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What do beard care kits include?

A standard gift set consists of several basic elements:

  1. Elixir for softening. Often, the facial hair of a man is dry. This leads to the fact that they are quite difficult to comb and bring in proper form. The elixir helps to make the beard obedient and attractive. Its components improve skin nutrition, soothing it and increasing moisture.
  2. Brush. It is necessary for thorough cleansing of hair, stimulating its growth and improving the appearance. The brush allows you to unravel even the most naughty beards with dry and coarse hair.
  3. Foldable comb for mustache. With its help, you can significantly correct their shape, as well as stimulate growth. Allows you to make a mustache more attractive.
  4. Wax. It greatly softens and smoothes hairs. Thus, the beard can be given a more well-groomed appearance. The composition of the product, as a rule, includes beeswax.
  5. Shampoo. An invigorating and cleansing cosmetic product that makes hair softer and more docile. Shampoo makes it easy to smooth even the coarsest beards.

The standard care kit contains a small number of items. They allow you to daily carry out the most required hygiene procedures.

Advanced option for professionals

The extended beard kit, designed primarily for barbers, also includes other tools.

First of all, a trimmer belongs to them, with the help of which the hairline of a man's face is trimmed. A small hair clipper allows you to go to barbershops and hairdressers much less often, since with its help at home you can give the mustache, beard and haircut the necessary look.

Most quality tools of this type are manufactured by Philips and Versatrim.

Additionally, to increase the functionality of the trimmer, nozzles and additional tools are sold with it in a set:

  1. Comb attachment. Without it, any trimmer becomes less functional and useful to use. Helps align hair and adjust its length. The teeth made of plastic or metal are allowed to grab locks, combing and shortening them at the same time. Nozzles-combs are designed for different lengths of hair. To do this, the trimmers have a manual adjustment of the position of the part.
  2. Corrective mini trimmer. It is not possible to trim some small areas with a standard device, so there is a smaller copy of it in professional kits. The narrow knives of the mini trimmer are well suited for cutting the precise contours of curly beards. With the help of such tools, you can easily give whiskers and mustaches the desired shape.
  3. Overlay for thinning. It is used mainly in cases where a man has an excessively thick beard. With it, you can give the desired shape, regardless of how dry and stiff the hair. The trim works well with protruding hairs.
  4. Wide flat comb. With its help, hair is cut on the head. The duration of operation is directly affected by the reliability, length and stiffness of the teeth. If they are made of soft plastic, there is a risk that after a few haircuts you will have to purchase a new accessory instead of the existing one.
  5. A razor with a single or double mesh. Used to level beards and whiskers. Well suited for the correction of short hairs on the back of the head or temples.
  6. Rotary nozzle. To remove hair in the nose and ears. Rotary nozzles can have a narrow vertical insert. It can additionally be used for high-quality and painless hair removal, correction of mustaches or some short curly beards.

Professional advanced shaving kit is a large set of various tools, devices and accessories.


Most people who do not have facial hair will grin or just think about what the beard care kits are for. The purpose of the goods may be different:

  • Travel kits will appeal to people who often have to travel
  • Gift boxes can please any owner of a beard and mustache,
  • The kits can both combine and be divided into facial hair care or facial hair styling.

The variety of prescription kits designed for the care of a beard mustache is very extensive. To choose what interests and needs for specific needs, it’s enough to go to the store with similar products, and it’s better to find sites on the Internet that will provide a huge selection of desired kits.

What does the kit consist of?

Facial facial care kits may contain a variety of products and accessories. The most common men's cosmetics in kits are as follows:

  1. Shaving oil
  2. Hair balm
  3. Wax (or other products) for styling a beard and mustache,
  4. Means for clarification of hair from pollution (shampoos and others),
  5. Scissors,
  6. Comb.

Also in the kits you can find any other products that contribute to the care of the beard, it remains only to choose and choose the necessary. And the pleasant smell and compactness of the products will not leave indifferent any of the owners of well-groomed facial hair.

How to use?

A true connoisseur and connoisseur of well-groomed facial hair certainly knows how to use this or that product to care for his beard. For beginners in this area it will not be so difficult: it is enough to either consult a professional about cosmetics items of a similar plan, or simply read the instructions for using a specific product.

Most often, such kits are packed in beautiful boxes, on the back of which it is described in detail which product how to use, how often or even a phased action plan. It all depends on what exactly is a set of bearded man.

Review of the best beard gift sets and price

Facial Skin Care Kits a wide selection. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully study which companies offer the best sets.

Some of the most frequently bought and having positive reviews are:

  • Morgan’s, like many others, provides a choice of beard care gift sets with different components and at different prices. English production provides excellent quality tools and accessories to bring a man to his face on his face in perfect condition. The cost of sets varies from 5 to 10 thousand rubles,
  • The Russian manufacturer of men's cosmetics Barbaro also offers a choice of sets for the care of facial hair. Natural components in the composition of the products allow you to be sure of the quality of the products, and stylish packaging will delight the male eye. The average price of a set is approximately 2.5 thousand rubles,
  • CAPTAIN FAWCETT is another kit that is bought often enough. This brand has so far formed only one gift set for the care of a beard and mustache, although there are many products of this series in its stocks. Products made in the UK and decorated in gift wrapping will cost 4 thousand rubles,
  • The UK also offers another manufacturer of men's cosmetics, TRUEFITT & HILL. Gift sets from this company in stock, you can easily pick up exactly what is required. The prices of this brand are above average. For a standard set you will have to pay about 10 thousand rubles.

There are a lot of sets for facial hair care, they differ in firms, staffing, composition of funds and other points. The above listed companies have already established themselves in the market as trustworthy products.

Gift sets not only contain useful products, but also are a great way to please a man.

Beard care kits have appeared on the Russian market not so long ago, but are already enjoying success. Men will certainly appreciate such a gift, and some of them will please themselves with such boxes.

What are beard care kits for?

  • the oil included in the kits activates the growth of hair follicles. With regular application, the vegetation becomes thicker, areas with spaces disappear. It also helps relieve itching and possible irritation,
  • shampoo will provide the necessary hygiene, its rich vitamin composition will make the hair soft, docile and silky. Their structure will become more dense. And an attractive, masculine fragrance will be appreciated by your companion,
  • so that the facial hair looks neat and well-groomed, it should be tamed with balms. Beeswax, an abundance of oils and vitamins in their composition nourishes hair and skin.
  • The compact natural wood comb or brush included in the beard care kits will prevent it from turning into an unsightly tangle. Use this device at least twice a day.

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Gift box (assemble a set)

We can collect a gift set from any goods that you like and pack for free, as shown on ..

Gift box (assemble a set)

We can collect a gift set from any goods that you like and pack for free, as shown on ..

TRIUS Beard Growth Kit

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TRIUS Beard Growth Kit

Here at the same time and all and nothing more! Trius put in one box the best that he created in the last 2 years. ..

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