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Vichy Shampoo for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be associated with a wide variety of factors: stress, ecology, diet, hormonal changes (for example, after childbirth and during menopause), seasonal weakening of the body. Sometimes the problem can be aggravated due to improper care - excessive use of styling products, hot tools, frequent staining.

For the first time, VICHY Lab experts have established that to solve the problem of hair loss, it is necessary to influence not only the hair root, but also on the scalp, which can weaken under the influence of negative external and internal factors. AMINEXIL INTENSIVE 5 is the first comprehensive product that acts at all levels: on the hair roots, scalp and hair fiber, helping to effectively combat hair loss.

Hair Root Level:

AMINEXIL 1.5% - prevents the hardening of collagen at the mouth of the hair follicle, maintains softness and elasticity of tissues. This enhances the fixation of hair in the scalp and slows down their loss.

ARGININ - Stimulates microcirculation and improves nutrition of hair follicles.

Scalp Level:

OKTEIN COMPLEX PYROKTON OLAMIN + VITAMIN E - The innovative opening of VICHY Laboratories - has an antimicrobial and soothing effect on the scalp to combat the influence of negative external factors.

MINERALIZING THERMAL WATERVichy - increases the barrier-protective functions of the scalp, helping it withstand the effects of aggressive factors.

Hair shaft level:

SP94 - provides hair nutrition from the very roots.

VITAMINS PP / B6 - saturate the hair with essential nutrients

substances that restore them from the inside and make them stronger.

Moderate loss: one monodose per day, 3 monodoses per week for 6 weeks minimum (course = 1 pack x 21 monodoses)

Intense Loss: one single dose per day for at least 6 weeks (course = 2 packs x 21 single doses).

AMINEXIL INTENSIVE 5 must be applied evenly over partings on clean, dry or damp hair in the morning or evening.

With the help of a convenient massage applicator, the product is easily distributed throughout the scalp.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, it is important to use 1 whole dose in one application.

Proven efficacy against hair loss for 6 weeks. Efficiency Confirmed clinically under dermatological control.

Efficiency Proven men:

91% less hair loss after showering.

89% less hair loss during the day.

Optimum tolerance. Hypoallergenic. No parabens.

Tested on sensitive scalp.

The action and composition of shampoo from Vichy

One of the causes of hair loss in men is an increase in collagen density around the hair follicle, which leads to its death and hair loss. The components of shampoo (for example, Decros) interfere with this process, contribute to the nutrition of the hair follicle, activate the metabolism, which contributes to its strengthening and recovery, slow down the process of hair loss. This, in turn, contributes to the nutrition of the hair along the entire length, which causes the growth of healthy hair. The scalp gains shine, the hair becomes more elastic, and the scalp gets rid of dandruff.

A feature of Vichy shampoo against hair loss for men is that it has an excellent effect in the initial stage of alopecia. Its smell is neutral, unobtrusive, barely perceptible.
The action of the shampoo is:

  • Active supply of hair roots with nutrients.
  • Decreased rate of hair loss.
  • Improving hair resistance to damage.
  • Prevention of premature hair loss.

Vichy production shampoos do not contain active allergens, practically do not cause allergies, but includes carbomer, which in rare cases can cause an allergic reaction.

Vichy hair loss Decros Shampoo was developed by cosmetologists in close collaboration with trichologists and dermatologists. Specialists know very well that in the treatment of especially severe cases of alopecia, it is very important for men that a cosmetic product for hair and scalp care and treatment. So, you need to buy such a shampoo instead of the usual one.
The effect of using shampoo is the result of its action outside. But we must not forget that the problem lies inside and to solve it requires an integrated approach, including treatment from the inside and the external impact on the problem. That is why the best results when using Vichy shampoo, as a means for hair growth, are achieved in conjunction with other methods of treating alopecia in men.

Vichy hair loss shampoo contains:

  • Thermal water (special technology for obtaining from Vichy),
  • Sodium laureth sulfate (a surfactant, a detergent, is used to obtain a foam that is softer in effect than sodium lauryl sulfate, to avoid strong drying of the hair requires a more thorough washing off)
  • Citric acid (normalizes the pH of the scalp and hair roots, helps cleanse hair from dirt and facilitates the washing off of sodium lauryl sulfate),
  • Cocoamphodiacetate sodium (gives the shampoo a gel consistency, reduces the irritating effect of other substances, does not irritate the skin),
  • Glycol distearate (gives a pearl color to shampoo, has a stabilizing effect),
  • Sodium chloride (thickener, has antiseptic properties),
  • Ammonium hydroxide (neutralizes excess acidity),
  • Carbomer (provides viscosity is used as a thickener),
  • Diaminopyrimidine oxide (aminexil, has a slightly irritating effect on the skin, which contributes to hair growth, prevents the formation of collagen seals around the hair follicles),
  • Disodium ricinoleamido mea-sulfosuccinate (thickener),
  • Ethylene glycol (dihydric alcohol, used as a solvent),
  • Niacinamide (nicotinic acid amide, a water-soluble vitamin of group B, activates skin regeneration, increases elasticity and protective function, smoothes the surface of the skin),
  • Panthenol (provitamin of group B, promotes hydration, retains moisture, has a softening effect, promotes skin regeneration, reduces inflammation and itching),
  • PEG 55 propylene glycol oleate (emulsifier, regulates viscosity),
  • Polyquaternium 10 (a high molecular weight polymer that forms a protective film on the surface of the hair, facilitates combing, strengthens damaged areas of the hair)
  • Pyridoxine (vitamin B6, takes part in the absorption of amino acids and proteins, stimulates hair follicles, acts on the skin and hair roots, relieves itching and irritation, stops hair loss),
  • Salicylic acid (has an antiseptic effect, cleanses and rejuvenates the scalp),
  • Sodium benzoate (preservative),
  • Sodium glycolate (stabilizer, stabilizes acidity)
  • Sodium hydroxide (alkali, regulates pH, has exfoliating properties), perfume composition.

Principle of operation

Problems with the health of hair and scalp are found in almost all people at different stages of life. Statistics say that baldness is rather a male problem, since in men the hair is sensitive to fluctuations in sex hormones, and in women, the hair follicles are much deeper in the scalp. If you do not take measures in a timely manner, this can result in complete hair loss.

The Vichy line of hair loss products for men can help in solving the problem. This brand of shampoo for this purpose contains the necessary substances to stimulate hair growth. If you use shampoo according to the instructions for a long time, the product guarantees the following effects:

  • improving the functioning of the root system of the scalp,
  • accelerated blood supply and nutrition of hair follicles with the necessary resources,
  • acceleration of hair growth,
  • slowing down the process of hair loss,
  • accelerated metabolism and the regeneration process.

Also, the valuable composition of the products guarantees the strengthening of the roots and structure of the hair, thereby prolonging the life of each hair. And if most cosmetic care products contain aggressive chemical components that exacerbate the problem of baldness, Vichy's products do not contain allergens and toxic additives.

Aminexil Shampoo Ingredient

The unique active ingredient of Vichy shampoo for hair loss is aminexil. Its formula was specially developed by Loreal laboratories specifically to combat hair loss. The effectiveness of this component was confirmed by the in vitro test. It irritates the scalp, does not allow the tissues around the follicles to condense, and the collagen around the hair follicles does not condense and does not harden. Thus, the nutrition of the hair roots is restored, and this is like a sip of water for hair. Hair begins to receive all the necessary substances, resume growth, their appearance and structure are improved.

Composition and benefits

Vichy from male pattern baldness is not just a cosmetic product; it contains many medicinal components, vitamins and minerals, thanks to which the problem is solved comprehensively. The following components guarantee high effectiveness in the treatment of hair loss:

  • aminexil 1.5% - the component accelerates blood flow, improves blood supply to the hair follicles, does not allow the connective tissues of the walls of the hair follicles to harden and die against this background,
  • Vichy spa - highly mineralized water, which helps to retain moisture in the scalp, saturate the hair roots with the necessary minerals, increasing the protective function.

Experts attribute the significant advantages of Vichy products to the fact that they do not contain parabens and preservatives that dry the skin, thin the hair, and can also cause allergic reactions. The composition is enriched with a complex of important vitamins, these are vitamins B5, B6, as well as vitamin PP, which give the hair vitality and strength. If you use shampoo in combination with ampoules, masks from Vichy, you can achieve the effect after 3-4 weeks of therapy.

Vichy - hair loss shampoo

Perhaps, any person during his life faced such a problem as hair loss. Vichy cosmetics, caring for curls, is known throughout the world. In laboratories equipped with the latest technology, effective care products are developed. "Vichy" (shampoo for hair loss) reviews is only positive.

The use of shampoo from Vichi

Regardless of the age of the man, shampoo can be used every day. It affects greasy hair especially well. Drying the skin slightly, it normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, which allows the hair to stay clean longer than usual. Excessive greasy hair is present in many men, and often along with the problem of baldness. This shampoo from Vichy hair loss for men helps to cope with two problems at once.

If the hair is dry or normal, then in order to prevent hair from drying out and preserving the effect, after shampooing, you need to use masks and balms of the same series from Vichy (you can buy them with shampoo). A noticeable result in men is achieved after 3-4 applications, the course for the full achievement of the result is 2-3 months.

There are no contraindications to the use of shampoo from hair loss from Vichy. It can be used both for hair loss and as a preventative care to prevent early baldness. He shows himself well with seasonal weakening of hair. It does not need to be kept on your head for a long time to achieve results. Simply apply to wet hair and massage your head for two minutes. If time is reduced, the effect will not be as expected. Then the shampoo is washed off with water. To consolidate the effect, the manufacturer recommends using balm of the same series immediately after shampooing.

When applied

At the first manifestations of male pattern baldness, it is important to visit a trichologist's doctor and be examined in a clinic. This is done to clarify the diagnosis, as well as to establish the reasons why hair falls out. After neutralizing any provoking factors, the doctor may prescribe a course of local therapy with anti-alopecia Vichy. The following manifestations are considered indications for the use of Vichy shampoos, masks and ampoules:

  • accelerated hair loss
  • slow growth of new hair,
  • a sharp decrease in the density of hair,
  • the formation of bald patches on the head,
  • The diagnosis of a doctor is alopecia of the first or second stage.

If you use the funds in a complex with a ruler, and also follow all the doctor’s instructions, in this case, Vichy pharmacy cosmetics will help solve the problems of baldness. In this case, the course of therapy should include measures to eliminate provoking factors inside or outside, whether it is bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, internal pathologies, hormonal disorders or vitamin deficiency.

Today, the Vichy brand offers many different types of anti-baldness products, including shampoos of various series, various ampoules for rubbing into the skin, masks and balms for additional hair treatment. For example, Vichy Dercos shampoo in pharmacies will cost about 600-900 rubles, dandruff shampoo - 550 rubles, from hair loss with aminexil - 850 rubles, for hair growth with stemoxidin - 750 rubles, for volume and density - 780 rubles.

To date, the Vichy brand is recognized as pharmacy cosmetics with a natural and harmless composition, as well as the content of medicinal components. Therefore, you can purchase all the lines and series of funds only in pharmacies. Ampoules that need to be rubbed into the skin to further stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness in pharmacies will cost about 2300 rubles for 12 pieces.

Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 for Men (Vichy Derkos Amineksil Clinical 5 Ampoules against hair loss in men) for all types of hair and sensitive scalp.

Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 for Men is a unique hair loss treatment product that Vichy professionals have created specifically for men. The product is enriched with a large number of vitamins and amino acids that contribute to strengthening the hair shaft and improving its structure. Derkos Amineksil Clinical 5 for men prevents hair loss, improves nutrition of hair follicles, restores damaged areas of hair, activates blood microcirculation in the scalp. The effectiveness of Vichy Derkos Aminexil ampoules for men is confirmed by clinical studies. After 3 weeks of regular use, the hair becomes stronger and healthier.

  • aminexil 1.5% - a powerful component that helps prevent hair loss, strengthens hair follicles,
  • arginine - amino acid, enhances blood flow, moisturizes and strengthens the hair shaft,
  • octine possesses an antimicrobial effect, creates a protective barrier on the hair and protects them from negative environmental factors,
  • thermal water moisturizes the hair
  • SP94 - a combination of glucose and linoleic acid nourishes the hair along the entire length, stimulates their growth by strengthening the hair follicles,
  • vitamins PP / B6 strengthen hair, nourish it from the inside and give them vitality.

  • hypoallergenic

Manufacturer Information

Vichy company was founded in 1931 in the French town of the same name. All care products are made on the basis of thermal water, which has a positive effect on the human body. It is especially useful for hair. It consists of 30 trace elements and 17 mineral salts.

The use of Vichy shampoo allows you to make your hair more healthy. The tool eliminates inflammation and irritation of the skin, eliminates dandruff and accelerates the growth of curls.

Vichy shampoo firming with aminexil improves the elasticity of the skin in the root zone. Due to this, the hairs do not break and are firmly held in the skin. The effectiveness of shampoo is proven by clinical tests.

The tool is able to increase the immunity of skin cells to combat factors that have a negative effect on the human body.

Customer reviews

Reviews about Vichy shampoo from baldness are different. Someone is satisfied with the achieved result, someone believes that at this price of shampoo the effect should be more pronounced. Despite the fact that Vichy shampoo belongs to the line of professional and therapeutic cosmetics, its cost remains one of the lowest and is in serious competition with prices from other manufacturers.

Given the high price compared to conventional means, when buying shampoo from Vichy there is a risk of running into a fake from unscrupulous manufacturers and get the opposite effect to the expected. To avoid this, you need to buy shampoo for hair loss in pharmacies, or you can buy on the manufacturer’s website. When buying in a store - check the packaging. An individual code is necessarily marked on it and on the bottle with shampoo, the inscriptions are applied exactly, each box with shampoo contains instructions for use.

There are no contraindications to the use of shampoo manufacturer Vichy

About shampoo from hair loss from Vichy reviews are heterogeneous, but still more positive. Of course, you need to remember that to combat baldness, a whole range of measures is needed, and one shampoo without support from the inside is unlikely to do a miracle.

“My husband never had any problems with his hairdo, he had thick shiny hair, half of his friends were already bald, and among them he flaunted magnificent hair. It was his pride. Well, my friends envied me, they said that her husband was handsome, fifty dollars, and all the hair was in place. And now, six months ago, hair began to fall out. At first it’s not very noticeable, and then ... Horror, in general. He was very worried about his baldness, did not show, but it is clear that there was a tragedy. I wrote it to the trichologist, he looked, said alopecia. It is necessary to treat and that it is necessary to wash the head with a special shampoo, against baldness. I went to the pharmacy, my husband is worse than the baby in these matters. I was advised there Vichy shampoo against baldness. There were other shampoos, but this one was reasonably priced. Well, in the pharmacy the girl advised him, said that there a substance with a special formula was developed. The husband went crazy when he found out how much he was worth. But once bought - began to wash his hair. About two months later, it seemed as if nothing was pouring. But he still visits the doctor from time to time, and now I regularly buy this shampoo for him just in case. ”

Valery Z. 37 years old:

“My friends complain that their hair is falling out. And mine, for almost ten years now, have been trying to part with me and still nothing. I once noted for myself that on vacation, when not at work, the food is correct, hair looks better in the air, and does not climb. It turns out that the process does not work in one direction. And if not once, then something should turn it back. I tried a bunch of hair growth products, but all by poking. Nothing really helped (when compared to vacation). But Vichy was sold to me at the pharmacy - not a vacation, of course, but the result is almost the same.So as soon as the problems begin - I buy, a couple of bottles from vacation to vacation enough. The price, however, is still not small. ”

“There is no panacea. I was rightly advised that the doctors solve the problem by the endocrinologist and trichologist. The bad ones just ask about the bald in the family and immediately the different expensive procedures are prescribed. And good ones - first they’ll do an examination, analyze the wagon, according to the results, they will prescribe all kinds of lotions, massages, rubbing different, pills. I've got a good one. Well, on his advice, I bought a shampoo for hair loss, so as not to wash it with ordinary ones. He didn’t advise me on the brand, I bought Vichy from hair loss, the most inexpensive because. Well, yes, after it, the hair became better, of course. But right here to get into growth right away - there wasn’t such. Although two months later, it seems to be better. But the trichologist said, so as not to rush, everything in the complex works. For about three months he did everything that he said, and only now obvious progress has been outlined. I plan to continue, and not give up baldness, so as not to become Bruce Willis. A shampoo relative to other analogues is inexpensive, and as a preventive measure it can be used. OK, in general. Now I use it regularly to stimulate my hair. ”

Vichy Shampoo for hair loss is an excellent cosmetic product for the care and support of the scalp. But, like any cosmetic product, it does not replace the medicine. The problem of baldness in men requires a systematic approach, using various means and procedures. Just buying a shampoo at a pharmacy is not enough. You need to be serious about your health and appearance. And if the problem lies inside the body, only an external remedy can not cope with it, no matter how good this remedy may be.


If we consider the line of funds to stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness, shampoos, masks and ampoules from Vichy will contain therapeutic components, for example, aminexil. In this case, some contraindications are provided for the funds, namely:

  • less than 18 years old
  • breast-feeding,
  • individual intolerance to aminexil or other components in the composition of the product,
  • allergic tendency
  • dermatological diseases of the scalp,
  • scalp irritation
  • wounds, cuts, scratching, scalp burns.

In what cases is applied

The drug is recommended to be used when such problems occur:

  • if the hair has become thin, weakened,
  • the density of the strands has significantly decreased,
  • if the strands began to fall out much,
  • hair is damaged due to the use of electrical appliances in relation to them,
  • if the sebaceous glands on the head secrete a lot of fat, spoiling the beauty and health of the strands.

The main reasons that provoke the occurrence of problems with hair include:

  • mono-diets, due to which iron deficiency occurs in the human body,
  • the impact of frost or heat on the hair (you can’t walk without a hat in the summer or in the winter),
  • hormonal disbalance,
  • taking antidepressants, contraceptives,
  • severe stress
  • reduced immunity
  • infectious lesions on the head skin,
  • poor blood supply to the hair follicles.

Causes of Hair Loss

Many factors lead to a decrease in the density of hair. Therefore, before choosing a shampoo for hair loss, you need to accurately determine the main cause of this process. As a result, you can get rid of many problems: save time and money on the purchase of such funds.

Trichologists identify several factors that can cause hair loss:

  • weakening of immunity due to a previous illness,
  • genetic predisposition
  • the presence of an infection that leads to a scalp disease (seborrhea),
  • chemotherapy,
  • malnutrition
  • the influence of aggressive factors (perm, hair coloring),
  • stress state.

In order to unequivocally find out the cause of hair loss, you need to visit a trichologist. Only a specialist will be able to determine the exact cause of the pathology and prescribe the correct treatment.

Vichy products are aimed at solving the problems associated with hair loss. This is due to the special composition of the funds.

Mode of application

Take a single dose. Without removing the protective cap, install the applicator until it clicks. Using the applicator, apply the contents of the monodose onto the scalp, lock by lock. Massage. Do not flush.
Apply to clean, dry or damp hair.
For moderate loss, use 1 monodose per day, or at least 3 monodoses per week for 6 weeks (course 1 pack x 21 monodoses).
In case of intense prolapse, use 1 monodose per day for 6 weeks (course 2 packs x 21 monodoses).
To achieve maximum effect, it is important to use 1 whole dose in one application.

The composition of the funds

According to reviews, "Vichy" (shampoo for hair loss) in its composition contains:

  1. Thermal water. It is a special development of the company.
  2. Sodium laureth sulfate. Foaming agent.
  3. Aminexil (Diaminopyrimidine Oxide). Prevents baldness and prevents follicular atrophy. The properties of aminexil include softening of the scalp and restoration of natural balance. Hair no longer falls out, regardless of the nature of the origin of the problem.
  4. Citric Acid (Citric ACID). Provides shine and normalizes acidity.
  5. Disodium cocoamphodiacetate. Reduces the negative impact of active substances and gives the gel a dense texture.
  6. Sodium chloride. Makes the product thick.
  7. Ammonium hydroxide. Ensures the ingress of beneficial substances into the blood.

Vichy Aminexil Firming Shampoo does not contain substances that cause allergic reactions and can destroy the hair structure. Active components add shine to curls and strengthen them.

Vitamins B5, B6 and PP normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and increase the protective functions of the bulbs.

Features of the action of aminexil

The properties of the substance include softening the scalp, which helps to restore the natural balance. The component strengthens the hair structure and activates their growth.

This is due to the preservation of the flexibility of collagen proteins. Therefore, nutrients freely enter the follicles, and they are saturated. Hair becomes healthy and its appearance improves.

Aminexil stops the process of hair loss. It especially works on curls during vitamin deficiency, stressful situations and the negative influence of a hair dryer.

Application rules

It is recommended to use the tool in this way:

  • if the hair falls out, but in moderation, you can use only 3 ampoules per week, for six months,
  • if the hair falls out badly, then for 6 weeks you need to use capsules daily.

How to apply the product on strands:

  1. Open the lid of the mono-ampoule.
  2. Put the bronze tip on the applicator.
  3. Squeeze the capsule product onto wet strands.
  4. Using the applicator, massage the contents of the capsule into the hair with massage movements, after which do not wash your hair. Do not be too lazy to perform a head massage, it will enhance the effect of the drug, strengthen curls and accelerate their growth.

The main properties of shampoo

A sharp hair loss, the appearance of seborrhea and dandruff indicates the occurrence of dangerous diseases. If the hair is diseased, then they need to be treated both from the inside and outside.

According to reviews, Vichy shampoo for hair loss has the following qualities:

  • Improves hair growth.
  • Effectively prevents baldness, especially in the early stages.
  • It has a pleasant aroma.
  • Normalizes the root system.
  • Easy to use, the instruction is located on the package.
  • The product was developed with the participation of cosmetologists and trichologists.

"Vichy" in its arsenal has universal care products (for women, men).Ideal for weakened curls.

Shampoo is most often used in the treatment of complex forms of baldness. Doctors prescribe it for seasonal alopecia, lack of vitamins and for the restoration of strands in women after pregnancy.

Advantages and disadvantages

To understand the appropriateness of using Vichy's remedies against baldness, a man needs to get acquainted with the main secrets of the effectiveness of this brand. The manufacturer names two factors that determine the effectiveness of the funds, namely:

  1. The rejuvenating and restorative effect of Vichy Spa mineralizing water. It is extracted from the thermal natural sources of volcanic origin.
  2. An organic composition that guarantees high penetration, saturating the scalp, hair follicles and their structure with amino acids, vitamins, lipids, polysaccharides.

The advantages of Vichy include the absence of parabens and preservatives, hypoallergenicity and numerous recommendations of trichologists. By cons - the high cost of funds due to the valuable multicomponent composition, the need for a long course of use (at least a month and a half), the presence of some contraindications. After cancellation, high results may slightly deteriorate over time, so periodic repetitions of therapy will be needed.

Use of funds

According to reviews, Vichy Dercos shampoo ("Vichy Derkos") is applied to the hair with light movements, doing a scalp massage for 5-7 minutes. This time is enough to soak the hair. The shampoo foams well and has the ability to wash ringlets the first time. Therefore, re-soaping is not required.

The tool can be used regularly. It is able to provide effective assistance not only in the treatment of hair loss, but also as a preventive measure. Shampoo can be used not only for women, but also for men.

It should be borne in mind that the product has healing properties, so do not use a large amount of it. A few drops are enough to get enough foam. An excess of aminexil can adversely affect dry hair.

According to reviews of Vichy Dercos Technique shampoo, the product has unique properties, but it is not a medicine. Rather, it is used for prevention. To get the result you need to use shampoo for a long period. The tool is best used within 2 months. For 12 months, you need to conduct 2-3 such courses.

Studies conducted by the company confirmed that more than 80% of people within 2 weeks had a positive change in the structure of the hair and improved the condition of the scalp.

According to reviews, Vichy Derkos shampoo from hair loss successfully combines mineral and organic compounds in its composition, therefore it can be used in the treatment of hair after suffering stresses and other diseases.

Effect of use

With all the positive aspects of Vichy ampoules, users evaluate their effectiveness ambiguously. Some write flattering reviews, starting to use such a tool. People write that there are no dyes in ampoules, the contents smell pleasantly, foam well.

After 3 weeks, the first positive results are already noticeable:

  • the hair stops falling out
  • the hair grows significantly,
  • locks become thick, lush,
  • any styling is easy and simple.

Girls also write that after stopping the use of ampoules, hair problems reappeared, because nutrients no longer flowed to the hair follicles. Because of this, blood circulation in the scalp worsened and the hair did not grow. However, this is not due to the quality of the drug, but to hormonal disorders in the body of the person who uses it.

Attention! Before you buy it, you should contact a trichologist, undergo a thorough examination with an endocrinologist to find out the state of your hormonal health.

How to enhance the effect of use?

The consistency of the composition “Vichy” from hair loss for women has a creamy structure, so experts advise applying it to curls in the form of a mask. To do this, before the procedure, treat the strands along the entire length before the procedure.

To withstand a similar mask on the hair is necessary for 30 minutes. If you carry out this procedure daily, then the positive effect will come much earlier.


Vichy is the only cosmetology and pharmacy brand that has won the trust of almost all dermatologists and trichologists. The manufacturer offers a separate series of products for all types of hair, taking into account the characteristics of the scalp. There is also a line of remedies for hair loss and to enhance their growth. These are shampoos for men, and special balms, as well as ampoules for a comprehensive effective treatment of alopecia.

Advantages and disadvantages of the product

According to reviews, Vichy shampoo against hair loss has the following advantages:

  1. Creamy structure of the product.
  2. Unique cleaning properties.
  3. It cleans hair and scalp well from dirt and grease.
  4. Does not cause weight gain.
  5. The tool is universal and suitable for both women and men.
  6. Pleasant aroma.
  7. In most cases, a quick and lasting effect occurs. It is usually noticeable after 1-2 weeks of use.
  8. The products are tested, so the cases when it does not fit the customer are minimized.

Shampoo can be used for all people who are faced with the problem of hair loss. It is especially recommended for oily scalp. The tool improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands, which allows the hair to stay clean for a long time.

One of the disadvantages of Vichy shampoo is the presence of laureth sulfate in its composition, which overdries normal and dry curls. In this case, it is best used in conjunction with masks and balms of the same series.

The second disadvantage of Vichy shampoo from hair loss is the lack of results in case of individual intolerance to its components, which is extremely rare.

The tool is suitable not only for the treatment of hair loss, but also for the prevention of a similar problem in the future. Many people in old age have problems associated with thinning their hair. The use of Vichy shampoo will help to avoid this and preserve thick hair until old age.

Useful videos

Vichy is the only cosmetology and pharmacy brand that has won the trust of almost all dermatologists and trichologists. The manufacturer offers a separate series of products for all types of hair, taking into account the characteristics of the scalp. There is also a line of remedies for hair loss and to enhance their growth. These are shampoos for men, and special balms, as well as ampoules for a comprehensive effective treatment of alopecia.

When will the result become noticeable?

Does “Vichy” help in falling out? Using the product, after a few days of use, you can notice an improvement in the condition of the hair. Hair loss will decrease, they will become more durable and will be easier to comb.

A more obvious result will appear after a few weeks of use. If you use shampoo constantly throughout the year, you can achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of hair.

You must understand that the problem of prolapse is better prevented than then treated for a long time.

Bring back health and youth to your hair with Vichy from hair loss!

The Vichy brand is popular all over the world and has stood guard over your health and beauty for over 80 years and offers products that have passed the serious test of time and developed using advanced scientific technologies.

The Vichy line of unique Dercos hair loss products will successfully solve your problems.

Vichy for hair loss: Vichy Dercos line

The products of the Vichy Dercos line take into account individual characteristics for different skin types, but wherever suitable for any hair. They stimulate their growth, increase life expectancy and strengthen the structure.

Unique components give high efficiency:

  • aminexil 1.5% - prevents the hardening of the connective tissue of the walls of the hair follicles, thereby preventing them from dying, improves blood circulation,
  • highly mineralized water Vichy SPA retains moisture in the skin, saturates it with microelements, quickly restores protective functions.

Vichy Products Against Hair Loss paraben preservative free, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. The only minus of Vichy Dercos - the high price - pays off for its effectiveness.

Opinions of experts

Reviews of trichologists about Vichy shampoo from hair loss are positive. After all, not only cosmetologists, but also doctors took part in its creation. They believe that Vichy shampoo is an effective remedy for combating baldness, and attribute it to medicinal products. Therefore, you can buy it in pharmacies. From the first day of use, the remedy enters the fight against baldness.

Experts note that shampoo is able not only to restore hair, but also to relieve its profuse loss. It does not include substances that adversely affect the hair follicles. The main advantage, according to reviews, of “Vichy Derkos” shampoo from hair loss is the absence of components in it that can cause allergies.

Experts say that regular use of the drug in the early stages of baldness will help remove its symptoms, unless the disease is caused by genetic factors or other pathologies.

Customer reviews

Real reviews about Vichy shampoo from hair loss testify to its positive effect, very often it is considered the leader among products to combat baldness.

Many people are very happy with the remedy. They note a significant decrease in the number of hairs dropped. The result appeared after several weeks of use.

Customers are satisfied with the pleasant aroma and texture of the product, as well as its convenient dispenser. The effect occurs when used properly. Shampoo "Vichy" is best used in courses, and then take a break.

Negative points include, according to reviews, the price of Vichy shampoo from hair loss, which is quite high.

Some buyers argue that the tool, despite the high cost, does not always have the desired effect. It foams poorly, and after it it is impossible to wash the hair. They also note the temporary effect of Vichy, after the end of its intake, the hair begins to flow in with greater force.

The number of negative reviews is small, mainly buyers are satisfied with the effect.

Shampoo "Vichy" - a tool that effectively helps get rid of the problem of hair loss. After using it, the curls will acquire a healthy and beautiful appearance. According to reviews, the price of Vichy shampoo for hair loss can vary from 700 to 1100 rubles. Capsule preparations are even more expensive.

Tonic shampoo

Gel pearl color is sold in bottles with an exclusive design 400 and 200 ml. Often used with Dercos Aminexil Pro.

The composition of the shampoo includes:

  • vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​and PP (niacin) - return the hair cuticle firmness and elasticity.
  • water Vichy Spa
  • aminexil 1.5%

The product is specifically designed for oily skin and Recommended for regular shampooing. Gives a plentiful, but easily washed away foam. After application by massaging movements directly on the hair, the shampoo is washed off with water after two minutes. Hair becomes strong and elastic after 3 weeks of use.

How Vichy Shampoo Fights Alopecia Types and properties of Vichy

If we or one of our loved ones is faced with baldness, first of all, it is worthwhile to find out the causes of the problem. There can be a lot of them: from the influence of weather conditions to changes in the hormonal background. In any case, it is most reasonable to make an appointment with a professional trichologist or dermatologist. He will find out what provoked alopecia and select the right treatment for the disease.

When the source of the disease is established and eliminated, and the treatment has been successfully completed, it remains to choose the right hair care product.

Specialists in the field of dermatology recommend using the Vichy line for hair loss. In addition, additional drugs will be useful: rinse conditioners, conditioners, masks.

As for the Vichy company, in addition to shampoos for baldness, it also produces special Vichy ampoules against hair loss.

Aminexil Intensive 5

Transparent liquid of inviscid consistency. Sold in the form of a set of 21 single doses (6 ml) and an applicator for application to the skin. Available in two versions - in a white box - for the treatment of hair loss in women and in black - for men.

The dose is framed in the form of a sealed ampoule against hair loss, equipped with a plastic cap. Before use, the applicator is screwed onto the ampoule until it clicks. It is used to stop intense hair loss. Renders combined effect on the entire structure of the hair and scalp.

The composition includes the components:

  • SP94 complex - from glucose and vitamin F, beneficially affecting hair roots,
  • Oktein complex - fights microbes and eliminates skin irritation,
  • arginine - stimulates enhanced nutrition of hair follicles,
  • vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​and PP (niacin),
  • Vichy Spa Water,
  • aminexil 1.5%

It is applied by the applicator evenly on the skin in the partings between well-washed and dried hair.

With intense hair loss a course of two complexes is recommended with a single dose per day for at least 42 days.

When the loss is not so strong, you can limit yourself to three doses per week for the same duration of treatment. Visibly slows hair loss for six weeks.

Types of Vichy Shampoo

The French company Vichy has been developing a drug for several years that could cope with hair loss in a short time. While still under development, the tool was thoroughly tested and showed an excellent result: about 80% of the subjects after use noticed positive changes in the state of their hairstyle.

The entire line of "Vichy" is represented by several means indicated for baldness.

  • Vichy shampoo for oily hair. It will be an excellent option for owners of curls, prone to the appearance of fat. The drug will help regulate the sebaceous glands, not forgetting about nutrition and hydration. Manufacturers guarantee the appearance of the result in a month, and the appearance of the hair improves after the first application.
  • Vichy from dandruff. Unfortunately, the problem of dandruff is familiar to many. But thanks to a special medical formula, Vichy shampoo helps fight this ailment. In addition to getting rid of the problem, the tool can make the strands more shiny and well-groomed.
  • The famous shampoo “Vichy” for hair loss. The use of active ingredients in the composition not only fights the cause of alopecia, but also eliminates its external manifestations and helps to avoid relapse of the disease.
  • Vichy hair growth product. It will be an ideal option for partially fallen hair. If the problem was serious and the density of curls noticeably changed for the worse, shampoo will help restore vegetation on the head. The ingredients in the composition stimulate the active growth of new hairs and restore the structure of damaged ones. In addition, the cosmetic product will give hair volume without weighing it down.
  • "Vichy" for the density of strands.It is created on the basis of minerals, each of which has its own unique property and therapeutic effect. It is used both for the purpose of restoring problem hair and for prevention.

Aminexil pro

Quickly absorbing liquid. Sold in the form of a kit for women or men from 18 single doses (6 ml) and an applicator for application to the skin. Method of application and the course of treatment is similar to Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5.

The composition of the tool includes:

  • complex SP94,
  • arginine
  • Vichy Spa Water,
  • aminexil 1.5%
  • patented components.

Vichy Aminexil Pro hair loss remedy has become a real breakthrough in the fight against hair loss. An integrated approach to hair strengthening, combined with proprietary technologies and many years of experience in scientific research, has been translated into a highly effective drug with a miraculous effect.

Hair loss is drastically reduced to 30% already in the second week of treatment. By the end of the course, the hair becomes much stronger and thicker.

! Vichy AMINEXIL PRO hair loss remedy is more effective, but cheaper than Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5.

Composition and properties

One of the advantages of Vichy hair loss remedy is the absence of parabens and other harmful chemical compounds. In addition, the effectiveness of the drug is explained by many minerals and vitamins that are important for the hairline. In order not to be unfounded, we suggest analyzing the composition.

The basic ingredient of shampoo is thermal water. This healing fluid of exclusively natural origin has a beneficial effect on curls from their roots to the ends. It is a unique patented product of Vichy Corporation.

Sodium laureth sulfate is the most favorable for the scalp from a number of sulfates. It is added to the preparation for the formation of foam and high-quality hair washing.

The aminexil molecule is a kind of innovation in the world of cosmetics. This invention of the French company Vichy has not previously been used in detergents.

The well-known citric acid regulates acidity and gently cleanses the hair.

The substance dysodium cocoamphodiacetate neutralizes the negative effects of other substances and improves the consistency of shampoo.

Sodium chloride is common salt known to all. It is no secret that the product is part of many masks and skin scrubs, and therefore it is absolutely harmless to the body. The composition of the medicine "Vichy" is included to give density.

Ammonium hydroxide is also absolutely safe for scalp and hair. Gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin, thereby opening access to beneficial substances to the hair follicles.

The complex of vitamins has a positive effect on the hairstyle, improving both its condition and appearance.

Tonic firming conditioner

Sold in a plastic tube 150 ml. Goes well with Vichy tonic shampoo against Dercos hair loss.

It consists of:

  • ceramides - natural lipids that give the skin elasticity, prevent drying and peeling, as well as the ingress of dirt and germs,
  • vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​and PP (niacin),
  • Vichy Spa Water,
  • aminexil 1.5%.

With a small amount of conditioner, moisturize wet hair for 1-2 minutes after shampooing and rinse with water. The effect of the application comes immediately. Hair is easier to comb, retain its volume and shine, without becoming heavier.

The conditioner protects dry, brittle, as well as colored hair and scalp sensitive to damage.

Who is shown the remedy?

Manufacturers recommend using it in the initial stages of alopecia, as well as for preventive purposes. Everyone knows that with timely and high-quality treatment, an unreleased disease can be completely cured.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that the tool for falling out strands should be used on a regular basis, and not from time to time. It is a systematic and high-quality therapy in most cases that guarantees complete recovery.

Vichy shampoo developers made sure that the product is suitable for different people. There are separate types of the drug for almost all types of hair: oily, normal and prone to dryness.

Moreover, the preparation does not contain dyes and does not have a pungent odor, and therefore it will be a good remedy for hair loss for women and for men equally.

Due to its composition, suitable for daily use.

It should be borne in mind that sometimes curls can come out, especially at certain times of the year. Not always fallen hairs are a sign of beginning alopecia. But the number of lost curls should not exceed one hundred pieces per day.

In order not to doubt and not worry in vain, you can do a kind of test, which will show if there are serious reasons for concern. You need to pick up your hair with your hand, as if you are going to do the tail hairstyle, and then run along it with your hand, sliding down to the ends. If after the procedure five or more hairs remain in the hand, then this is an occasion to visit a doctor.

The secret of efficiency

Effectiveness is based on two factors:

    Fast restorative and anti-aging effect of mineralizing water Vichy Spa on the skin as a source of healthy and strong hair. It is made from water of thermal springs of volcanic origin.

Its healing properties were noted by the founder of the Vichy brand, Georges Guerin, back in 1931 during the treatment of a long non-healing wound on his leg with mineral water from a Lucas spring located in the vicinity of the city of Vichy.

  • High penetration of organic components that saturate the skin and hair with lipids, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides.
  • In remedies for hair loss Vichy Dercos contains all the necessary substances that skin and hair are in dire need of with metabolic disorders caused by malnutrition, stress, age-related changes in the body and diseases.

    Numerous studies conducted on volunteer groups have shown that more than 80% had positive changes in the structure of hair and an improvement in the condition of the scalp already in the second week of using Vichy Dercos products.

    The products of the Vichy Dercos line successfully combine mineral and organic components in the treatment of profuse prolapse and have a comprehensive regenerative effect. They are well suited for quick recovery of the scalp and improvement of the hair structure even after illnesses and stresses.

    Ampoules Vichy

    In order for those suffering from loss of hair to successfully cope with the disease, pharmacists have invented a great addition to shampoo: ampoules against hair loss. They contain the molecule aminexil and argenin, carefully caring for the hair and providing them with decent care.

    The medicine is universal and suitable for all skin types, includes an option separately for men and women. In a set - 18 ampoules and a special massage applicator. With the help of the necessary elements in ampoules and a pleasant massage, blood rushes to the head. This stimulates the growth of new hair and strengthens the roots of the existing one.

    Unlike Vichy shampoo, which is also suitable for the prevention of baldness, ampoules are used exclusively to combat the disease.

    How to use

    As for Vichy shampoo, its method of application is extremely simple and does not differ from most other similar products.

    It is necessary to apply a certain amount of shampoo on wet hair. It should not be too much, as the substance foams well. It is necessary to carefully rub the soapy liquid into the hair and scalp, simultaneously massaging it with your fingers. Then it is better to leave soaped hair for a couple of minutes so that beneficial substances are better absorbed and absorbed. And after abundantly wash off the foam with water.

    If we are talking about ampoules against baldness, then there are no big difficulties. On dry or wet curls you need to apply the contents of one ampoule and rub it into the hair roots. This dose should be enough for the whole head, so we use the substance gently and economically.After use, rinse your head is not necessary.

    We use one ampoule per day for about two months with a pronounced disease. If the problem is just starting, three ampoules per week are enough.

    Owners of sensitive scalp need to be careful, because the drug can cause allergies. It is better to test the substance before use.

    Vichy Remedies for Hair Loss

    Each of us at least once in his life found that suddenly whole shreds of hair began to remain on the comb. Most often this is seasonal baldness, which occurs in early spring or after a hot summer. But sometimes the loss of hair is associated with internal problems in the body, and then urgent measures must be taken to stop this process as soon as possible. In the meantime, you’ll be looking for reasons, try using the well-known brand “Vichy” for hair loss.

    Feedback Analysis

    Noteworthy shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss by customer reviews. Many of them praise the remedy, which in a short time helped to cope with the loss of hair. Of its advantages note efficiency, profitability and a fairly quick result. Almost all consumers were satisfied, because the drug coped with the problem.

    For some users, the result appeared only after the use of Vichy shampoo in combination with other means aimed at combating alopecia. But we reliably know that in case of a serious illness it is better to enhance the effect of the drug with additional medications and cosmetics.

    Also, one of the people attributed the pungent smell to shortcomings. At the same time, it seemed pleasant to one of the buyers and was noted as one of the merits of the product.

    It is worth saying that, despite the effectiveness of shampoo, many consumers complained about the high price. But often, cost has been featured as the only disadvantage of the product.


    Causes of baldness

    The main cause of sudden severe baldness, most doctors consider stress. But trichologists can name at least a few more factors that can trigger rapid hair loss:

    • hormonal imbalance,
    • lack of vitamins and minerals,
    • severe dehydration,
    • scalp diseases
    • the use of inappropriate shampoos,
    • frequent staining
    • perm,
    • hot styling or blow drying
    • negative environmental impact,
    • bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs.

    Nobody has canceled genetics either. If your parents lost their hair early, the risk of premature baldness is high for you too.

    To eliminate all of the above reasons, no tool can. But it’s quite possible to slow down this process to the Vichy complex. And this will give time to deal with internal problems, not having time to completely bald.

    Shampoo Vichy for hair loss: reviews, composition, application

    Rapid loss of strands is one of the problems that often occurs even in women who carefully and regularly monitor their curls.

    There are several ways to cope with such a nuisance - go to specialists for expensive help, turn to folk dubious means, or try to get rid of the problem with shampoo. It may not seem unbelievable, but it is precisely this tool that can cope with the loss, and in record time.

    Vichy shampoo from hair loss, the reviews of women which claim that he adequately copes with the problem, restoring the structure of weakened curls, acting on the roots, and most importantly - completely stopping hair loss.

    Features of Vichy preparations

    The Vichy company from hair loss has developed a whole line of drugs (Derkos series) that provide complete comprehensive care for hair. It includes:

    • A shampoo that is suitable for daily use and gently cleanses the hair from pollution, while treating the scalp.
    • Tonic balm. It makes the hair smooth, reduces brittleness, facilitates combing, increases elasticity.
    • Complex for hair loss for women. It contains a specially selected set of biologically active substances that regulates the vitamin-mineral and hormonal balance.
    • Complex for hair loss for men. The female and male body need a different amount of minerals and trace elements, so the composition of the male version is slightly different.

    All products from Vichy against hair loss are intended for both professional use and home care. They are very economical and easy to use.

    The main active ingredient, which provides high-performance hair products from Vichy in the fight against baldness, is aminexil. This is an artificially synthesized chemical substance that can penetrate into the bloodstream through the skin and prevent the hardening of collagen, due to which hair breaks and falls out.

    In fact, this is a lower concentration of minoxidil - a drug that has been successfully used to combat focal and total alopecia.

    But Vichy capsules for hair loss also contain additional therapeutic components that accelerate their growth and improve the condition of the skin and hair follicles.

    The composition of the shampoo from loss

    Vichy shampoo, whose work is directed against hair loss, has many advantages, the main one is a universal remedy, both women and men can use it. Shampoo manufacturers did not stop there, and created a special series, now you can choose a firming agent for oily, dry or combination curls.

    Active substances of Vichy, whose work has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair:

    • B vitamins (tidy up the sebaceous glands, normalize the regenerating properties of the hair follicles),
    • aminexil (combats prolapse, strengthens follicles),
    • vitamins of the P group (restore hair structure, restore the function of hair follicles).

    In addition to the active components of shampoo from hair loss, there are a number of auxiliary elements that enhance the work of the main components. Just a few weeks of applying Vichy will make sure its effectiveness, because the beneficial components begin to act after the first wash.

    How features of application will help

    What can be attributed to the advantages of Vichy shampoo from hair loss? There are a lot of useful properties on hair:

    • bulbs strengthening,
    • nutrition of the scalp,
    • improving the protective qualities of strands,
    • scalp regeneration,
    • giving healthy shine to curls.

    It is not difficult to use Vichy shampoo for hair, which is confirmed in the woman's reviews. Simply replace them with your favorite shampoo.

    The procedure is best carried out in this order:

    1. Moisten your hair a little.
    2. Apply the required amount of shampoo to the strands (the shorter the hair, the less funds will be needed).
    3. Beat foam well, leave for 4-8 minutes.
    4. Wash Vichy with warm water (if possible, use a special balm for washing).

    It is allowed to use a dryer after applying Vichy from hair loss, but it is better to avoid this procedure by allowing the curls to dry on their own.

    Does Vichy shampoo have contraindications? Reviews say that even ladies with sensitive scalp can safely use the useful properties of the product - an allergic reaction can occur only in one case, if the body reacts unpredictably to one of the components of the composition.

    Such a nuisance happens very rarely, but you should not forget about it - if there are incomprehensible symptoms, it is better to stop using Vichy against loss.During pregnancy, it is also allowed to resort to using hair shampoo - there are no components harmful to the baby in the composition of the product.

    Side effects after using Vichy shampoo do not occur, except that the first application can stimulate even more abundant loss of strands.

    Do not be nervous about this or stop washing your hair with shampoo - this is a natural reaction of hair follicles, they get rid of hair whose cells are completely damaged and cannot be restored.

    Soon the loss from Vichy will completely stop, often new hairs begin to grow.

    Where to buy Vichy shampoo and what price

    You can buy Vichy in almost any pharmacy or specialty store. The volume of the bottle is 200 ml. Below we provide a list of places where you can place an order online and arrange delivery.

    You can buy shampoo for Vichy loss in:

    • Pharmacy WER at a price of 755 rubles.
    • Skin Health Center offers for 723 rubles.

    Derkos Neozhenik from Vichy (Vichy Dercos Neogenic): capsules and ampoules for women for hair growth

    Many people of both sexes and all ages face hair loss.

    The causes of this problem can be poor environmental conditions, severe stress, malnutrition, bad habits, heredity, some diseases, insufficient or improper care, hormonal changes in the body (age-related or due to pregnancy) and other factors.

    If possible, it is necessary to try to eliminate the root cause, but stimulation of hair growth by various means that affect the scalp and hair follicles is also effective. The undisputed leader in such products is the French company Vichy.


    The Vichy brand produces two product lines to solve the problem of hair loss with different effects. Shampoos and conditioners in both cases can be used by both men and women, designed for regular use.

    Capsules should be used in courses from one or more packages (depending on how severe the problem is). If necessary, the course can be repeated after some time (six months, a year, several years).

    Vichy products are recommended for use only at the age of 18 years.

    Derkos series is aimed at preventing the loss of existing hair. The main component is aminexil, which prevents the hardening of collagen around the hair follicles, so that the hairs can be more firmly fixed in the scalp.

    The lineup contains:

    • tonic shampoo
    • conditioner with a tonic and firming effect,
    • Aminexil Intensive capsules for men and women.

    Create stunning “Hollywood” will help the wonderful curlers magic leverage.

    Vichy shampoo from hair loss - how to use vichy dercos and reviews

    Vichy cosmetics are world famous. A rich assortment offers effective compounds, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by many years of research. One of the most popular remedies is Vichy shampoo for hair loss for men and women. The multicomponent composition helps not only to eliminate the problem itself, but also to cure the main cause of the disease.

    Composition and description of Vichy Dercos

    The healing effect is achieved by unique ingredients, carefully selected in the right concentration. What is included in Vichy Derkos shampoo from hair loss:

    • thermal water - developed by Vichy, has the ability to restore protective functions, retain moisture in the skin and saturates the dermis with the necessary minerals, contains about 18 mineral salts and 30 trace elements,
    • Sodium laureth sulfate - a foaming substance with minimal aggressiveness to the dermis of the head,
    • aminexil 1.5% - a component that prevents the hardening of the connective tissue of the bulbs, which prevents death and helps improve blood circulation,
    • citric acid for a milder cleansing of strands, normalizing the balance of acidity,
    • diode cocoamphodicetat - surfactant that reduces the aggressiveness of primary substances and is used to give the composition a gel-like thick consistency,
    • sodium chloride - table salt, necessary for the optimal density of the composition,
    • ammonium hydroxide - regulates pH, promotes the rapid penetration of beneficial components into the skin and curls,
    • vitamins B5, B6, nicotinic acid - means for active nutrition, the formation of a dense structure and healing of the root part of the hair,
    • the shampoo also contains components to give the curls a natural healthy glow, prevent the accumulation of static electricity and maintain optimal humidity,
    • sodium benzoate, salicylic acid - preservatives with anti-inflammatory, exfoliating effects, preventing the development of pathogenic microflora.

    In addition to its ability to nourish strands, skin, Vichy Dercos anti-hair loss tonic shampoo has hypoallergenic characteristics and is a prophylactic against diseases such as:

    1. baldness,
    2. increased grease
    3. irritability, itching of the scalp,
    4. inflammatory processes
    5. seborrhea.

    The unique formula that Vichy shampoo is provided with from hair loss with aminexil helps protect the cuticle from negative factors.

    Due to the effect on the core in the follicle, the product saves hair from drying out, provides flexibility.

    The detergent composition affects the structure of curls at the molecular level, maintaining the optimal elasticity of collagen fibers, which ensures the elasticity of the strands.

    Important! The formula of Vichy Derkos “Gentle Minerals” with daily care prevents hair loss, providing restoration of damaged tips and rapid growth of hair.

    How to apply

    Vichy shampoos and balms by the method of use are no different from similar products of other brands, it is not worth focusing on this. If we talk about ampoules, then they are a means of stronger action. In order to not get even more problems instead of improving the condition of the hair, they should be used in courses and in full accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations indicated on the package.

    Most Vichy products are universal, that is, suitable for both men and women, differing exclusively in the problems they are aimed at.

    Instructions for use:

    • The applicator included in the kit is put on the ampoule, it is scrolled until the top of the capsule is cut through.
    • The product from the capsule is applied in partings to wet or dry clean hair with zigzag movements, then the scalp is thoroughly massaged.
    • Rinse off the drug is not necessary, its active substances are absorbed, the rest evaporates.

    For one application, use no more and no less than one ampoule. In no case can the stored ampoule be stored; the product quickly evaporates from it.

    The article will help to evaluate the diversity of the Vella hair dye palette.

    Pros and cons

    • a positive effect is confirmed in 80% of cases: healthy shine, elasticity of curls, reduction in the number of lost hair,
    • after 60-90 days of regular use, the loss of strands stops completely,
    • shampoo can be used as an independent tool for the care of curls, and as part of therapy against alopecia.

    Among other things, the composition helps tone the scalp, stop and heal the foci of inflammation with dermatitis, is not addictive and treats the cause of baldness, coping with the consequences of the disease. One negative factor is the high price, however, any professional analog with a set of the listed qualities will cost much more.

    Use on dry curls should be combined with moisturizing masks.The sodium laureth sulfate, which is part of the product, overdries too dry strands, for example, spoiled by constant staining.

    And what do those who use shampoo say, how do they evaluate Vichy Derkos from hair loss? Customer reviews are most favorable from both women and men.

    Good results were noted with shampoo from baldness after hormonal disruptions, stress, and after radiation therapy. Of course, it is necessary first of all to establish the work of the body as a whole, and not just hope for the therapeutic effect of shampoo.

    As a result of an integrated approach to the problem of hair loss, you can get a guaranteed positive result.

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    What people say

    The opinions of those who used Vichy hair growth products are mostly positive, users note their high efficiency even in the case of a sufficiently advanced problem:

    • Irina, 26 years old, Petrozavodsk: “A miracle did not happen, my liquid hair did not become thick, lush and luxurious in an instant. But they fall out much less, I noticed that little more hairs are breaking through the entire surface of the head. I will continue to use the products. ”
    • Arina, 30 years old, Nizhny Novgorod: “After giving birth, I encountered terrible hair problems, and Vichy, along with vitamins and nutritional correction, became my salvation. The only thing that does not please them is the price. ”
    • Alexey, 32 years old, Perm: “Who is pleased to start balding in the third ten? So I was upset, ran around all the doctors, and making sure that there were no serious health problems, I decided to try Vichy. The result was pleasing, now I repeat periodically for prevention. ”

    Vichy face cream will help to cope with all skin problems.

    It should be understood that Vichy’s remedies are not a panacea, and it’s not always possible to bring problematic hair into order alone. But in combination with various measures to improve the body, they can greatly improve the condition and density of the hairline.

    Vichy hair loss shampoo: reviews, effect

    Under the well-known Vichy brand, hair loss shampoos are available in various combinations, which makes it possible to choose these effective products for almost any type of hair.

    Vichy shampoo in its composition contains only those components that have a beneficial effect on the root system of the hair, saturate it with nourishing elements and increase the growth rate.

    In general, most people face various hair problems in their lives.

    • For many reasons, for many reasons, hair loses its former attractiveness, becomes weak and brittle, decreases in volume and begins to fall out.
    • All these symptoms indicate that the hair is likely to become ill, which means that the time has come to take drastic measures aimed at their healing and complete cure.

    1. In this case, you can go in different ways, but if you do not pay attention and take certain measures, then after some time the process of hair loss can become irreversible and lead to complete baldness.
    2. Of course, currently there are many cosmetics against hair loss and activation of their growth, but not all of them have the desired effect.
    3. In this case, you should pay attention to Vichy shampoo, whose action is aimed at enhancing hair growth and combating hair loss, especially since numerous reviews confirm the high efficiency of cosmetics manufactured under this brand.


    • For most people, hair loss causes some panic, as a result of which they can commit a variety of rash actions.
    • Many are ready in this case to turn to traditional medicine and are intensely beginning to use all kinds of recipes, the effect of which on the hairline is in no way justified.
    • In this case, Vichy shampoo acts as the most optimal anti-hair loss remedy, which also optimizes the root system for active hair growth.

    It is important to read: Remedy "Andrea" from hair loss

    It is especially effective at the initial stage when the precipitation process has not passed into the irreversible phase.

    Numerous positive reviews from both men and women confirm that after using this unique product, the hair becomes stronger, in addition, their growth is activated.

    1. It should be noted that the price of this cosmetic product is within acceptable limits.
    2. Vichy shampoo can also be used in combination with medical preparations, in the event that the hair disease has grown from the initial to a more complex phase.
    3. In most cases, hair loss is the result of some negative processes that occur in the human body.
    4. This can be hormonal disruptions, poor nutrition, as well as regular drinking and smoking.
    5. Significantly worsens the condition and appearance of the hair during nervous breakdowns and depression, as well as under the influence of the environment.
    6. As you know, the environmental situation on Earth today is in a deplorable state, and this is fully reflected in the hair.
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    8. If you do not carry out regular care for them, then in the very near future the curls can lose their attractive appearance and begin to fall out.
    9. In this case, Vichy shampoo is the most optimal prophylactic that can provide gentle care for the scalp.
    10. It should be noted that the shampoo of this brand caused positive reviews from specialized medical specialists who note its qualitative effect on the root system.

    Some useful properties

    • Vichy is a tool that is designed to enhance hair growth and strengthen their root system.
    • Shampoo is used against hair loss and is especially effective at the initial stage of the disease.
    • This cosmetic product has a fairly pleasant smell and a quite attractive external design.
    • It is very simple to use, despite the fact that all the manufacturer's recommendations are indicated directly on the bottle.

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    It should be noted that the manufacturer produces shampoo for different types of hair, which makes it possible for everyone to choose the most suitable remedy for hair loss and activation of their growth.

    Shampoos are currently available for dry and oily, as well as combination skin, for both women and men.

    1. Vichy is really a completely new look at the quality of the hairline.
    2. The beneficial properties of Vichy brand products include active nutrition of the scalp, as well as maximum strengthening of the bulbs.
    3. Due to some components included in the composition of Vichy, faster regeneration takes place in the skin of the head, which allows the cells to actively update.

    Under the influence of natural elements, Vichy curls acquire a natural shine. The regular use of shampoos of this brand also leads to an increase in the protective properties of the hairline over its entire area.

    • Also, a cosmetic product almost completely eliminates the problems associated with hair loss.
    • It is worth noting that the natural composition of the shampoo is almost ideal for enhancing hair growth.
    • Video:
    • All positive reviews about the properties of Vichy in real people are confirmed by numerous laboratory studies.
    • In any case, the use of Vichy shampoo will only contribute to the normalization of the condition of the hair, make them more lively and attractive.

    The opinion of experts

    1. Many profile specialists note that Vichy is precisely that remedy, which is intended not only to combat hair loss, but also to enhance their growth.
    2. Dermatologists from different countries have a positive attitude towards Vichy and advise him as a prophylactic to their patients.

  • Many well-known cosmetologists took part in the creation of Vichy shampoo, in addition, they were actively helped by medical specialists working in this field.
  • They claim that Vichy is currently the first remedy in the world from hair loss and activation of their growth.

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    Some doctors attribute Vichy shampoo to medicines that have a broadly targeted effect.

    This shampoo of a new generation today can be freely purchased at almost all pharmacy outlets.

    • Its active effect on the hair roots begins literally from the first day of use.
    • Conducted studies have shown that Vichy not only restores hair, but also effectively prevents the main causes of hair loss.
    • Its composition is completely balanced and does not contain those components that could have a negative effect on the bulbs and scalp as a whole.
    • It should be noted that Vichy shampoo in its composition does not contain elements that can cause allergies in patients.
    • Due to its hypoallergenicity, it is equally suitable for absolutely all people, regardless of their age and gender, including children.
    • In order for a truly positive effect to occur, this shampoo should be used regularly.
    • In the very early stages of baldness, Vichy is able to quickly begin to act actively and completely prevent this negative process.

    1. Of course, if the process of baldness is associated with negative heredity or is the result of a disease, then Vichy will not help.
    2. In this case, the use of shampoo in combination with medical preparations is recommended.

    This cosmetic product is successfully sold worldwide. It can also be used to prevent hair condition at any time of the year.

    Its high quality and good efficiency are confirmed by reviews made by real people from different countries.

    Currently, there is no longer any such shampoo in the world, the effective action of which has been confirmed by numerous scientific studies.


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