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Why do men have a penis in the morning

An erection (colloquially a “riser”) is a familiar phenomenon, and its reasons are also clear to everyone. True, everything is not so clear when it comes to morning erection immediately after awakening. Some are convinced that this phenomenon is a reaction to erotic dreams seen at night. In fact, a morning erection is most often in no way associated with dreams.

The most common explanation

The answer to the question why guys have a penis in the morning is much more prosaic. The basic version reads as follows. At night, the bladder fills, its walls send impulses to the spinal center of urination. The state of arousal soon passes to the center of erection, which is located "next door". As a result, penile tension appears. In any case, if an erection caused an overflow of the bladder, then it will never be as strong and prolonged as with sexual arousal.

Night prophylaxis

There is another explanation that tells why guys have a “boner” in the morning. It does not cancel at all, but rather complements the first.

Erection in men and boys occurs not only in the morning, but also at night. When calm, the penis receives very little arterial blood. If he had been in this state all night, then hypoxia (i.e., lack of oxygen) would have begun in the tissues of the penis. Spontaneous erections do not allow this condition and maintain sexual health. They appear even in those who do not have sex, sometimes in infancy and senility.

During the night of erections there is an average of 4 - 7. Each of them lasts for 15 - 20 minutes and always occurs during the fast phase of sleep. By the way, in the fast period of sleep, not only the penis is activated: the body temperature rises, eyeballs move under the eyelids, and the pulse quickens.

Morning erection in boys

Spontaneous erection in children occurs even before adolescence and does not mean sexual arousal. This phenomenon must be treated calmly. The only exception is the case if the child has not begun to artificially delay urination in order to prolong his sexual arousal, conscious or not completely. It is necessary from the very early years to teach a child to go to the toilet immediately after he woke up. The excitation of the center of urination will pass, and with it the erection will disappear.

In adolescents, an erection sometimes occurs from squeezing with tight trousers, while riding a bicycle, climbing a rope or even without any reason at all. This is a normal stage in the development of the male body. Spontaneous erection speaks only about good health.

But what if there is no morning erection?

Many are interested not only in the fact why an erection is in the morning, but also why it sometimes does not happen. If there is no erection on some days, then this condition is usually caused by overwork. The reason lies in fatigue, stress, meager, malnutrition. It is unlikely that an erection will appear after work at night or during illness. The recipe is simple - calm down, get enough sleep, wait.

If there is no erection in the morning for a long time, then this can be both a variant of the norm and a sign of a violation. If it is present during sexual arousal, then, most likely, a morning erection simply goes unnoticed. If in doubt, it is best to consult a doctor, and not "wind up" yourself because of a problem that can be completely far-fetched.

What is a morning erection

It is characterized by spontaneous erection. This is normal for guys and men, and is considered a physiological condition. An involuntary enlargement of the penis can occur not only in the morning, in some representatives this condition occurs several (from 3 to 5) times per night.

In the morning, blood rushes to the cavernous tissues of the penis and morning riser occurs. When the veins of the penis are contracted, it gains hardness.

In some people, arterial spasms may occur during this process, in which case blood flow will be difficult. This leads to insufficiency or complete lack of erection.

Reasons for the appearance of a morning erection

As already mentioned above, the erect state in the morning hours is not scientifically explained. There are assumptions and a number of reasons, the totality of which can explain the existing fact. It is worth considering the reasons why men get up in the morning:

  1. Testosterone. The main version of why a member gets up in the morning is the accumulation of male hormone testosterone overnight. It is he who is responsible for the reproductive abilities of the stronger sex. By 5-9 a.m., its accumulation becomes such that spontaneous excitation occurs.
  2. Urge to urinate. Two centers are located nearby in the brain, one of them is responsible for urination, the other for sexual arousal. If desired, an erectile function also works in the toilet. Therefore, when a man urinates in the morning, sexual arousal disappears.
  3. Test run. Another version of what is constantly standing in the mornings - before awakening, the brain sends signals to all organs, checking their normal functioning. The same applies to the penis. Therefore, doctors warn: if an erection is rare in the morning, then it is worth checking the functioning of the genitourinary system.
  4. Hypoxia prevention. If the male organ is in normal condition, then the blood circulation in it is slowed down. To prevent oxygen starvation in the penis, the brain several times a day, most often in the morning, when a man wakes up, sends a signal to arouse, and, therefore, increase blood circulation in the body.
  5. Erotic dreams. This reason is not scientifically confirmed. Most likely, it was invented by women. But as one of the versions, it can take place.
  6. Mechanical impacte. This happens with too temperamental men, a member is even due to tight linen or contact with bedding.
  7. The reaction of the brain to the fast phases of sna. During sleep, its phases can change up to 8 times per night, with such rapid transitions, body temperature can increase, muscle tissue shrinks, eyeballs move, the blood rises to the penis and it increases.

All of these factors can act on a man in aggregate or singly.

Why does the morning erection disappear

A man’s morning erection is a sign of sexual health. Therefore, if the penis does not increase in the morning for a long time, this should serve as a reason for seeking medical attention.

But experts say that the absence of a morning erection within a month should not cause concern. If this time dragged on, then you need to sound the alarm.

Why guys are standing in the mornings, now it’s clear, and from what the morning riser can disappear for a while:

  • stressful situations
  • fatigue of the physical or mental plane,
  • errors in nutrition,
  • minor temporary health problems due to colds or flu.

As a rule, after eliminating such factors, everything comes back to normal. If you are still worried about this, contact your urologist. The absence of an erection in the morning for a long time may be indicated by more serious reasons:

  1. Various diseases, such as arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hormonal disorders, heart failure, sexually transmitted diseases, disorders of the genitourinary functions and even a prolonged lack of physical activity.
  2. The reason for the lack of a morning erection may be smoking, alcoholism or drug addiction.
  3. Some medications can affect morning erections, such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, psychotropic drugs, diuretics.
  4. Nervous arousal, prolonged physical activity.
  5. Body aging.

Thus, it is necessary to conclude that only a full and healthy man will not lose his sexual function and morning erection will be regular. And for this you need to be physically active, eat right, think positively and have regular sexual relations, preferably with one partner.

A lot of urine

It can be explained not only by excessive fluid intake at bedtime, but also by completely physiological processes taking place in the body. The kidneys work hard at night, the purification of blood from waste products occurs continuously. If during the day men have the opportunity to often remove urine and prevent the full bladder from filling, then during sleep, a break in urination exceeds eight hours. In addition to the bladder, all organs of the pelvis are also filled with biological fluid. As a result, the pressure on the capsules increases, which provokes a feeling of excitement.

Interesting fact. The described reason is confirmed by experiments, we will talk about one of them. The frog is removed from the brain, and then the seminal vesicles are filled with fluid. As a result, the occurrence of an erection. Even in the absence of the brain, other mechanisms that fill the genitals with blood are triggered.

In the morning, the bladder exerts a mechanical effect on the prostate and seminal vesicles. Even if the vas deferens is completely free (people had sex in the evening), the genitals are instinctively filled with blood. As a result - a real powerful penile erection.


During sleep, the body is in a horizontal position, all muscles relax, including the muscles of the blood vessels. This is necessary in order to ease the load on the heart, to give him the opportunity to relax a bit. The larger the diameter of the blood vessels, the less pressure is needed for pumping blood. A whole complex of hormonal reactions and changes takes place in the body, aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for full recovery.

In the morning, a man rises sharply from the bed to a vertical position, blood pressure increases. At the same time, the muscles of the blood vessels wake up to quickly normalize blood circulation, they significantly reduce their diameter. All body tissues during sleep are overflowing with blood, this is a completely physiological process. When awakening, excess blood cannot quickly leave them because of the narrowed lumen of the vessels. According to doctors, this is another possible reason for the appearance of a morning erection. A member filled with blood increases in size and becomes hard. Very similar processes are observed in other organs in the morning, only they are located inside the person and their changes are invisible. In addition, they have no physiological problems with blood outflow. The penis is outside, all changes in its standing are clearly visible.

A sharp change in vascular hormonal background

Nature envisaged the maximum activity of hormones in the morning. Three of them affect erection: testosterone, cortisol and growth hormone. Two of these are stress hormones and dramatically activate all internal processes that occur in the body. Due to this reaction, people adapt to new situations much faster, the body better resists the emerging threats. This behavior of the body at a subconscious level is the result of evolution, only the most protected species have hope for further survival.

Stress has several reactions, one of them is sharp decrease in vessel diameter. Thus, the body prepares for possible tissue damage and minimizes blood loss from open wounds. Norepinephrine and adrenaline are secreted, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. The increased concentration of hormones provides the fastest and safest transition from sleep to active life. You should be aware that during the examination of patients in clinics, the amount of various hormones is measured in the morning hours. This phenomenon is associated with the requirement to prepare biological tests immediately after waking up before eating. The samples obtained at this time enable doctors to find out the actual state of the whole organism. In our case, vasoconstriction becomes the cause of an erection, it happens outside the desire of men and is explained by hormonal causes.

High testosterone

It is this hormone that affects libido, in the morning its concentration also increases. A large libido naturally causes an erection of the penis.

Important. Modern sexology strongly recommends that both men and women have sex in the morning immediately after waking up. So thought out by nature and provided for by evolution to preserve the genus.

You should know that children conceived at this time are the most healthy and mentally developed. The fact is that in the early morning the body has not yet been subjected to negative influences: men do not drink alcohol at night and do not smoke, they do not breathe urban smog and do not have nervous stresses. All of these factors have an extremely negative effect on the health of the newborn.

Full bladder

A question that worries many young people about why guys have a member in the morning was previously explained by the reason for the overflow of the bladder, which sends a signal to the brain center. When the stimulation of the active point reaches its maximum extent, it goes to neighboring areas where the center of the erection is located. As a result, the penis becomes agitated. Numerous medical studies in the genitourinary sphere have confirmed the fallacy of this statement.

Among young people, there is another answer to the question of why the guys have a sexual organ in the morning. The reason for this may be erotic dreams. In practice, it turns out that not all people have dreams, and if they do, their theme may be connected with completely different events. Nevertheless, a morning erection in men is still present.

What morning erection indicates

Doctors use the phenomenon to determine the cause of erectile dysfunction. Its presence or absence indicates the source of the problem, and it can be either vascular or psychogenic. To find out the reasons, the patient undergoes a special test. Before going to bed, a strip of tissue paper is fixed on the penis. During sleep, the effect on the erection of the central nervous system is completely eliminated. If the strip is broken in the morning, then everything is normal with the vessels, the absence of an erection is associated only with mental disorders. Depending on the cause of the problem, treatment is prescribed. In some cases, medication is required, while in others a few sessions with a sex therapist or psychiatrist are sufficient.

This is normal.

Often the question of why guys have a dick in the morning worries parents of younger teens and boys. Morning erections seem to adults a certain deviation from the norm and are explained by the early development of modern children. In fact, even in infants in the prenatal state, doctors observed the excitation of the genitals.

Concern about why men have a penis in the morning, usually expressed by adults, poorly educated people. Today, information is widely known that an erection is directly related to the night phases of sleep, of which two are observed in humans.

A fast sleep period lasts about twenty minutes, a slow one reaches an hour. During the night, the phases, alternating, periodically replace each other.Dreams visit a person precisely in a short period of REM sleep. At this time, the pulse quickens, the eyeballs move and the body temperature rises slightly. In this state, the penis is excited.


If a man wakes up at the time of a quick phase of sleep, then his penis may be in an erect state. Such a simple explanation can be given to the question of ignorant people about why the guys have a phallus in the morning.

The theme of morning and night erections was thoroughly investigated back in the forties of the last century. A dozen and a half young people were in laboratory conditions for a long time, where equipment was installed to take readings of brain activity and note the onset and duration of the fast phase of sleep. Also, the behavior of sleeping people was recorded by a hidden surveillance camera.

Examination of patients confirmed the natural occurrence in each of several nocturnal erections, with a total length of about two hours. As a result of observations, it was concluded that in young, physically healthy men, penile stimulation occurs at night every hour and a half. The duration of standing can last from twenty to forty minutes.

With age, the frequency of occurrence of nocturnal erection decreases significantly and its duration decreases. In older people over seventy years, the ability to arousal is still preserved, but strength and duration are minimal.

How to treat a lack of morning erection

Before starting treatment, doctors must make an accurate diagnosis, all further actions depend on its results. Normally, during the night, the penis should spontaneously increase and decrease several times. This periodicity is explained by the characteristics of sleep. It consists of two phases: slow and fast. For the brain, sleep is the only way to relax.

Table. What is the difference between sleep phases and how do they affect an erection?

Sleep phaseShort description
The brain processes the information received per day, its entire volume is analyzed. The necessary is stored in available memory, the unnecessary is erased or stored in hard-to-reach memory. The duration of the long phase is approximately 1.5 hours

People dream, limb movements are possible, eyes turn in different directions. Physiological reactions are almost completely consistent with wakefulness. Spontaneous erections arise precisely in the fast phase. Due to the fact that there are several cycles of such phases, the number of repetitions of blood flow to the penis, causing its strong excitement, also changes. The slow phase lasts about ten minutes.

Why there is no erection in the morning

Medical science explains this condition for several reasons. If between doctors there is no consensus on the factors of the presence of an erection, then there are no disagreements with explanations for the absence.

  1. A man woke up in the deep phase of slow sleep. During this period, the body completely relaxes, there are no dreams. Mental activity is maximally limited. Awakening in this phase is very undesirable - it is difficult for the body to adapt to active behavior. In the phase of slow sleep, spontaneous erections are not observed.
  2. Bad expectations. For some men, the psyche is so unstable that they can independently inspire the worst expectations. Fear of sexual impotence turns into a mental or psychological dependence. If a man is constantly afraid that he may have problems with sexual life, then this condition does occur. Sexologists advise men to independently conduct a test with paper stripes. How and why this is done is described in this article above.

Lack of oxygen

Understanding in detail the question of why the guys are standing in the morning, you should turn to the physiological aspect of the problem. When the male genital organ is in a calm, unexcited state, the speed of blood flow in it decreases markedly. In the daytime during wakefulness, this condition is compensated by the active activity of a person, often associated with physical labor. In this case, the blood circulation in the body evenly, reaching all the organs of the body.

At night, prolonged resting of the phallus at rest can lead to a lack of oxygen in the tissues. In response to impending hypoxia, the sex cells begin to be excited and, thus, lead to an erection state of the entire penis.

If there were no night standing, men could quickly lose their sexual health. In other words, involuntary erection maintains the physiological state of the genitals at an appropriate level. This property of the body is especially important for those men who do not live a regular sexual life for a long time.

Nightly erections happen in a dream and usually go unnoticed. But why do men have a penis in the morning? The answer to this question is as follows. Morning erection is nothing but the last night's excitement that occurred during the fast phase of sleep, at which moment the person woke up.

Pathological processes in the body

These reasons are allocated in a separate category, after the diagnosis is made, the patient is prescribed a course of drug treatment.

    Cardiovascular diseases. An erection is disturbed with a disease of atherosclerosis, physical inactivity, heart failure. In all cases, such pathologies violate the functionality of the vascular erection factor. After diagnosis, doctors prescribe a course of drug treatment. Duration depends on many individual factors. In some cases, the medicine will have to be taken for the rest of your life.

The absence of an erection in the morning is not a sentence!

If in the morning a man sometimes does not find excitement in himself, you should not regard this fact as a health problem. When the weakening of the morning erection becomes regular, or it completely stops for a long time, then this can cause a disturbing state of the man and thoughts on the topic of probable impotence. Such a mood only exacerbates the negative state. If such a phenomenon occurs, then the best option would be to immediately contact a doctor.

Taking into account the dependence of the full-fledged work of the sexual sphere on the psychological conditions of life, it can be confidently stated that the calmer and more stable the man’s life, the less sexual problems will appear.

What determines sexual activity?

Each person should know that sexual activity is directly related to the activity of the heart and blood vessels. Weakening of an erection can be affected by diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. The consequence of these diseases is damage to erectile tissue.

The abuse of alcohol, smoking, and narcotic substances not only negatively affects sexual health, but can quickly lead to its complete loss.

A sedentary lifestyle also does not add health, and stress and depression contribute to inhibition of sexual function.

The quality of night and morning erections can be significantly affected by some medications used for a long time. These include diuretics, psychotropic drugs, tranquilizers, antidepressants. Drugs that lower blood pressure and dilate blood vessels are also able to weaken the potency of men, not to mention night and morning excitations.

The stable functioning of the reproductive apparatus is directly affected by the presence in the body of a sufficient amount of the hormone testosterone.

Causes of spontaneous erection in the morning i

Such an erection (in common people - a riser) occurs every morning and a healthy healthy man almost every morning. Why is this happening? - the man asks himself. And not only he, I must say - women are also very interested in why this phenomenon occurs. And some of them - for example, mothers who saw this with their son - may even worry about how normal and healthy the body is.

It is important for mothers to understand that this is the first sign that a boy is turning into a man. And it is strictly forbidden to focus attention on this, let alone shame and scold the “culprit”. Neither teenagers nor adult men can control this phenomenon, it is inherent in them by nature itself and this is completely normal. Moreover - if there is no riser in the morning, then this is an occasion to think.

In a magic wand, the main thing is not length, but magical properties.

A woman thinks with her heart, and a man loves with his head.

Healthy sensuality and the ability to satisfy your desires give rise to a natural sense of self-confidence.

Sexologists emphasize that an erection in the morning is a sign of a healthy male body. Scientists associate this phenomenon with the phases of sleep, which, as you know, can be fast or slow, and they change. The fast phase of sleep is a phase of brain activity, it is at this time that a person dreams, but his body is also active - his temperature and pressure increase.

And in men, in addition, the penis is filled with blood. It is impossible to control this type of erection, so a man wakes up with a genitals ready for action. Particularly interesting is that sleep may or may not be erotic - it is completely unimportant.

Why do men stand in the morning: common causes

The main reason is as follows: at night, the bladder gradually fills, it is he who sends the corresponding impulses to the center of urination. The excited state subsequently goes to the center of occurrence of an erection, as a result of which the genital organ tenses up. Please note: if an erection was caused by overflow of the bladder, it will be quite short than an erection with sexual arousal. If you want to learn more about this physiological state, discover the whole truth about manhood.

Why do men stand in the morning: the reason is revealed!

There is another factor that complements the first reason. The fact is that in a calm state, enough arterial blood flows to the male genitalia. If he was in a calm position all night, there would be a risk of hypoxia, that is, a lack of oxygen in the tissues. Involuntary erections at night protect the health of the stronger sex.

It is worth noting that nocturnal erections also occur in those who do not have a sex life, cases of such a condition have been recorded even in infancy. The duration of excitation does not exceed 15 minutes, while this condition occurs during REM sleep. It is interesting that at this time not only an erection occurs, but other parts of the body are also activated: the body temperature rises slightly, eyeballs begin to move.

Why do men have in the morning: an increase in testosterone

Scientists explain this phenomenon and a sharp outbreak of the hormone testosterone at night. The fact is that the content of testosterone in the blood at different times of the day is not the same. A sharp increase in this compound is observed at 5 in the morning. This can explain the activity of the male genital organ at this time of day.

What to do if you don't get up in the morning?

Many men are concerned about the lack of an erection in the morning. If there is no erection in the morning for a long time, this can be both a variant of the norm and a pathology. If you are all right with natural sexual arousal, there is nothing to worry about. If there are problems during intercourse, you need to contact a specialist who will diagnose and prescribe treatment. The short-term absence of a morning erection indicates nervous fatigue and physical fatigue (if you work a lot in the evening, there may not be any morning activity of the penis).

Now you know why a man stands in the morning - this is a normal physiological reaction of the body, which after a while passes on its own.

Sex allergy

At first glance, it seems that this is a diagnosis error, this factor can in no way have a negative effect on the morning erection. In fact, such situations may appear against the background of chronic overwork syndrome. If a man works very long and hard, is forced to lift weights or write complex scientific works, then this becomes the reason for the functioning of the body at the limit of possibilities.

Interesting to know. Mental labor much more often causes a lack of morning erection. The fact is that the brain is overloaded and even during sleep continues to work intensively on daytime scientific problems. As a result, no associations with sexual life arise in the brain.

Overworked men only dream of rest, thoughts of intimacy cause them irritation. They do not want to strain again, and for full sex, you always need a lot of energy. If there are disturbing symptoms, it is recommended to consult a neurologist for advice, he will help determine and correct the causes of the problem.

It is very difficult to independently restore the mode of life and prevent an allergy to sex. But in all cases, doctors give general recommendations.

  1. You need to lie down no later than 23 hours and sleep until about six in the morning. It is at this time that the most favorable sleep occurs, during this period circadian biological rhythms of the restoration of the human body work better.
  2. Labor activity must necessarily alternate with rest. Rest is not a complete cessation of any activity, but a change of one type of activity to another. If the work is sedentary, then rest means training in the gym, and not lying on the couch.

Advanced diagnostics

If the above factors are not the reason for the lack of a morning erection, then an in-depth examination should be prescribed to the patient. A complete clinical study of blood samples is being performed for inflammatory processes. For this purpose, smears can be taken directly from the penis. At the same time, the level of hormones responsible for the work of the genitals is determined, an examination for ultrasound is prescribed.

If a problem is detected, patients are urged to keep a diary for several weeks, in which to write down the schedule of each working day, rest time and duration, mental stress and stress. This information enables doctors even at the interview stage to approximately determine the reason why the morning erection disappeared.


The sooner a diagnosis is established and adequate treatment is started, the faster the pathology passes and the body returns to its normal state. Depending on the cause, doctors choose several ways to fix the problem.

    Hormone replacement therapy. Morning erection may be absent due to a critical lack of testosterone in the blood, this hormone plays a crucial role in libido and erection. The patient is prescribed oral or injectable forms of testosterone. There are quite a lot of them, the doctor prescribes a specific one after checking the patient's body for the danger of side effects. More advanced testosterone implants and transdermal drugs are currently available. They have almost no contraindications and have a lasting positive effect.

Pathology Prevention

In the vast majority of cases, the problem can be prevented. This is much easier and more useful than then treating various doctors for a long time. Sexual dysfunctions often lead to personal mental injuries of patients, huge problems in their personal lives, complete infertility, etc. There are several universal tips that can significantly reduce the risk of a lack of a morning erection.

    Daily charge. The more regular the classes, the better the positive effect. But it must be borne in mind that it is charging that has a favorable effect, do not confuse it with intense sports. On the contrary, in professional athletes, a morning erection is very often absent due to severe physical overwork.


Lack of a morning erection can be short-term or long-term. Temporary problems very often go away on their own when changing a lifestyle or after talking with a psychologist. Another reason is severe physical or psychological overwork. After eliminating the above factors, the reproductive system completely restores its functionality, no negative consequences remain.

As for the long absence of a morning erection, in these cases it is impossible to do without a comprehensive treatment, including surgical interventions and drug therapy. Drugs are prescribed only after a complete examination of the patient and the identification of a specific cause. Do not self-medicate, the result can be very sad.

Remember that the lack of an erection in the morning is not a problem, you do not need to panic and aggravate your situation. But you can not ignore such symptoms, they indicate a violation of the normal functioning of the body.

What factors provoke the morning riser 2

Another “crane” for the main male organ is the overflowing bladder. When a representative of the stronger sex wants to go to the toilet, he comes to an excited state instantly, even from a flashing remotely erotic thought. That is, the man stands all night, because otherwise his body would lack oxygen - it takes a lot of money to supply the penis with arterial blood.

On average, during a night's sleep, a representative of the stronger sex has from four to seven erections, he usually just finds the very last one, he does not remember the rest, because he slept soundly.

In general, if a man is healthy, then morning excitement is his constant companion. But if he is not, then it is better to consult a doctor, as this may be a sign that impotence has come closer than we would like. This is especially true for those men who do not have a regular sex life - they need a morning erection. Read about all the signs of impotence in our article.

But do not worry in cases where the riser is not constantly absent in the morning, but several times a month, for example, especially if a man wakes up on an alarm clock - it just might indicate that the awakening came when he was in the slow phase of sleep .

An erection, by the way, also occurs when the body carries out work on its biological cleaning - because of this, blood can also rush to the genitals. If we are talking about cleansing processes, then an erection can occur during the day, but still in the morning it is the most normal and common process.

How long does an erection last in men? Usually observant men may notice that its effect is approximately half an hour, but in some cases it can “stand” for two hours. Does an erection last longer and does not subside? This is an occasion to see a doctor, and it is advisable to do this as quickly as possible.

In fact, an erection in the morning is a real gift that nature has given to the male community, so it is not observed only in men who have reached puberty who have certain problems with sexual health. And yet - spontaneous morning erection is inherent only to man, in animals the excitation of the genital organ occurs only in a situation favorable for mating.

There is another scientific explanation for the morning riser. The fact is that, depending on the time of day, a man has a different amount of testosterone in his blood (that is, the same male hormone that is responsible for the sexual sphere).

Just in the morning, approximately in the interval between five and nine hours, it literally flares up - that is, during this period of time its content in the blood rises to its daily maximum. And the genital organ reacts to this with activity corresponding to the situation.

Is morning erection normal for boys 3

Suppose a boy has not yet reached the stage of puberty, and his morning riser is already observed (in fact, this can really happen even with fairly young male children). This phenomenon can indeed take place even before adolescence and it is not connected with sexual arousal.

The attitude of parents to this should be calm, because there is nothing strange in such a reaction of the body. You just need to train a boy to empty his bladder in the morning from an early age, then a spontaneous erection will immediately pass.

But in connection with this, there is still one phenomenon that mom should pay attention to: since the boy, even taking into account the fact that morning erection and morning sex are not connected in his mind, he still feels pleasant feelings from her, he may want to extend them.

At this age, the only way is to artificially delay urination, which children quickly understand. So that the baby does not have health problems in the future, you need to explain to him that going to the toilet is necessary, otherwise it can become painful.

“Morning Glory” is an application that praises the morning riser _8212

It sounds a little strange, but it really exists: Morning Glory is the world's first unusual application that helps men track the state of their morning erection. For each awakening “with a special effect”, the hero of the morning receives a reward, which becomes a spectacular gif. In addition, every day the lucky ones who have installed such an application will find out a lot of interesting facts about what is happening below their belts.

The idea, which at first glance seems endlessly delusional, is in fact dictated by a very important motive for caring for the male half of humanity. So, it itself recommends that people who rarely succeed in a series of three (or better) glasses think about their health and pay attention to blood circulation, as well as hormonal levels, blood sugar and possible diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The developer of this application is a serious startup from America, which really cares about the health of men around the world. Of course, information for research is collected in this way, but, firstly, it is purely anonymous, and secondly, it gives a man the opportunity to bring more than real benefit to humanity.

But what if he is not? 4

This is a question that worries all men waking up without a boner. As mentioned above, if this does not happen too often, you should not worry - maybe the representative of the stronger sex woke up in the wrong phase of sleep, or maybe he just did not drink a cup of tea at night. Or just overworked. That is, the irregular absence of a morning erection is not a reason for panic, this is also the norm.

If a man has just had an illness or worked a lot the night before, he is unlikely to expect activity from his friend. As soon as stress passes, he will have a good night's sleep and will eat normally - everything will return to normal. That is, in this case it is really enough just to wait.

But if this effect does not go away, or, even more alarming, an erection in the morning does not appear stable regardless of the duration and quality of sleep, this is already an alarming symptom and a good reason to consult a male doctor. True, this is worth watching a little - some men simply do not notice a morning erection, although this may sound strange.

The easiest and most enjoyable way to check whether the absence of a long riser in the morning is an alarming symptom will be sex. If a man lives a constant sex life, and he does not have problems with an erection, most likely, he simply does not notice the morning greeting to the world. If he doesn’t live, you need to have a girl and check everything again. If you have an erection about the riser in the morning and its absence, you should not worry.

And if there is neither one nor the other? Then you can suspect yourself some signs of erectile dysfunction and really go to the medical office.

During certain periods of life, many men experience problems in the genital area. A visit to the doctor is necessary in order to make sure that they are only temporary. Or, in order to take certain measures, if their character, unfortunately, is quite permanent.

Usually it turns out that the situation is far from as terrible as it seems, and everyone corrects normal sleep, moderate physical activity and normal food, in which there are not too many carbohydrates. But if all this is there, but there is no erection, including the morning one, then it remains only to trust a specialist.

What the fair sex thinks: women's opinion on the morning riser 5

Most of the fair sex, despite the abundance of diverse information on the Internet on this subject, continue to be confident that an erection in the morning exists only for female happiness.

And on the one hand, men are flattered, on the other hand, because of this, they often end up in ridiculous situations, when you have to endure stoically and immediately after sex quickly run to the toilet, or, blushing, admit to your partner that that at a particular moment in time, a faience friend is prettier to them. And it’s good if the girl turns out to be understanding.

In fact, the morning riser does not at all indicate readiness or the desire to have sex (but if you want, then why not). But he fills the man with a touching victorious feeling, makes him feel like a real macho and generally full of life.

However, a pleasant opportunity to have sex is not at all excluded - it’s just that sometimes a woman should wait a little while the man does his important morning work.

What is the outcome? A few words about the morning riser 6

So, to summarize all of the above, it’s worth understanding the most important thing: involuntary erection in the morning is not only completely healthy, but also an absolutely wonderful phenomenon! She says that the man is completely healthy and in general he is a winner in life.

As for the reasons, they can be very different. Sometimes in the morning the body checks to see how everything works well and drives the blood through all organs, including intimate ones. Sometimes the whole thing is in the bladder, which presses on the blood vessels. And sometimes it’s all because the man woke up in the fast phase of sleep, when he has high blood pressure and temperature, and blood runs faster through the body.

Morning erection is a constant companion of the representative of the stronger sex, starting from adolescence, but it can also appear earlier - just because of the pressure of the bladder, which was mentioned above. Do not scare the child and scold him for this, because a man can not control his boner in the morning, even in adulthood.

But consider it as an invitation to sexual contact is also not worth it - this is just an additional opportunity, no more. Some women believe that an erection after a night's sleep imposes some obligations on them, but this is completely not so.

A man may really want to have sex in the morning when testosterone plays in him, but this is not necessary. If sex happens, then by mutual desire, and not out of a sense of duty.

Morning riser: causes, problems, what to do with it?

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