.

Phlebotonic preparations for hemorrhoids

The range of drugs with venotonic effect is very wide. The main forms of release of drugs in this group:

  • Tablets - universal medicines, have a complex effect on the body. Absorption of active substances occurs in the stomach, from where they are delivered to the affected areas of the intestine with a blood stream.
  • Gels - means for external use on a water-soluble basis. After application, a thin transparent film remains on the affected areas, which prevents bacteria from entering the wound from the outside. Gels are intended for three times application.
  • Ointments are oily-based drugs. They have a prolonged effect, but the effect of use is not achieved immediately.
  • Rectal suppositories are the most convenient form of phlebotonics for hemorrhoids. Suppositories contain high concentrations of active substances that are delivered directly to the damaged areas of the rectum, due to which the effect of drugs begins almost instantly.

Most venotonics have a plant basis, but semi-synthetic medicines are also found. The former are considered the safest, but begin to act after several days, and sometimes weeks after the start of treatment. The latter have a wider list of contraindications, but are highly effective. As active components, drug manufacturers use:


This is a flavonoid obtained from plants of the genus Dubrovnik, mainly growing on the Iberian Peninsula. Diosmin has vasoconstrictive and hemostatic effects, increases the production of norepinephrine, increases venous tone, reduces the capacity and stretching of blood vessels, blood stasis in the anorectal zone. The substance also has a lymphotropic effect, increases the total number of functional lymphatic capillaries.

As part of the preparations, diosmin is often found in combination with hesperidin. In combination, these substances reduce the diameter of the lymphatic capillaries, reduce blood pressure on the walls of blood vessels. Among the wide range of drugs with diosmin, the following medications should be highlighted:

  • Phlebodia 600,
  • Diovenor 600,
  • Detralex
  • Vazoket,
  • Mediven
  • Diosmin.


The vegetable flavonoid is found in the peel of some citrus fruits. Hesperidin helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduces their permeability, improves the condition of small capillaries. This substance is intended to relax smooth muscles and bile ducts, preventing the appearance of bleeding. Hesperidin has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic properties and is indicated for the treatment of:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • mycoses,
  • ulcers
  • allergies
  • chronic venous insufficiency of the lower extremities,
  • tumors of different pathogenesis.

In addition to the main indications for use, a flavonoid is often prescribed in combination with drugs for the treatment of bronchial asthma and allergic reactions. The use of drugs with this substance is contraindicated in pregnancy and individual intolerance to the component. Popular phlebotonics for hemorrhoids:

Rutoside (rutin)

The quincetin flavonoid glycoside was first obtained from fragrant rue, from which it took its name - rutin. In the natural environment, this substance is found in buckwheat, rosemary, citrus fruits, red bell pepper, tomatoes, cabbage and some other food products. In the course of numerous laboratory studies, it was found that rutoside:

  • inhibits platelet synthesis,
  • reduces the permeability of capillary walls, improves microcirculation of blood in soft tissues,
  • has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • prevents blood clots,
  • in high concentrations, increases iodine intake by the thyroid gland.

The semi-synthetic derivative of rutin, which is one of the majority of phlebotonics, takes part in oxidative processes, improves lymphatic drainage functionality, and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Due to this, the flavonoid is often used in the treatment of:

  • hypovitaminosis,
  • increased permeability of veins with hemorrhagic diathesis,
  • allergic diseases
  • typhus,
  • retinal hemorrhage,
  • radiation sickness
  • capillarotoxicosis.

The substance is part of various biologically active food additives, homeopathic remedies. Rutoside is well tolerated by patients, rarely causes side effects and has a minimal list of contraindications. Popular venotonics with routine include:

  • Venoruton
  • Troxevasin,
  • Troxevenol
  • Rutoside trihydrate,
  • Verutil
  • Troxerutin.


This medicine is a derivative of purine - a natural substance that is found in the cells of the human body and in almost all food products. Pentoxifylline improves blood microcirculation, increases the concentration of cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) enzymes in platelets, which leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles of the intestines. When administered intravenously, the substance favorably affects the activity of the brain and central nervous system, reduces blood viscosity and platelet production.

Pentoxifylline has been successfully used for several decades for the conservative treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis, Raynaud's disease. In medicine, drugs with it are prescribed when such pathologies are detected:

  • phlebeurysm,
  • tissue trophism disorder,
  • postthrombotic syndrome,
  • cerebrovascular accident,
  • coronary artery disease,
  • myocardial infarction
  • bronchial asthma.

With oral administration, preparations with pentoxifylline begin to act after 2-4 hours. The substance is excreted by the kidneys unchanged at 94% and in the form of metabolites. Medications with it have an extensive list of contraindications, but in most cases they are well tolerated by patients. Popular phlebotonics for hemorrhoids:

Action on hemorrhoids

The effect of drugs for hemorrhoids:

  1. Due to the increased tone of the walls of the venous vessels, the outflow of blood from the hemorrhoid is improved.
  2. Due to the increased elasticity of the walls of the vessels, the risk of damage and rupture is reduced.
  3. Due to improved blood flow, the risk of platelet adhesion and blood clots is reduced.
  4. Due to the improvement of blood microcirculation in the circulatory tissues, blood stasis is reduced and swelling is reduced.

The effect of the use of venotonics is observed if the rules and conditions for their administration are observed during the course indicated by the doctor and other treatment recommendations are observed.

Drugs affect the entire system of blood vessels as a whole, and not just damaged vessels. During the period of their reception, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the patient by the doctor. It is not recommended to prescribe venotonic agents on your own, it is better to consult a proctologist.

Phlebodia 600

The drug with angioprotective effect is available in the form of white tablets with the only active component diosmin.Two hours after ingestion, the active substance is completely absorbed into the blood and is evenly distributed throughout the body. Phlebodia 600 reduces vascular extensibility, venous congestion, capillary permeability, enhances the vasoconstrictor effect of norepinephrine.

Phlebodia 600 is prescribed to eliminate the symptoms of lymphovenous insufficiency of the lower extremities and microcirculation disorders in the blood in the rectum. Phlebotonic for hemorrhoids should be taken at 2-3 tablets / day. while eating. The average duration of therapy is 7-10 days. The medicine is contraindicated during pregnancy, breastfeeding, hypersensitivity to diosmin. In some cases, it can cause side effects:


Venotonic, the basis of which is an active substance derived from rutin, is hydroxyethyl rutoside. The drug has venotonic and angioprotective properties:

  • increases the tone of small capillaries and large vessels,
  • dilutes blood, preventing thrombosis,
  • reduces the severity of the manifestations of venous insufficiency (edema, convulsions, pain, trophic ulcers) and hemorrhoids (itching, burning, pain, bleeding),
  • Helps slow the progression of diabetic retinopathy.

The medicine is additionally prescribed for the treatment of varicose veins after sclerotherapy. The standard dosage is 1 capsule 2-3 times a day. The course of treatment should not exceed 28 days. Venoruton has a minimum list of contraindications: 1 trimester of pregnancy and individual intolerance. During treatment, adverse reactions are extremely rare and disappear after discontinuation of the drug.

Phlebotonic gels and ointments for hemorrhoids

Venotonics for external use are effective in the initial stages of hemorrhoids and in its chronic form in the acute stage. Ointments and gels are used as part of complex therapy. They enhance the effect of tablets, have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. Use drugs in courses of 2-3 weeks. Diosmin is rarely included in ointments; troxevasin and horse chestnut extract are the preferred active substances. The best venotonics for hemorrhoids in the form of ointments and gels:

  • Troxerutin
  • Levomekol,
  • Lyoton Gel,
  • Bezornil cream
  • Hepatrombin,
  • phlebotonic ointment Aurobin,
  • Heparin ointment,
  • troxevasin gel.

Gel Troxevasin

Venotonic drug for external application contains troxerutin. The gel quickly eliminates swelling of the soft tissues, improves blood microcirculation in the damaged area, increases the density of capillaries, inflammation in the anus. Troxevasin is prescribed for such diagnoses:

  • thrombophlebitis
  • varicose veins
  • chronic venous insufficiency,
  • varicose dermatitis,
  • peripheralitis.

The gel is not recommended for use in violation of the integrity of the skin, hypersensitivity to active components. To successfully treat hemorrhoidal stagnation of blood, Troxevasin is applied to the affected area in the morning and evening, gently rubbing. The standard course of use is 6-7 days. In rare cases, itching, burning, dermatitis, or eczema may occur after application.

The best candles with phlebotonics

Local remedies for hemorrhoids are often produced in the form of rectal suppositories. This form is more convenient to use than gel, which is problematic to apply to the entire affected area. Suppositories with phlebotonics are prescribed for internal inflammation of the intestine. There are not so many venotonic suppositories as tablets or ointments, and all of them contain several active components at once, having a complex effect on the problem. The most popular are:

  • Relief candles,
  • Procto-glivenol,
  • Nigepan
  • Glycerol,
  • methyluracil suppositories Natalside,
  • Proctosed,
  • Proctosan
  • Hepazolone.


Rectal suppositories contain two active ingredients. The first is lidocaine, a local anesthetic that blocks the sensitivity of nerve endings, quickly eliminates unpleasant pain. The second is tribenoside, a substance that improves the state of blood vessels, blood microcirculation. Procto-Glivenol is prescribed for external and internal hemorrhoids.

Use suppositories rectally. To relieve acute symptoms, 1 suppository is prescribed. 2 times / day. After which the dose is reduced to 1 suppository per day. The proctologist sets the duration of treatment individually. Candles phlebotonics from hemorrhoids are well tolerated by patients, in rare cases local allergic reactions may occur. Procto-Glivenol is contraindicated in the following pathologies and conditions:

  • liver failure,
  • while carrying a child,
  • hypersensitivity to active components.


Popular candles from the German Bayer company contain the only active ingredient - phenylephrine and plant-based excipients - cocoa bean oil, corn starch. In combination, they have a local vasoconstrictor effect, help reduce swelling, and have a softening effect. Relief is prescribed for such pathologies:

  • cracks in the anus,
  • anal itching
  • external inflammation or prolapse of hemorrhoids.

Venotonic suppositories from hemorrhoids Relief is administered rectally after hygiene procedures. Recommended dosage - 1 supp. morning and night. The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks. In cases of hypersensitivity to the drug, skin hyperemia, itching or skin rash in the anus may occur. Suppositories are strictly contraindicated in thromboembolic disease and granulocytopenia.


This is a comprehensive drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other diseases of the rectum. Proctosedil eliminates inflammation, swelling, and relieves pain. The drug has a bactericidal effect and activity against gram-positive and negative bacteria. The composition includes the following active substances:

  • framycetin sulfate,
  • benzocaine
  • butamben
  • esculoside
  • hydrocortisone acetate.

Proctosedil is used no more than 7 days. The standard daily dosage is 2 capsules, which must be entered as deep as possible into the rectum in the morning and evening after defecation. Adverse reactions occur extremely rarely and disappear after drug withdrawal. Rectal venotonic is contraindicated in the following diagnoses or conditions:

  • viral, fungal or tuberculous lesions of the intestine,
  • pregnancy and lactation
  • arterial hypertension,
  • chronic heart failure.


Soft rectal suppositories based on lidocaine, heparin and prednisolone. The drug is used to treat active and severe thrombophlebitis of hemorrhoidal veins. Hepazolone has a strong analgesic effect, dilutes blood, relieves swelling, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Suppositories are injected into the cavity of the rectum for 1-2 pcs. per day. The course of treatment is 7 days. Side effects occur only in case of overdose.

Plant Venotonics

Phlebotonics for hemorrhoids based on plant materials are offered for debilitated patients, people of advanced age, and those who do not tolerate semi-synthetic active components. They are softer and practically have no contraindications, but require an extended use to achieve the optimal therapeutic effect. Among natural venotonics, drugs developed on the basis of horse chestnut extract, Japanese sophora, ginkgo biloba, red grapes, shark fat are popular.

Natural-based preparations

Homeopathic remedies have a complex effect on the body.They effectively eliminate inflammation, soreness during bowel movements, itching in the anus. Many drugs of this group contribute to the strengthening of the venous walls, vascular tone, improve blood circulation in the affected area. Phlebotonics for hemorrhoids can be used to prevent intestinal inflammation after surgery. The most popular drugs:

  • Venitan gel - duration of use is 8 weeks,
  • Hemorrhoid suppositories are prescribed for up to 7 days,
  • Ginkor Fort - capsules are taken for 15 days,
  • candles with papaverine and belladonna Anestezol - duration of therapy 10-14 days,
  • suppositories with propolis Prostopin - course of treatment 7-10 days,
  • Antistax gel and capsules with a healing effect - the duration of use is selected individually by a proctologist.

Release Forms

Regardless of the active substances that make up phlebotonics, they release funds for external and internal use. That is, medicines can be in the form of gels, suppositories, ointments, or tablets. In what form to take the drugs depends on various factors:

  • stage of the disease
  • size and number of hemorrhoidal nodes,
  • the presence of concomitant pathologies,
  • tendency to allergic reactions and other things.

Creams, ointments, gels

  • ease of use
  • safety of use (overdose exclusion),
  • quick therapeutic effect in comparison with tablets,
  • lack of systemic effects on the body as a whole.

Important! Despite the high efficiency, ointments for the treatment of hemorrhoids are completely safe, as they affect the body locally. This form is often allowed for use by pregnant and lactating women.

. It is advisable to apply the product after a bowel movement, lubricating the walls of the anus from the inside, or use a swab that is saturated with ointment

Venotonics in the form of ointments, creams or gels are used mainly in the complex treatment of the external form of the disease.

It is advisable to apply the product after the bowel movement, lubricating the walls of the anus from the inside, or use a swab that is saturated with ointment. Venotonics in the form of ointments, creams or gels are used mainly in the complex treatment of the external form of the disease.

Folk recipes

Venotonic herbs for hemorrhoids are actively used by folk medicine. Various lotions, tinctures and decoctions are prepared from them. The most effective recipes:

  • Horse chestnut seed broth. You need to take a handful of seeds, pour 1 liter of hot water and put to heat in a water bath for 15 minutes. After which the broth is removed, covered with a lid, let it brew for 2 hours. The finished drink is filtered and consumed in 1/3 cup 3 times / day for 10 days.
  • Alcohol tincture of Japanese sophora. To prepare it, you need to take 70% alcohol and dried plant fruits in a ratio of 1 to 5. Give the medicine to infuse in a dark place for 15 days. Take alcohol tincture before eating 20-30 ml for 2 weeks.


Venotonics for hemorrhoids are also available in the form of suppositories. Often they are prescribed when the first symptoms of the disease occur for prophylactic purposes in order to avoid the appearance of hemorrhoids. With internal hemorrhoids, it is advisable to use venotonics in the form of suppositories.

The main advantage of phlebotropic preparations in the form of suppositories is the speed of exposure to the affected areas. The active substance that is included in the drug quickly penetrates the mucous membrane and has a prolonged effect. Candle form preparations are best used before bedtime.

Contraindications to the use of phlebotonics from hemorrhoids

Venotonics, although considered relatively safe and non-toxic drugs, have a number of contraindications that should be considered before choosing the best remedy.Most venotonics are strongly discouraged in the following diagnoses or conditions:

  • rectal bleeding
  • severe forms of diabetes
  • during the period of bearing a child,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • liver or kidney disease,
  • malignant neoplasms.

When should venotonics be used?

Preparations containing venotonic components are highly effective. But, despite this, they are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids only in the early stages of the onset of the disease. If the disease is already in an advanced phase, then venotonics in this situation will not help. In the severe degree of the disease, only surgery can improve the patient's condition.

Venotonics are considered an integral part of the postoperative period, which is aimed at restoring the body and preventing relapse. But even in this case, venotonic agents should not be the only way to eliminate hemorrhoids. The treatment of the disease should always be comprehensive and include not only drug therapy, but also following a certain diet, as well as performing certain physical exercises.

In addition, venotonics for hemorrhoids can be used as a method that provides temporary relief. In most cases, venotonic agents are prescribed as a method for:

  • eliminate pain,
  • reduce swelling and inflammation,
  • prevent bleeding
  • restoration of the walls of blood vessels after surgery.

The main action of venotonics is to increase the tone of the walls of the venous vessels.

Rectal suppositories are considered to be convenient as well as easy to use medicine. Venotonics for hemorrhoids are effective in local therapy of the disease, while not having a negative effect on the body as a whole. With varicose veins of hemorrhoidal veins, not accompanied by venous insufficiency, rectal suppositories are best used.

Hemorrhoid Medicines

After examining and collecting an anamnesis for the detection of hemorrhoids, the doctor prescribes effective drug therapy. The treatment regimen is the use of internal and local dosage forms.

Delicate doctor

  1. Phlebotropic group (Ginkor Fort, Diosmin).
  2. Local preparations (combined, natural).
  3. Laxatives (to normalize stool).
  4. Painkillers.

Venotonics for hemorrhoids are prescribed to establish microcirculation in the brain, increase tone in the dilated veins, and relieve symptoms of venous disease. Venotonic drugs are prescribed for hemorrhoids and for prophylactic purposes in the removal of vascular congestion in the pelvis.

For the treatment of external forms of hemorrhoids use: ointments, creams, suppositories and balms. They have a double effect:

  • tone vessels,
  • wounds and cracks heal.

Which venotonic to choose for restoration of hemorrhoidal vessels

Varicose hemorrhoidal veins in different people manifest themselves in different ways. Many girls suffering from hemorrhoids complain of poor health during menstruation, which requires a special approach. Taking anticoagulants can aggravate bleeding, cause anemia and thrombocytopenia.

Detralex active substance of the drug - Diosmin, tablets for veins and blood vessels, widely used for the complex treatment of inflammation of hemorrhoids

The list of safe but effective remedies from the phlebotonic group includes:

  1. "Venarus" in tablets. It contains natural components - flavonoids ("Diosmin", "hesperidin"), due to which it has an angioprotective effect. Prolonged use of the drug will help improve venous valves and the wall. Effective in the treatment of vessels of the lower extremities with hemorrhoids, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis.It inhibits the synthesis of inflammatory mediators, protects the endothelium from the action of free radicals.
  2. "Phlebodia". Tablets containing Diosmin are effective in the treatment of uncomplicated hemorrhoids, mild forms of venous and lymphatic insufficiency. They have anti-inflammatory properties, improve the ability of the skin and mucous membranes to regenerate.
  3. Detralex In its action resembles "Venarus". Improves the physical properties of the vessels of the pelvis (elasticity, firmness, resistance), prevents the development of blood clots. Due to the stimulation of blood flow, the metabolism in the affected tissues is accelerated and restored quickly.
  4. Ointment "Troxevasinum". It is widely used in the treatment of inflamed vessels and joints. Almost no side effects, so it is used for heaviness in the lower extremities, evening swelling of the legs and aching pain after increased sports. The drug is able to dilute blood in the focus of inflammation, reduce aches and hyperemia, remove the feeling of stiffness.

Venarus pills for strengthening blood vessels based on Diosmin and Hesperidin, are used to treat venous insufficiency and diseases of the rectum

In addition to venous circulation, venotonics improve the circulation of extracellular fluid, and therefore are often prescribed for diseases of the lymphatic system. But hemorrhoids can only be treated with ointment only with a mild form of the disease. The progression of the disease, accompanied by prolapse of vascular nodes, pain and anal bleeding, requires an integrated approach.

The main characteristics of venotonics, the benefits of hemorrhoids

The main purpose of these drugs is the restoration of vascular function. The active components of drugs increase the tone of the veins, support their ability to withstand blood pressure, make them less brittle.

  • stimulate the work of venous valves, thereby improving blood flow,
  • reduce the permeability and fragility of small vessels,
  • renew cell nutrition in tissues,
  • reduce the risk of blood clots due to blood thinning,
  • suppress the severity of the inflammatory process,
  • normalize the pressure in the veins,
  • stimulate lymph outflow,
  • restore the process of normal outflow of blood from veins in the pelvic area.
  • hemorrhoidal bleeding,
  • sharp
  • chronic ulcer of the rectal mucosa,
  • serious dysfunction of the vessels of the peri rectal tissues,
  • inflammatory and infectious processes of the anorectal region and in the tissues of the rectum.
  • bleeding
  • thrombophlebitis
  • the development of the inflammatory process,
  • joining a secondary infection.
  • gastritis during exacerbation,
  • the incompatibility of the drug with other drugs, the reception of which cannot be canceled,
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially if they occur in an acute form,
  • a difficult pregnancy with threats of miscarriage or in the presence of developmental pathologies in the fetus,
  • intolerance to any component of venotonic,
  • severe impaired renal or hepatic function.

Venotonics are prescribed as part of complex therapy. They act not locally, but on the entire vascular system as a whole. That is why the use of such drugs is necessary only on the recommendation and under the supervision of a doctor.

For internal use

Internal medication is one of the most common and simple. Hemorrhoids in 80% of cases are treated on an outpatient basis with regular visits to the doctor. Because of this, tablets and capsules are the best choice for most patients.

Detralex is one of the most common venotonics for treating hemorrhoids. The active ingredients of the drug are diosmin and hesperidin. The drug has phlebotonizing and angioprotective properties. Hemorrhoids and varicose veins of the lower extremities are the main indications for the use of the drug.Due to its natural origin, Detralex is well tolerated by patients and is contraindicated only in case of allergy to venotonic components.

The medicine is used in 3 tablets 2 times a day for the first 4 days, and then the dose is reduced to 2 units of the drug in 1 dose. The duration of the therapeutic course is set individually (on average 3 months).

Ascorutin is a good cheap remedy for stabilizing vascular function. The medicine has a powerful angioprotective and moderate venotonic effect. Because of this, the isolated use of Ascorutin does not always guarantee the achievement of the desired result.

The drug is contraindicated only in the case of individual intolerance. Venotonic is recommended for use in hemorrhoids, varicose veins, vascular diseases, 1-2 tablets per day. The therapeutic course is set by the doctor individually.

Vasonite is a medicine based on pentoxifylline. The drug, in addition to increasing vascular tone, improves microcirculation, metabolism.

  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Pathology of peripheral and cerebral circulation.
  • As part of the complex therapy of diabetic angio-and nephropathy.
  • Hearing impairment caused by pathology of the corresponding vessels.

Vasonitis is contraindicated in patients with acute myocardial infarction, massive bleeding and hemorrhagic stroke. The medicine is prescribed 1 tablet 1 time per day.

For external use

Venotonics for external use are available in the form of ointments and gels. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, this group of drugs is less relevant. In practice are used:

  • Lyoton 1000. A gel based on heparin. The drug prevents the formation of blood clots. The agent is applied 2-3 times a day with a thin layer on the affected area. Read more about the drug Lyoton 1000 →
  • Troxevasin, 2%. A gel that improves microcirculation and increases vascular tone. It is applied similarly to Lyoton.

The selection of external phlebotonics must be agreed with the doctor to achieve the maximum result.

Venotonic ointments

Ointments, creams, balms are often prescribed for this disease. They are easier to use, overdose is not so terrible, they have a faster healing effect than tablets.

They simultaneously have a local effect, affect the veins and relieve symptoms:

  1. Troxevasin. It has a venotonic and anti-inflammatory effect. It also relieves swelling, pain, prevents blood clots, is an antioxidant and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Troxevasin is the best venotonic medication for hemorrhoids.
  2. Heparin ointment. It acts well on hemorrhoids, removes all symptoms. Very popular among pregnant and lactating women. Due to its gentle action, it does not affect milk and the fetus.
  3. Levomekol. Due to the antibiotics that make up this ointment, the drug quickly and effectively relieves pain, eliminates all pain and other symptoms. Acting at the cellular level, this ointment contributes to the speedy healing of hemorrhoids.
  4. Relief It has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. It provides quick tissue repair, recovery from this ailment.
  5. Proctosan. Quickly and effectively relieves pain, has an anti-inflammatory effect. All its components complement each other well and enhance the effect. Safe for pregnant girls.

TOP ointments

  1. "Indovezin". The gel is recommended to be used to eliminate puffiness, improve the elasticity of the vessel wall. The use of ointment contributes to the normalization of blood circulation.
  2. Troxevasin. Ointment tones veins, relieves swelling and prevents blood clots.
  3. "Heparin." The drug is recommended for the treatment of rectal diseases in pregnant women. Ointment does not affect the lactation process.

TOP suppositories

Suppositories are prescribed not only for the treatment of hemorrhoidal nodes, but also to prevent their formation. The best venotonic candles for hemorrhoids:

  1. "Nigepan." Rectal suppositories of this type are recommended for the prevention of the disease. They are able to relieve pain at the first stage of the development of the disease.
  2. "Relief." Suppositories are prescribed for bleeding that has opened. Suppositories have the ability to accelerate the regeneration of diseased skin cells.
  3. Natalsid. Means Effectively relieves inflammatory processes. When using candles, wounds and cracks heal in a short time.

Range of action of venotonics

Venotonics for hemorrhoids are the only effective remedy that eliminates itching symptoms a few minutes after taking the tablets.

Venotonic agents have a number of positive effects:

  • prevent the occurrence of thrombosis,
  • strengthen vascular walls, reduce permeability, swelling, inflammation,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • stabilize venous tone,
  • reduce leukocyte aggression.


The medicine has an angioprotective effect with decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect. "Troxevasin" is used to eliminate venous insufficiency, varicose veins.

The drug is made in the form of a gel for external use and in capsules for oral administration. One tablet contains:

  • troxerutin
  • lactose monohydrate,
  • magnesium stearate.

The composition of the gel includes:

  • troxerutin
  • carbonara
  • disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid,
  • benzalkonium chloride,
  • triethanolamine.

According to the instructions for use, "Troxevasin" in the form of tablets must be taken orally with food. The dosage of the drug is two capsules once a day, the course of therapy is one month.

The drug in the form of an ointment is applied by massaging movements on the painful surface of the skin, twice a day, treatment must be carried out until the symptoms of the disease completely disappear. The cost of the drug varies from 180 to 700 rubles.

Active components

Venotonics for hemorrhoids in tablet form are considered the most popular drugs.

They owe their popularity to the natural composition of the following components:

  • Japanese sophora
  • horse chestnut
  • extracts of red grapes.

Chemical components are added to the plant components, which in combination contribute to a powerful therapeutic effect on the affected capillaries and veins.

Medicines with bioflavonoids on the body act systemically (Venarus, Vazoket, Detrolex, Phlebodia).

Routine medications effectively relieve swelling in the inflamed area. Such drugs as Ascorutin, Troxevasin are available in capsules and ointments, which expands the spectrum of exposure of the drug (topically and orally).

Venotonics with pentoxifylline (Trental, Vasonite) contribute to an increase in venous tone, reduce vascular permeability, and renew intestinal tissue nutrition. In addition to positive results, these drugs have many side effects, so their administration is allowed strictly after the doctor's prescription.

For the treatment of varicose veins, biologically active compounds (BAA) with tea tree oil, peppermint extract, horse chestnut are used. Biological products are available in the form of tablets, capsules, solutions, drops, ointments, creams, suppositories. Basically, biological medicines are prescribed as additional means to effective therapy.

The best phlebotropic drugs for hemorrhoids are medicines that are made on the basis of plant substances, since they are the safest for the body, have fewer contraindications, are better absorbed, and have a high therapeutic effect.Phlebotonics often include extracts from medicinal plants: horse chestnut, lavender, rosemary, red grapes and others. Semi-and synthetic drugs are also effective in hemorrhoids.

Important! It should be understood that venotonics have a high therapeutic effect exclusively in the early stages of the development of the disease. In the later stages, they contribute exclusively to reducing unpleasant symptoms, improving the well-being of the patient.

All venotonics are divided into several types, depending on the active substances that make up their composition.

  1. Preparations, the main component of which are flavonoids diosmin and hesperidin. Medicines based on these substances have a systemic effect and are available in the form of tablets. In pharmacies you can find venotonics, which contain only diosmin (Phlebodia 600, Vazoket, Diosmin), as well as combination drugs (Venarus, Detralex).
  2. Medicines based on rutoside (Pilex) and troxerutin (Troxevasin, Troxerutin, Troxevenol). Available in tablets, ointments, gels.
  3. Venotonics, in which the main substance is pentoxifylline (Wazonite, Trental, Pentoxifylline). The action of such drugs is based on a decrease in the permeability of capillaries and, as a result, an increase in the tone of blood vessels, as well as an improvement in trophic tissue. However, unlike the above, such drugs have more serious contraindications.
  4. Natural preparations produced in various forms, which include extracts, oils or juices of medicinal plants (Doppelherz Venotonik, Shungit). They are used as an adjunct to basic therapy.

Venotonic List

The selection of venotonics for the treatment of hemorrhoids is carried out by the attending physician taking into account the severity, stage of the disease, the size of the cones, their number, allergies, and the individuality of the body.

Popular drugs

  • Vyazoket - recommended for acute hemorrhoids, quickly returns to the capillaries proper permeability, relieves pain, discomfort, prevents blood loss.
  • Venarus - a complex remedy that strengthens blood vessels, reduces venous distension, and are recommended for venous congestion.
  • Doppelhertz is a tablet preparation for restoring metabolic processes, accelerating regeneration in all tissues, healing the whole body.
  • Detralex - tablets that increase vascular tone, restore veins, relieve hemorrhoidal diseases and varicose limbs.
  • Angistakas - a tool that improves microcirculation, relieves pain, swelling, discomfort.
  • Venoruton - returns tone to veins, eliminates inflammatory processes, sometimes it is prescribed as a preventive medicine for hemorrhoids.
  • Venotonizing local drugs for hemorrhoids - venotonics in ointments creams, balsams are most often used by patients, this is due to the rapid effect on the affected area:
  • Troxevasin is a venotonic drug with anti-inflammatory effect. Copes with swelling, pain, prevents thrombosis. Troxevasin is an antioxidant with a firming effect on the vascular walls.
  • Heparin ointment - reduces and softens the hemorrhoid cones, eliminates all the disturbing symptoms. Often prescribed to pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Levomekol is an antibiotic ointment of quick and effective effect, copes with pain, and other disturbing symptoms. Chloramphenicol acts in cells, which ensures rapid regeneration.
  • Relief is an anti-inflammatory, restorative ointment that effectively removes soreness, quickly heals cracks and injuries in the anal canal, and fights hemorrhoids.
  • Proctosan - an ointment intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, eliminates inflammation, pain, is allowed for use during pregnancy.

Venotonic suppositories for inflamed hemorrhoids are recommended as an additional medicine for bumps, itching, burning, frequent constipation, pain, and slight blood loss.

Rectal suppositories

  • Nigepan - preventive suppositories to relieve and alleviate primary symptoms.
  • Relief - assigned to patients with blood loss. Suppositories have excellent regenerative properties, promote mild bowel movements, reduce inflammation, and eliminate infection.
  • Natalside - hemostatic suppositories with anti-inflammatory and regenerative effectiveness.
  • Aurobin is a combined (hormonal) local drug for the relief of pain in hemorrhoids.
  • Proctosedylum - suppositories from itching, swelling, inflammation, restore tone in the veins.

Before starting treatment therapy, diagnosis and medical consultation are necessary. Spontaneous, uncontrolled intake of drugs can not only turn out to be useless treatment, but also worsen human health.


What reviews do patients leave about the best venotonics for hemorrhoids? People note that drugs can only help when the first stages of the development of the disease occur. In severe phases of hemorrhoids, neither tablets nor ointments can eliminate the disease, they will only help reduce the symptoms of the disease, only alleviating the patient's condition.

Before using the drug, you should consult your doctor. You cannot make a diagnosis based on the experience of loved ones and forums on the Internet.

According to reviews of venotonics for hemorrhoids, it must be remembered that only a medical specialist can choose the right therapy, since venotonic agents affect not only the vessels that are affected by hemorrhoids, but also all blood vessels in the body.

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