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How to grow stubble if it grows poorly

Under fashion trends, many men literally dream of letting go of a thick and luxurious beard, transforming their appearance and image. To do this, be patient, abandon the razor and the machine, and most importantly, have a good genetic predisposition. But not all men are lucky with heredity, so the questions about how to grow a beard if it does not grow are more relevant than ever.

A stylish beard and mustache for men can remain only a dream, if in the place where the beard should grow, some bald spots and uneven growth of hairs are visible. Experts in this field recommend that you first consult a trichologist on what to do to grow a beard in order to find the cause of the problem. And only after determining the root of the problem, you can establish a full-fledged beard growth.

Why is the beard not growing?

In order to determine the methods of how to make a beard and mustache grow, a man first needs to find the main causes of facial hair problems. Trichologists name a few of the most typical reasons why a beard does not grow at all or grows unevenly. Namely:

  1. Age - before the age of 14 years, the beard should not grow according to physiological characteristics, puberty of a man occurs from 14 to 25 years, just as the fluff above the upper lip and the beard begin to grow.
  2. Floor - Only in men can a beard grow, although the antennae are often observed in the fair half of society.
  3. Genes - in order to understand what result can be expected during the growth of a beard, it is worth looking at the vegetation of the father, grandfather and other relatives, as genetics decides a lot.
  4. Pathologies of the development of the reproductive system - Beard growth also depends on the level of sex hormones and the development of the reproductive system. With any deviations of the reproductive system, the male’s vegetation is the first to suffer.

Why stubble does not grow

To find out why the stubble does not grow on the cheeks of men, we turn to human physiology. During puberty, testosterone is produced in the male body, and then the first hair appears on the chin in the form of a light gun.

For the first time using a razor, a man provokes the renewal of vegetation, the growth of stubble is enhanced. You should be alarmed if there is simply no beard, or if your hair suddenly stopped growing. This will signal that a hormonal level malfunction has occurred in the body, and testosterones are not produced in the proper amount.

If the bristles grow poorly, then the main causes of this problem are:

  • unbalanced nutrition
  • chronic fatigue,
  • excessive use of alcohol and tobacco,
  • stressful situations that disturb the emotional background,
  • short sleep.

When the hairline is completely absent, this is a signal of endocrine dysfunction. In such a situation, you should seek help from a specialist.

With poor hair growth, you can ask the adult men of the family during which period they experienced full-fledged beard growth. Quite often, this problem is explained by genetics.

In any case, there is no reason to worry, because there are natural-based medications that help all comers to grow stubble as quickly as possible.

How to grow thick stubble quickly

So, the smoothness of the skin on the face is gradually losing its position. Today, men prefer a slightly daring and brutal look, which is characterized by light bristles.

So that you can always look successful and solid, it is important not only to grow a light beard, but also to maintain its appearance in every way. Here you should first figure out how to grow stubble on your face.

To increase the growth of the bristles, it is recommended to follow certain requirements:

  • Need to stop shavingso that the hair grows naturally
  • Healthy food. A balanced meal is considered the easiest and easiest way to help grow facial hair. It is recommended to consume a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits that supply vitamin C to the body and saturate it with a substance known as pectin. You should introduce more protein-containing foods into your diet, and drink the required amount of water. The consumption of sweets and convenience foods will have to be excluded. It is recommended to regularly eat meat, cheeses, fish, legumes, kefir. Include seafood and nuts. In addition, you have to fight with your own weight. Getting rid of extra pounds will lead to an increase in testosterone,
  • Avoid stress. Situations that cause discord in the general condition, can suppress the development of hair, give them brittleness and fragility. It is necessary to temper the spirit with sports exercises, perform gymnastics for breathing, fully get enough sleep (at least eight hours a day). In this case, the body manages to regain strength and relax,
  • To refuse from bad habits. Smoking and drinking are harmful to your health. Nicotine does not adversely affect hair follicles, but the functioning of the blood significantly impairs. This affects the nutrition of the bulbs. Alcohol drinks reduce hair restoration, contribute to their loss,
  • Organize proper hair care. The condition of the skin affects the rate of hair growth. If the epidermis has redness or exfoliation, then this is one of the reasons for the lack of facial vegetation or its slow growth. The skin needs constant hydration, replenishment with vitamin compounds. It is recommended to visit a beauty parlor or arrange cosmetic masks on your own. As soon as a three-day stubble forms on the face, the skin must be cleaned with steam. The best option for this procedure is to visit the sauna,
  • Maintain hormonal balance. Why the stubble does not grow on your face, an experienced specialist will help you figure it out. According to his recommendations, one should increase the hormonal level by intensively performing certain exercises and regularly having sex.

And yet, how to grow stubble on the face, if it does not grow? Here are a few ways that can effectively help in the growth and maintenance of a 3-day stubble:

  • Pharmacies and specialty stores offer you special formulations stimulating hair growth. Their instructions will tell you how to accelerate the growth of bristles, but drugs require caution in handling. The main problem is that they are used to grow the scalp. And if you decide to take their help, then start with a small area on your face to check the skin reaction. After all, our desire is not only how to properly maintain the three-day stubble, but also in maintaining safety for the face. An example of such formulations are Minoxidil-a, Regein, Rogan. With their help, blood vessels expand, blood circulation improves. True, there is a likelihood of side effects in the form of shortness of breath, hair growth in other areas. In addition, to exclude an allergic reaction, consult about the possibility of using such formulations with your doctor,
  • What else can be done to make the bristles grow fully? A good way to improve growth is Burr oil. Before using it, you should steam the skin by holding your face over hot water, apply heated oil to the right places and hold the mask for at least two hours. This will be enough to moisturize and nourish the bulbs. After the specified time, the oil is washed off with a conventional means. It is likely that your face will soon be decorated with a three-day stubble. There are other vegetable oils that contribute to improving hair growth - castor, sea buckthorn, peach, almond, olive,

How to maintain

How to arrange care to make beautiful bristles on your face? Some relevant recommendations:

  • It is necessary to monitor the skin regularly. Once a week, you should exfoliate the top layer, make a mask of eucalyptus. It will give the skin health, stimulate the growth of hairs. In face care, use lotions containing vitamin "B" and other mineral components. Very soon your beard will reach 3 mm,
  • Take aspirin daily. A dose of 80 mg is considered safe. This will strengthen your heart, improve blood flow, activate blood circulation in the scalp. Other drugs can be used to thin the blood. An example is Cardiomagnyl, other means that help with thrombosis are also suitable. It must be remembered that before taking medications you should consult your doctor.

General recommendations

It is important to constantly moisturize the skin using greasy creams and serums.

A three-day unshaven will require special care from you. She will have to be trimmed and trimmed constantly, choosing the most suitable shapes and length of hairs for your face.

How to grow hair so that it does not grow bristled? Use a gel composition or wax. With their help, you can style your hair beautifully, maintaining a stylish look.

Knowing how to grow stubble on your face is half the success. It is necessary to do this so that the beard harmonizes with the hairstyle.

When the stubble does not grow, and you do not know what to do, a specialist consultation will help. The fact is that many of the tools used begin to exert their influence in months, because every person has his own characteristics. If the recommendations presented have not had a positive effect, you will have to consult a doctor and undergo a course of detailed examination.

What awaits the beard owner?

First of all, you should understand that the beard that you decide to grow has certain advantages. It creates protection for the skin from ultraviolet radiation, cools the skin in hot weather, and absorbs sweat. That's just the itch will cause a certain discomfort.

A lush hairstyle will collect dust particles on itself, protecting the respiratory organs from the penetration of microbes and infectious bacteria into them. In addition, a beard will protect you from strong winds and cool weather.

A beard is considered a sign of courage and power. With her help, a man expresses his own strength. Male unshaven often attracts the female gender.

Those who decide to grow a beard will have to mentally prepare for uncomfortable sensations:

  • first, your whirlwinds will have a scruffy look, and others will constantly remind you of this. The situation will remind you of the psychological impact that tests the persistence of your character,
  • skin that does not have time to get used to copious vegetation will itch. You can get rid of this with light massages using lotions,
  • if the skin inflammation is stronger than usual, you should resort to cosmetic preparations.

In short, before making a final decision, you should evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a future beard.

A man must create the impression of a reliable and stylish person. But each person reserves the right not to adhere to this stereotype, but to look so that in the first place they themselves feel comfortable. And the main advice here is to grow stubble only when you yourself want it.

What to do to accelerate growth?

To find methods and effective solutions to the problem of how to make a beard and mustache grow, a man needs to take action according to the causes of the problems. First you need to wait a little at least until the age of 18, not worrying about a poorly growing beard. If age has nothing to do with it, experts give several recommendations that can be followed comprehensively.

- Increase testosterone production

The appearance of a man, physique, level of sexual and physical activity, as well as the amount of hair on the body and head, their growth rate and density, depend on the level of testosterone. The peak of testosterone levels occurs during puberty, but if the beard does not grow even at this time, this indicates a lack of hormone.

- Proper nutrition and vitamins

Another option for solving the problem of what needs to be done so that a beard grows is to change your diet. All physiological processes, including the growth of vegetation, directly depend on the level of vitamins and nutrients in the body. A man definitely needs to reduce the consumption of any sweets, as this helps to increase the amount of adipose tissue and decrease testosterone levels.

- Sports and healthy sleep

Sport and weight loss help accelerate blood circulation in the body, resulting in a naturally increased level of testosterone in the body. Accordingly, the growth of the beard will be noticeably accelerated and improved. In order for testosterone to grow and not continue to decline, it will be enough to perform intensive short workouts at home or in the gym.


In fact, in order for a beard to grow, a man does not have to use expensive drugs and drugs, after the cancellation of which the opposite effect can be caused. To begin with, it is worth consulting a doctor to check the body for abnormalities and malfunctions. After adjusting the diet and mode of work and rest. If genetics turned out to be stronger, you can afford a small beard and antennae instead of long and dense facial hair.

Hygiene and Beard Care

This may seem obvious, but you need to keep your beard clean and moist. Fatty deposits, dirt, peeling of the skin can interfere with the healthy growth of facial hair. As soon as you start to grow a beard, adopt the following rules:

    Wash your face and beard with warm water in the morning and in the evening using gentle detergents to avoid irritation. If your work involves physical labor or you often sweat, wash your beard more often. In our online store you can buy a special soap or solid shampoo for beard. It consists exclusively of natural ingredients and is capable of flawlessly washing hard hair on a beard.


  • It sounds strange, of course, but try using a skin scrub to remove old skin. When you shaved, the skin was removed with a razor. Now you need to remove the skin with something else.
  • After washing the beard, use a moisturizing skin lotion. It is recommended to use a cream with eucalyptus.
  • Walkthrough

    Why to begin not fast - need to be warned right away! - and not an easy process regrowth facial hair? It is assumed that you have already firmly decided to take this step, and there is no need to explain why this is necessary at all. Therefore, it goes straight to the point.

    Shape selection

    It makes sense to turn to a professional barber - he will choose the type of beard, pots and mustache that are best suited to the shape of your skull and style. You can also download a special program from the Internet that allows you to "try on" different types of beards on your face online. You need to focus, as mentioned above, on the shape of the face and cheekbones and your image.

    1. An elongated, thin face - a lush beard will help smooth out angular features, almost any shape will do, ph only it is better to refuse a too long, wedge-shaped beard.
    2. Square cheekbones - and in this case, on the contrary, you need to strive for a wedge-shaped beard, then visually the face will look more proportional.
    3. Round face - a beard with a square or triangular edge is recommended. Rounded edges are contraindicated.

    Tip: Please note that in some companies dense facial hair is not welcome. Therefore, once again weigh that the priority is a beard like a lumberjack or a career and a good salary.

    Rules for care during growing

    Take care of the beard from the first weeks. It’s too early to trim and shampoo it. But the skin will itch when the hairs reach a length of 1.5-2 cm. You can relieve itching with moisturizing oils and lotions. Alcohol-containing products must be completely discarded. It also does not hurt to remove scarves and sweaters with a collar, additionally rubbing the skin.

    Correct and crop

    For these purposes, a special machine or trimmer is purchased. You will also need scissors, a comb with frequent teeth and, possibly, a dangerous razor. And also the skills of wielding with all these tools. You still have to learn, since you need to take care of the beard regularly. But at first you can turn to specialists and take master classes from them.

    What is important to do: trim the hairs on the sides, creating the desired shape, and free the neck in the Adam's apple and below. The emphasis is on creating volume in the chin area. Hair under the lower lip, growing untidy shred, you must immediately take control and regularly cut.

    We focus on the edges

    You can start this process starting from 2-3 months of growing a beard, when the hairs are already long enough, they can be washed, combed and laid. It is believed that this time was enough to master the skills of using a trimmer, training on yourself, friends, brothers, and indoor dogs. If this does not happen, it is better to turn to the barber. Otherwise, there is a high risk of spoiling everything that grew so hard.

    Recommendation: the most modern trimmer models are equipped with a laser and backlight. Thanks to such chips, it is possible to correct the beard without problems even in a poorly lit place, and the risk of cutting the excess is reduced to zero - just focus on the laser mark.

    Shade the lines

    If your facial hair is not very dense by nature, then you can leave the lines on your cheeks natural, no matter how. And make sure that individual hairs do not creep out over the designated limits. If the bristles grow densely and abundantly, then the area of ​​the cheeks must be freed. Otherwise, you will soon look like a participant in the Arab liberation movement - do not be surprised if they start asking you for documents in the subway and inviting them to search the back room. Long hairs are cleaned with a machine or trimmer, the remains are shaved with a razor.

    Group B supplements and vitamins for growing your beard

    Vitamins of group B are the most important substances involved in hair growth.

    • Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, supports hair growth. Thiamine is involved in the metabolism of fats and proteins, which are necessary for the nutrition of hair and scalp. Thiamine is found in cereals, legumes, green vegetables with leaves, brewer's yeast, meat, eggs, cottage cheese.
    • Vitamins B3 and B5 improve blood circulation and promote a rush of blood to the hair follicles. These vitamins are found in chicken, beef, fish, egg yolk, avocados, milk and cereals.
    • Vitamin B6 or pyrodoxin - is involved in the metabolism, including hormones, proteins and fats. From a lack of this vitamin, dandruff appears and hair loss begins. Pyrodoxin is found in germinated cereals, walnuts, hazelnuts, spinach, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and avocados.
    • Vitamin B7, also known as Biotin or Vitamin H, is the most important element promoting hair growth. It helps accelerate and thicken hair. Biotin is found in yeast, tomatoes, spinach, soy, egg yolk, mushrooms and liver. Eat more often these products and you will have natural and healthy hair growth.
    • Vitamin B9 or folic acid affects the strength and thickness of the hair. This vitamin is found in cereals, nuts, legumes, yeast, and green vegetables with leaves.
    • Vitamin B12 is a biologically active substance that provides hair with oxygen and other nutrients. The source of vitamin B12 is: beef liver, yeast, dairy products, soy, eggs, green vegetables with leaves.

    The supply of B vitamins to a greater extent occurs through digestion and blood. All masks, gels and shampoos with B vitamins are minor things, since vitamins are absorbed through the skin in small quantities.

    Products Containing B Vitamins - Essential Elements for Beard Growth

    You can get all B vitamins from food or buy them in a pharmacy or specialized sports stores as supplements.

    Be sure to go to the doctor and consult on the use of any drugs, so that later it will not be sad and painful.

    Go in for sports

    Try to do exercise - this will contribute to the growth of testosterone. Physical activity contributes to normal blood circulation and maintain a normal metabolic rate. To put it simply, all nutrients, vitamins and supplements, quickly reach their destination and accelerate the process of hair growth.

    Light morning exercises and walk for 3-5 km. per day will promote hair and beard growth in particular.

    When playing sports, testosterone is produced and, as a result, the beard grows.

    Less stress

    It is difficult to resist stress in modern conditions, but this must be done. Stress causes hair loss, which can inhibit hair growth on the beard.

    Psychological and excessive physical stress can harm your immune system, which in turn will lead to a decrease in the growth rate of the beard.

    They say that stress helps meditation or yoga. Perhaps you should try some of this to get rid of anxiety and relax.

    Rest and relax so that your hair does not fall out and your beard grows

    Provide a healthy sleep

    A healthy and full sleep is the key to maintaining all body functions, including promoting beard growth.

    During sleep, our cells are renewed and there is an increase in hair growth rate. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, what healthy sleep can we talk about? Doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sleep.

    Sleep for at least 8 hours so that the beard grows quickly

    Gain strength and patience

    The next problem for men is trying to grow a beard as quickly as possible. It is impossible to wake up one morning with a grown beard. You just need to understand that if the beard does not grow, then you just need to wait. Perhaps you are too young and your body is simply not ready yet. And while the beard grows, you can feel itching in certain areas of the skin. About a week after the last shave. It will be easier further, as the length of the hair increases.

    You need to focus on something else so that growth is faster. You are distracted from this problem and do not remember the beard every hour. Go on vacation, go camping, do some work .... get lost on a desert island and you will grow a beard like the hero of the movie Outcast in the role of Tom Hanks.

    While the beard is growing, choose the shape and style of a beard and mustache.

    You need to focus on something else so that growth is faster.

    4. Violations in the development of the reproductive system.

    As you know, beard growth is completely dependent on the reproductive system and the hormones it produces. If there are delays and other violations in its development, then this affects the growth of the beard, and “caused” the development. So if there is a suspicion of something was wrong, it would be better for you to go to the doctor and conduct an examination. This is normal, do not be afraid.

    As you can see, it is difficult to fight against such causes of stupor in beard growth. But is it really impossible to promote hair growth, and in the question how to grow a beard, if it does not grow, nothing will help? Of course, there are funds, because there is our article.

    Eucalyptus Oil Solution

    Try eucalyptus oil. It contributes to the growth of the beard, if you moisturize the beard with a solution of mala eucalyptus and water or special creams.

    To prepare a solution of eucalyptus at home, take 1/5 of eucalyptus oil and 4/5 of warm water. Moisten a cotton wool with a solution and apply with wetting movements on the skin. If skin irritation occurs, stop using the solution.

    To grow a beard, use a solution of eucalyptus

    2. It is necessary to normalize (increase) the production of testosterone in the body.

    Testosterone is a male sex hormone responsible for sex drive, mood, memory, and for almost all aspects of a man’s life, including facial hair. It begins to be produced in large quantities during puberty. But if the cucumber and tomatoes are already ripe, and the beard is not in a hurry to grow, then perhaps the hormone is in vain lacking.

    Tips for boosting testosterone in natural ways for your beard to start growing.

    • Do not neglect sleep. Testosterone loves a good, sound sleep, and is produced in its deepest phase. So be sure to sleep a sufficient amount of time - as a rule, it is 8 hours.

    • Balance your diet. If you eat only sweets, then why are you surprised that you look like a sweet boy without a beard. You need to eat like a man, then the beard will be male, not female.

    Include in your diet:

    1. Nuts, seeds. (think why the guys with the seeds are so daring?)
    2. The fish.
    3. Meat.
    4. The eggs. For example, quail.
    5. Vegetables, fruits, fiber.
    6. A good set of vitamins purchased at a pharmacy.
    7. Drink plain water, at least 2 liters per day.

    If possible, exclude from the diet:

    1. Sweets.
    2. Excessively fatty dishes.
    3. Alcohol.
    4. Fast food.
    5. Soda.

    • Be physically active. Moderate sports contribute to the production of testosterone in men. Especially with weights, but for a start, simple, generally available exercises are suitable: push-ups, squats, pull-ups on the bar, running, etc. In addition, playing sports will give you much more attractiveness in the eyes of women than a beard. So start, and the beard will arrive in time.

    • Do not be nervous. Stressful situations distance you from the desired beard. Indeed, during stress, cortisol is released - a hormone that suppresses testosterone. Be confident in yourself and do not worry about nothing, do not hold the grudge in yourself once again. Stress is not for bearded men.

    • Chat with ladies. Who, if not them, should increase the production of testosterone for men. Even if you don’t have a beard yet, your chances may be great, especially if you know about their hidden sexual signals. Eating positively affects the level of hormones, and if you find a girl who does not like bearded men, then vegetation may not be needed.

    Amla Oil and Mustard

    Prepare a solution of Amla and mustard oil. Amla is considered one of the most beneficial natural oils that will be beneficial for hair follicles.

    Mix approximately 60 ml. Amla oils with 3 tablespoons of mustard powder. Move to a pasty mass. Make a beard mask from this mixture and do not rinse off for 20 minutes. The mixture is suitable for use within 2-3 days.

    In addition to the mask of amla and mustard, you can use jojoba oil and grape seed oil. Spread the oils directly on the skin and date them soak for some time. 15-20 minutes will be enough.

    Use a solution of Amla and mustard oil to grow a beard

    If it’s difficult to prepare such formulations, you can buy ready-made beard oil with a whole range of oils.


    3. Try different beard growth masks.

    Facial masks will give a general healing effect, nourish the skin and hair follicles, and contribute to the growth of the beard if it does not grow. Pay attention to the ingredients of each mask. Before use, make sure that you have no contraindications to each component.

    • Mask of oils: Castor and Burdock. They can be used either individually or in a mixture. But it is better to make a mixture so as not to carry out the procedure several times, and have more free time for girls, sports and games on lifeo.ru.

    1. Mix the oils in equal proportions, 1 to 1.
    2. Apply to the cheeks and chin in a circular motion, rubbing oil into the skin.
    3. Leave for an hour, then rinse with soap. It is possible earlier if you feel the need.
    4. We repeat the procedure about three times a week for several months, up to six.

    Be careful: if you have oily skin problems, use the mask with caution. If the skin condition worsens, stop the procedure.

    • The same mask, only with the addition of red pepper. Pepper will burn the skin a little and increase the blood supply to the hair follicles, which will contribute to the growth of the beard.

    1. Mix 5 gr. castor and burdock oil.
    2. Add half a gram of red pepper powder.
    3. Rubbed into the cheeks and chin.
    4. Leave for half an hour.
    5. Wash off.

    • Minoxidil. Means against hair loss, but also suitable for beard growth in men. There are positive reviews and clinical trials confirming effectiveness. The principle of action, again, is to improve the blood supply to the hair follicles. The manufacturer promises the first results in 3-6 months, provided that you use the product according to the instructions every day.

    One hundred percent guarantee that these measures will help, of course, no one can give you if the genes are to blame. But if you just lack a little for a stunning beard, then all of the above is just what you need!

    Be attractive, courageous, and respected with or without a beard.

    When you have grown yourself a pass into women's panties, you will only have to worry about how long not to finish.

    A beard appeared and you were told “Yes” even by the latest, convinced virgin? It does not matter, read how to deprive a girl of virginity.

    If your beard grows abundantly, then it will also abundantly stand up on the girls.

    Ground cinnamon and lime juice

    To grow a beard, try using a solution of ground cinnamon and lime juice. With this mixture, you need to smear the skin 2 times a day to stimulate hair growth.

    To prepare the mixture, take 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon and 2 tablespoons of lime juice. Make a smear on the beard for 25 to 30 minutes. If irritation occurs, stop using the solution.

    Try a solution of ground cinnamon and lime juice to make the beard grow faster

    Medications, Beard Growth Stimulants

    Science has long since learned to stimulate hair growth using special medicines. Most of them are affordable and can be purchased even by a student. However, I strongly recommend consulting a trichologist who will examine you and give recommendations on which medications you can use.


    There is a special therapeutic drug that stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth - minoxidil (minoxidil). It is used for hair growth on the head, but it is also suitable for the growth of the entire beard or thinning areas. Surely it happens that your hair grows unevenly, in islands or tufts, and not with even bristles. Minoxidil may help in this situation.

    Minoxidil - a beard growth stimulator

    The use of this drug is relatively simple.You squeeze the drug onto the skin and rub the drug with massage movements. However, the concentration of the drug and its frequency of use should be checked with a doctor. Often there are side effects, so be sure to consult a doctor.



    There is another drug on the market to stimulate beard growth - finasteride. This drug raises the level of male hormones and is used for male pattern baldness.

    Finasteride increases the level of hormones in the body by 10-20%, which stimulates the rapid growth of hair on the body, head and beard. The drug is available in tablets and is quite simple to use.

    Finasteride - a beard growth stimulator

    I warn you again that you need to see a doctor before using the drug, as there are side effects: impotence, weakening libido, and a decrease in the volume of ejaculate. Want to take a chance? I hope no.

    Why doesn't the hair on my cheeks grow?

    The first thing to consider is the factors that affect the presence or absence of bristles on the face of men.

    What can provoke a lack of a beard:

    1. Genetics. You can’t argue with heredity - this is the primary reason that a beard can grow rare. If the ancestors did not have dense facial hair, then you should not hope that the descendants will be vice versa. And if someone in the year suffered from alopecia, the situation is exacerbated and the likelihood of growing a strong beard is greatly reduced. That is why the question of how much the beard grows is so difficult to answer - everything is individual.
    2. Age. You rarely see a teenager who boasts a chic beard, for this you need to grow up. Only with age, with constant care on the face, the outlines and form of the correct vegetation appear.
    3. Hormones. Testosterone is a hormone that is directly responsible for the sexual characteristics of men. Often its lack in the body is the reason that the mustache and beard do not grow.
    4. Ethnic factor. There are nationalities with almost no facial hair - these are Eskimos and Chukchi. If you had ancestors of these nationalities in your family, that is, you probably will not have dense vegetation.
    5. Improper nutrition and lack of vitamins. You need to monitor your health. If a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins does not enter the body of a young person, then you should not even hope that the hair on the chin and cheeks will grow evenly. Proper nutrition also plays an important role, and if it is not respected, then problems may arise not only with the growth of the beard, but with the whole body as a whole.
    6. Oncology. All hair falls out from chemotherapy, but after undergoing treatment and recovery everything falls into place and the hair grows back, including the beard.

    reference! Many guys are interested in how old a beard begins to grow. It depends on both nationality and heredity, but an average of 15-20 years.

    Why a beard a dense beard is not growing at all is told in the video:

    What can be done at home?

    The first thing to realize is beard growth depends on numerous conditions. The second - do not demand from the body the impossible; at a young age, few can boast of a strong beard.

    What if testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (a derivative of the male hormone) are deficient?

    We increase testosterone in the body (methods)

    To date, many synthetic substances have been developed that are ready to increase the degree of male hormone - they are simply absorbed and give excellent results.

    Important! Before you start taking medications for beard growth, you should consult with an endocrinologist, as they have some side effects.

    Basically, hormonal drugs are prescribed in the form of injections, testosterone getting into the liver is destroyed.

    But pharmacists have developed androgen, which, when ingested, retains its hormonal properties.

    Men do not like to go to hospitals and prefer to take pills to increase male hormone - they are easy to use, and the effect of them is no worse than that of injections.

    Consider the main effective drugs that will help increase testosterone:

    1. Propionate - testosterone ester of a sexual type of steroidal origin. This drug has very few side effects, it is not toxic, it is prescribed by injection, since the effect of the hormone is much more effective if it enters the body intramuscularly.
    2. Enanthan - ether made from natural ingredients of a complex type. The tool is aimed at restoring and strengthening the hair follicles, while the facial hair begins to grow with a homogeneous mass quite quickly.
    3. Boldenone - A synthetic drug, a derivative of testosterone, helps to increase the level of hormones in the body.
    4. Proviron - a tablet preparation that has an androgenic effect and stimulates the body's production of male sex hormone. Often, doctors prescribe this particular medicine if the beard does not grow. The action of these tablets is aimed at blocking globulin, which lowers testosterone levels.

    These are the main medications prescribed by endocrinologists with a low level of male sex hormone.

    In addition to medicines, you can use traditional medicine recipes that are no less effective. Therefore, if you are a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and do not want to drink medications, then you can try to raise the level of testosterone with folk remedies.

    Alternative medicine has many advantages, for example, you do not need to spend big money on the purchase of drugs, most of the funds are inexpensive.

    It can be used without fear of side effects, since the compositions are completely natural. But they have one significant minus - the effect of the procedures comes gradually, you need a long, comprehensive treatment.

    So, you want a gorgeous beard, then apply the following:

    1. Special herbs. Herbal medicine has been familiar to mankind since ancient times, therefore, taking various infusions and decoctions, you can get thick stubble on your face. If testosterone is low and the hair follicles are in a “sleeping" state, then drink ginseng tincture 3 times a day. You need to take a course that is designed for three months.
    2. Full and healthy sleep. The body of men is arranged so that the sex hormone is produced mainly at night, therefore, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.
    3. Sport. Physical activity is very important for the male body - this is a great way to increase sex hormone and androgens. The gym must be visited at least three times a week. Within a month you can notice how your stubble on the cheeks and chin has become much thicker and more even.

    Important! Using folk methods, do not interrupt the course - there will be no effect from them.

    But if you strictly adhere to the recommendations listed above, then soon you will forget about the rare beard.

    Watch the video that describes how to grow a beautiful and thick beard:

    With cognac

    • cognac - 50 g
    • thistle oil - 5 drops,
    • tocopherol (pharmacy drug) - 5 cap.

    The mask perfectly helps with rare facial vegetation - alcohol acts annoyingly, warms the skin, helps increase blood circulation and, as a result, the enhanced work of hair follicles.

    From mustard

    • mustard powder - 30 g,
    • honey - 0.5 tsp,
    • kefir - to get a creamy mass.

    The mask nourishes and moisturizes the skin and hair follicles, from this the beard begins to grow much faster.

    How to make a mustard mask for facial hair growth is described in the video:


    there is special vitamin complexes, which are aimed at strengthening hair and nails, that’s what they should be consumed if facial hair is sparse or completely absent.

    In addition, vitamins have a beneficial effect on the whole body and prevent hair loss, which is important in the case of care for the beard.

    So, the vitamins that help grow a strong beard are as follows:

    1. Retinol Vitamin A - supports the condition of the hair as a whole. If the body lacks this vitamin, the skin becomes dry and lifeless, dandruff does not appear. At the same time, the hair becomes dull and brittle, and this does not contribute to their growth. You can take vitamin A both separately and as part of complexes. You can apply the oil composition directly to the skin.
    2. Vitamin C - It is very important for the body as a whole and for the growth of the beard in particular. This substance is responsible for the immune system, and if it is lacking, the hairline on the face is unlikely to be thick and chic. In addition, ascorbic acid enhances blood circulation.
    3. Vitamin E - A great tool that makes hair smooth, silky and thick, which is indispensable when growing a beard.

    Hair transplantation

    At the moment, medicine offers a service such as hair transplantation. But the option is shown only to those who already have scanty facial vegetation, while a person has already tried all the existing means for growing a beard and they turned out to be ineffective.

    The operation is very complex and expensive, despite the fact that there is a possibility that the bulbs simply do not take root.

    The procedure has a number of contraindications. After the operation, there will be a long rehabilitation period, and no one will be able to give you guarantees that the result will be positive.

    reference! Before you go on a transplant, think carefully about whether it is so important for you to have a magnificent beard.

    If the bristles grow unevenly

    Often there are situations that there is hair on the face, but it is uneven, the hair grows in shreds, what should be done in this case? There is an exit - use a variety of oils.

    The positive effect of oils is known to many and they are used for healthy hair, not only on the face. You can buy expensive branded drugs with a complex composition or use single-component oils that are inexpensive.

    reference! Oils help nourish the skin, activate blood flow, and generally have a positive effect on bristles, making them stronger, more well-groomed and thicker.

    The main compounds that will help you grow a magnificent beard:

    1. Burdock oil - It is inexpensive, but very effective. It improves blood flow and hair growth. When applied, the skin becomes healthy and well-groomed. The method of applying the composition is not complicated, just take a little base oil, distribute it over the beard area and massage well for at least 3 minutes. Then leave the composition for another 15 minutes and rinse with shampoo.
    2. Castor oil - an excellent composition, which penetrates the hair follicles, nourishes with keratin - it helps to accelerate hair growth. It is good if you mix this oil with burdock in equal amounts and use every day - you will have an amazing effect.
    3. Linseed oil - perfectly rejuvenates and cleanses the skin, while encouraging cells to actively regenerate, which contributes to their rapid renewal. When applying this oil, the hair already becomes more hydrated and healthy for use. Oil can be applied overnight for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with shampoo and warm water.

    Where the bald spots on the beard come from and how to deal with them is described in the video:

    The beard does not grow - do not despair, there are many ways to solve this problem. You can start with folk remedies before moving on to drastic measures.

    Start eating right, do sports, drink vitamins and maybe soon you will be proud of a strong chic beard.

    Reasons why a beard does not grow

    Sometimes it happens that you are doing everything right, but still your beard does not grow - at least the way you wanted. Bristle breaks through the islands, grows unevenly, only on one side. Or it even crawls out and forms bald spots. What to do in this case? True, find out why this happens. There may be several reasons.

    Health problems

    All chronic diseases, metabolic disorders affect hair growth in general, not only on the face, but also on the head and body. Therefore, first of all, make an appointment with a doctor and take tests. In any case, this will only be beneficial, because it is about your health. You need to visit a therapist and a dermatologist, you may need to consult other specialized specialists.


    The question, of course, refers more generally to the state of the body, but if you are very confused with the question, then you should pay attention to stress.

    From him - all the problems in life, an indisputable fact. If you are constantly in a state of stress, process and lack of sleep, you have problems in your personal life, do not be surprised that the beard does not want to grow. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired result, get rid of stress and negativity is a prerequisite.

    How to do it? There are several ways:

    • take a vacation, rest and sleep,
    • buy mild sedative pills
    • engage in meditation.

    What else can be done: quit smoking cigarettes and pay attention to diets. Neither starvation, nor overeating fatty and acute do not contribute to the growth of stubble on the face. What must be in the diet is meat and fish, dairy products, nuts and greens. It is important to play sports: during physical activity, metabolism is accelerated and the hormone testosterone responsible for hair growth is released.


    Everything is more complicated here, because you won’t be especially able to deal with genes. If none of your relatives has ever had thick hair on their heads and bodies, then you most likely will not appear on their own. Need help - first use vitamin supplements and folk remedies. If you want a quick result, Minoxidil will help (I made a description of it below in the article). And if it doesn’t help, consult a doctor. The most radical way to solve the problem is to transplant hair follicles. But it is probably easier to give up the desired image of Hemingway and be content with smoothly shaven cheeks.

    What to do if the beard does not grow

    You passed the tests, and found out that everything is fine with health (although such a result is rare these days, there will certainly be a couple of not-so-terrible, but neglected, sores). found out that with genetics, too, everything is in order by interviewing relatives. It's time to move on to action: you need to help the beard grow faster and denser. How to achieve this at home?

    Vitamin therapy

    Those trace elements that you get from food are clearly not enough, so you should look for a suitable vitamin complex. Necessary substances to you:

    • biotin or vitamin H,
    • fish oil or vitamins E and D,
    • B vitamins,
    • magnesium and calcium.

    You can buy all the drugs separately and drink a handful of capsules and tablets. But it’s easier and more convenient to choose one complex supplement. Here I wrote in detail about vitamins.

    Folk remedies

    These are various oils for hair growth and decoctions of medicinal herbs. From oils, you should pay attention to the following:

    Nettle hair, burdock root, hop cones contribute to hair growth. A decoction of herbs can be washed beard after washing. And rub the oil 1-2 times a week, preferably at night. It is better to warm up the oil before use, and a few hours after application, wash it off using shampoo or soap so that the bristles are not greasy and unkempt. A description of the oils is also on the site. See this section and read all articles in a row.

    Traditional medicine recipes

    To better grow a beard, folk medicine offers many masks made from natural oils to care for the skin of the face and to stimulate the hair follicles.Before choosing the appropriate mask recipe, you need to make sure that the man is not hypersensitive to the ingredients of the mask. Specialists approve the following recipes for beard growth masks:

    1. Oil mask. Castor and burdock oil are mixed in the same proportion, then a small amount of oil is rubbed in the palms of your hands and applied to the chin, cheeks and neck. The mask is washed off after an hour with warm water and soap. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times a week for six months.
    2. Red pepper mask. 5 grams of burdock and castor oil are mixed in a container, to which a gram of red pepper is added, after which the composition is thoroughly kneaded. The mask is applied on the cheeks, chin and neck according to the same principle, is kept for half an hour and washed off with warm water and soap.

    Only if such masks provide a positive effect if they are used regularly for 3-6 months. Efficiency is proven by the time and experience of many men.

    Pharmacy Beard Growth Stimulants

    If alternative methods have not helped, you can resort to medications. And so that the beard grows after their use, it is advisable to consult with a medical specialist first. Since pharmacy drugs to stimulate hair growth will not be effective if the problem lies in diseases and internal pathologies.

    Of the drugs for hair growth in men, two products are popular:

    • Alerana is a complex of vitamins and nutritional supplements that the body needs for the full functioning of the hair follicles.
    • Minoxidil is an anti-hair loss agent whose active components accelerate blood flow and thereby improve blood supply to the hair follicles.

    How to care for a beard?

    When the selected methods, so that the beard grows better, begin to act, the man will be able to grow a beard and model the desired shape from it. The work on self-improvement does not end there, since an overgrown beard requires careful care. Cosmetics will help in this, for example, Russian-made Trius, which provides stimulation of beard growth and deep care for it.

    So that the skin does not suffer from itching, irritation and peeling, you can use special creams. They activate blood flow, improving the nutrition of the skin, and most importantly, the hair follicles. You can use any creams to moisturize and nourish. Cleansing the beard should involve the use of special shampoos, there are even special balms and conditioners for the beard.

    It is possible to improve the growth of the beard with the help of special sprays, which contain components that dilate blood vessels and accelerate blood flow. You should not use such cosmetics, which contain minoxidil, since after the cancellation of this tool, hair loss will begin, that is, the opposite effect. The beard needs to be washed daily, nourished with balms and masks, combed and laid with wax or spray.

    Watch the video: Real Questions - Can you stimulate facial hair growth? (March 2020).

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