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How to choose a men's down jacket for the winter?

The image of a modern man in the cold season is inextricable with a down jacket. Be it a handsome gentleman in a suit, a winter sports lover or a typical urban dandy - everyone will choose for themselves the appropriate jacket with down filling.

Model and size

The down jacket model is matched to the style. Young people can afford to wear bright jackets in a belt with a hood, while respectable men will have to choose elongated, plain, more like a coat models without a hood. Fortunately, on sale a lot of down jackets, different in style:

  • short, medium and long,
  • loose and fitted
  • sports and business.

Moreover, aboutn should be suitable not only for style, but also for physique. Tall men should avoid very short jackets, while people of short stature should be wary of long outerwear. She will visually steal a few more centimeters.

The size of the down jacket is best determined by trying on a few pieces. You should choose the one in which it is convenient. He should not pinch anywhere, but also should not hang out. At fitting, you need to stretch your arms forward, crouch. If the clothes do not constrain movements - the size fits.

When buying without the ability to try on, the size is selected based on the size table.

It should be noted that different manufacturers may vary in size grids. Therefore, you need to navigate according to the table of a particular manufacturer.

Down / feather ratio

Although the name of a down jacket comes from the word “fluff”, a feather can also be part of its filler. The higher the percentage of fluff, the warmer it will be. On the label, this ratio is indicated by numbers, for example, 60/40, where 60 is the amount of fluff, 40 is the feather in percent.

A jacket with a 50/50 filler is suitable for a warm winter or for motorists. Where winters are harsh and frosty, the fluff content should be at least 80 percent, that is, 80/20 and higher should be indicated on the label. Depending on the region and method of movement, you can choose a filler in this range.

Criterias of choice

Down is the main warming element in this wardrobe item. Thanks to it, in windy and cold weather, the optimal temperature regime for the body is maintained.

In this case, the insulation can be both fluff and feather. Their ratio may be different. It must be indicated on the label of the finished item.

The down jacket will have better warming properties with a higher fluff content. In a winter jacket there can be at least 50% of down.

In addition, factors such as:

  • Elasticity - the ability to return to its previous form after compression. This indicator can be checked manually if it is not indicated on the label. The resilience of down is better if it is smaller in size when folding the product.
  • Thermal insulation directly affects the ability to keep warm in winter.
  • The presence of downy packages. If the product is of high quality, then before being placed in the lining, the down layer is sealed in specially designed down packages. Due to this, if the lining is damaged, the material will not spill out. You can determine the presence of such packages if you look closely at the seams of the product. In the case when fluff is clearly visible, they are simply not there.
  • Short white down is considered the most high-quality and expensive. In some companies, it is used as a filler. In addition to it, goose feathers of gray color or a mixture of feather with down can be used.
  • In addition to fluff, additives such as firebitec, as well as holofiber or synthetic winterizer may be present in the composition. For the price of such products will be cheaper, but they also keep the heat worse.

Also, when choosing, it is worth paying special attention to the line of the product. No protruding threads or irregularities or opening sections should be present.

The fabric must be moisture resistant. Hardware must also have good qualities. Weight is also very important. The smaller it is, the better the warming ability of the product in the winter.

Thermal insulation

The coefficient of thermal insulation on the label is indicated by the abbreviation "CLO"and numbers from 1 to 3:

  • CLO 1 - designed for warm winters with air temperatures above -15 ° C.
  • CLO 2 - clothes designed for temperatures not lower than -25 ° C.
  • CLO 3 - can be worn in extreme conditions with temperatures up to -40 ° C.


This indicator is designated as FD (FillDown) and means the ability of the down jacket to take its original shape after compression.The optimum value of elasticity in the range of 800-550 FP. If the indicator is not indicated on the label, the down jacket can be checked independently. If during folding it folds into a small envelope, and after release it gradually unfolds to its original position - the elasticity is good.

If the envelope did not work out small - the filler is too tightly packed. Deployment too fast indicates synthetic filling.

The presence of down packages

To extend the term of wear, downy filler is packed in special bags.Verify their availability is possible probing method. Fluff sticking out of the lining or seams indicates their absence, which means the filler will gradually spill out.


The quality of the filler is important, but the quality of the material from which the product is made is no less important. It should be waterproof, but at the same time let air in, keep its appearance for a long time, be durable and easy to clean. The most commonly used materials are:

  • nylon - lightweight, durable, “breathes”,
  • polyester - keeps appearance, does not fade, does not pass water,
  • polyamide - dries quickly.

Some manufacturers also use custom-made cotton fabrics for sewing. However, it should be borne in mind that their wear period is much less than synthetic analogues.

Down jackets are available in a rich color palette. However, dark tones prevail. Olive, dark blue, black - colors for respectable men, men aged. For youth and for sports, bright multi-colored jackets are sold: blue, yellow, purple and others.

When choosing outerwear in light tones, especially white, you must remember that it is more easily soiled and will have to be cleaned more often. In addition, yellow coats may appear on light down jackets after washing, so dry cleaning is preferable in this case.

How to choose a men's down jacket for the winter?

The coldest time of the year is winter. That is why every representative of the stronger sex should know how to choose the right down jacket for the winter. To make the choice that turns out to be the most successful, going to the store, you need to compare different options using the following criteria:

If a man walks through each of these points, carefully compares different models, he will be able to find exactly his option. And in order to understand what criteria each of the presented items should meet and what exactly should be taken into account when selecting, it is worth considering the following scheme closer:

Selection criteriaWhat characteristics will be the most optimal
ThicknessThe thickness of the down jacket depends on how warm it turns out. But this does not mean that very bulky options will be warm. The thickness indicator should be average, if inside the product there is a high-quality filler, then this is quite enough.
LengthThe longer the product, the warmer it is. But if a man leads an active lifestyle, he should not choose the option almost to the knee, enough outerwear, reaching the middle of the thigh.
MaterialMost often, for the manufacture of winter jackets use nylon, polyester, polyamide. Lightweight nylon is very durable, allows the body to breathe well, polyester is resistant to wear, does not fade and does not lose appearance after numerous washes, does not allow moisture to pass through. Polyamide dries very quickly and is resistant to wear. You can safely buy a product from each of the presented options.
FillerIt is best if the filler will be natural fluff. The ratio of fluff and feather 80X20% is considered the most optimal. But products with a natural filler are difficult to care for, so a jacket filled with eco-fluff will be a good choice. You can buy down jackets at sintepon, but you need to make sure that it is evenly distributed throughout the product parameter, such material will not cause allergies, it’s inexpensive, and it’s a pleasure to wash it at home.
StyleWith the style you need to be determined depending on the taste, characteristics of the figure and age. Older men are more suitable for more classic models, for young men - bright and sporty jackets. Extra long down jackets are an option for tall men, and shorter jackets are well suited for low men.

Knowing what thickness of a winter men's down jacket is the most optimal, which fabric to choose from and what style to buy, you can always look stylish and interesting without freezing.

Some tips

Some more recommendations:

  1. Sleeve cuffs - additional protection against cold. They should fit snugly against the wrist, but not pinch it.
  2. Hood can be a good alternative to a hat. It protects from wind and precipitation better than a knitted headdress.
  3. High collar protects the chest and neck from the weather no worse than a warm scarf.
  4. Motorists are better off choosing shortened models. Those who stand for a long time at the bus stop down and medium length jackets.

How should I sit on the figure?

Knowing how a down jacket should sit on a man, you can pick up just the perfect option.

Fashion industry experts constantly say that outerwear should sit on the representatives of the stronger sex as follows:

  • not too tight fit, because in such a thing it will be uncomfortable and cold,
  • trying on a thing, you need to put on a tight jacket so as not to miscalculate with the size,
  • nowhere should there be extra folds, because it looks ugly,
  • from below the thing should not seem too wide.

In a winter down jacket, a man should feel comfortable and natural, only then can we say that he found exactly his option.

How to choose a down jacket

When buying a jacket, we recommend taking into account the quality of the insulation material, which depends on:

  • Elasticity. We recall physics 🙂 This refers to the ability of the down filler to return to its original shape after deformation. Usually labeled with the letters “FP”. When choosing a down jacket, make sure that the indicator is equal to 550-800 units. You can meet models without specifying elasticity. In this case, just do it - fold your jacket tighter. The harder it shrinks, the better
  • Feeling the product, you can feel the package in which the filler is sealed. This is a sign of quality. If you can see the color of fluff, then look at what it is. White and short material is what you need
  • Synthetic additives make the jacket cheaper. When buying such models, remember that they are colder than a classic down jacket with feather and fluff filling,
  • Fabric and seams. The down jacket should be quilted over all areas. This helps the filler to stay in place. In cheap products without stitching, the insulation sinks down after washing or a month of wearing. Inspect the lines. They should be flat, with no protruding ends. Of fabrics, nylon and polyester show the best qualities. They make waterproof and non-sellable jackets,
  • Quality fittings. Did you find the manufacturer's logo on rivets and zippers? You are lucky - the chances of buying the original model are growing rapidly. When buying a jacket with buttons, inspect the fittings for chips, rough edges or scratches,
  • Weight down jacket. When studying men's down jackets, do not ignore thin models. The thickness of the insulation does not have a strong effect on the heat efficiency indicator. Quite the contrary - a thin down jacket will warm better than a huge model. There is nothing surprising. The higher the elasticity of the fluff, the finer its layer. Due to this feature, sewing of thin, almost weightless products is made. Large volumes of filler are worse stitched. And with the internal air circulation, such products have problems,
  • In addition to the fluff itself, in a specific instance a special fabric can be used, moisture and windproof. This is very important for a serious winter. There are also high-tech pads made of heat-reflecting material. This is generally super
  • Color palette. Here men expanse! Manufacturers have tried, and you can choose a model for every taste, age or style of casual wear. Just do not forget that dirt is very noticeable on light jackets. Therefore, they will often have to be washed or dry cleaned. What is happening on the city streets in winter, no need to tell. Dark colors lack this flaw. In addition, they are more versatile when choosing the rest of the clothes,
  • Brand If you are worried about the manufacturer, we advise you to pay attention to products of companies with close climates. In countries such as Finland or Canada, they know well what a frosty winter is. By the way, our manufacturers should not be dismissed. In recent years, interesting companies have appeared that produce high-quality men's clothing. Do not choose models sewn in warmer countries, for sure at minus 15-20 they will be uncomfortable.

We hope that these practical tips will help readers make the right choice and not regret the purchase. Stay with us. In the next issues we continue the discussion of the winter wardrobe. Good luck

What to wear a long down jacket with a man?

A long men's down jacket is a great option for a harsh winter. Because of this, representatives of the stronger sex choose this particular model. But in order to create a good and original look, you need to know what to wear long men's down jackets with and how to create a unique look. A long men's down jacket can be safely combined with the following things:

  • sportswear
  • business suits,
  • warm sneakers or boots,
  • jeans or dress pants
  • various vests, sweaters and turtlenecks.

A long down jacket is a universal winter clothing, so it can be combined with most things in the wardrobe. A variant of a specific image can be selected depending on what color and style outerwear was chosen.

What conclusions can be drawn?

A man's down jacket is just perfect for the winter. Being able to choose this wardrobe item and successfully combine it with other things, you can create a simply unique image. When choosing a men's down jacket, you should definitely pay special attention to the parameters of its quality.

A stylish and high-quality model will not only warm you in the cold winter, but will also fit into all fashion trends without any problems. That is why, the choice of men's outerwear should be treated very carefully and responsibly, which will give its results very quickly and will allow you to create a unique bow.

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