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Men's hairstyles with medium hair: in the wake of fantasy

If your hair as a whole or just bangs of medium length, then you will be glad to choose the option of stylish styling for your hair type from the 80 photos that we post in this article.

In fact, medium length hairstyles are some of the most popular among your favorite male celebrities. It is enough to recall the light, light curls:

  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Leonardo DiCaprio’s ever-changing hairstyles, Bradley Cooper's combed back hair,
  • or original hairstyles of medium length in the style of Colin Farrell.

We do not offer special laying principles and rules; it doesn’t matter if you comb them upwards or form them with your hands with tools for laying in sharp contours on the sides, or leave them disheveled in a light mess.

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Such a length is unpretentious, naturalness and careless shabbiness are welcome, especially if the style of your clothes is free with shades of sports or casual clothes.

If you prefer classics, we recommend adding a slight unshaven to the elongated bang, with clearly shaved edges and shaved weights. It looks very elegant while emphasizing your manly charm.

The popularity and benefits of medium length haircuts

Each man has an individual appearance, according to which the hairdresser or stylist selects a haircut model and hairstyles. Medium-length hair can be styled into a smooth-haired hairstyle, you can make creative mess and a whirlwind of strands, young guys can put mohawk or weave dreadlocks and much more. Accordingly, the main advantage of medium-length haircuts is a wide selection of hairstyles and hairstyles.

Also, men's haircuts for medium hair suggest the following advantages:

  1. Universality. Most of these hairstyles are suitable for all men, regardless of face shape, type of appearance, shade and structure of hair, age and lifestyle.
  2. Practicality. Hairstyles with medium hair do not require frequent correction, as is the case with short models, so a visit to the salon can be delayed, since overgrown curls guarantee the possibility of changing the image and images.
  3. The style. If you look at glossy magazines depicting male models, you can understand how stylish and modern haircuts look average length. Almost all trend haircuts today imply just such a length of hair.

If you choose a haircut with medium-length hair to your image, you can provide yourself with an individual and fashionable style. Hair can be bundled during sports, laid in a voluminous and slightly sloppy form for parties, as well as smoothly comb back or to one side for a working environment. The ability to change images will allow a man to surprise others with new ideas and their incarnations.

The choice of hairstyles depending on individual characteristics

Only then stylish men's haircuts will look spectacular and presentable if they are correctly selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the man’s appearance and his age. You can get valuable directions and recommendations from an experienced hairdresser or stylist, you can use the Internet surfing service, and also compare your appearance with the type of a famous person. In general, indicators such as face shape, hair structure, presence or absence of bangs are considered selection criteria.

Face shape

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a haircut of medium length is the shape of the face of a man. Ideally, if it is an oval shape, as it is considered the standard of a beautiful face. For such a face, all haircuts and hairstyles are suitable, regardless of length and model. For the rest, stylists classify haircuts according to several forms of the head, namely:

  1. Round. For such a head, exceptionally voluminous haircut options are better, it is better to wear a neat haircut with short temples and elongated whiskers to visually narrow your face.
  2. Elongated. For this form, voluminous and multi-layer haircuts are more suitable, which can be combed at the roots for greater splendor and laid to the side, creating asymmetry.
  3. Angular. Regardless of the square, diamond-shaped or heart-shaped face shape of a man, haircuts with voluminous and thick hair on the crown, with short-cut temporal areas and torn and multi-layer strands on the crown can smooth out its features.

Today, the Internet offers a lot of programs, thanks to which the face shape and photographs of men can be tried on different options for haircuts and hairstyles. This greatly facilitates the process of choosing a haircut and clearly demonstrates which models can ideally adjust the shape of the face.


A classic haircut for a man always looks the same - it is a clear, even strict edging, the hair has a maximum (a few centimeters) length at the crown, and gradually disappear, shortening to the edging line. Such a haircut is performed with ordinary scissors, and in fact, the master must be able to handle his tool in order to perform this haircut well.

Based on the classic haircut, you can make many hairstyles for men - it allows you to style your hair in different ways and change your image. For example, if you want to get an extremely business-like and focused look, you need to slightly moisten your hair with a styling tool, and then comb it in a straight part, without giving a special amount to the hair.

The final finishing of the styling is done with the help of a large infrequent comb - it helps to create the necessary texture of a carefully and carefully combed man.

Romantic fashionable hairstyles are suitable for young people and figures of a creative and cultural environment - the length of the hair allows you to create volume and a light wave, and with the skillful use of styling products you can achieve an interesting effect.

By the way, a classic men's haircut can be combed forward, creating the illusion of a short bang - this option is more suitable for a party or vacation, because short strands of pseudo-bangs will look somewhat frivolous.

You can wear classics of medium length - so that the hair on the crown reaches a length of about 8-15 centimeters. Suitable for men who carefully care for their hair and do not mind daily styling, however, they must have soft enough hair to make it beautifully lay. For styling such a hairstyle, it is best to use powder or soft-fix foam.

Type of hair and scalp

Any stylish men's haircuts of medium length must necessarily be compared with the shade and structure of the hair, since these criteria are important in choosing a hairstyle. A different hair structure implies a different end result, that is, how the hair will fall after cutting. If we talk about thin and even stripes, such haircuts as a bob or bob-car, as well as graded versions, are ideal for them.

If we are talking about stiff and even hair, multilayer hairstyles with torn strands, as well as any unconventional haircut technologies, will look beneficial. If the hair is thick and lush, any haircut will look spectacular if the master performs a thinning. But for curls and curls, only an experienced master can choose a haircut, most often these are graded haircut options.


What fashion trends in men's fashion await us in 2020? The leading place is still occupied by fashionable men's hairstyle. undercut or british. By the way, this fashionable haircut, worn by many Hollywood stars and famous people, has another name - for example, in Ukraine it is a type of hairstyle called a sedentary.

What does the correct, classic undercut look like? There is no single criterion, almost all hairstyles with shaved temples can claim this name. This hairstyle first became fashionable about sixty years ago in Britain, and since then it has become fashionable from time to time in one form or another.

In 2020, the underker will be fashionable classic, which means:

  • there is no transition between long and short hair,
  • long strands on the crown have different lengths,
  • in 2020 only very young men can afford to shave the lower part of their head,
  • It will be possible to give an original note to the haircut with a plucked pattern that separates long and short hair.
But what about other men's hairstyles with medium hair? For those who prefer an average length of hair, you can offer stylish men's hairstyles with a length slightly more than average - this can be a shortened bean or even a man's square.

In 2020, hairstyles with shaved temples are still popular - asymmetrical when only one temple is shaved. This is a small tribute to the Iroquois and bikers, as well as a small flirtation with the undercut sample of the early 80s.

Medium length hair with one shaved temple will look good only in one case - if the person has an original bright image. In all other cases, this will most likely be inappropriate, especially if the man cannot boast of a fit sports figure.


If men's hairstyles for medium hair with bangs are supposed, the master must necessarily compare the face shape of a man with the shape of a forelock. Today, at the peak of popularity, there are all models of haircuts for medium hair with an elongated bang, which can be styled using different methods, adjusting the shape of the face, for example, asymmetrically to the side or with a pile and volume up.

The oblique model of bangs looks best on men with a square and round face shape, but it is recommended to try on straight bangs for owners of a triangular, oval and elongated face shape. The forehead forehead may be neatly combed, or may involve careless styling in the form of a vortex. Today, masters practice different methods of cutting bangs - torn, graded, thinning, straight or oblique.


Sports are usually called short men's hairstyles, which are often worn by athletes. Given the fact that in the past few years, men involved in sports professionally wear different hairstyles, the concept has become somewhat blurred.

Traditionally, sports haircuts are half-box hairstyle and half-box haircut men's - this is a short haircut with a machine, which is a universal short hairstyle with a slightly elongated crown in relation to other hair.

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There are a lot of options for this type of hairstyle - thinning and fringing in combination with different lengths of strands give an almost infinite number of options.

Ordinary beaver can be considered a kind of sports haircut - a short haircut with a machine with an equally short hair length over the entire head. Such hairstyles are decorated with shaved ornaments, highlighting, coloring. Stacking is practically not required.

Types of haircuts for medium hair in men

Few of the men know the names of the most popular hairstyles for medium hair today, which greatly complicates the choice of haircuts and understanding of the hairdresser that the client wants. Therefore, stylists recommend first to familiarize themselves with the most popular haircuts in theory, and then go to the salon. Hairstyles for men with medium hair with names - anderkat, mohawk, half-box, canadian, square, gavrosh, “Mr.Cool”, pot and much more.


Everyday ordinary men's hairstyles with bangs will receive special attention in 2020 - casual haircuts look fresh and relevant almost always. Separately, we should mention the Canadian haircut - it could be attributed to sports, but in fact Canada is more than a universal option for men's hairstyles. It is performed on soft hair, and how good the hairstyle will be depends on the skill of the hairdresser.

Hairstyles with parting are also very popular, especially if it is a side hairstyle - a deep parting that runs almost from the forehead to the crown, with fixed hair that is slightly textured.


If we consider all the fashionable men's haircuts for medium hair this season, the most simple and uncomplicated stylists consider haircut haircut. It means medium-length hair, but at the same time a shortened temporal region and a tousled free styling, thanks to which many men value gavrosh for comfort and practicality. At the top, a haircut should form a crest, triangular sections fall to the temples, and from the crown of the head to the back of the head leave the average length of hair.


In general, any men's haircuts for medium hair emphasize in the appearance of the stronger sex only the best qualities. Special attention is paid to the bob-car model, which is ideal for owners of straight smooth hair. The main feature of this haircut is the maximum amount of hair in the parietal part of the head, which is achieved thanks to a special technique of hair cutting. A bob can be short to the line of the ears, medium and long to the line of the chin. Today, craftsmen cut bobcars with graduated, asymmetric or perfectly straight.


Beautiful haircuts with medium long hair can be not only soft or strict, but also courageous and cocky, for example, like Undercut. This technology of hair cutting has been practiced for about 100 years, enjoying incredible popularity among young men. The characteristic features of the Undercut haircut are shaved whiskey, an elongated crown and parietal region of the head, clarity and a sharp transition between the lengths of the hair. The haircut fits perfectly into the classic look, suits older men, accepts curly locks.

Men's haircuts for medium length hair

For a man, being fashionable means not only following the latest trends in the wardrobe, but also choosing the right (and wearing!) Hairstyle. A well-groomed, carefully trimmed man attracts attention, it is easier for him to build a career - he is confident and independent. Competent hairstyle able to hide some flaws in appearance, make the image more courageous and serious, and sometimes bold.

A successful hairstyle has long been the hallmark of a successful man

Currently the most popular fashionable men's hairstyles with medium hair - such haircuts are diverse, a wide selection allows you to choose the most suitable type of face, structure and color of hair, density and growth characteristics. The average length of the strands makes it possible to vary the styling: today it is the image of a strict business man, tomorrow - a daring smoothie.


A model haircut for young guys is “Mr.Cool”, its characteristic features are the smooth lines of the cascade, which form the shape of the crown on the head, lack of asymmetry. Ideally, such a haircut is suitable for broad-faced guys, as well as for owners of wavy and curly curls. The average length of hair is 5-7 cm, the master cuts the strands in a multilevel way, forming a ball of hair on the top and top of the head.


Representatives of this haircut in the male variation are Brad Pitt, Jared Leto and other world famous men. A distinctive feature of the haircut cascade is the harmonious combination of the upper tier of short hair with the lower tier of medium-length hair. For a high forehead, stylists advise different options for bangs, and also a brutal beard with a mustache harmoniously fits into the image.

Men's hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyles of this type provide great opportunities for the realization of their fantasies. You can make a “creative mess” on your head, or just gently comb your hair. If the hair curls - this creates certain difficulties for creating the desired image, since it is the details of the hairstyle on them that will be poorly visible. Also, with curly hair, you will almost always need to do an elongated bang, since a short bang will look like some kind of ridiculous shaggy substance. The main styling process in this case will be to create the intended shape as a whole.

On the hair of medium length, you can build a lot of stylish haircuts and styling.

Men should grow their hair only if it is thick. Liquid and long hairs look, to put it mildly, not very

Fashionable men's hairstyles for medium hair Suitable for many face types. Therefore, such hairstyles are constantly popular among men. By popularity, they occupy about a third of all hairstyles for men. Haircuts of this type are universal. With an average length of hair, you can create yourself some kind of formal hairstyle, or make an image of a fatal seducer, everything is possible.

There are no less options for male styling than female

If a man has a short neck, then he is not recommended to do men's hairstyles with medium hair, especially their elongated options. Because a haircut of this kind will only emphasize this drawback. Middle hair will be appropriate for men with protruding ears because there is a good chance to hide them. When creating a hairstyle, you should always remember about the purity of the hair. Dirty hair must not be allowed to form a broom on the head. Gel use should also be moderate.

Stylish men's hairstyles for medium hair Suitable for both round faces and elongated ones. In the first case, using a well-chosen length of hair, you can hide too thick cheeks, in the second - giving shaggy to the cheeks, you can make the face look more round.

Medium hair styling in grunge style: step by step

Grunge is a modern "street" style, which is characterized by such criteria as negligence, a certain sloppiness and sloppiness. All these young men prefer to highlight in clothes and accessories, as well as make their usual haircuts, styling in grunge style. Initially, this style originated in 1980, but today it is actively flourishing among young people around the world.

To style your hair in grunge style, you must do the following:

  • wash your hair with shampoo first
  • on dried, but wet strands apply much styling mousse,
  • then, using a hairdryer and hands, dry the hair, forming a mess on the head,
  • if the hair does not have enough volume, you can comb it a little around the roots,
  • in the end, a little varnish is sprayed on the resulting styling to fix it.

Grunge style can be indicated with bangs, high styling, shaved temples or even coloring of strands. This can be styling hair with an offset parting, with asymmetry of different hair lengths, styling in the form of a mohawk, and much more. Everything that will attract maximum attention and emphasize the extraordinary hairstyle, all this can be attributed to the style of grunge.

Grunge style

Publication from BONTON Beauty Salon Volgograd (@salonbonton) Sep 5, 2017 at 4:10 PDT

The exact opposite of the classic: no deliberately neat lines and contours - negligence, disheveled hair, shaved or long temples, possibly complemented by a long oblique bangs. Hairstyles for rebels! This style also includes styling with high styling and / or color coloring on medium-length strands.

This hairstyle is characterized by elongated strands looking with the ends inward. The haircut is performed with a thick volumetric bangs, usually also having a rounded shape. In general, the head takes round shape - just like a bean.

Men's hairstyles with medium hair

There are only two main ways to create men's hairstyles for medium hair - all the strands can be the same length, or - trimmed with a ladder. But there are a lot of different options for execution: highly profiled or straight hair, long hair in front and short at the back of the head, or vice versa, long curls in the back with a short trimmed crown on the front. Also, hairstyles with tanks do not go out of fashion. They are either either barely noticeable or noticeably distinguished - in the form of a narrow strip or wide a la Elvis Presley.

Whatever hairstyle you choose for yourself, medium-length hair needs to be looked after more than short. In fact, it’s not at all difficult - you just need to use any styling product: varnish, wax, etc. Hair care products give a man a large selection of new catchy images that help create handsome men's hairstyles for medium hair.

If a man has thick hair, he can safely comb it back. A little hair gel - and stylish styling is ready

Very popular haircuts with shortened temples and long hair at the crown

With a side part, with bangs, with fleece, without styling, ragged - even girls will envy such a variety of haircuts

Difficult to care for curly hair

It will be easiest for those men whose hair is curly or curly by nature and quite curvy. To care for their hair, they do not need to spend too much effort. It is enough to monitor the natural purity and health of the hair. When a man has straight or too sparse hair, he will have to spend time to style his hair well.

Men's hairstyles with medium hair Do not need too careful leaving, but it is important to keep them in shape and periodically visit the hairdresser. By the way, in order to choose the right hairstyle that takes into account the characteristic features of the face and figure, this should be done by a qualified and experienced stylist. Then the hairstyle will be really stylish and, as they say, to face.

Do not spare money for a good male master


Men's hairstyles of medium length hair - this is an unplowed field for stylists, hairdressers and men themselves, who prefer a variety of looks and a change of image. This length allows you to experiment with styling and styling hairstyles, in addition, hairstyles are suitable for smooth and curly hair. Some hairstyles emphasize the dignity of a man's face, others - adjust the shape and hide minor flaws. It is only important to choose the right haircut for your image and appearance features.

Varieties of "Canada"

Canadian, despite the clearly long strands of the upper part of the head, often refers to short hairstyles because of its short, neatly designed temples and the back of the head. But close to her Undercut It is a haircut for medium hair: not only the strands of the parietal part of the head, but also bangs and temples are left long, the lower hair of the nape is shaved. Haircuts are considered quite aggressive., and therefore in a solid business office is unlikely to be appropriate.

Mr. Cool

But these are already fashionable trends in modern society: “Mr. Cool” - universal youth haircut with several styling options. Characteristic: cascade-made strands from 7 cm long over the entire volume of the head. Smooth, asymmetrical lines are perfect for owners of a square face and slightly curly hair. For haircuts Mr. Cool is especially important for healthy hair: loose, sparse hair will not give the necessary volume and liveliness of the hair, and the head will look messy.

Haircuts with bangs

As you can see from the review, in the absolute trend, beautiful hairstyles for guys on medium hair with bangs. Exactly bangs add variety to any haircut: it can be smoothly combed back (business style), combed to one side - an organic and natural styling option for everyday life, carelessly disheveled or done styling - and here is a spectacular option for a party or meeting friends.

Correctly choose a medium-length haircut

When choosing haircuts, you should consider the type of face and type of hair:

  • for oval face almost all the haircuts mentioned above will do,
    holders round face It is worth abandoning voluminous and round haircuts such as "bob" or "hat". With this type of face, you should remove the whiskey to the maximum and leave the medium lengths of the parietal part of the head,
  • for a triangular head shape choose multilayer step hairstyles and combed side styling: the main thing is to break the symmetry,
  • with square face shape the first desire is to smooth the corners, this will help a significant amount of hairstyle with short temples and a fairly long occipital part.

For thin hair, torn edges and asymmetry are recommended. Thick hair should be thinned out by thinning, with curly hair it is important to briefly arrange whiskey and the back of the head - this will eliminate the effect of "dandelion".

Men's hairstyles with medium hair: in the wake of fantasy

An important part of the image of a successful modern man is a well-groomed haircut and a styled hairstyle, corresponding to his general image and style. If we talk about haircuts of medium length, they best correct the shape of the face and can radically change the appearance of a man. Due to this, such haircuts are most popular among men of different ages and outlooks on life.

Almost all men's hairstyles for medium hair are suitable for men of all types, regardless of age, hair structure, clothing styles and lifestyle. Most men are familiar with such a problem as early hair loss, and this problem can be hidden by different haircuts of medium length. It remains only to get acquainted with the trendy models of haircuts and their distinctive features.

Fashionable men's hairstyles of medium length

If even half a century ago to pay too much attention to your hair was considered shameful and even “womanish” occupation, now times have changed. The owner of a fashionable and beautiful head of hair is a standard of success, attractiveness and the ability to please others. Now many guys prefer not to cut their hair short, so men's hairstyles for medium hair are in the top. Such men are neat and well-groomed, which means they know how to present themselves and know their worth. As the saying goes, "love yourself and the whole world will love you."

Why are hairstyles of medium length

Men's hairstyles are endless. Someone is the owner of a chic thick hair, someone is trying to hide rare strands for a successful haircut and styling. To really become an icon of style, and not to disfigure yourself with the wrong styling, you will have to strain, since the choice of a suitable hairstyle is no less important than the composition of the wardrobe.

Hairstyles for medium hair do not require extra effort. It is necessary to periodically visit the hairdresser to maintain the necessary shape, use foams, gels, varnishes for styling, and wash your hair more often.

Medium length hair is a storehouse of various options and finds in order to change your image, since you can look completely different just by styling. Doing it yourself is not so difficult, just decide on a haircut.

Men's haircuts of medium length open up great opportunities for the realization of their fantasies, even at home. Every morning you can change the hairstyle style depending on the mood. It can be neatly gel-strands (if you have a business meeting planned) or complete chaos for a club party or concert.

Style selection

Haircuts for medium hair are not suitable for everyone. Sometimes, there are certain problems in creating the desired image, since for some reason this is simply impossible. For example, if you have curly hair, dealing with it at home will be difficult. It’s better to go to the hairdresser and make a haircut with an elongated bang, because, otherwise, you will always look messy and, even a little funny, that does not fit with the image of a business man. Men with a short neck are not recommended to do such hairstyles, since they are unlikely to become an adornment, but for men with cheburashki ears, they will help to hide their flaw.

Opting for Medium Length: Reasons

Just look at a couple of glossy publications dedicated to celebrities in order to make sure that men's hairstyles for medium hair are in demand among Hollywood movie stars, domestic artists, and actors. Curls of indefinite length provide an individual style. To achieve an effective result with a short haircut is almost impossible. The grown strands guarantee the possibility of changing the image. Today, a man looks fearless, strong, daring, collecting a bunch of untidy hair, tomorrow he is elegant, pedantic, elegant ...

Men's hairstyles for medium hair are so versatile. Having performed a trimming of the ends once every few months, the owner of the released hair can forget about going to the beauty salon for several months.

The fact is universal - men's hairstyles for medium hair go to owners of any shape, type, opal, face / skull / ears. For example, it is easy to hide the lop-eared by letting go of hair, or to emphasize this moment. Japanese women are more lenient towards men with protruding ears. In this country, hearing loss is not a vice, rather a sign of good form!

The main advantages:

You can significantly save on the services of a hairdresser in your city using coupons with discounts up to 80% of popular coupon services:

Individual approach

Men's hairstyles for medium hair will create an image only if the right choice. A competent hairdresser with experience in the field of image design will advise how to choose a way to trim the released strands. An alternative to the advice of the master will be Internet surfing. We advise you to pay attention to one of the celebrities, whose appearance is surprisingly similar to yours. Believe me, his stylists made a competent decision, choosing men's hairstyles for medium hair. Having copied the image, you will become the happy owner of an exclusively laid head of hair.

Face oval

Men's hairstyles for medium hair are selected according to the type, face shape. Being the owners of an oval shape, pay attention to men's hairstyles for medium hair for an oval face. In fact, this type of appearance is the most universal. To choose a hairstyle for its owner is the easiest task. Medium-length hair fits perfectly into this look.

Men's hairstyle for a round face on medium hair excludes volume. Experts recommend combining neat styling with small whiskers, trimmed temples.

Men's hairstyle for medium hair for an elongated face - this is layering and volume. For men with such an appearance, fashionable men's hairstyles for medium hair with combed hair, styling to one side are suitable.

Male hairstyles for medium hair with short-cut temporal areas, a thick nape, a crown with strands of different lengths no more than average will help smooth the angularity of a square-shaped face.

Hair structure

Depending on the type of hair itself, you can judge the final result. Men's hairstyles on medium hair fall in different ways.

Smooth, silky, thin strands are excellent in a haircut. Owners of such hair can even afford graduated haircuts. On straight locks, asymmetry, torn ends, and other unconventional ways of cutting this technology look great.

Holders of luxurious hair of medium / large density are available all the famous men's hairstyles for medium hair. The main condition is filing. Performing a trim, the master will need to perform thinning of a number of strands with a milling tool.

Things are more complicated with naughty curls and curls. Curly hair will be able to "tame" the experienced hand of a talented master. You should not entrust yourself to a novice hairdresser to curly men. Too high a risk. Men's hairstyles for medium hair, curling in curls, are performed taking into account the direction of hair growth.

Men's hairstyle with bangs for medium hair

At the peak of popularity today, men's hairstyles for medium hair and an elongated bang. Different styling methods make the image of the owners of the bangs universal. You can comb the strands in the forehead, on the side, up. A bangs neatly laid out for someone, carelessly disheveled for others. It is fashionable to wear oblique, graduated, straight, thick, milled bangs.

The type of bangs is selected according to the general style, face shape:

  • Oblique - round / square shape.
  • Flat - elongated / oval / triangular shape.

Practical tips:

  • Rest assured, men's hairstyles for medium hair with a hook will require daily styling.
  • An ideal option to express your own personality.
  • Perfectly combine business / sport style.
  • Men's hairstyles for medium hair combined with bangs emphasize the status.

Men's Mohawk Hairstyle

The name “Mohawk” was given to male hairstyles for medium hair from the ancient Iroquois tribe. His warriors were trimmed in this way. Haircut meant fearlessness, masculinity, the ability to resist. Trimming on this technology has long been in demand among representatives of punk movements, rebelling against stereotypes created in society. Today Mohawk is popular everywhere. He acquired a number of varieties. Hair styling in mohawk is fashionable among girls and women, guys, boys, adult men, celebrities and ordinary citizens.

“Men's hairstyles for medium-sized Mohawk hair differ from traditional Iroquois in styling. The left strands of the crown zone are combed forward to the face! ”

How to make a man's hairstyle for medium hair. Detailed Description Mohawk:

  • We determine the width of the mohawk (the central strip of hair is of medium length across the entire head).
  • The selected part is separated by a comb with a long edge with even partings.
  • We collect the clips of the future Iroquois.
  • Using an electric machine, we remove the length of the hair remaining on the sides / you can use a razor.
  • Milling a mohawk.

Stacking strands will help:

  • Hair dryer
  • Comb
  • Special tools
  • Fingers

With the Mohawk, dreadlocks, Afro-hairstyles, French braids, screen staining, highlighting, shaved ornaments are ideally combined.

Men's hairstyle with shaved temples

Short-cut, shaved whiskey, so popular among fashionistas, make men's hairstyles for medium hair stylish and not only. The named method of cutting is convenient, unique, creative. There are more than enough variations to combine strands of medium length with a shaved temporal, occipital zone. Each young man can find his own unique image. Tousled upwards, to the sides, strands falling down, a mohawk looking upwards, beautifully combed curls, look very advantageous in the face of short-cut temples.

Why do men choose haircuts with shaved temples?

The reasons are actually a lot. Including:

  • Giving the image of masculinity, fearlessness, brutality.
  • Easy styling.
  • The ability to combine styles, change images.

Add originality in addition to shaved temples, the back of the head, allows the application of drawings.

Men's hairstyle for medium hair with a pattern

To create your own image, to indicate the originality of style, modern fashionistas are helped by haircuts with drawings. Drawing patterns is carried out by an electric machine without a nozzle in the occipital, temporal parts of the head. The use of nozzles is recommended for ornamentation on dark hair and white scalp. With shaved temples, the back of the head, allows drawing.


Becoming a happy owner of an unusual haircut is available to everyone. Patterns look much more impressive against the background of moderately released strands of the upper part of the head. No problem selected ornament in a professional salon. You can cut the patterns at home.

Men's hairstyles: some more types of men's haircuts with photos

See photos of fashionable men's hairstyles, which are very popular among men.

Men's hairstyle “Boxing” Men's hairstyles with shaved temples Men's hairstyles: half boxing Hairstyles for men: British Men's hairstyles: canadian Hairstyles for men in the style of "Elvis" Men's hairstyles: double caret Hairstyles for men: bob Men's hairstyles: hedgehog Men's hairstyles: playground Men's hairstyles: voyage Men's hairstyles - classic

We bring to your attention the most beautiful hairstyles for men 2019-2020, photos of which will tell you which men's hairstyles will be the most relevant and fashionable this and next year.

Men's Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut or Undercut. Trimming technology has been popular among fashionistas for over a hundred years. If earlier haircuts were worn exclusively by masculine persons, today Anderkat is popular among women. The modern underker has several varieties. Despite this, a haircut in this style always has two distinctive features.

Characteristic features:

  • Shaved temporal areas.
  • Preservation of medium length on the frontal, vertex, occipital part of the head.
  • The clarity of the boundaries between the lengths.

Interpretations Undercut:

  • With one shaved temple.
  • With drawings, tattoos, screen painting on shaved temples.
  • With an oblique / asymmetric bang.
  • Retro underker.
  • Haer Anderkat (Elvis Presley).
  • Mohawk-underherkat (punk, mohawk).

Each of the listed subspecies differs in the way of combing the upper strands, the lengths of the preserved hair in the temples. Men's hairstyles for medium hair of this kind are incredibly popular among young people. The image suits young men, mature men.

Men's hairstyle with a beard for medium hair

A beard has become an integral part of a modern man interested in fashion trends. Men's hairstyles for medium hair are incomparably combined with this attribute of fearlessness, strength and simultaneous elegance.

Bearded owners of elongated hair when choosing a method of cutting should be guided by the following recommendations:

  • Matching appearance in general.
  • Concealment of flaws.
  • Attracting attention to the benefits of men.
  • Elimination of problems with combing, styling naughty locks.

A difficult question can be solved by a master, stylist, image maker.

Men's hairstyle semi-boxing

Everyone’s favorite haircut - “Half Box”. The technique is simple. It is implemented by creating two lengths. Unlike the traditional “Boxing”, “Half Box” refers to universal types of haircuts. Owners of hairstyles freely change the sporty style of clothing to classic. The half-box is suitable for everyone, without exception, even the owners of curls. Single men's hairstyles for medium hair cope with the task of taming naughty, tough, curly locks.

Types of semi-boxing techniques:

  • With asymmetric / oblique bangs.
  • With a straight, conservative bang.
  • With drawings.
  • With tattoos.
  • Screen painting.
  • Highlighting.
  • A smooth, feathery transition of different lengths.
  • Clear boundaries.

Stylish trimming is best done in the cabin. The straightforward half box option is easy to do on your own. This is simple, fast and most important, within half an hour you can transform the appearance, creating a bright, stylish image.

How to make a man's hairstyle for medium hair:

  • Wash, dry your head.
  • Clean, dry hair at the back of the head and behind the ears with an electric clipper using a third-size nozzle.
  • Align the line behind the ears with a clipper without a nozzle. The resulting face should be clear, even.
  • The crown of the hairline maintains an average length.
  • We work out the tips with a milling tool.
  • We create a smooth transition of different lengths along the temporal and occipital region with smooth movements of the cutting device from the bottom up with the nozzle of the sixth, third numbers.

Men's Hairstyle Medium Hair Pot

The slightly strange name men's hairstyles for medium hair “Under the Pot” is taken in the distant past. It's all about the cutting technique. It is performed in a special way. All hair is cut in one line. The result - the hair on the head takes the shape of a hat.

Advantages of trimming “Under the pot”:

  • Ease of implementation.
  • Simplicity of the subsequent leaving.
  • Originality.
  • Laconicism of the image.
  • Practicality.
  • Universality.

You can make such a haircut with scissors, a clipper. The main condition is the presence of an even, moderately thick head of hair.

Men's hairstyle canadian

Popular in the 70s. haircut-canadian again at the peak of popularity. Young people prefer men's hairstyles to medium hair of this type for several reasons:

  • The style.
  • Elegance.
  • Practicality.
  • Easy styling.

Today, craftsmen offer two varieties of "Canada":

Each of the listed subspecies can be stacked in several ways, changing the appearance daily, according to the selected image. The main conditions are clean, well-groomed locks. To make haircuts in the Canadian style will be able to any highly qualified master.

Men's british hairstyle for medium hair

A good alternative to the Canadian style would be a British haircut. On regrown strands, this hairstyle looks amazing. She is one of the few to lie luxuriously on curly male hair. There is an erroneous opinion regarding the difficulty of laying the "British". This is a profound error. Combing the owners of a haircut in the British style is not particularly difficult.

Everything is simple:

  • Mousse is applied to clean strands.
  • Create the desired shape.

Obviously, the main condition for success lies in frequent shampooing. Everything else is a matter of habit.

Men's hairstyle with a ponytail for medium hair

After watching the popular TV series “Vikings”, many guys were eager to recreate the hairstyles of the main characters of the project. Moreover, the actors of the film themselves even in between filming wear tails, braids, braid their hair in braids, spikelets. Some combine strands of medium length with shaved naked neck or temples, others let hair in the tail in the occipital region, cutting the crown to medium length. Such provocative hairstyles require maximum care. Regrowing shaved parts must be constantly cut, the remaining areas should be washed, follow the tips.

Men's hair is oversized. This is due to the active work of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. To ensure cleanliness, freshness to the hairs, special detergents will help. Additionally, you can use balms according to the prototype, the structure of the hair. Modern cosmetics are diverse. Choosing the right tools is easy.

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