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Hairstyles for guys

Fashionable men's haircuts in 2019 allow representatives of the strong half of humanity to find their own bright, catchy images. Modern trends increasingly demonstrate a desire for individuality and offer to try bold coloring, curly elements in the hairstyle or Hollywood styling. The latest fashion trends in creating stylish hairstyles often originate on the catwalks. Celebrities also have an equal impact on the trend: athletes, musicians, film actors.

How to choose the current image for yourself? Studying reviews of popular modern haircuts with names and explanations is the best way to get acquainted with world trends in the field of men's style. Today, bold accents and almost any length, bright coloring, light highlights in strands are acceptable. Owners of curly hair can easily find interesting graphic haircuts for themselves, with which you can adjust the volume. And men with bald patches or not very thick hairstyles today choose bold, brutal images and without regrets part with long strands.

Top best species

What haircuts can be considered truly fashionable? Stylists are confident that modern trends can make even classic hairstyles relevant. The most popular and stylish men's haircuts 2019-2020 have one thing in common: they are easily modified, allowing you to make strict styling, punk mohawks, comb the hair back or emphasize the bangs. A short-haired nape is used in almost all modern hairstyles - it can be called a trend that will soon go out of fashion.

What hairdressing techniques and schemes are now worth applying? The top is not only short hair.

The haircut must have a clear shape, even if there is an artistic mess in the hairstyle.

It is worth considering the really best, proven options in more detail.

On short hair

Short hair is part of a courageous image that allows you to effectively emphasize the correct, expressive facial features, add brutality. This type of haircuts is most convenient, does not require complicated care, styling. In most cases, you can keep fit by visiting the hairdresser no more than 1-2 times a month.

Short haircut involving concentration of the volume on the crown and bangs. Need forehead hair textured. Whiskey and neck are shaved or cut at 3-5 mm. When laying the crop, the bangs are combed forward, lifted or smoothed over the forehead. Visually, the haircut resembles a shortened “pot”, depending on the chosen styling it can be graphic or slightly disheveled.

Boxing and semi-boxing

Classic haircuts in a sports style do not go out of style. Boxing hairstyles, semi-boxing, which allow you to vary the styling and length of hair, also fall into this category. The characteristic “toe” over the forehead lends itself well to structuring with the help of gel, mousse, wax. It is optimal to perform such haircuts on straight, stiff hair, which a short length allows you to tame. Athletes who pay great attention to their image are especially fond of such hairstyles.

A youth haircut, which implies when styling, posing strands sticking out on the head so that they resemble the needles of a hedgehog. The hair length at the temples, nape, crown remains approximately the same; they wear such a hairstyle in a straight position or with a side parting. It is suitable for very young men and boys with straight hair, amenable to styling.


A short haircut in a sporty style, suitable for those who rarely use styling in everyday life. She has no restrictions on age, type, structure of hair. At the temples and the back of the head, the haircut is made as short as possible, a 2.5 cm long platform remains on top. You need to comb your hair in a forward direction, directing it to your forehead.

Fashionable hairstyles for guys

A modern man monitors his appearance and pays special attention to the image. Good looks and well-chosen accessories are the first things a guy should focus on. An excellent addition and completion in the image is a hairstyle.

Striving for excellence, young boys are able to try many options:

Retro haircuts are fashionable today. The point is neatly combed hair. At the same time, the temporal zones and the occipital, can be cut to a minimum length. The styling looks charming and at the same time courageous.

“Tomboy” is a modern variation of “bob”. Without unnecessary frills, it looks spectacular and stylish. The length of the strands should not exceed 7 cm. The lack of clear contours gives a certain charm. It has many interpretations, so it suits any type of face and hair structure.

An important role in fashion is played by bangs. With its help, unique images are created that attract the eyes of others.

Ultra-short haircut "military" emphasizes male brutality and confidence. Well suited for guys with a large physique and masculine facial features.


A haircut, again included in the top of the most popular options. This classic hairstyle involves creating a smooth transition from short temples to elongated strands on the crown.

Bangs play a huge role in cutting and usually fit sideways, comb back in the form of coca or casually pounce on the forehead.

"Britannica" looks elegant, suitable for use in a business, free style, is a favorite hairstyle of aristocrats and people of creative professions.

Youth models

Youth models include a “bean,” shaped to the level of the earlobe or slightly lower. This is a trend for glamorous guys who are confident in themselves and their charm. Often, youth options include the presence of bangs, modeling which can achieve a variety of stylish images.

Any hairstyles made in a chaotic style occupy a leading position in the fashion of hairstyles. Carelessly laid strands on the side, or sticking to the top can emphasize individuality and give a special charm.
Owners of naturally curly curls are recommended variations of haircuts with elongated bangs.

The trend is extravagance in the style of preppy. The shearing technique consists of a two-level cut. The upper part is up to 10 cm, the lower part is up to 5 cm. A distinctive feature is a clearly marked parting.


In its modern incarnation, this haircut involves a combination with a neat, well-groomed beard. Canada is a good option for those who like styling experiments, it is suitable for owners of wavy hair, it well corrects roundness of the face. Elongated strands here remain on the bangs and above the forehead, in other areas of the head they are shortened.

Fade - a haircut in which the transition from long hair in the front of the head to the short nape is very smooth. In the classic version, the hair on the sides and back is simply shortened to 0.7-1 cm. It is also possible to shave the temporal and occipital areas, preserving sufficiently long hair on the bangs (up to 20 cm or more). Fade goes well with parting, can gradually turn into a beard.


Fashionable haircut with ultra-short temples and a slight extension at the back of the head. The hair on the top and in the bangs reach 10-15 cm. A “combover” is laid to one side, with the obligatory clear parting. It is also allowed to comb the strands back. Haircut is relevant for young men with well-groomed straight or slightly curly hair.

Symmetrical bean

A haircut that fits well on straight, thick hair. Hair styling to the temporal region involves separation with a clear parting.

For a symmetrical bean, the shape of the face is very important - it goes to the owners of the perfect oval.

Everyone else is better off choosing the asymmetrical shape of this haircut. Laying is allowed smooth or with slight negligence.


Haircut with medium length of hair in the central part of the head, short sides. Iroquois implies laying with vertical stitches in the form of spikes or combing them back. In addition, this haircut is often complemented by bright coloring, including multi-color. Whiskey can be completely shaved off, decorated with patterns or lines. Iroquois is considered a youth hairstyle, but in a shortened version it can be tried on by men older than 40 years.

Fashionable short men's haircuts 2018

In 2018, you can expect a big surge in the popularity of short men's haircuts. For most men, short haircuts are the most suitable. A short haircut is convenient, easy to care for, it always looks neat. Let's consider in more detail which men's short haircuts will be relevant in 2018.

Crw cut

Crew Cut - better known in our latitudes as a hedgehog. A classic men's haircut, which is always in fashion, and this year will not be an exception. To raise the hedgehog haircut to a new level, try combining shaved whiskey with longer hair in front, the ends of which can be tinted in a different color (lighten, for example, and get the effect of sunburned hair).


Undercut has been the most popular men's haircut in recent years. In 2018, the undererkat continues to be at the forefront of fashionable men's haircuts, in combination with various types of long bangs from above, including quiff, pompadour, etc.

Low fade

“Fade” is a haircut in which a smooth transition is created from short hair on the back of the head to any desired length of hair on the crown. One of the great advantages of a fashionable male “fade” haircut is that it can be easily adapted to your taste. For example, Low Fade is a type of “fade” that starts from the temporal angles.

Fantasy stylists

It is no coincidence that the term avant-garde involves moving forward, going beyond canons and traditions. All this includes an avant-garde style hairstyle. So, the Titanic movie or the Sydney Opera House can come to life on the model’s hair. Sounds like something fantastic? But such sensational avant-garde-style hair structures are already known to history. Like a chicken in a nest of hair.

The use of living lizards in the hairstyle or the avant-garde haircut decorated with apples is no less shocking, as a tribute to the first woman on earth Eve. But even a man’s haircut like a mohawk can undergo unprecedented changes and become something extravagant. It is only necessary to supplement it with interesting braids or make crazy painting.

High fade

High Fade (high fade) - a variant of the fashionable men's haircut 2018, which begins much higher than the temporal angles. Optimal for owners of fast-growing hair and for men who want to wear a haircut for as long as possible.

Gary Hooker & Michael Young

The works of these stylists, who received a lot of professional awards over the 25-year period of joint creativity, are rarely performed in the avant-garde style. However, choosing this direction, hairdressers create memorable and atmospheric hairstyles.

Side part

Side Part - an English hairstyle in a classic style, the main emphasis of which is placed on the side parting. And although there are many new, interesting haircuts and hairstyles, Side Part continues to be one of the most sought after. In the end, what might not be liked in this stylish, simple and neat male haircut?

Takaya hanayuishi

A Japanese culinary specialist and florist, born in 1975, once tried himself as a hairdresser-stylist. This became his creative luck. His work, according to the master himself, is the poetry of wilting. This creates entire floral masterpieces on the heads of both women and men.

Buzz cut

Buzz Cut is a classic that is always in trend. This is proved by its name itself (translated from the English. Buzz means fashionable). Uniformly short hair length over the entire head. A haircut is ideal for those who do not like to suffer with styling. For Buzz Cut, it’s important to have a beautiful head shape.

Shaun mcgrath

This talented stylist became the finalist of the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in 2018. His creations are inspired by spring itself, or rather, by starlings. The tone of the photos successfully conveys the idea of ​​such avant-garde hairstyles. Moreover, the feathers in this collection are made of human hair, and the tails of birds are made of canine.

Vanguard in everyday life

If you do not have enough creativity and some thrills, then why not dilute your appearance with unusual coloring? This is the first and simplest thing that comes to mind. Not only the use of acid colors will give such an effect, but the combination of the most familiar colors with different textures looks stunning.

If you prefer something more impressive, then feel free to ask to change the length or even shave some parts of the head. Do not be afraid to experiment, it is always justified. And remember that a good master is also a subtle psychologist who will always feel and understand your mood and style.

Caesar cut

Caesar's haircut was very popular in the 90s, and this year we can see her triumphant return. The feature of this fashionable men's haircut 2018 is a straight, straight short bang. Suitable for owners of thick hair and an oval (long) face.

French crop

French crop was invented by French hairdressers, hence the name. This haircut is derived from the classic Caesar. Only the fringe should not be short, as in Caesar, but longer. In 2018, a fashionable men's French crop haircut should look more textured and slightly sloppy.

Bro flow

For holders of thick, beautiful and healthy hair, a trendy version of the Bro Flow men's haircut is suitable. This is a compromise for those who like long hair, but for some reason they are inappropriate (for example, work in the business sphere of business). For Bro Flow, overgrown locks are laid back. In this case, the hair should be of sufficient length to lay it behind the ears. The strands can be of unequal length (trimmed in a cascade).


The male version of Pompadour's hairstyle at one time became popular, thanks to Elvis Presley. She is characterized by shorter hair in the back and at the temples, and long hair in front, raised up and laid back. Keep in mind - Pompadour cannot be stacked without styling products.

Slicked back

Last year, Slicked Back was among the hot trends among women's hairstyles. And this year, men began to practice it. Slicked Back is smoothly combed back hair. The main advantage of this fashionable men's hairstyle 2018 is that by doing it, you can fully open your face.


Quiff's haircut at first glance resembles Pompadour, but there are differences between them. Quiff is not characterized by such an impressive amount of hair laid over his forehead, as in Pompadour. In addition, the length at the temples and the back of the head allows you to balance the general appearance of this hairstyle.


With the growing popularity of voluminous men's hairstyles, in 2018 Blowout comes to the forefront. Blowout is a man’s hairstyle that looks like his hair has been disheveled under a gust of wind. Stylized with deliberate negligence, Blowout is suitable for representatives of creative professions.

Faux hawk

Faux Hawk - in translation "Artificial hawk." This fashionable men's haircut 2018 arose under the influence of a mixture of several styles: it simultaneously recalls the Iroquois of the Indians and the hairstyle of Elvis in the 70s. For Faux Hawk, the hair is cut at an angle - from short hair on the back to long on the crown, which resembles a hawk's beak.

Hard part

If you want to increase your degree of style, pay attention to the Hard Part.This is a men's haircut with a shaved parting that separates the side and back of the head from the front in an arc, the hair in which is long enough to be lifted out and laid up. When creating this trendy hairstyle 2018, a styling tool is used.

Messy waves

Among women's hairstyles, careless waves in the last couple of years have been among the most trending hairstyles. In 2018, this hairstyle migrated to the category of men. Fixing careless waves should be with the help of styling. To make this hairstyle more versatile and appropriate for the office, for example, the hair on the temples should be cut more short and neatly.

Modeling avant-garde hairstyles

Hair coloring is performed from simple (cross parting) to the most extravagant (fish bone, in the form of a letter, diagonally).

All these technological methods have changed thanks to new technologies, new cosmetic preparations that have become available to use and easy to use.

Thus, you can see that every year hairdressing skills go up. Thanks to the high skill of modern masters, hairdressing has gained prestige and has become one of the elite professions.

The works of avant-garde art shocked, the authors shocked the audience, ironic about its ability to perceive the surrounding reality.

If we talk about avant-garde haircuts and hairstyles, then these are those in which the imagination of the master is revealed. When something unusual is created and hairstyles are the destruction of boring forms, this is a departure from traditional ideas about the world of fashion.

This style is chosen by creative and extraordinary individuals who seek to expand all the boundaries of the possible with the help of extraordinary views on the surrounding reality.

Hairstyles of this style are distinguished by bold decisions of form, lines and color: they are acceptable for those who follow fashion.

Existing hairstyles provide ample opportunity to change the appearance of a woman, because men like variety, which means that hairstyles need to be changed more often. Such hairstyles can be seen not only on fashion catwalks, but also among representatives of creative professions. In order to make such a hairstyle you need to have imagination.

Strands, or all hair can be completely dyed in different shades, from the most acidic to the most pale tones (see Figure 12). To paint patterns on the temples, or to shave them.

Figure 12 - Vanguard staining

It became very fashionable to shave whiskey and the back of the head with long hair (see Figure 13).

Figure 13 - Shaving the back of the head

All hairdressers in the world say that today, as in all fields of activity, men set the tone in fashion for hairstyles.

Toni & Guy offers the metrosexuals style, which is dictated by the traditional brith-pop culture, which dictates its set of masculine qualities. Men wear hair of different lengths from short to long.

A variety of patterns are shaved on short hair and dyed in extreme colors, and the Iroquois are shaved (see Figure 14).

Figure 14 - Shaved mohawk

Avant-garde (from French Avant - garde - ahead and guard) - hairstyles reflecting tomorrow's fashion trends. Representatives of this style use original expressive means to create an unconventional, individual image.

The avant-garde appearance, a sense of flight and aspiration - all this can be expressed with the help of a beautifully styled hairstyle. Today, men do not hesitate to use a large amount of gel or foam for styling.

Faschion style - the image of the model participating in the fashion show. This concept includes clothing, makeup and hairstyle. Recently, hairstyles created for shows have become widespread among hairdressers.

In my opinion, hairdressers from the team of Alexandre de Paris are very interesting in this direction. They turn the fashion shows of Thierry Muller, John, Galileno, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen into a truly harmonious spectacle of beauty, style, taste.

The world championship in hairdressing, decorative cosmetics and nail design, held in Moscow, has identified new trends in men's haircuts and styling.

Professional stylists, in front of the public, changed the appearance of model guys beyond recognition.

Masters masterfully used scissors, overhead locks and spray cans, miraculously avoiding pouring poisonous red on the faces of the models.

Images of modern avant-garde men's haircuts are presented in Appendix 1.

Now highlighting, coloring, color locks are especially relevant for men. Stylists unanimously say: the brighter, the better. You can use up to ten different shades in one coloration. The main thing is that you feel confident.

With great care, masters approach the creation of bangs. It can be a soft “veil” that gently emphasizes the contours of the face, or a mischievous relief. Torn bangs are fashionable this season.

Free style, as close to the street as possible, is in fashion. Involuntarily it seems that five minutes ago the guy was torn from the pillow. But this is not at all true, because each strand of hair has its own direction. And negligence is carefully thought out. The main thing is not to overdo it with varnish and wax.

Stylist Rustam Mirasov: “Now there are no strict criteria in haircuts. This is either elongated hair with the effect of slight negligence, or a super short haircut in the style of a military. Military style has a special place. Hairstyles are becoming more manly. This is necessarily a very short hair on the back of the head and elongated bangs. The main emphasis is on it.

This haircut is offered to girls who prefer models of the avant-garde direction from short hair. At the heart of the hairstyle is an asymmetric haircut made with scissors with a straight blade, nape hair
from the lateral parts of the head nullified. Hairstyle options made on
the basis of this haircut, different in style. Styling is done with fingers and a hairdryer with
using gel.

1. The hair of the side zones to nullify with scissors with a straight cloth.

2. Perform shading to the line from the middle of the forehead to the occipital protrusion.

3. Behind the auricle, nullify the hair and perform shading on the lower occipital area.

4. Fill out the back of the zone.

5. On the temporal zone, comb out the hair towards the face and perform a sliding cut (thinning out the hair).

6. Comb the bangs forward onto the face and divide it into two equal parts along the axis of symmetry of the head. Turn over half of the bangs at the level of the middle of the forehead.

7. Turn around the second half of the bangs along the line from the middle of the nose to the border edge shading.

8. To thin the hair of the elongated part of the bangs using the “plunge” method.

9. Focusing on the elongated bangs (control strip),
cut the hair of the parietal and crown areas (control strip), keeping the cut line in a horizontal plane.

10. Throughout the head, perform targeted

11. Perform styling with brushes and a hairdryer.
Lay the temporal zones and bangs with your fingers, using the gel.

Hairdressing Gutyr

The choice of hairstyle is a very responsible process on which your appearance depends. Knowing this, many young people are studying modern trends in fashion for men's haircuts. Since they do not want to lag behind modern novelties, but wish to be surrounded by female attention.

Do not rely too much on your preferences and tastes. It is better to contact a real specialist who is no problem, given all your external characteristics.

Men's haircuts can be divided into various styles, such as classic, sports, avant-garde, retro and many others. Each of them depends on the structure of the hair, lifestyle and nature of the person.

Men's avant-garde haircut is a short asymmetric hairstyle hanging in one eye. To date, this species is considered the most popular this season. Great for owners with,.

Men's avant-garde hairstyle is one in which all the fantasies and experiments of the master are revealed. When something unusual is present in the image, that which greatly attracts the attention of others.

It was in various subcultures that the avant-garde fashion appeared, since all emo, hippies, rockers, punks stood out from the crowd thanks to their unusual style. Now even the most ordinary short haircut seems unexpected than long dyed hair.

Avant-garde style and its popularity

To understand the feasibility of choosing in favor of avant-garde hairstyles, stylists advise to study the specifics of the avant-garde style as a whole. In fact, this style does not establish any strict rules and frameworks, the main thing is that the hairstyle complete the image as a whole and create a sense of integrity. The length of the hair can be different, as well as styling options, cutting a vanguard is an opportunity to express the imagination of the master.

What is a men's avant-garde style haircut?

Today it is impossible to describe exactly the hairstyle in the style of the avant-garde for a man, since the avant-garde is a style, not a specific haircut. But of all the haircuts popular in the current season, several options fall under this trend, for example:

  1. Short haircut. The hair is cut with a hair clipper, imitating a military style. Further, shaved patterns are made out in any part of the head; you can even dye your hair in a bright extraordinary shade.
  2. Asymmetry. To make such a haircut in the style of the avant-garde, it is enough to cut the hair briefly on one side and leave the hair of medium length on the other and lay them in the form of a ruffled hedgehog. You can complement the image with an elongated bang, painted in bright strands.
  3. Iroquois. The world-famous mohawk hairstyle also belongs to this style, and initially it appeared in the 70s of the last century, then it was worn by rockers and punks. Today, many personalities with non-standard thinking and creative nature prefer such an avant-garde hairstyle, while hair is often tinted with bright colors and styling products.

Distinctive features of avant-garde haircuts among men are bright colored strands or all hair, as well as multi-colored highlighting. The usual classic haircut of medium length can become avant-garde if you grow an elongated oblique bangs and arrange an extraordinary tousled styling. The more bright shades and unusual solutions in the hairstyle, the more it fits into this style.

Who is it for?

Any avant-garde men's haircut with asymmetric lines is ideal for any young man, regardless of face shape. As you know, asymmetry is the best solution to correct each shape of the head, whether it is round, square, heart-shaped or elongated. But most often, stylists recommend trying on the image of an avant-garde hairstyle for men with an elongated and oval head shape.

As for the lifestyle, it is difficult to imagine a middle-aged business man in a classic formal suit and with an avant-garde hairstyle of multi-colored shades. Most often, such haircuts are observed on young people who are in subcultural movements and prefer to stand out from the crowd. All modern styles in clothes can be combined with this hairstyle, except for classics and sports.

Fashionable styling options

As mentioned earlier, the avant-garde hairstyle is absolute freedom of choice, dyeing of strands or all hair, casual and informal styling options. If we are talking about short haircuts of such a profile, no styling is supposed, it is enough to decorate the hair with a curly cut and dye your hair with a bright non-standard color. To supplement this option, haircuts can be extended bangs, which need to be laid to one side with varnish.

If the hair is medium length, the avant-garde style will accept tousled styling options, side parting, as well as highlighting strands for a larger volume. You can lay a haircut in the form of a hedgehog, but so that the hair direction is lateral. Another option for laying the avant-garde is Iroquois, for this, the hair in the center of the head is lifted up with wax or varnish, you can make a root pile.

Men's avant-garde haircut: photos

To make the vanguard men's hairstyle appreciated, stylists offer to get acquainted with the most popular design options in the photo.

Haircut Examples

  1. Short-cut hair under the machine, dyed in two bright colors with a shaved geometric pattern.
  2. The next look is short hair, on the one hand, tousled strands on the other, and an extended hair forelock painted in different colors in front.

Iroquois is also considered a male avant-garde haircut. It was popular back in the 70s and 90s, when it was worn by punks and rockers, and today it is considered an ordinary everyday style.

For a brighter and more diverse look, the hair was put with styling tools and dyed in bright colors, while an original, eye-catching image was created.


The vanguard is not suitable for every man, only if we talk about representatives of subcultural movements and informal hobbies. Most often, bright and extraordinary vanguard hairstyles are observed among young people, and most of all this style flourishes among Asian young men in Korea, China and Japan. Oblique elongated bangs, voluminous and tousled curls on the crown perfectly correct the non-standard type of appearance and shape of the face.

How to make the desired hairstyle?

Every day the vanguard hairstyle for men is becoming more and more firmly part of everyday life, and many extravagant young people prefer this particular style. In order to independently make this haircut, you can perform two options: completely paint part of the hair or make highlighting.

For staining, it is necessary to use cream paint, as professional tools can not do without outside help. Hair can be cut using a machine, choosing the right length and adjust with scissors.

If you like a bright, unusual life and always want to attract attention, then the avant-garde style is exactly what you need. Try, experiment, but do not forget to consider your qualities and lifestyle.

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The choice of men's haircut depends on the structure of the hair, lifestyle and willingness of the client to experiment

Young people, as a rule, choose a sport style (“hedgehog”, short hair) - this is undoubtedly an extremely convenient men's haircut, or avant-garde (shaggy hair, torn lines and the triumph of freedom in the hairstyle), which emphasizes their independence and self-confidence. Men's haircuts and hairstyles for businessmen are, rather, a classic. If the profession is creative, then elements of creativity are possible. Retro style is chosen by “dudes” and simply by those to whom this style suits.

If you don’t have time to track current men's haircuts and styling, pay attention to the classics, which, as you know, are always in fashion. Hair cut short by a skilled craftsman retains its shape for a long time and looks neat in any circumstances. Such a man's haircut is always successful and neat.

Elongated men's haircuts look incomparable on curly hair

Waves give them the right volume and look absolutely natural. The light mess created by curls in such men's haircuts looks easy and perfectly matches the fashion trend of the “just out of bed” look. However, often such a haircut, or rather such a men's styling, does not correspond to generally accepted business etiquette. In this case, shortened hair becomes the best male haircut, when only elegant half-waves remain from the curls, creating volume, but not leading to chaos.

But not all men are ready to comb and style long hair every day, cut off split ends and take care of hair in every possible way, using various means and creating extraordinary men's styling.Most males choose classic men's haircuts. To the best of short lengths and requiring only regular washing, they get the right shape, just drying out naturally.

Men's haircuts that leave medium length hair are good with a variety of styling options

If it used to be fashionable to grow long strands on the back of the head, and you need to cut your hair short on the forehead, now everything happens exactly the opposite: modern men's haircuts are elongated bangs with a short top and a nape at the peak of popularity. Also, the fashion for men's haircuts also dictates careless sleight: hair is the same length around the entire circumference of the head. Such a man's haircut looks neat for quite a long time, but it does not look conservative and old-fashioned.

Men's avant-garde hairstyle

The choice of hairstyle is a very responsible process on which your appearance depends. Knowing this, many young people are studying modern trends in fashion for men's haircuts. Since they do not want to lag behind modern novelties, but wish to be surrounded by female attention.

Do not rely too much on your preferences and tastes. It is better to turn to a real specialist who will pick up a hairstyle for you without any problems, taking into account all your external characteristics.

Men's haircuts can be divided into various styles, such as classic, sports, avant-garde, retro and many others. Each of them depends on the structure of the hair, lifestyle and nature of the person.

Men's avant-garde haircut is a short asymmetric hairstyle hanging in one eye. To date, this species is considered the most popular this season. Perfect for owners with an elongated, oval face.

Men's avant-garde hairstyle is one in which all the fantasies and experiments of the master are revealed. When something unusual is present in the image, that which greatly attracts the attention of others.

It was in various subcultures that the avant-garde fashion appeared, since all emo, hippies, rockers, punks stood out from the crowd thanks to their unusual style. Now even the most ordinary short haircut seems unexpected than long dyed hair.


Men's haircut pompadour gained popularity in the 50s of the XX century and has always been an exceptional attribute of men's fashion. Initially, it was used by truckers in the United States, but with the light hands of popular singers and actors, including Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, James Dean, it came into use with people of other professions.

A lush cook, the volumetric bangs removed back above the forehead are preserved in a haircut today. But the volume of this part of the hairstyle has become less hypertrophied, modern pomp looks quite appropriate not only on stage, but also in ordinary life.

It is worth considering that Pompadour is not a haircut that can remain without attention and correction for a long time. She requires regular visits to the barbershop. You will also have to wash your hair more often than usual, and use special gels, briolin or other types of fixing agents for styling.

You can add modern notes to the retro image by removing the whiskey, including colored locks in the hairstyle, laying them on one side.


Men's cascading haircut is no less popular than its female version. This variety can be found on fashion catwalks and in glossy magazines, it is chosen by many Hollywood stars.. The cascade has no restrictions on age and type of face, but it requires a careful approach to styling hairstyles. This haircut is characterized by a gradual transition from shortened strands framing the face to elongated ones reaching the shoulder line. The cascade can be supplemented by bangs or dispense with it.

This men's haircut belongs to the category of universal and requires the creation of a clear cut line along the contour of the hair. Caret length - to the chin and below. Haircuts can be voluminous, multi-level, asymmetric, with elongated or oblique bangs. Kare - the optimal hairstyle for representatives of creative professions, men from 20 to 35 years old. It is universal, suitable for owners of curly, curly, straight, hard or soft hair.

Bundle, or Man bun

The current fashion trend, harmoniously combined with a beard, mustache, smooth-shaven face. The male bundle is located on the top of the head or is going a little higher than the back of the head, the length is chosen arbitrarily: it can be a short hair brush or a voluminous tail. In any case, for 5 consecutive years, this hairstyle, once considered an attribute of bar culture, has been included in the top men's haircuts.

Man bun has the following varieties:

  • Highly picked up bun on evenly long hair
  • fixed below the nape line,
  • top knot, a kind of hybrid with anderkat with shaved temples and a nape,
  • pineapple, or "pineapple", is the shortest option in which hair is collected on the crown of the head.

New & Upcoming Trends

The new trend hairstyles of the sample 2019–2020 have quite understandable names, many of them are based on the classic length of no more than 5 cm. Here are the most relevant solutions.

  • Sports haircuts with smooth contours. They are characterized by a short length - up to 2-3 cm, a uniform distribution of hair mass.

  • Romantic images in the spirit of the Renaissance. They necessarily imply the presence of expressive bangs, an average length of 5 to 10 cm. The styling can be symmetrical or asymmetric.

  • Rebel grunge. Bold images with long bangs, shaved temples, bold torn strands, custom styling.

  • Male bean. Haircuts for medium-length hair can be made in the form of a bean-care or in its classic version, it allows you to use asymmetry, shave whiskey. A universal solution for straight and curly hair.

  • Asymmetrical haircuts. Strands of different lengths give the image greater brightness, expressiveness, recognizable style. Asymmetry makes it possible to abandon complex styling, suitable for dividing hair into a parting.

  • Braids in combination with anderkat. Elongated hair on the crown of the head and crown is braided, allowing you to create unusual images.

  • High lipstick. The Rockabilly-inspired Coca fashion has curtailed again, and today everyone can look like Elvis in his best years. True, whiskey still have to shave off.

  • Long undercut. The more volume will be on the top and bangs, the better. Whiskey and the side of the head are decorated with patterns. Anderkat on 1 side is also popular.

  • Cocoon. A haircut with a short nape and temples with a long bang and crown, the hair is collected in a ponytail, directed forward, and then back again. Laying such a hairstyle requires some skill and free time.

  • Wavy and corrugated haircuts. This can be a brutal knot top or an elongated “cascade” of surfers, which is convenient to collect in a tail, bundle.

  • Bohemian chic with shoulder-length hair. The hairstyle is deliberately careless, with strands knocking out, but the hair itself must be perfectly clean, well-groomed.

  • Hair graduation. Multilayer haircuts rightfully occupy an important place in creating a modern male image. Even a classic square or bean with graduation takes on a whole new look when using this hairdressing technique.

  • Military. For the second year in a row, short haircuts in a military style are breaking records of popularity. They look especially relevant in combination with sharp cheekbones, a triangular or oval shape of the face.

This is only part of the fashion trends that men should pay attention to in 2019. You can find your best image by trying on different styling options for an existing length.

The most current hairstyles

Beautiful hairstyles for men in 2019–2020 can be described as bold, vibrant, charismatic. Among the trends were many haircuts that could previously be attributed to retro styling. For example, the "Hitler Youth", which is in the spirit of Germany 30-40 years of XX century. It is characterized by the presence of an elongated narrow bangs from the top of the head to the temple. The hair length on top is at least 10 cm, whiskey and the back of the head are shaved.

Such a hairstyle is worn with a side parting or combed back.

Princeton is another fashion trend from the past. A haircut in the best traditions of a prestigious American university involves hair length in the crown region in the range of 3-5 cm, the nape and the area behind the ears are cut short, the transition between zones of different lengths is performed as soft and delicate as possible.

"Caesar" - hairstyle and haircut in the spirit of the famous ancient Roman commander. A straight short bang with an expressive edge line, shaved whiskey and a nape, elongation from the line above the forehead to the crown - all this creates a clear, graphic silhouette. This type of haircut looks good on very thick straight hair.

The forehead line should be high, without pronounced bald patches.

The undercut is still in fashion and is not going to leave the once won pedestal. This hairstyle is one of the most variable in style, with a strip of long hair from the forehead to the back of the head and radically shaved sides of the head.

In 2020, barbers recommend paying attention to such details as asymmetric bangs, multilayer hair cutting on the crown.

Grunge haircuts return to the leaderboard, allowing experimenters to try on a wide variety of hairstyles. Graduated strands, average or maximum length are used here. A torn, uneven haircut is emphasized by styling - it can be rebellious curls in the spirit of Kurt Cobain or a hairstyle with an emphasis on smooth temples and a reared head.

Selection tips

When choosing a men's haircut in 2019–2020, barbers recommend paying attention to a number of factors.

  • Seasonality In summer, the hair should be as long as possible, you can try complex multi-layer haircuts. In autumn and spring, hair is shortened, preference is given to graphic hairstyles with a clear shape. In winter, especially if you have to wear a hat, it is better to choose short or smooth haircuts of medium length.
  • Natural hair structure. The most difficult are hard straight and curly. Thin strands save multi-layer and graduated haircuts.
  • Hair color. If it is a natural shade, for light strands it is better to choose short or complex graphic hairstyles. Owners of dark hair can choose smooth, concise haircuts. Red-haired and brown-haired women prefer to wear medium-long hair due to curls on the strands.
  • Own style, image, lifestyle. For those who constantly disappear in the office, laconic haircuts are easy to style. Active men, sports fans - military style, beaver, boxing. Free artists will go curls to the shoulders or anderkat.
  • Age. By the age of 40-50, it's time to change the mohawk and other extreme haircuts to more respectable options. There is nothing worse than bald patches in combination with romantic curls or a daring “hedgehog” above a beer belly.
  • Barbershop Frequency. If you rarely get to the hairdresser, you should choose hairstyle options for men who have many styling options.
  • The presence of a beard, mustache. Not all options for haircuts and hairstyles are combined with them. It is worthwhile to find out in advance what the hairdresser is ready to offer.
  • Face shape. Round and square holders are contraindicated for haircuts that emphasize the volume on the cheeks. The rectangle requires to exclude from the list of hairstyles "site" and other sports haircuts. The most winning are the oval shape of the face and the “triangle” with pronounced cheekbones.

These tips will help you make the right decision and find a haircut that will become a true decoration of the image.

You can learn about fashionable haircut for men in 2019-2020 from the next video.

Classic is timeless

Usually, short-cut strands are considered to be a classic men's haircut. However, do not be mistaken that with a short length you can not experiment and create a unique image.

The most uncomplicated option are sports models or simply “under the typewriter”. The same length is implied throughout the head. Sometimes a transition is made from short to slightly long. The main advantage is minimal maintenance. Modifying the basic version, they achieve new models that emphasize the individuality of a young guy.

“Boxing” and “semi-boxing” are classics of the male genre. “Boxing” means short-cut strands from the sides, and up to 8 cm on the crown. The “half box” allows an elongated crown area. The transition can be clearly formed or smoothly transitioning. Initially, this haircut belonged to sports. Today, the diversity of species allows us to attribute it to youth, evening, everyday. It is for those who value their time and want to look elegant.

Sports short haircut is called "Canadian". The meaning is to cut the occipital and temporal zones, leaving the volumetric roller on the crown. You can stack in a variety of ways:

  • Scratching back, giving the image shades of the 50s,
  • Retro side parting,
  • Light negligence for youth creativity, etc.

Guys also appreciate shaved whiskey and top volume. Something similar to the "Canadian", but has a clearer contours. Whiskey can be clipped using a variety of patterns, giving features to the appearance.

Long hairstyles

At one time, strands falling on the shoulders symbolized the power, strength and piety inherent in the strong half of humanity. Medieval knights weaved braids, knotted, considering it a symbol of victory and unsurpassed.

A dozen years ago, elongated ringlets were considered inappropriate and zealously rejected by society. However, the current time of change dictates a different policy regarding hairstyles for guys with long hair. They tightly occupied their niche in hairdressing fashion.

Interpretations of men's long hairstyles are not as many as women's. But this does not prevent men from experimenting and creating new extraordinary images.

For example, afro-braids, dreadlocks, braids are woven, various ribbons are woven. A horse tail is considered a particularly creative option. At the same time, the area from the forehead, capturing the temporal and the back of the head, is cut as short as possible. From the remaining long strands on the crown, you can build a tail. However, some guys manage with a simple tail or even a mulvinka.

Avant-garde clothing style - photos of the best images

The avant-garde style in clothes and accessories is the use of unusual materials, shapes, lines, the creation of non-standard silhouettes and the choice of catchy decorations and other accessories. It is impossible to get lost in the crowd in avant-garde style clothes, therefore this style is suitable for the most confident women whose purpose is the attention of photographers and the public.

The history of this bright and amazing style does not have exact frames and dates. According to most fashion historians, the avant-garde style in clothing appeared closer to the sixties of the XX century. This is not surprising, because earlier experiments with clothes could bring big problems. In the good old days, for such experiments, you could go to the bonfire of the Inquisition!

The avant-garde style is characterized by exoticism and extravagance. The avant-garde style in clothing is always catchy and the novelty of images reaching to shocking. The avant-garde in clothes is characterized by a certain mixture of different styles.

Bright neon fabrics that cause styles and silhouettes of clothing, asymmetry, an unconventional style of wearing clothes and interesting accessories are the main components that make the avant-garde style in clothes quite attractive and worthy of attention.

Often condemned and rejected by the majority, the avant-garde style still finds many fans, both in design circles and among ordinary fashionistas in all corners of the planet.

But it is important to note that this style of clothing is not for everyone.Clothing in the style of the avant-garde is perfect for singers, actresses, people associated with art, show business, advertising and various creativity. Business people and the most ordinary citizens will look strange and uncomfortable in avant-garde style clothes.

If you have your own fashion blog or Instagram, and all the ways you want to attract the attention of photographers - try to embody the avant-garde style in your images.

1. Combine not compatible! 2. Custom silhouette 3. Asymmetry 4. Geometry 5. Form game 6. Vivid colors 7. Choose catchy accessories 8. Bold color combinations, contrast 9. The combination of different styles

10. Unusual fabrics, complex textures

These are the basic principles for creating images in this style.

Also see photos of old and new collections by Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Pierre Cardin, Iris Van Herpen, Yohji Yamamoto, Paco Rabanne, John Galliano.

Still worth paying attention to celebrity photos. When viewing photos, especially couture dresses, it is much easier to find inspiration for creating your own images.

Real avant-garde clothing is something exaggerated, not designed for average people, a kind of advancing fashion over time.

Top and Bottom Photos - Gareth Pugh

The materials used in the production of these works of contemporary art are very diverse. They often do not fit together: hard decorative fabrics, imitation of the color of animal skins, reptile and patent leather, large drawings of different shapes and directions.

The most common thing can pretend to be an avant-garde style if it is made from materials unusual for it or it combines radically opposite colors in terms of gamma. You can wear a fur top, velvet shorts, or use materials that are completely unusual for sewing clothes, such as oilcloth, metal or plastic, processed on a 3D printer.

Vanguard-style shoes and other accessories

Avant-garde clothing simply requires a specific complement to it. Such an addition are various accessories, as well as hairstyles. Avant-garde style prefers bold design accessories, usually handmade, luxurious and vibrant, possibly hypertrophied. Anything will fit that fits into the intended image.

Clothing in the style of the avant-garde is often decorated with original buttons. An accessory such as, for example, a bag can be in ethnic, sports or folklore styles. It is worth noting that all accessories tend to adhere to one thing - elegance, even if unusual.

Iris van herpen

Footwear used, as a rule, reflecting the most advanced trends or, made of non-traditional materials.

Avant-garde style hairstyles implies also the absence of any clear recommendations and rules. It is your right to dye your hair purple or create something unimaginable from your hair, the main thing is that the hairstyle is in harmony with your outfit. The style of the avant-garde in hairstyles manifests itself as the completion of your image, gives the whole costume a whole and complete idea.

The same can be said about makeup. Any manifestations of imagination are acceptable, as well as the lack of makeup in general.

Avant-garde style is seen as an innovation in the movement against the foundations of traditionalism. The shocking, sometimes unusual clothing in the style of the avant-garde, however, carries a deep hidden meaning, designed to open up the inner world of a person and demonstrate his personality. Designers themselves define the avant-garde style as "complex and mysterious, mysterious and intriguing."

Perhaps you can even study some images of what is called “according to Freud,” but do not forget that this is still a bit of a theater, the brightest stylistic direction, shocking and innovative. It would be wrong to attribute this style purely to the world of fashion, this is a kind of symbiosis between fashion and art.

In conclusion, it is important to recall that the avant-garde style of clothing does not mean at all - to dress what you have to. Then it will not be style, but simply bad taste! All clothes of this style should “be in the subject”, from a headdress to shoes and jewelry, even in the most unusual forms. Only then you will get a successful image in the avant-garde style.

Alexander McQueenIris van herpenIris van herpenPhoto above - Iris Van Herpen Photo below - Jean Paul Gaultier

Valery Lazarev

Among hairdressers creating avant-garde women's and men's hairstyles, there are many Russian names. So, the eminent master Valery Lazarev has memorable collections that cause many associations.

Nick stenson

Nick Stenson was the art director of L’Oreal and Matrix, and therefore knows a lot about female beauty. He began his career in Chicago with a stylist job. The hairstyles he creates are full of energy, color, life and philosophical meaning.

Watch the video: Best Men's Hairstyles for 2019. Men's Haircut Trends. Alex Costa (March 2020).

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