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Prostatitis and erection: the effect of the disease on sexual function in men

Some urologists recognize the negative effect of prostatitis on potency, others deny a direct connection, but allow an indirect. The gland is involved in maintaining the hormonal background, affects the brightness of the orgasm, its secret is an essential part of the ejaculate. Background pains in the perineum that are characteristic of prostatitis leave no chance for normal sexual relations, and prostate edema disrupts blood flow in the pelvic area. A decrease in potency under such conditions is natural.

The effect of prostatitis on libido, potency and erection

According to doctors, prostatitis does not directly affect an erection (the ability of a member to acquire the form necessary for sexual intercourse and maintain it until ejaculation). But at the libido level (degree of need for sex) and quality of potency (ability to complete a full sexual intercourse) prostate inflammation can adversely affect. The key word is “can,” since such a connection has not been officially proven, but practice shows that it exists.

Obviously, the severe pain and weakness characteristic of acute prostatitis do not contribute to sexual desire. The weakening of potency in the chronic form of inflammation is due to compression of the nerve endings with the swollen gland, as a result of which their conductivity worsens. Because of this, problems arise with an erection (the member rises, then falls), the sensitivity of the head may decrease, the orgasm is smeared. Some men complain of premature ejaculation, discomfort in the testicles or urethra during ejaculation.

Potency impairment can occur in parallel with congestive prostatitis, since both problems develop against the background of the same factors. Slowed blood flow causes numerous inflammatory foci in the pelvic organs, which provokes narrowing of blood vessels, adhesions in the seminal ducts and cavernous bodies of the penis, impaired functioning of the testicles.

Why treatment of prostatitis leads to a deterioration in potency: diagnosis and side effects of drugs

Treatment of chronic prostatitis often useless and even exacerbates the condition. The reasons are in incomplete diagnostics. Many urologists with a suspected prostatitis prescribe a standard set of tests: an ultrasound of the prostate, a smear from the urethra (a comprehensive examination for prostatitis). As a result of infections, broad-spectrum antibiotics are not found and prescribed, which only weaken the body. The course is usually long, so the liver suffers, the hormonal background is disturbed (the liver synthesizes cholesterol (the basis for male hormones), utilizes excess estrogen and testosterone), the potency decreases even more.

Alpha-1-adrenergic blocking agents (Omnic) help restore urination impaired by prostatitis, but they can also negatively affect potency: sperm disappears (retrograde ejaculation), due to which sexual desire is reduced at a psychological level.

Retrograde ejaculation is a pathology in which the flow of sperm under the influence of a number of factors does not move to the penis, but up into the bladder

To make an accurate diagnosis for suspected prostatitis, you must:

  • Make an analysis of smears (scraping from the urethra) by PCR (polymerase chain reaction is the most accurate way to identify pathogens),
  • Hand over prostate juice for back sowing,
  • Check seminal vesicles to exclude vesiculitis.

With severe erectile dysfunction, experts recommend an ultrasound of the penis and scrotum organs to exclude the vascular cause of poor erection (more about vascular erectile dysfunction).

In case of impaired potency, consulting a sex therapist will be useful (the diagnosis of "chronic prostatitis" is often made unreasonably). If morning and night erections are present, then the problem is likely to have psychological causes.

Measures to restore the potency of prostatitis will be effective only with correctly prescribed main treatment, whose task is to remove the inflammation of the prostate and restore its tone. This requires a course of medicines that are active against the pathogen, strengthening the muscles of the prostate gland, normalizing the state of its tissues.

The relationship between erection and inflammation of the prostate

A competent specialist will always explain and suggest the correct treatment

Most men who have experienced prostatitis have problems with potency and erection over time. They are almost impossible to avoid if the patient unconsciously or intentionally avoids adequate treatment of the inflammatory process in the gland.

If a man is interested in the question of whether acute or chronic prostatitis affects an erection, he can ask his doctor at any time. Usually they get an affirmative answer, since the prostate affects the correct performance of the urogenital system.

A man cannot have a persistent erection with problems in the work of the prostate. This is especially true in cases where the disease is in advanced form. The chronic course of the pathological process has the same effect on sexual function.

Hormonal imbalance

Many patients with prostatitis complain of a condition such as dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. This problem is often due to the production of insufficient amounts of the sex hormone testosterone. In the prostate gland, its transformation occurs, after which it takes an active form. The prostate also regulates the amount of testosterone in the male body.

Problems with erectile function in prostatitis are also caused by impaired prostaglandin production. This is the name of hormone-like compounds. They are necessary for the prostate gland. Thanks to these substances, the likelihood of thrombosis is minimized. In addition, they favorably affect the activity of sperm.

Due to prostatitis, the number of these elements is significantly reduced, as a result of which the work of the prostate gland worsens. This phenomenon affects the sexual life of a man.

Change in semen composition

Sexual attraction disappears from prostatitis. A change in the composition of the seminal fluid can lead to such an outcome (an erection has disappeared). The disease reduces the number of active sperm, which reduces the volume of sperm.

Prostatitis leads to discoloration of seminal fluid. It can acquire a dark red hue if it contains a large number of white blood cells or red blood cells.

Inflammation of the prostate affects sperm viscosity. The disease can affect its smell and the presence in the composition of abnormal impurities, for example, purulent masses.

Erection Recovery Methods

Without timely treatment of pathology, the consequences for male libido can be very bad

If the erection has become weak, a man should use (drink) medications to restore it. Their urologists prescribe for prostatitis and reduced erectile function.

You can not try to improve the quality of erection and potency without treatment of prostatitis. In this case, the measures taken will not lead to a positive result or will provide an improvement in the situation for a short period of time. The patient should understand that, first of all, he should fight the root cause of the disease, and not his symptoms and complications.

Drug treatment

Treatment of weakened sexual function and erection is necessary only after the exacerbation of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland is eliminated. For this purpose, patients are prescribed medications that stop the pathology and its painful symptoms.

In case of erectile dysfunction, stimulant medications are recommended, which contain herbal components. They are considered the most harmless to the male body. These funds provide a short-term improvement in the state of sexual function almost immediately after taking the medicine.

Drugs to improve an erection cannot provide a lasting effect. All because they have no influence on the root cause of this violation.

As an auxiliary measure, medicinal formulations can be used that help improve blood circulation and increase the body's defenses. Such funds have a positive effect on vascular tone and the functioning of the immune system. Vitamin complexes, immunomodulators and prostatoprotectors well cope with these tasks.


Which procedure gives the patient the maximum effect, the urologist decides

Every man should understand how prostatitis affects sexual function. If the disease has led to a deterioration in erection, then the doctor may prescribe a patient a course of physiotherapy.

The following physiotherapeutic methods help to improve the quality of erectile function with prostatitis:

  • Electrophoresis
  • Microwave therapy
  • Prostate massage
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Phonophoresis.

Each physiotherapeutic treatment option has its own indications and contraindications. They should be taken into account when drawing up a complex therapy regimen for a patient.

Erection exercises

In the chronic course of prostatitis outside of its exacerbation, patients are recommended therapeutic exercise complexes. They favorably affect the general condition of the man and the individual functions of his body, including erectile.

There are a number of special exercises that positively affect male libido and erectile function:

  • Incomplete bridge. It is necessary to take a position lying on your back. The shoulder blades at this moment should be pressed to the floor, and the lower limbs bent at the knees. From this position, you need to try to raise the pelvis as much as possible. The shoulder blades should remain pressed to the floor. In this position, they are delayed for a few seconds,
  • Kegel exercise. It is necessary to alternately strain and relax the reproductive muscles, as well as the muscle tissue of the sphincter. In each position, it is necessary to linger for 3 seconds,
  • Rotation of the pelvis. Exercise is performed after the man has spread his legs wide. It is required to gradually bend the pelvis back and forth. It is very important to try to bend well in the lumbar region.

Performing such exercises is not difficult, even for patients who have not previously had to regularly do gymnastics or sports. To improve your general well-being and solve the problem with potency, it is recommended to do such an easy charge 2 times a day. Each exercise is preferably repeated 10-15 times. As for the Kegel training, it is better to do it every 3 hours.

Prostate function

The prostate performs more than one function in the male body. This body is involved in many physiological processes:

  1. The synthesis of secretion gland cells, which provides sperm with nutrients. If there is a failure in the secretion, a disorder of the delivery of nutrients to the seminal fluid occurs, which leads to a deterioration in sperm quality.
  2. The secretion of the gland prevents the negative effect of the increased acidity of the woman's vagina during intercourse, thereby providing good access of the sperm to the egg.
  3. With normal organ activity, an erection with prostatitis occurs with sufficient force. If there is inflammation in the gland, this process slows down, sexual dysfunction occurs, and other troubles arise.
  4. Prostatic juice is the main component of sperm.
  5. The prostate plays an important role in the hormonal background of a person, since in this body there is a conversion of testosterone into an active form.

Therefore, the effect of prostatitis on potency is negative, the disease affects the sexual health of men. Potency decreases, but does not disappear completely. This can affect a person’s emotional state. In some cases, men give up sex due to problems.

How prostatitis affects potency and erection in men

In medical science and practice, there is no consensus regarding the effect of prostatitis on potency. Some doctors are of the opinion that there is no connection, while others chorus the opposite. If we distract from lengthy arguments and empty arguments, we can distinguish the following factors affecting the inflammatory process in the glandular organ on the reproductive system:

  • During the pathological process, the male organ grows in size due to swelling and inflammation. As a result, the prostate begins to compress surrounding tissues, including blood vessels. Blood flows worse to the penis, there is artificial atherosclerosis of the main veins and arteries in the pelvic area. Hence the problems with erection.
  • In addition, testicles also lack nutrition and oxygen. The testes are unable to produce specific hormones (androgens) in the required quantities. The lack of such substances changes the hormonal background of a man. A small amount of testosterone leads to a weakening of libido and the ability to commit sexual intercourse.
  • Finally, a sluggish erection caused by disturbances in the work of the organ leads to stress and depression. There is a vicious circle: the level of testosterone is low, depression, coupled with a lack of serotonin and endorphins, drives the hormonal background into a corner. The concentration of male sex hormone in the blood becomes even lower.

Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear how prostatitis affects potency and for what reasons. These factors in the complex determine the relationship between potency and prostatitis.

Features of the effect of prostatitis on potency

Does prostatitis affect potency? The development of inflammation of the prostate gland is promoted not only by bacterial infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Main reasons hypothermia and sedentary lifestyle are considered. However, most often the disease occurs when these causes are combined.

Symptoms, the appearance of which should become reason for visiting a doctor, are manifested in disorders of urination, the presence of dull pain, localized in the lower abdomen, sensations of heaviness.

The listed symptoms often do not intensify with time, but, on the contrary, weaken, creating the illusion of a cure. In fact, the disease without timely treatment becomes chronicmanifested by periodic exacerbations. The chronic stage in most cases entails erectile dysfunction. Prostatitis and impotence usually go foot to foot.

How does prostatitis affect an erection? Potency problems arise regardless of the nature of the causes of inflammation of the prostate gland. Nearly thirty percent men there is a gradual, lasting for several years, the extinction of potency.

  • First stage is the appearance of premature ejaculation.
  • In the second stage erectile dysfunction occurs.
  • Third stage characterized by a decrease in libido or actually sexual activity.

The effect of prostatitis on potency is expressed in several main reasons:

  • Imbalance of neurohumoral regulation.
  • Muscle problems the lower part of the pelvis directly involved in an erection.
  • Psychological factorsassociated with fear of failure during sexual intercourse, and with a feeling of weakness, which is especially characteristic of middle-aged men.

Accordingly, in the absence of treatment for prostatitis, the diagnosis "not worth it" is just a matter of a short period of time.

Reasons for decreased potency

Among the factors that affect the decrease in male strength, one can single out both psychological and physiological causes. And in fact, and in another case, it is necessary to begin the restoration of strength with the integrated application of the following methods:

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  • lifestyle change
  • physiological procedures
  • taking decoctions according to folk recipes,

In most cases, the use of folk remedies leads to the restoration of male power. Let us dwell on each item.

Prostate Overview

The main function of the prostate in the body is to develop a special secret. This substance accounts for approximately a quarter of the total semen volume. Without prostate juice, normal fertilization is impossible. Why is that? It's all about the functions that the specified substance performs:

  1. It disinfects sperm. Possessing bactericidal properties, the secretion of the prostate destroys bacteria that enter the fluid from the environment.
  2. Protects sperm from negative influences from the outside.
  3. Nourishes germ cells, creating a favorable environment.
  4. Gives sperm a fluid structure.
  5. Provides neutralization of the acidic environment of the urethral canal, which is fatal to sperm.

The organ performs other tasks: it helps to retain urine, does not allow infectious pathogens to penetrate the bladder and spread along the ascending path. But the secretory function is still basic.

Problems with Prostate Inflammation

Inflammation of the organ entails a number of problems:

  1. As it turned out earlier, there are "problems" with potency. An erection either disappears altogether or turns out to be lethargic. The penis is not strong enough to perform penetrative intercourse. In some cases, the hardness of the reproductive organ is sufficient, but the pathology is manifested by early ejaculation (even before intimate contact).
  2. Violations of the emptying of the bladder. The stream of urine becomes lethargic, the pressure is unnaturally weak. May interrupt the process of urination. This is one of the most pathognomonic symptoms of glandular organ damage. Frequent unproductive urge to visit the toilet room is typical. The manifestation is due to compression of the bladder by overgrown tissues.
  3. Pain syndrome. The constant companion of the patient with prostatitis. Discomfort is localized in the anus, lower abdomen, lower back, and penis. Strengthens at the time of an erection, sexual intercourse.
  4. Disorders of spermatogenesis. It often happens that a healthy, at first glance, representative of the stronger sex has problems with conception. This is a direct result of inflammation of the prostate gland.

Here are just a few of the possible problems. When it comes to such a difficult disease, a whole complex of “problems” with the reproductive system is revealed. Fortunately, they are completely removable.

Healthy lifestyle

The fact that this item should be the first, speak not only traditional healers, but also graduates. Bad habits destroy men's health and, first of all, “hit” a weak spot.To improve the body and restore strength, you must:

  • give up alcohol. The only thing a man can afford is a glass of wine per day during meals. Everything else negatively affects the liver. And this organ is directly related to the hormonal background of the body,
  • to give up smoking. The intake of nicotine in the blood provokes narrowing of blood vessels and impairs blood circulation. Consequently, the male genital organ does not receive enough blood for an erection,
  • weight loss. Excess fat in the male body provokes excessive production of female hormones. And this causes a decrease in potency. In addition, a lot of weight negatively affects all systems,
  • menu adjustment. We are again talking about reducing the throughput of blood vessels. Due to malnutrition of a man, abuse of spicy, fatty, fried foods, their walls become clogged with cholesterol. Mixing the proportions of nutrition in the direction of vegetables and lean meat will help cleanse blood vessels and restore blood circulation. As a result, potency decreases. If you continue such a diet, it will be difficult to restore male power with folk remedies. The inclusion in the male diet of a sufficient number of meat dishes is a prerequisite. When animal fats are received, testosterone is actively produced in the male body,
  • lack of nervous or physical overstrain. A man must learn to relax, so as not to become depressed against the backdrop of daily problems and stresses. If he regained moral strength, then physical problems would be easier to deal with. That is, problems with male power are directly related to the mood and overall tone of the body,
  • physical activity. This is not about hours of exhausting training (by the way, a decrease in potency is also possible from them), but about a moving lifestyle. Easy jogging, walking instead of a car, visiting the pool, restore blood circulation, including blood supply to the organs of the reproductive system.

Recovery of potency after prostatitis

How to restore potency after prostatitis? First of all, you should take care of the curation of the underlying disease. For these purposes, the use of drugs of the following groups is shown:

  • Anti-inflammatory non-steroidal origin. Allows you to relieve inflammation and pain.
  • Antibacterial drugs. They are prescribed only with the confirmed infectious-viral nature of the disease and only after determining the sensitivity of the flora to antibiotics. Self-administration is excluded.
  • Analgesics. Stop pain.
  • Antispasmodics. Needed to relieve spasm of smooth muscle of an organ. After all, the prostate gland has a mixed, glandular-muscular structure. Muscle strain leads to the impossibility of ejaculation.
  • At the end of the acute period, the use of vitamins is indicated. They will help to recover faster.

The entire period of treatment and rehabilitation should follow a strict diet. You can’t eat fatty meat, coffee, tea, spicy dishes, excessively salty. Preference should be given to lean meats, legumes, seafood, chicken eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables (including greens, for example, parsley for potency). Onions, garlic, legumes, celery, nuts, sour cream are especially useful. Diet for potency in men should be balanced.

In some cases, the treating specialist may recommend a short course of specialized pharmaceuticals to restore potency after prostatitis. This is not a panacea. To accept them or not is up to the patient himself.

It must be remembered: prolonged use of Viagra, Cialis and their analogues negatively affects potency (without such "doping" it turns out to be unstable) and the cardiovascular system.

Maintaining an optimal level of physical activity, sleep, and wakefulness will be a good help. In order for an erection to quickly return to normal, it is necessary to give up smoking, alcohol abuse. It will not be superfluous to do massage to increase potency at home.

Sexual contact is recommended to be temporarily excluded. If psychological problems are also superimposed on physiological problems, they must be worked out with a psychotherapist and sexologist. Restoring potency with prostatitis requires a systematic approach.

Prostatitis is a formidable disease, all ages are submissive to it. This killer of sexual activity can go unnoticed for a long time. You need to be alert and at the first suspicion contact an andrologist. Fortunately, this pathology does not put an end to health, it is enough to undergo a course of treatment and everything will return to normal.

We hope now that it is clear to you why prostatitis decreases potency and how to get rid of this disease. If you still have questions, you can ask them directly in the comments to this article (no one will know your personal data).

The effect of acute and chronic prostatitis on sex life

The prostate gland performs two important functions.

  1. The development of a special secret that becomes part of sperm.
  2. Blocking the urethra during intercourse.

With prostatitis, the prostate gland stops working properly. Inflammation occurs for two reasons.

  • Stagnation of blood or secretion. Their causes are rare and irregular sexual contacts, as well as sedentary work.
  • Infections Their pathogens can enter the body through the urethra.

The strongest effect on potency is exerted by chronic prostatitis. It is accompanied by the following symptoms.

  • Pain during ejaculation.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Erection worse.
  • Pain in the perineum.
  • Pain during urination.
  • The feeling of fullness of the rectum.
  • Difficulty with bowel movements.

Concern over this condition leads to problems at the psychological level. The longer prostatitis lasts, the stronger the disease adversely affects potency.

  • Orgasms do not bring such vivid sensations as before.
  • Ejaculation often fails to achieve.
  • Sperm quality is reduced.
  • The duration of sexual intercourse is significantly reduced.

We will tell in detail how prostatitis affects the functioning of the prostate gland and potency at a physiological level.

Change in sperm composition and quality

Prostatitis affects spermatogenesis and potency as follows.

  • The number of viable sperm is significantly reduced.
  • Semen becomes less.
  • Either too many red blood cells (pyospermia) or white blood cells (hemospermia) may be present in semen.

In the latter case, sperm becomes reddish.

In addition, with prostatitis:

  • seminal fluid viscosity decreases
  • sperm can get an unpleasant odor,
  • purulent discharge is sometimes observed.

All this indicates a strong inflammatory process.

How to treat prostatitis at physiological and psychological levels

Most often, in medical practice, an integrated approach to the treatment of prostatitis is used. It usually includes medication and physiotherapy. In addition, the negative effect of prostatitis on potency and other functions of the genitourinary system is reduced with the help of physiotherapy. In some cases, patients are also provided with psychological assistance.

Restore a normal erection with physiotherapy

We conducted a large number of studies that proved that a combination of four physiotherapeutic effects helps in the treatment of prostatitis and reducing its negative effect on the potency and other functions of the genitourinary system.

  • Warming up. Thermal effect:
    • accelerates metabolic processes,
    • improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs,
    • helps in the destruction of uncultivated microflora in the tissues,
    • relieves pain.
  • IR therapy. Influence on the pelvic organs with infrared radiation:
    • leads to the expansion of blood vessels,
    • activates regenerative processes,
    • improves cellular respiration.
  • Magnetotherapy. It has a vasodilating, analgesic, adaptogenic, immunomodulating and hypocoagulating effect. In addition, due to magnetotherapy, the number of antioxidant enzymes increases and the process of recombination of free radicals is accelerated.
  • Rectal vibratory massage of the prostate. Also a very effective physiotherapeutic procedure. It is she who mainly helps in restoring potency with prostatitis. Also, vibration massage of the prostate leads to:
    • increased sperm motility,
    • increase the tone of the vas deferens
    • enhancement of pleasant sensations during ejaculation,
    • pain relief
    • accelerate blood circulation.

Using our Smart-Prost apparatus, we can carry out all four of the above procedures at the same time. Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the treatment of prostatitis and restoration of potency using our unique physiotherapeutic device increases by 42%.


Physiotherapeutic procedures contribute to the restoration of the prostate after exacerbation of prostatitis:

  1. Hirudotherapy (staging leeches - read more about the treatment of prostatitis with leeches).
  2. Mud therapy (compresses on the perineum and rectal administration of therapeutic mud or clay).
  3. Prostate massage. You can do it yourself with the help of special rectal stimulants. Enough sessions of 5 minutes 3-4 times a week. In acute prostatitis is not performed.

After a course of procedures, many men lose discomfort in the perineum. By stimulating the outflow of secretion and intracellular metabolism, swelling of the prostate gland decreases. The above methods of physiotherapy have a positive effect on the condition of the vessels of the small pelvis (especially leeches), accelerate blood flow, which positively affects the quality of the erection and helps increase potency.

As for the restoration of the prostate using physiotherapeutic apparatuses, many urologists question their effectiveness. This is especially true for appliances for home use (Vitafon, Almag, Ereton). Many men note a positive result after a course of procedures on the Andro Gin apparatus, which are carried out by specialists on an outpatient basis. Impulse currents are especially effective - the muscles of the pelvic floor and prostate are forcibly reduced, the secret is secreted, cleansing the ducts. As a result, it is possible to normalize the tone of the gland, bladder, and strengthen the pubic-coccygeal muscle (LC muscle).

LK-muscle is a whole plexus of muscle fibers that are responsible for normal urination, erection (angle of elevation of the penis), compression force of the prostate and anal sphincter. Its strengthening contributes to the healing of organs, their return to the anatomically correct position. Kegel exercises are aimed at stimulating the LK muscle. Finding the target area is simple - just stop the urination process by force.

Gymnastics itself is a series of contractions and contractions of the LC muscle performed at various rates. Men on forums recommend making at least 100 a day. You can contract muscle quickly or in stages (“lift”) with pauses until the highest point of tension is reached. In acute prostatitis, exercise is not recommended.

Supplements and folk remedies

Bioactive Supplements Containing Potency Can Help extracts of gorzanka, large-flowered, ginkgo biloba, yohimbe. Vitamin complexes (A, D, E, C, zinc, selenium, magnesium, potassium) contribute to libido activation.

From folk remedies for restoring potency, the field of prostatitis the most effective bee products: bee subpestilence (tincture, broth), drone homogenate, propolis, honey. The course administration of these funds provides a stable remission of chronic inflammation, strengthens the immune system, and suppresses pathogenic microflora.

Decoction of bee subpestilence


Chronic prostatitis will not go into stable remission (the period of the asymptomatic course of the disease) without following a diet, and accordingly, restoration of potency under such conditions will be impossible. The main enemy in this case is alcohol. Even a small dose (beer) can provoke exacerbation of prostatitis and a decrease in potency. Hypothermia, eating too spicy or salty foods can lead to the same result.

With chronic prostatitis important to ensure timely bowel movement (so that pathogens do not multiply and there is no excessive pressure of the swollen rectum on the gland). To do this, you need to introduce fiber into the diet (vegetables, fruits, cereals).

For the normal functioning of the prostate, zinc is needed. This element in bioavailable form is easiest to obtain from pumpkin seeds (preferably unroasted and without salt). Enough 30-40 pieces per day. The effectiveness of the product will increase if you mix it with honey.

How long does potency recover?

The recovery time of potency after prostatitis depends on the degree of damage to the gland tissue and the correct diagnosis. The average period is from 1 to 3 months. If the deterioration of sexual function is not associated with prostatitis, then after its treatment there will be no significant improvement.

The prostate itself does not significantly affect the quality of sexual life. Men and after its removal can live a relatively full sexual life. However, if acute prostatitis provoked an extensive inflammatory process that affected the urethra, vas deferens, testicles, adhesions can form. In such cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

Nutrition and lifestyle

The beneficial substances in avocados are good for treating male illness

Patients mistakenly believe that there are no significant prohibitions in chronic prostatitis on food that can and should not be consumed with such a disappointing diagnosis. In fact, a man who hopes to get rid of inflammation in the prostate gland should adhere to a certain diet, due to a special diet.

To enhance the effect of drug therapy and prevent the complication of prostatitis, dietary nutrition should be followed. What can and cannot be included in it will be told by the attending physician. The following foods help to improve the functioning of the prostate gland and the entire genitourinary system:

  • chicken eggs,
  • pumpkin seeds and its pulp,
  • nuts
  • natural honey
  • spices
  • citrus,
  • avocado,
  • vegetable juices.

A man will get rid of problems with erections and the prostate if he abandons bad habits and begins to engage in sports.


Measures for the prevention of infectious prostatitis:

  • The use of barrier contraception in all types of sex with an unstable partner,
  • Timely treatment of foci of inflammation and elimination of sources of infection (tonsillitis, caries, tonsillitis),
  • Compliance with intimate hygiene (prostatitis can be triggered by pathogens that are part of the normal intestinal microflora).

For the prevention of congestive prostatitis, regular physical activity (running, walking, gymnastics, Kegel exercises) and a stable intimate life are enough.

An important role is played by the state of the immune system. Prostatitis often develops against the background of diabetes, HIV, after prolonged illnesses, as well as during chemotherapy courses. To strengthen local immunity, you can use tinctures of adaptogen plants, beekeeping products.Local cellular immunity of the prostate helps strengthen such drugs as Prostacor, suppositories with mud (Tambukan), propolis (Propolis-DN).

Role and influence

How does prostatitis affect an erection? In the system of male genital organs, the prostate performs many important, and often irreplaceable functions. One of such indispensable functions is the production of testosterone.

Thanks to testosterone, a normal hormonal balance occurs in the male reproductive system and as a result - ability to have sexual intercourse (potency).

Thus, the answer to the question: “Does prostatitis affect an erection?” Is positive. Prostatitis and erection are related.

The cause of prostatitis is inflammation of the gland.

Gradually, inflammation increases and leads to a deterioration in potency.

In the event that prostatitis occurs in acute form, scars form on the prostate gland.

Their appearance dulls the gland's ability to produce testosterone, and therefore, worsens potency. So there is a negative effect of prostatitis on potency.

How to cure impotence in chronic prostatitis?

Prostatitis, which has passed into the stage of continuous inflammation, is chronic. Along with it, impotence becomes a chronic disease. Since medicine gives a positive answer to the possibility of cure for chronic prostatitis, impotence can also be cured if it is its main cause.

Treatment methods

Currently, there are many treatments for prostatitis and impotence. Conventionally, they can be divided into medical and folk. In some cases, these two diseases can be treated simultaneously.

In the same case, if other factors, for example, nervous stress, are the cause of impotence, the elimination of additional causes is necessary for the complete treatment of impotence.


Prostatitis does not always manifest itself as severe symptoms. Potency impairment may be the first sign of inflammation. You should not try to restore an erection and libido on your own without prior diagnosis. Symptoms can be eliminated for a while, thereby enabling the further development of prostatitis.

Folk ways

Consider what are the folk remedies for prostatitis and impotence. Over the years, traditional medicine has developed a variety of methods for treating male diseases, which can be considered as an addition to medical ones.

Treatment of prostatitis and impotence with folk remedies:

So, to stop the growth of a prostate tumor, tinctures of aconite roots (3 drops twice a day), hemlock stems (5 drops twice a day) or Kalanchoe leaves (5 drops three times a day) are used.

To treat impotence in folk medicine, ginger root, which has a strong tonic, is used. They drink tea with him, prepare tincture from him or take a bath.

Since ancient times in the East, to increase potency, use tincture of Ginseng roots, which have the properties of the strongest natural energy. Also, herbs for prostatitis and impotence are used.

Causes of Prostatitis

The life of modern men contains many factors that, one way or another, affect the development of problems with the genitourinary system. The main factors in the development of prostatitis include:

  • lack of physical activity in life,
  • uncontrolled sexual contacts, which increases the risk of STDs,
  • abstinence from sexual intercourse for a long period of time,
  • hypothermia
  • addictions
  • prolonged stress
  • the presence of infections in the body.

At first, the disease manifests itself in pain, then libido gradually begins to decrease. But the risk of developing impotence is zero, although the quality of sexual contact and erection is severely affected.

In the absence of therapy, prostatitis leads to the replacement of the glandular connective tissue, scars appear in the gland.As a result of this, iron cannot fully function; its functions are fading. The following complications may occur:

  • lack of sex drive,
  • lack of ejaculation and body,
  • decreased genital sensitivity
  • the appearance of severe fatigue after a sexual act.

Vacuum pump

At the initial stage of the disease, impotence and prostatitis, a vacuum pump can be a fairly effective way of treatment.

She, by compressing the ring around the genital area, helps the man achieve an erection for a while.

Since as a result of exposure to a vacuum pump, there is a forced flow of blood to the genitals, in addition to achieving an erection, this method also has a beneficial effect on the prostate, by improving its blood circulation.

However, in general, treatment of impotence and prostatitis with a vacuum pump should be considered only as an additional to what medicine offers.

Chances of restoring sexual activity in a chronic form of the disease

How to restore potency after prostatitis? According to doctors, problems with potency disappear in most men who have undergone appropriate treatment and completely got rid of advanced prostatitis. If this does not happen, assigned additional examination in order to identify concomitant diseases. In addition, the need for neuropsychiatric correction is not ruled out.

It is significantly increases the likelihood of erectile dysfunction, and its further elimination. A long experience of pain, problems with urination and general weakness make a man give up sexual activity, which causes serious problems in a psychological state.

Types of Potency Disorders

In medicine, potency disorders are divided into two groups:

  1. Primary Potency Disordersthat are not related to diseases of the genitourinary system. These can be nervous tensions due to frequent interrupted sexual contacts or the partner’s refusal from them, prolonged abstinence, and features of the man’s body.
  2. Violations of sexual function as a result of pathologies of the genitourinary, nervous or endocrine systems. This group also includes acute or chronic prostatitis.

Often there may be an orgasm. But how this will all manifest itself depends, first of all, on the individual characteristics of the body of each man, as well as on his character. Even with chronic prostatitis, impotence does not appear. But in the absence of therapy, other complications may develop:

  • abscess,
  • infertility,
  • the formation of calculi in the kidneys.

In addition, there are men with an asthenic type of character, so they are more difficult to tolerate the disease in psychological terms. When symptoms of the disease manifest, it is best to seek the help of a doctor, a course of therapy will help to fully restore the body and all its functions.

Drug therapy

After the diagnosis, which includes tests revealing sexually transmitted infections, ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs and the prostate gland itself, rectal examination of the prostate and bacterial inoculation of the prostate secretion to determine the sensitivity to the drugs, the doctor prescribes treatment using one of the existing forms of drugs. Exist several main types of drugs to treat prostatitis and increase potency, here are the main ones:

Rectal candlespossessing antibacterial and analgesic properties. The usual course of treatment is from five days to two weeks.

Injection They are among the most effective forms that can quickly penetrate the body.

Treatment with instillation. Drugs are administered through the opening of the urethra.

Tablets. In this form, antibacterial agents of the tetracycline, penicillin and fluoroquinol groups are produced.The list includes drugs such as minocycline, Ampioks, Levofloxacin and others.

For complex treatment, the drug Prostatilen-Zinc is also used, in which there is an extract from a bovine prostate, zinc and vitamin E.

Neurasthenic impotence

Does prostatitis affect potency? Yes. But in most cases, pathology provokes the formation of a neurasthenic form of impotence, that is, constant stress, asthenia and a disorder of the hormonal system lead to impaired sexual function.

Men who do not treat chronic prostatitis, and it develops in them for a long period of time, are prone to the development of hypochondria, they begin to react nervously to any sensations in the genital area, even if they are almost invisible. The state of stress and anxiety does not leave them for a long time. As a result of this, depression develops, there is a fear of the incurability of the disease, a feeling of inferiority, a fear of losing a family. They are gradually immersed in their problems, moving away from reality.

Over time, sleep begins to be disturbed, appetite decreases, arrhythmia appears. Potency begins to decline.

Violations of sexual function along with depression are manifested in a weakening of sexual desire, a disorder of the ejaculation process, and a decrease in sensitivity.

According to statistics, 40% of men with prostatitis have reduced sex drive, in 30% of cases there is a disorder of sexual contacts, in 15% of cases - a decrease in the number of erections.

In some cases, at the first stages of the disease there is an increase in sexual desire, frequent ejaculation, but with the progression of the pathology, this is all inhibited. In depression, men often shun sexual acts, they no longer have erotic dreams, and it’s also hard for men to get aroused.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies for prostatitis and impotence helps to cure in the early stages, and helps to significantly improve the condition in chronic form. The main advantage is the lack of need for medications to treat prostatitis and increase potency, causing serious side effects, as well as a comfortable psychological state.

The course of treatment of prostatitis and impotence with folk remedies usually ranges from twenty days to one and a half months, during which not only the elimination of the underlying disease occurs, but also the healing process of the whole organism. Such an opportunity appears due to the intake of, for example, honey and propolis, which positively affect the cardiovascular system, a parsley decoction that normalizes the functioning of the kidneys and joints, and garlic, which directly affects potency enhancement.

Traditional medicine is used by doctors as part of complex therapyas a general strengthening and enhancing effect of taking medications. The list of methods includes the use of:

  • Microclysters. For them, infusions or decoctions of herbs are prepared. The procedure is carried out immediately before bedtime, since after it the prostate gland should be warm and at rest.
  • Intake of honey and pollen helps to maintain potency and significantly reduce the treatment time for the underlying disease. Honey is taken on a teaspoon, and pollen on a dessert spoon on an empty stomach per day.
  • Bee killing. A decoction of two tablespoons of raw materials and half a liter of water, which is cooked on low heat for two hours, is taken in a tablespoon three times a day. After taking the broth, it is recommended to eat a teaspoon of honey.
  • Propolis alcohol tincture, dissolved in water in a proportion of 40 drops per 100 grams of liquid, is taken half an hour before meals for a month and a half. It has no less effective effect than some antibacterial drugs.
  • From the forty grams of propolis and cocoa butter evaporated in a glass of alcohol, rectal suppositories roll down.The amount of extract is 0.1 grams per 2 grams of oil. Candles are applied at night for a month. The course must be repeated after a six-week break.

Physical exercise

In order for treatment of inflammation of the prostate gland to be more effective, doctors recommend keep physical activity at the same level as they were before the disease. As such, there are no special exercises for the prostate and potency.

If the loads are insufficient, then individually selected complexes will help not only improve the general condition of the body, but also have a direct effect on the blood supply to the pelvis, and therefore on the elimination of signs of erectile dysfunction.


Is it possible to restore potency with prostatitis? In general, the prognosis for the treatment of prostatitis and symptoms of decreased potency is favorable. The number of cases when persistent impotence developed as a result of chronic inflammation is minimal. Most of them are associated with the psychological state of men. Help me fix the situation psychotherapy sessions.

Timely treatment of prostatitis in the early stages, fulfilling all the appointments of the attending physician throughout the course of treatment, an active lifestyle, help not only cope with the underlying disease, but also eliminate the symptoms of decreased potency. Moreover, with proper treatment and a positive attitude, the first symptoms of sexual weakness will not appear at all.


Also, if after treatment of prostatitis potency has disappeared, the doctor prescribes a diet. After all, the sexual sphere of life largely depends on human nutrition. The diet should be such that the body has the opportunity to receive all the necessary nutrients, and the man is in good physical shape. The sexual sphere is positively affected by such products that have a large amount of protein, which takes part in the synthesis of male hormones. A nutritionist will explain in detail which foods to consume.

But there are also products that are not recommended for use, as they negatively affect the genitourinary system. These include semi-finished products, fast food, fatty and smoked foods, pasta, alcohol and others.

Exercise for the prostate and potency

An insufficiently mobile lifestyle leads to stagnation of the prostate and, as a result, a decrease in potency. Special exercises have been developed to restore an erection with prostatitis.

The following exercises are most suitable for the accumulation of “male power”:

  • sit on the floor, stretch your legs, make 20 tilts of the body to the legs,
  • to become even, do the swings with one foot, then the other, only 3 sets of 9 swings,
  • stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, do 20 bends left and right,
  • lie on your back, raise your legs straight, support your lower back with your hands, do not touch the buttocks of the floor, be in a position for up to 2 minutes,
  • sit on the floor, start moving forward, moving the buttocks, do this three times in 30 movements forward.

As a result of these exercises, the pelvic organs are activated and the male reproductive system is additionally enriched with blood.

Physical exercise

Exercise will help restore potency after a course of therapy. The purpose of this method is to normalize blood circulation in the pelvic area, increase the tone of the prostate muscles. The doctor may recommend such simple exercises:

  1. Slopes. It is necessary to spread your legs and bend down, reaching with your hands to the floor. First you need to do twenty slopes in three sets. After seven days, their number can be increased to fifty. This will help normalize the conductivity of the spinal cord, which is responsible for erectile function.
  2. Pelvic rotation it warms up muscle tissue well. To do this, the pelvis make circular movements in different directions, first one at forty times, then the same number of times in another.
  3. Big steps. For this exercise you need dumbbells.They are picked up, lowered down and lunges, falling to the knee, first with one foot twelve times, then the same number of times with the second limb.

Of course, lifestyle affects potency a lot. In the life of a man there should be no place for bad habits. They should be replaced by power loads, physical activity, sports, as well as a full sexual life with a regular partner. After forty years, you also need to periodically visit a urologist to examine the prostate, because prostatitis is often asymptomatic at the initial stage. In addition, there are many other pathologies that can affect men, affecting their sex life.

Physiological folk remedies for the restoration of male strength

The methods described below are useful for the overall healing of the body. But with problems with potency, they are simply irreplaceable. The first remedy is a contrast shower with a slight temperature difference. When pouring alternately cool and warm water, there is a significant improvement in blood circulation and strengthening of the walls of blood vessels. Male strength is restored with each treatment.

The second is barefoot walking. There are many points on the soles of the feet, the stimulation of which leads to the normalization of an erection. You can walk barefoot both at home and on grass, sand, pebbles. Useful foot massage or the use of special rugs, with a relief surface structure.

Hawthorn Broth

The drug is recommended to be taken at the first symptoms of a dysfunction of the reproductive system or for prevention. Two tablespoons of hawthorn flowers are poured with a liter of cold water and insisted for 10 hours. After this, the drink is boiled for 5 minutes, wrapped in a towel and left for half an hour. Ready broth is taken according to the following scheme: 1 glass in the morning, immediately after sleep, another glass after lunch and dinner.


To restore male strength, a nettle broth is useful. A glass of infusion daily will help establish metabolism and improve the functioning of the genitourinary system. The plant increases erection and enhances male capabilities. In addition to leaves, you can use nettle seeds, mixing them with honey and red wine. These three components, taken simultaneously, have a strong effect on stimulating male power.

Nettle is a part of many recipes. You can make an infusion of a mixture of nettle, St. John's wort, mint and clover, taken in equal proportions. Nettle seeds mixed with banana pulp are another way to stimulate an erection.


One of the plants that the healers have long been recommended to men for the prevention and restoration of potency. Zinc, which is part of it, stimulates sperm activity and the production of large amounts of testosterone. In addition to the beneficial effect aimed at increasing an erection, thyme is useful for prostatitis, prostate adenoma and other problems of the male half. To prepare the infusion, flowers are used. A tablespoon of dried inflorescences is filled with glasses of boiling water and drunk in small portions throughout the day. The course of treatment can be continued for several months, after which it is necessary to take a break.

St. John's wort

St. John's wort has a positive effect on the functions of the genitourinary system, including improves erection. 15 gr herbs are boiled in 200 ml of water for 15 minutes, after which they are removed from the heat and insisted for another 45 minutes under the lid. A filtered drink is taken 6 times a day for a tablespoon, regardless of food.

To strengthen male strength, mint is brewed in a thermos, at the rate of 10 teaspoons of the plant per liter of water. Leaves pour boiling water, close the lid. The drug is taken 3 times a day, in a glass.

Honey and Walnut

Honey has a healing effect to restore male strength, combined with walnuts. Nuts are pre-crushed. Equal fractions of the product are mixed and stored in a cool place. The course of admission is at least a month.During this time, honey and nuts are taken three times a day, a tablespoon after a meal.

In addition to the combination with honey, walnuts are taken with goat milk. Every day, a man needs to eat half a glass of nuts, washed down with milk.

Aloe folk remedy also includes honey and red wine. To prepare, first squeeze 150 grams of aloe juice from the lower fleshy leaves. Then mix it with honey (300 g.) And wine (400 g.), Then they put it on the shelf, insist at room temperature. After 7 days, the product will be ready. Drink it daily, before three main meals.

Another traditional medicine with aloe is prepared from more ingredients. For it you will need 600 gr. nuts, 400 gr. honey, juice of four lemons, 100 gr. aloe juice. All components are well mixed and kept for 10 days in the refrigerator. The finished medicine is taken three times a day, before meals.

Bay leaf

A bath with bay leaves helps to restore male strength. Moreover, its effect is manifested almost immediately. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bath 20-30 minutes before bedtime. Bay leaves are poured with boiling water, let it brew a little and poured into the bathroom. To restore strength and relaxation, you can also add a pharmacy chamomile there.

Red wine

On the basis of red wine they prepare a tasty and healthy folk remedy for potency. As additives, use a mixture of prunes, dried apricots and raisins. Dried fruits are poured with wine, spices (cinnamon or cloves) and a tablespoon of sugar are added. The drink is simmered over low heat for 45 minutes. You need to drink the resulting syrup in small portions, shortly before bedtime.

Some varieties of tea, in addition to tonic action, have the ability to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and activate blood circulation.

Among the green varieties of tea in the struggle for male power, the "Well of the Dragon" is distinguished. Brazilian mate, rich in vitamin E, has similar health benefits.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an effective dietary supplement that increases sperm production, stimulates an erection, and has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the reproductive system.

Traditional healers, who tell you how to quickly restore male power, suggest using ginger, ginseng, maple broth, mashed figs, pistachios, celery and parsley. Regular oil should be replaced with olive oil, which contains the necessary fats to nourish the penis.

Probably every man knows about the benefits of seafood with a decrease in potency. It is necessary to include oysters, mussels, squid in the menu 3-4 times a week.

There is another ancient folk remedy, how to regain masculine power. Mustard must be tied to each foot. Blood will begin to circulate intensely from the feet to the genitals, thereby stimulating an erection.

The course of treatment with herbs usually ranges from two to four weeks. Before using a new folk remedy, it is necessary to verify at small doses that there is no allergy or an individual body reaction.

There are a lot of folk recipes. It is important to choose your own. Therefore, do not despair if the first remedy did not bring results.

Perhaps the following recipe will help to completely forget about the problem and restore male power.

Conspiracies to increase male power

Alternative methods for solving male problems can be considered a conspiracy of potency. In ancient times, when the husband stopped paying attention to his wife, the woman went to the healer.

She hoped that the healer would return the man to its former strength. The plot to restore potency to this day is popular. Even some men believe that their power is restored through magic.

Here is one example of how you can try to return a man to an active sex life.

The conspiracy is absolutely harmless and does not pose a danger to either the woman or her husband. After the man falls asleep, take his clean underpants, fold four times and iron with an iron. As soon as the fabric heats up, start reading the plot:

Oh, how glad we are to blush the sun! How people admire the color of poppies, how sweet May honey is and need salt in food, so would the servant of God Michael’s blog, girls and young people, old men and old women, widowers and widows, rich and fellow travelers, merchants and priests and the whole family would like to the human. It would be a nice blog for the eyes, reasonable in speeches. I would enchant them with these charms. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Say the phrase three times and bring the cowards back to things. In the morning, make sure that the husband donned them. If the plot was read correctly, male activity will not take long.

"Stone riser" or 5 ways to improve an erection

Stress, overwork, sedentary work, nicotine and alcohol - all this negatively affects potency and sexual desire. Therefore, many men already in 30 years begin to think about how to improve an erection quickly, efficiently and safely. Cope with the problem can proper nutrition, gymnastics, drugs and alternative medicine.

Do not worry, there are many ways to improve potency.

Erection Products

In order for the penis to stand, the erection was long and the sex unforgettable, sometimes it’s enough just to review the diet. Many products are able to increase potency in men and women, avoid the development of erectile dysfunction, only you need to use them regularly.

What you can eat to increase potency - a list of the best products:

  1. Cocoa, dark chocolate - these products quickly reduce systolic blood pressure, which has a beneficial effect on the strength and duration of an erection. The composition also contains flanols - antioxidants, which several times improve vascular tone.
  2. Garlic - a vegetable with a pungent odor and taste, helps increase testosterone levels, speeds up blood circulation, and lowers blood pressure.
  3. Natural pomegranate juice - improves the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, promotes the synthesis of testosterone, cleanses the body of free radicals, its effect is similar to Viagra. When drinking juice, you need to drink it with water to avoid the development of ulcerative processes in the stomach.
  4. Spinach - the best tool for a strong and maximum erection, is considered a natural steroid, contains almost all the vitamins and minerals necessary for men's health.
  5. Raw walnuts - contain arginine, improve the condition of blood vessels, the penis becomes strong.
  6. Oysters - a powerful aphrodisiac, contain amino acids, trace elements that improve sperm quality and quantity, increase sex drive. But you can’t often use them - this is fraught with the accumulation of mercury in the body, the development of gastroenteritis.
  7. Low-fat meats - this product is necessary for the synthesis of the hormone thyroxine, which is responsible for libido.
  8. Nutmeg is an exciting spice that can be added to ready meals, dissolved in water. The daily dose is 1/3 tsp.

Nutmeg is good for potency

All products can be consumed fresh, boiled, baked, steamed, stewed, you need to eat regularly and fractionally, portions should not be large. The last meal is 2 hours before bedtime.

What foods negatively affect potency

In addition to making a diet of healthy foods, you must exclude from the menu all junk food.

List of prohibited products:

  • fast food, canned food, chips,
  • pasta - in small quantities, you can only use durum wheat products,
  • large quantities of potatoes - only baked tubers are good for the male body,
  • sausages, sausages, lard,
  • several times a week you can eat brown or unpolished rice, other varieties badly affect male strength,
  • hop, carbonated drinks,
  • soy products - contain female sex hormones,
  • bakery products from yeast dough.

Fast Food Adversely Affects Men's Health

Coffee remains the most controversial product. Caffeine enhances the work of the heart, promotes the expansion of blood vessels, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, fills with energy. But with the abuse of strong tea and coffee, sharp pressure drops occur, the penis quickly becomes sluggish. Therefore, only moderate consumption of these drinks helps to increase an erection.

The regular use of ginger tea, pumpkin juice with celery, koumiss will help to increase the duration of sexual intercourse.


If problems with an erection are rare, there are no chronic diseases, you can take stimulants in the form of tablets - they act quickly, the therapeutic effect persists for several hours. To avoid fakes, you can first examine in the photo how the medicines look.

List of effective drugs:

    Viagra is one of the most popular drugs to improve potency and sex drive. It is better to drink the medicine before meals, about an hour before sexual intercourse, no more than 1 time per day. The drug can cause a persistent erection for half an hour, the effect lasts about 4 hours.

Viagra - a popular tool to increase potency

Cialis - a medicine designed to treat impotence, improves erection. If sexual intercourse occurs more than 2 times a week, you need to drink 5 mg every 24 hours, with reduced sexual activity - 20 mg a quarter of an hour before sex, the penis stays firm until 36 hours, which allows you to have sex all night.

Cialis - an effective tool for improving erection

Levitra - one of the cheapest pills to improve potency, provide a stable erection for up to 8 hours due to the expansion of the vessels of the penis. You need to take them 30-60 minutes before intercourse, regardless of food intake, no more than 1 time per day.

Levitra - an affordable remedy for potency

  • Impaza - a Russian drug against impotence, is considered one of the safest drugs. It is necessary to dissolve 2 tablets before sex in 1-2 hours. With regular admission, after 6–8 weeks, significant improvements are observed, erection is normalized, and libido increases.
  • Impaz - a Russian remedy for impotence

    Pills for potency should not be taken if there are problems with the heart, blood vessels, liver, ulcers, hypotension. The drug is not recommended to combine with alcohol and fatty foods.

    Means for external use are safer than tablets, but their effect is less prolonged, so they need to be applied 5-15 minutes before sexual intercourse.

    Creams and gels for potency:

    1. Maksoderm - contains extracts of herbs, extract from grapefruit seeds, vitamins, zinc. After application, a persistent and prolonged erection occurs, the cavernous bodies are filled with blood, which helps to increase the size of the penis, the cream enhances the sensitivity of erogenous zones. Apply it regularly, at least 3 months.
    2. Med 2002 - the ointment has an antibacterial, analgesic, stimulating effect. It must be applied immediately before sexual intercourse, it can be used instead of a lubricant. Disadvantages - there are many synthetic ingredients in the composition.
    3. Himkolin - a gel, ointment or cream based on natural ingredients. The drug stimulates an erection, increases arousal, aggravates sensations. It must be applied daily for at least 2 weeks, even if there is no coitus, this will help get rid of sexual impotence.

    Himkolin - ointment to increase erection

    Drops and Buds

    The drugs in the idea of ​​drops are distinguished by their natural composition, cumulative effect, ease of use.

    Drops Thor's Hammer - the composition contains many vitamins and minerals, the drug helps to get rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, enhances libido, improves the quality of seminal fluid, promotes the synthesis of testosterone. You need to take 3-5 drops once a day for 15-30 days. Bad is not a medicine.

    Thor's Hammer Drops are made from natural ingredients

    Drops of Tornado - have an exciting, tonic, restorative effect, Guarana extract, arginine, glycine, magnesium are present in the composition of the dietary supplement. The drug stimulates an erection, prolongs sexual intercourse, improves blood circulation in the penis, is safe for pathologies of the prostate. You need to take 5 drops daily for 2 weeks.

    Stone Riser Exercises

    In order to preserve male power for a long time, it is necessary to regularly train an erection, simple exercises that need to be done every day will help in this.

    Effective exercises:

    1. In the morning after waking up, lift and lower the penis using the muscles.
    2. Tighten and relax the muscles of the perineum - this exercise can be done several times a day anywhere.
    3. High knee lift - on inspiration, make an upward movement, on exhalation, return to the starting position.
    4. Squats help improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which reduces the risk of hemorrhoids and impotence. You need to squat with a straight back, do not tear your heels off the floor, at the lower point linger for a few seconds.
    5. Rotational movements of the pelvis in the semi-squat position, while maximally straining the gluteal muscles.
    6. “Birch” - hold straight legs vertically on the floor for at least 1 minute, keep the abs and buttocks muscles in tension.
    7. For 1 minute, carry out the exercise “bicycle” - legs should be kept at right angles to the floor, hands should be locked in the lock behind the head.
    8. Arch - lie on your back, bend your knees, put your heels and palms against the floor. Tear off the hips and lower back from the surface, squeeze the gluteal muscles, linger at the top point for 30 seconds.

    You need to start with 10 repetitions of each exercise, gradually increase the number to 25. You can perform them at any pace, special attention should be paid to quality, do everything with maximum amplitude. Subject to all the rules, noticeable improvements will come within 1-2 weeks.

    General recommendations

    Every man is able to improve erectile function, prevent the development of impotence, you only need to slightly review the regimen of the day, nutrition and lifestyle.

    How to keep a powerful erection for a long time:

    1. Control weight - every extra kilogram negatively affects the work of the heart, blood vessels, which causes erectile dysfunction.
    2. Regularly give the body moderate physical exertion - training makes the heart work in an enhanced mode, stagnation disappears, and vitality increases. The best sports for men are running, swimming, cycling, weight training.
    3. Regularly visit the bathhouse and sauna - under the influence of high temperatures, the pores expand, the body is cleaned of toxic and toxic substances.
    4. Take a contrast shower every morning to improve the state of blood vessels and immunity.
    5. Regular sex life is the key to the absence of problems with an erection.
    6. Get enough sleep, avoid stress, eat right.
    7. Refuse addictions.

    In the bath, it will cleanse the body of harmful substances

    More often, walking barefoot on grass, sand, small pebbles - there are a lot of energy points on the feet, during massage which improves potency.

    For every man, a good erection is a guarantee of strength, self-confidence, any failures in sex worsen the emotional state, which further exacerbates the problem.It is enough to start eating right, regularly perform simple exercises to always be in shape, in urgent cases you can resort to medications.

    How does prostatitis affect potency in men?

    Prostatitis and potency are delicate topics that men often have problems after thirty years of age. The prostate becomes inflamed, which causes a violation of potency.

    In recent years, the disease has significantly “rejuvenated” and has been diagnosed in men since the age of 25.

    It is not a fact that a young man who is diagnosed with prostatitis will immediately begin to have problems with potency, because many factors affect male viability.

    What is prostate inflammation?

    Prostatitis occurs due to inflammation of the prostate gland - an unpaired organ that is located close to the bladder and urethra. The prostate serves as a natural obstacle to the ejaculate and normalizes the outflow of urine, determines the strength of the erection, libido, and controls the onset of orgasm. Also, the prostate gland affects the amount of testosterone, if necessary, replenishing the lack of a hormone in the blood.

    As a result of inflammation, the prostate enlarges, swells and ceases to fulfill its functions.

    That is why, closer to the age of 30, many men are faced with a lack of testosterone. Also, due to inflammation of the prostate, libido suffers, excitation disappears, and difficulties arise in achieving a high-quality orgasm. In the chronic course of the disease, scars form, the patency of nerve impulses is impaired, and a weak erection is observed.

    The cause of prostatitis and, as a result, weak potency are:

    • Prolonged stay in a room with low air temperature,
    • Infections transmitted through sexual intercourse
    • Androgen deficiency
    • Pathologies in the genitourinary system,
    • Passive lifestyle,
    • The use of alcohol, drugs, smoking.

    Not only potency suffers, but also the reproductive function of men. A special secret is released from the prostate, which is responsible for the quality of sperm.

    Inflammation of this organ negatively affects the viability of sperm and is the cause of infertility.

    The prostate gland is also responsible for maintaining the level of specific prostatic antigen, the high content of which causes the development of cancer.

    If you start prostatitis, you can get a large number of diseases. A decrease in potency with prostatitis is one of the most harmless manifestations of the disease. There are more formidable pathologies - adenoma, malignant tumors, physiological impotence.

    Why man's strength decreases

    To understand how prostatitis affects potency, we pay attention to the characteristics of the course of the disease. Symptoms of prostate inflammation are painful and unpleasant. Often in men there is a general decrease in tone, poor health, as well as pain during urination. Pain and discomfort adversely affect all areas of life, including sexual function.

    If a man experiences painful ejaculation, pain during urination, notices a decrease in the duration of sexual intercourse, you should immediately consult a urologist for advice.

    It is urgent to confirm or refute the first signs of disorders in the functioning of the prostate gland. Difficult and painful urination can be caused by the fact that the inflamed gland, increasing in size, squeezes the urinary canal.

    Prostatitis also causes a decrease in the duration of an erection or its complete absence. Periodically, an erection may disappear directly during sexual intercourse.

    Men over 35 years old should be attentive to such manifestations, since in the absence of proper treatment, the inflammatory process leads to the appearance of malignant neoplasms in the glandular tissue, and this entails a complete loss of potency and infertility.

    Potency problems that occur in men with prostatitis:

    • Absence or short erection time,
    • Decreased sex drive,
    • Premature ejaculation,
    • Painful manifestations during sex,
    • Lack of orgasmic sensations during ejaculation,
    • Sperm quality deterioration,
    • Inability to have children.

    According to experts, many deviations can be purely psychological in nature, that is, men often think up problems, look for information, remember, read about possible symptoms and find them at home. It is important to remember that prostatitis negatively affects potency only if the disease is neglected and untreated.

    What is the disease dangerous?

    Why does prostatitis decrease potency and what is the danger of the disease? The main reason is the deterioration of blood flow. Inflamed prostate tissue constricts the blood vessels responsible for stimulating the penis. In addition, the affected prostate requires a large amount of nutrients from the blood, which deprives the cavernous bodies of their share of blood circulation.

    The clinical picture with prostatitis develops as follows:

    • Pain in the pelvic region, both chronic and acute, torment all the time or appear only with urination and sex,
    • Discharge from the urethra after long walks when a man is tired,
    • The color of urine changes, urine becomes dark, mixed with blood, the genitals and secretions emit an unpleasant metallic smell,
    • Often you have to go to the toilet and strain to empty the bladder,
    • The urine stream is intermittent, and after urination there is a feeling of urge to the toilet.
    • At night, during falling asleep, for no reason the penis strains and the erection does not last long.

    Inflammation of the prostate adenoma makes it impossible to have a high-quality sexual intercourse. Sex is getting tense, a man cannot relax. If pain in the inguinal region (one of the main signs of the prostate) is added to this, then it completely loses interest in the partner.

    Ejaculation causes pain, which does not allow to expect the onset of orgasm with the same enthusiasm. When specific scars appear on the prostate, nerve receptors lose the ability to transmit the necessary pulses for erection and ejaculation, which also affects the quality of sex.

    How to avoid complications

    Potency will begin to recover only if the prostatitis is cured. Any stimulants will become only a symptomatic treatment.

    If you get carried away with such methods, you can start the course of prostatitis. Over time, stimulant drugs for potency will work worse.

    Once there comes a moment of serious problems with potency or even complete physical impotence, but treatment will be useless.

    The following main tasks are in the treatment of prostatitis and potency disorders:

    • Suppression of the inflammatory process,
    • Infectious agent
    • Improving the circulation of the pelvis.

    To fight inflammation with prostatitis, medications are taken:

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antibiotics, depending on which infection is detected,
    • Vitamin and mineral products in the form of injections,
    • Decongestants
    • Vasodilators,
    • Muscle relaxants to ease prostate cramping,
    • Antidepressants to defeat the resulting tightness due to poor potency.

    Kegel gymnastics

    Dr. Arnold Kegel is known as the author of a gymnastic complex for strengthening the muscles of the vagina in women.The second achievement of the doctor is the development of a technique against prostatitis, impaired potency and ejaculation.

    Kegel gymnastics can be performed with a decrease in potency and for the prevention of such problems.

    First you need to find the muscles that you will then develop, and feel them:

    1. Place your fingers behind the testicles, but do not exert strong pressure,
    2. Imagine that you are in the process of urinating and want to stop the flow,
    3. The muscle that tightened under the fingers, needed in Kegel exercises.

    The most convenient time for training with prostatitis is a trip to the toilet. Suspend or slow down the flow of urine. Do not relax your muscles, but contract them. Ideally, you will feel like the urethra has drawn into the body. Try not to strain the buttocks, muscles of the hips, abdominals, and work just the specified muscle, separately from other groups.

    The main set of Kegel exercises to increase potency is as follows:

    1. Very smoothly achieve muscle contraction for 5 seconds,
    2. Then smoothly achieve relaxation, also for 5 seconds,
    3. When the penis is erect, quickly tighten the muscle so that the penis makes a slight movement.

    By contracting the muscle at the time of sexual contact, you can improve the quality of the erection and prevent rapid ejaculation. To increase potency, a day is worth performing a set of exercises 2-3 times.

    The benefits of massage

    Prostate massage is one of the most effective methods of restoring potency. After the massage, blood circulation improves, prostatic juice comes out, which reduces inflammation and swelling. Together with physiological fluids, infectious pathogens leave the body.

    The prostate massage technique is as follows:

    1. The man bends, leaning on his elbows. The body should be parallel to the floor.
    2. The doctor puts on gloves, lubricates the patient's anus with petroleum jelly. Inserts a finger approximately five centimeters apart and gropes for the prostate.
    3. He begins to carry out massage movements, pushes the prostate from the edges to the central part within 1-2 minutes.
    4. After lateral movements, you need to press down on the prostate. The softer the prostate, the weaker and more accurate the pressure should be.

    Before a session, a patient suffering from prostatitis should drink plenty of water. A filled bubble will move the prostate closer to the massaged area. After the session, you need to go urinate to wash off the harmful substances that have released into the urethra.

    Sex and masturbation

    One of the causes of potency disorders is prolonged abstinence. To avoid problems with potency, you need at least 1 intimate contact per week. Sexual activity has the following positive effects on male health and potency:

    • There is a massive flow of blood to the pelvis,
    • Frictions become a kind of massage procedure for internal organs,
    • Ejaculation brings psychological calm and endorphins, whose role is great in treating inflammation,
    • Lymphatic flow improves, stagnant processes disappear,
    • Pelvic muscles strengthen
    • Blood circulation in the genitals of a man improves.

    Sperm, not ejected for a long time, begins to irritate the testes, which also leads to inflammatory processes. In the absence of the opportunity to have sex, masturbation will benefit. It will be enough a couple of times a week to eliminate hormonal imbalance and mineral balance.

    During sex, interruption of contact and ejaculation outside the partner’s body are very harmful. Interrupted intercourse causes hormonal imbalance and stagnation in blood circulation, so a condom remains the preferred option for contraception.

    Psychological help

    To eliminate the psychological causes of decreased potency, a man must realize that existing problems can really be solved.Most men prefer to avoid having sex even after completing treatment. Obtaining information that prostatitis affects potency is only very mediocre, returns self-confidence.

    Do not give up the opportunity to go to an appointment with a psychologist. Moral support is one of the most effective ways to restore potency after suffering inflammation of the prostate.

    The use of stimulants

    Reception of sexual stimulants will help to improve a potentiality and more calmly postpone the recovery period. Consult with your doctor what medications are best taken to restore male strength:

    • Viagra, Levitra, Cialis are prescribed at the stage of remission of prostatitis and are used until the potency is fully restored.
    • Impaza homeopathic drug, which is prescribed if the violation of the erection is provoked by prostatitis, stress, fatigue.
    • Yohimbe Forte, Phentolamine, Yohimbine Hydrochloride - plant potency stimulants.
    • Eleutherococcus extract, tincture of ginseng and lemongrass also have a stimulating effect.

    Prostatitis and potency are directly related, but it is not entirely correct to say that the disappearance of an erection is one of the consequences of prostatitis.

    Pain arising during intercourse, ejaculation and urination can affect potency only psychologically. At the physical level, a man is quite capable of sexual intercourse.

    Potency treatment begins with the identification of psychological problems, and then proceed to the study of physiological factors.

    How to return potency at home to a man?

    Signs of decreased erection do not mean complete impotence, but even a single symptom is alarming for a man. It is possible to return normal potency in different ways - if there are no serious concomitant diseases, you can even do without medications. In opposite cases, medical treatment is required, sometimes it is necessary to undergo a therapeutic course in a hospital.

    Why does potency deteriorate?

    Sexual weakness occurs under the influence of many reasons. Conventionally, they can be divided into somatic, psychological and social.

    The first include:

    • Received childhood trauma associated with the intimate side of life,
    • Formed fear or negative attitude towards women,
    • Frolic phobias
    • Signs of depression or anxiety,
    • A “boring” intimate act
    • The systematic effects of stress.

    Organic prerequisites include various disorders in the functioning of organs and systems of the body. Among them:

    • Disorder of vascular functionality caused by heart disease, unsuccessful surgery, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, an excess of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, expressed obesity,
    • Damage to the genitourinary system - inflammation and tumor of the prostate, pathological processes of the bladder, urethra, genitals, genital infections,
    • Androgen deficiency caused by endocrine dysfunction,
    • Violation of nerve conduction due to CNS pathologies,
    • Long-term drug therapy.

    Social factors causing a decrease in potency are:

    • Addiction,
    • Work requiring sitting in one place for a long time,
    • Exposure to toxic substances in professional activities,
    • Chronic fatigue after the birth of a baby.

    How to return potency at home?

    There are a lot of ways to return potency to a man on his own. However, before starting treatment it is necessary to visit the andrologist to clarify the reasons. Each drug or folk remedy has its own mechanism of action.

    It is pointless to increase testosterone levels with vascular pathology, as well as drink drugs to normalize blood flow in case of impaired functioning of the nerve centers.

    Medicines and drugs

    Impotence drugs can be divided into pharmacy medicines and supplements based on natural ingredients. The former are classified according to several criteria. Usage division:

    • Solutions for administration directly into the urethra,
    • Injection into the corpora cavernosa,
    • Tablets and capsules for oral administration,
    • Gels, ointments, creams for external use.

    Graduation by the mechanism of action:

    The first group of medicines is indicated for administration to the urethra. The active substances provide an influx of arterial blood and inhibition of venous withdrawal, which helps to quickly achieve an erection and hold it for about an hour.

    Hormone medications are used only with a lack of testosterone. Available in the form of liquid for injections or tablets. Intervention in the hormonal system alone can lead to unpredictable consequences, therefore, such treatment is carried out only under medical supervision.

    Selective inhibitors - tablets for symptomatic treatment. The main principle of action is the normalization of blood flow in the genital organ, which guarantees a strong erection. Depending on the selected active substance, the excitation occurs after 15 minutes or an hour, and lasts up to half a day.

    These drugs do not affect the causes of decreased potency, therefore, their intake is necessary to achieve an erect state in a specific situation, but the drug does not have a therapeutic effect. A significant number of side effects and contraindications require prior consultation with a doctor.

    The latter type of remedy has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles, which restores full blood flow. In most cases, these are homeopathic medicines that have no restrictions on admission.

    Natural dietary supplements are a substitute for pharmacy medicines. The components of dietary supplements are of organic origin and have a beneficial effect not only on sexual function, but also on the general condition of men.

    The most popular naturopathic remedies:

    Tips & Tricks

    To increase the therapeutic effect, enhance the effect of drugs and restore potency at home with a few recommendations. You need to start playing sports. Enough workouts for 30 minutes to improve sexual function.

    High results are demonstrated by:

    • Morning exercises, including a specially designed set of exercises,
    • Swimming - necessary for massage of the genitals,
    • Yoga - provides a normal psychological state, strengthens the muscles,
    • Running - restores the functionality of the prostate gland.

    Another way is massage. There are 3 types:

    The latter option is an excellent solution for strengthening relationships in a couple, adding piquancy to intimacy, a way for a wife to help her husband strengthen erectile function.

    Quitting smoking, drinking alcohol, and changing diets also help increase sexual viability. It is important to consume foods containing a vitamin complex, zinc, selenium. From fast food, fatty and fried will have to be abandoned.

    In addition, with low potency, doctors strongly advise:

    • Treat the problem as a disease that needs to be cured, and not as the collapse of your whole life,
    • Talk frankly with a partner - it’s much easier to fight a disease together,
    • Adjust the daily schedule, go to bed until 12 at night, set aside 8 hours for sleep.

    Inpatient treatment

    Inpatient therapy is necessary when home methods do not work. This approach is used very rarely in modern realities.

    In this case, the clinics offer comprehensive treatment, including the use of several techniques simultaneously:

    In extreme cases, surgical intervention is indicated. It is possible to perform reconstructive surgery on the vessels of the genitals or prosthetics of the penis.

    Watch the video: Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction Video Brigham and Womens Hospital (March 2020).

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