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Side effects from taking testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters and anabolic complexes are specialized effective sports nutrition to increase testosterone levels. A high level of testosterone greatly facilitates the task of building muscle.

However, their effectiveness depends on the correct application. In this article, we will give a number of practical recommendations that will help you get the most benefit from supplements of this format.

The principle of one additive
Basic principle: only one supplement is taken at a time. Because it may turn out that, for example, in the two products you use on the same day, the same basic active compound will be contained. In this case, an overdose and a number of side effects will be guaranteed! You will receive from the products not benefit but harm. Remember: in this case, more does not mean better.

“Everything is poison, everything is medicine, both determine the dose” - Paracelsus.

If you do not understand the action of the main active compounds, but want to get more effects, then choose only one anabolic complex. Anabolic complexes are not without reason called complexes, because they contain a selection of harmoniously combined several components that provide many useful effects.

If you still decide to take a chance and combine different products (which is extremely undesirable), then see that their compositions do not match! And on how to choose sports nutrition to increase testosterone we talk in a separate article.

Periodization and duration of administration
The vast majority of manufacturers indicate on the label of a booster or anabolic complex the need for periodization of intake. Periodization is really necessary, the only question is the duration of the cycle!

The fact is that some manufacturers recommend taking their supplements continuously for 6-8 weeks. However, in many cases, already after the 4th week, the body of the average athlete begins to develop tolerance (that is, immunity to action) to many active compounds.

The main signs of the onset of tolerance are a feeling of decreased effectiveness and a desire to increase the dosage.

Based on the foregoing, the most optimal intake regimen is 4-1 or 4-2, that is, 4 weeks of admission are replaced by 1 or 2 weeks of rest. At the same time, during the period of rest, it is recommended to completely abandon the anabolic complexes and testosterone boosters, however, there is a small feature: ...

... the fact is that you can buy 2 supplements right away, but necessarily with completely different compositions. And then one supplement can easily replace another during rest, without the risk of the effect of tolerance. As a rule, one or another manufacturer is silent about this fact, so that the buyer remains loyal only to his branded product.

The number of receive cycles
Above, we proposed standard intake cycles: 4-1 and 4-2. The question arises: how many such cycles in a row can be?

If you feel that a particular booster or anabolic complex works very well for you, it is not recommended to combine it or replace it with any other. Drink it for 4 weeks, then take a little rest and return to taking this supplement. There may be 3 such cycles of administration. After 3 identical cycles of taking one product, it is recommended to change it to a complex with a completely different composition.

The fact is that a duration of 4-1 or 4-2 may initially not have the proper effect on the body, so 3 repetitions of such cycles are recommended.

Never exceed the recommended daily dosage indicated! As noted above: more does not mean better. The active compounds are selected in a special way in order to moderately pointly affect the synthesis of testosterone and other hormones. Excess components during the day can cause a number of side effects (which are listed in the product descriptions). Recall the dictum of Paracelsus given above: “Everything is poison, everything is medicine, both determine the dose.”

Combination with other sports nutrition
If the supplement is not combined with protein and other supplements, strictly follow this rule and do not break it. The compatibility of additives depends largely on the balance and stability of the composition. Often the addition of undesirable types of sports nutrition can cause poor absorption of booster compounds or anabolic complex.

Reception Nuances
1. Always use boosters on an empty stomach, even if the instructions do not specify such a rule. An exception may be a direct prohibition of taking the supplement on an empty stomach directly in the instruction itself, which is rare,

2. Use supplements of this format every day at the same time recommended in the description for it. A stable booster intake schedule will allow your body to adapt to this mode, which will certainly improve the effectiveness of the supplement.

Booster boosters
In order for the boosters to work at 100%, it is necessary to follow other factors, such as nutrition and proper training loads without excessive stress and fatigue of the central nervous system.

It is good these days to monitor these factors is much easier than before, largely due to sports nutrition. The modern athlete in the "arsenal" has many ways to create the above ideal conditions. The quality of the diet can be maintained with protein and amino acid complexes along with fatty supplements. Excessive loads can be compensated on the eve of training with the help of pre-workout complexes, BCAA supplements, and immediately after - with the help of weight gainers.

Sleeping mode
This is one of the most important points! For the best effect, these supplements are highly recommended. follow sleep, that is, sleep enough at the right time: from about 10 pm to 6 am. Testosterone boosters and anabolic complexes can only be considered as synergists of testosterone. They do not provoke bursts of hormones directly, but only help the neuroendocrine system. And the maximum efficiency of the neuroendocrine system occurs precisely in this period of time: from about 10 pm to 6 am.

Sleep quality can be improved with the help of special restorative night complexes or melatonin supplements.

Dough boosters for “straight”

To people who have been in sports for a long time, explain what a test booster is and how to take it is not necessary. For beginners, we’ll explain:

Testosterol is an additive for an athlete that helps increase your own testosterone levels, helps build lean muscle mass.

According to numerous studies, it is testosterone that affects muscle growth. It is believed that the natural production of testosterone necessary for active muscle growth is impossible without a jump in hormones. The stimulator for the production of testosterone is the hormone androstenedione, which is secreted by the adrenal cortex in both sexes and the testes in men. To testosterone began to be produced in the muscles, it must be "processed" from androstenedione.

The androstenedione in the male body is responsible for potency, muscular development, and erection. An imbalance of this hormone in the female body can talk about polycystic ovary and other gynecological diseases. If the hormone values ​​are too high for both sexes, then there may be a violation of the adrenal glands.

In people with low physical activity, only 10-15% of the prohormone is transformed into testosterone in the muscles. This means that for an active set of muscle mass, little-trained people and beginner athletes need a kind of impetus for the production of testosterone. Also, special additives will be useful for ectomorphs (people with a thin physique by nature).

As such an additive for the body, the test booster also acts. If it is made on the basis of plant components, for example, such as ginseng and ashwagandha, then when taking drugs the body is easier to withstand stressful situations, the person as a whole has more energy. And this, in turn, allows for better and more efficient training.

The composition of the test booster

If speak about dough booster Be First , whose formation Dmitry Yakovin had a hand in (the Eurasian champion in armlifting, the silver medalist of the Eurasian bench press championship without equipment, and just an athlete with great experience), the composition of the additive for one serving looks like this:

  • Goryanka (Epimedium) extract of large-flowered (at least 10% (50 mg) icariin),
  • Ashwagandha root extract 5: 1,
  • Tongkat Ali (extract of the root of the long-leaved eurycoma) 100: 1,
  • Ginseng common extract (at least 6% (9 mg) ginsenosides).

The herbal composition of the drug will not cause harm to health and will contribute to the natural production of testosterone, if taken correctly.

By the way, recommendations for taking the drug from the manufacturer - 2 capsules in the morning.

Test boosters: how to take

We combined athletes and people with regular physical activity in the gym in one group and suggested that they try the BeFirst test booster. Reading the composition of plant components, in 99% of cases we saw a reaction like “Hmm, what is there to drink, some herbs! I’ll probably take three tablets. Especially for my mass. ” What happened after taking these 3 tablets? Not a single athlete was able to conduct a training; he felt unwell, had a frantic heartbeat, then fatigue and a breakdown.

The first conclusion: do not overestimate your capabilities. Start taking the drug with a small dose, and then increase it. Believe me, recommendations on the packaging are written for a reason!

Another feedback on the use of the drug was obtained from a regularly trained person. He took the test booster not before training, but simply in the morning, but it is worth mentioning that the person was after the illness and after a course of antibiotics. Needless to say, the reaction to the test booster was not very good. Nausea, headache.

The second conclusion: do not mix antibiotics or other potent drugs with testosterone boosters. The consequences will not be very pleasant, and you will not get the proper effect from the drug.

The third type of people who have tried the BeFirst test booster is exercise from time to time. After receiving feedback, this type of people wanted to hit the head with dumbbells and blacklist buyers. What so terrible did these people do? They just combined the test booster with the power engineer! What is the result? Frantic heartbeat, general terrible state of health, tremor of hands, nausea.

The third conclusion: do not combine the testosterone booster with caffeinated products. If you drink coffee in the morning, and the training is also planned in the morning, take a break of at least 1.5-2 hours between coffee and the test booster.

And one more tip from the manufacturer: do not use a test booster at night. Why? Well, firstly, you will not fall asleep, and secondly, for this case we also have a story. One girl drank a test booster in the evening, trained, and then came home and ... .. made pancakes, fried potato pancakes, cooked borsch, and did not want to sleep at all all night! It is good that she has a young husband who helped to cope with the situation)))

Such negative consequences from improper reception of testosterols arise precisely due to the plant composition of the product. Ginseng, ashwagandha, bitterness extract are adaptogens. These substances increase the body's natural resistance to stressful situations, are natural energetics, and have a stimulating effect. It is due to the action of the latter that it is unacceptable to combine the reception of test booster with coffee or power engineers.

Where without "side effects" and harm?

First, I would like to say about side effects, as a phenomenon. Absolutely every drug has a “side effect”, and it manifests itself only thanks to the “special” mental abilities of the person who uses it. Agree that if you abuse harmless vitamin C, then it will affect your body - from an allergic reaction in the form of acne, to nausea, vomiting, and even ulcers. Therefore, with all drugs you need to be careful and follow the instructions and recommendations for their use. This is especially true for drugs that affect the hormonal system.

Let's list the side effects:

  1. Unreasonably long use. The longer you use, the more you inhibit the production of your own hormone. And why should the body strain if a magic pill arrives from outside and does everything itself? As a result, after a long intake, production decreases, and with it, what was obtained with the help of a booster rolls back.
  2. In very rare cases, increased aggression, acne, and blood pressure problems are possible.
  3. At elevated dosages, gynecomastia, hair loss, and testicular atrophy are possible.

What are testosterone boosters

Dough boosters are drugs of natural and synthetic origin. Their action is aimed at a natural increase in testosterone levels. Usually they contain micronutrients, adaptogens (additives that help the body adapt to stress), substances that improve sleep and increase overall body tone, strength and endurance.

Taking this type of drug indirectly supports hormone levels, helping to increase testosterone levels to normal. That is why their effectiveness is highest if initially the level of the hormone is below normal (this is determined by the delivery of tests). In other cases, taking boosters may not give the desired effect (the hormone content will not rise above the norm), but in general it will improve the results from training.

Reference! Boosters, unlike anabolic steroids, are not synthetic versions of testosterone. Therefore, they can not greatly interfere with the body as a whole. They are not addictive and do not require a change in the usual way of life (for example, there is no dependence on the diet or training, as with injections of “anabolics”).

Testosterone Hormone Boosters for Muscle Building

Proper use of the product

Do not take testosterone boosters for athletes under 23 years old. While the hormonal system is unstable and develops, you do not need to use such drugs because of the health risk.

The greatest effect is obtained by men with low levels of their testosterone. Often these are people over 40 years old. For them, the tool will help not only in building muscle, but also in increasing potency and libido, which will help to cope with male menopause.

Only one type of supplement should be taken. The active substance in different dietary supplements may be the same and thus, you will bring the concentration closer to the dangerous one. As Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison, everything is medicine! And that and that determines the dose. " Therefore, do not exceed the daily rate of the drug.

The manufacturer recommends taking the drug for periods of 8 weeks. This is not true, as the body already at the 4th week becomes less susceptible to the components of the booster. I recommend taking it according to the 4-2 scheme: we take 4 weeks and 2 breaks. This scheme of the course will not allow the body to get used to. If you buy another booster, but with an excellent composition from the main one, then you can take it during a break.So you can repeat 3 cycles, and then continue this with a drug that has a different composition from the previous one.

Do not mix the drug with any other additives, if indicated in the instructions. Due to the imbalance of the booster with unwanted sports nutrition, its absorption can be impaired. Bottom line: reduced product efficiency. It is best taken on an empty stomach at one time daily.

To increase the effectiveness of the booster, you need to consider factors that affect the production of testosterone. This is the correct sleep mode, a balanced diet, lack of overtraining.

The principle of action of testosterone boosters

Testosterone preparations correct testosterone levels, increasing them to normal. This effect is achieved due to several principles of action:

  1. Effect on concomitant hormones. Some boosters affect the pituitary gland and the endocrine system as a whole, stimulating hormones that are involved in the production and release of testosterone.
  2. Suppression of estrogen production. Drugs with a similar principle of action are called aromatase inhibitors. The male body also contains "female" hormones - estrogens. In order for muscle mass to grow faster, it is important to lower estrogen levels and raise testosterone levels. When raising testosterone aromatase begins to be released - an enzyme that converts the "excess" of testosterone into estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors inhibit these processes.

Important! Also, test boosters help release the so-called free testosterone. Up to 98% of the hormone is in the body in a bound form. And even if its overall level is high, the desired effects are not observed. To correct this situation, it is important to translate it into free form.

Effective Combinations

If there are no contraindications to the combination of the drug, then it is not bad to increase its effectiveness with other sports nutrition.

Since the booster improves muscle growth, we need more building material for it. If you can’t get the required amount of protein (2 g per 1 kg of weight), then you can correct the deficiency with protein. Also, taking creatine will not badly improve the result, since it also contributes to weight gain and improved speed-strength qualities. If the product does not have enough vitamins and minerals, then you can make up for this with vitamin-mineral complexes.

Do not use with other hormonal drugs and steroids.

What are testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters, produced by sports nutrition brands, are most often made on the basis of tribulus extract (tribulusterrestis - an herbaceous plant that stimulates the production of luteinizing hormone), D-aspartic acid (an amino acid involved in the regulation of the endocrine system) and elements like zinc, magnesium, vitamins B6 and B12 (for example, the ZMA complex), which have a positive effect on all endocrine processes in the body.

Varieties and benefits of boosters

Dough boosters are available on the sports nutrition market in several varieties. They belong to biologically active additives (BAA) and, as mentioned earlier, the main task is to stimulate growth hormone, which is testosterone.

The benefits of the test booster are as follows:

  • increase libido
  • improve potency
  • accelerate the process of gaining dry muscle mass,
  • help you cope with rollback syndrome faster
  • with a short reception, it helps to “disperse” your own testosterone.

Application principle

In the process of taking to get the maximum effect, the main thing is to determine the dosage limits, because taking the drug in excess of the norm has a negative effect on the body.

With heavy daily workouts, boosters are taken 3 times a day after meals. If training takes place every other day, then the reception can be limited to 2 times a day. Duration of admission is 2-4 weeks.

It goes well with protein, creatine, vitamins and minerals.

If you exceed this dosage for weight gain, then there will be a decrease in your own production of growth hormone, which will not affect male health in general.

After receiving the desired effect or from passing the prescribed duration of the course, a sports supplement should be discarded.

Why does our body need testosterone at all?

Testosterone is produced in the body of men in special cells, and under the influence of a special substance, namely luteinizing hormone with the help of the pituitary gland in our brain. The pituitary gland produces luteinizing hormone, it begins to spread throughout the body with blood flow, reaches the Leydig cells, and they begin to release testosterone. Which, in turn, spreads throughout the body, this leads immediately to numerous effects:

  • to changes in human behavior, this affects his potency,
  • the person becomes more muscular, his muscles begin to grow,
  • the amount of adipose tissue begins to decrease,
  • the formation of secondary sexual characteristics, for example, hair growth,
  • Testosterone also affects bone density, that is, bones become stronger.

That is why our body needs testosterone precisely during physical exertion, so that the muscles can increase in volume and the bones become denser.

Top 10 Work Boosters

  • D-aspartic acid. Optimizes hormone secretion. Usually take 3 grams per day, immediately after sleep.
  • Tribulus Terrestis. Take 300-600 mg per day. The most popular booster consisting of plant extract. Due to its content, protodioscin increases the production of nitric oxide, which leads to increased growth.
  • ZMA. Consists of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Studies have shown that the drug helps to increase the production of the "test" by 30%.
  • Eurycoma longifolia. Increases the amount of free testosterone.
  • Epimedium. The main ingredient is incariin. Even small portions will give good results.
  • Essential Fatty Acids. They play a major role in the secretion of testosterone and take part in the generation of energy.
  • Tamoxifen. Significantly increases the concentration of testosterone. Easy to find in any pharmacy.
  • Vitamin D. Used in test boosters due to the relationship between the production of the main male hormone and the presence of this vitamin.
  • Forskolin. Quite often included in boosters. Has a slight effect on physique.
  • Agmatin. Increases nitric oxide production and has a nootropic effect.

Three of the best integrated test boosters

  1. Rating opens Ultimate Nutrition Testostro Grow. The drug contains a complex of substances that significantly increase the production of testosterone in the body. The drug also strengthens the muscle system and improves fat burning, contributing to the growth of lean muscle mass. The basis for this complex is Tribulus Terestis.
  2. In second place was Animal Test Universal Nutrition. This tool is much stronger than the previous one, but the price is also considerable - usually 3 times higher than its predecessor. The extract of yohimbine and tetrahydrofan from cissus quadrangularis is taken as the basis. Pure testosterone and effective anti-estrogen compounds are released by these herbal extracts, resulting in natural pain relief. Because of what the main growth of mass and power indicators occurs.
  3. Nutrend Ecdisterone Compress. The main active ingredient is ecdysterone, which is taken from safflower-like levzea extract. This substance is supplemented by the essential amino acid leucine, which has an anti-catabolic effect. For better absorption, fiber and carbohydrates are present in the preparation. The booster helps to recover faster after a load and raises energy potential.

Athletes reviews

If you research the Internet for reviews of testosterone boosters, you can come across different opinions. Someone claims that boosters are very effective, and they gained tens of kilograms with these drugs. And someone will say that he didn’t even notice.

I will tell you my opinion about this as a person who is not the first day involved in sports. Those who claim that the drug is overly useful have not even tried it, but simply repeat the information read online. None of the test boosters ever even stood next to anabolic steroids. Yes, a booster can help, but you should not expect a miracle from him.

Professionals use these drugs after steroid courses. This is necessary due to the suppression of the self-production of hormones. Some boosters are used during the course to reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Should I use a booster?

You must answer this question yourself. Tribulus Terestis does not compare in its effect on the body with growth hormone or methandrostenolone. But he does not have the risks associated with these drugs.

If you take a testosterone booster in combination with a balanced diet, good sleep and properly selected sports nutrition, the result will be pretty good.

Pharmacy preparations

In addition, there are a number of drugs that can also conditionally be attributed to this group. You can buy the following testosterone boosters at the pharmacy:

  • tamoxifen,
  • tribusteron
  • dostinexilyletrozole (aromatase inhibitors that lower blood estrogen levels),
  • Forskolin (made on the basis of the natural plant coleusforskohlii, improves the functioning of the pituitary and hypothalamus),
  • agmatine (stimulates the production of gonadotropin and gonadoliberin).

Natural Boosters

However, it is possible to achieve an increase in the level of one's own testosterone not only with the help of medicines or sports nutrition. There are also natural testosterone boosters, among which one can distinguish walnuts, seafood, red fish and beef.

The fact is that these products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which serve as a kind of "fuel" for the production of testosterone. Natural pomegranate juice also has a positive effect on hormones due to the large amount of B vitamins. The effect of these products will be weaker than that of sports nutrition or medicines, but you can be sure of their naturalness and benefits.

Booster Destination

This supplement is designed to restore low levels of free testosterone in the body to natural values. Take a testosterone booster only after passing tests for sex hormones and consulting with an endocrinologist. If the tests show that the level of endogenous testosterone is not lower than the reference values, then there is no particular sense in taking this supplement - you will not get a visible effect, and the increase in testosterone level, if any, is very insignificant.

Sex hormones are responsible for a huge number of vital functions in the body, including:

  1. Strength and muscle growth.
  2. Fat metabolism.
  3. Improving protein synthesis.
  4. Reduction of catabolic processes.
  5. Decreased blood glucose.
  6. Normal functioning of the gonads and others.

Accordingly, if the level of testosterone is underestimated, things are not going well with these functions: libido is weakening, strength indicators are falling during training, muscle cells are destroyed, and overall health is deteriorating. Drowsiness, irritability, aggressiveness appear. If you want to avoid this, then it is advisable to start taking a testosterone booster.

Post-course therapy

If you are a professional athlete and use anabolic steroids to increase athletic performance, then you should understand that the recovery phase should follow the course of steroids. In a sports environment, it is called post-course therapy. This must be done to give the body a little rest from prolonged doping. In addition to the endocrine system, pharmacological agents have a strong effect on the liver, and restoration of liver cells is the second priority task for post-course therapy.

The mechanism of action of anabolic steroids is such that with their use, the production of their own testosterone is reduced to almost zero. The hypothalamic-pituitary system stops working properly. The body just does not need such a large amount of sex hormones.

After taking doping, the athlete's hormonal level is in a deplorable state: testosterone is at zero, estrogens are elevated.

This leads to many unpleasant consequences: a decrease in strength and muscle mass, a drop in libido, acne, weakening of joints and ligaments, irritability and depression.

Under these conditions, taking testosterone boosters is necessary. This will help restore natural testosterone levels faster. As a rule, an athlete starts taking it immediately after stopping hormonal preparations and lasts for 4-6 weeks. This helps to reduce kickback in muscle mass and strength and restore normal hormonal levels.

Athletes typically use a tribulus or D-aspartic acid booster to stimulate their own testosterone production, along with pharmaceuticals like tamoxifen or dostinex to lower estrogen levels.

At the same time, one should not forget about heavy strength training in order to maintain muscle tone and further stimulate the production of sex hormones. Thanks to such complex therapy, most of the side effects can be minimized.

The benefits and harms of drugs

We figured out the benefits of testosterone boosters: they help restore the natural hormonal background, which is extremely important for the body of any athlete. In addition to athletes, often boosters are also used by men over the age of 40. At this age, the hormonal system is already being rebuilt, and testosterone is produced significantly less. Many problems follow from this: erectile dysfunction, constant fatigue, weakness, irritability, etc. A man simply loses strength and vitality. In this case, you should try to use a testosterone booster, this will help return life to normal.

The harm of testosterone boosters is a widely debated issue in the fitness community. Most experts agree that side effects from taking testosterone boosters are extremely rare, and you can not especially worry about this. However, manufacturers of sports nutrition are reinsured and among the possible side effects indicate the following:

  • impotence
  • acne
  • irritability,
  • fluctuations in blood pressure,
  • gynecomastia
  • aggressiveness.

Testosterone boosters are not recommended for use by people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system and renal failure.

How to take testosterone boosters?

Testosterone boosters are recommended to be taken in courses of 4-6 weeks to achieve a noticeable result. Depending on the amount of active substance, the number of doses of the additive varies from 1 to 3 times a day. At the end of the course, you should definitely take a break in admission. For better absorption of the active substance, it is not recommended to use the supplement on an empty stomach.

We recommend that you adhere to the following intake regimen:

Weeks 1-2On training days, take a testosterone booster 3 times a day: in the morning, after training, and before bedtime. On non-training days: only in the morning and before bedtime.
Weeks 3-4On training days, take a booster in the morning and after a workout. On non-training days, take a double serving in the morning or one serving in the morning and one at bedtime.
Weeks 5-6Take one serving in the morning. When the effect is weakening, add one portion after training.

In the conditions of after-course therapy, the use of aromatase inhibitors (tamoxifen, dostinex and others) is added to the reception of boosters.Take medications strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Different manufacturers have different dosages of the active substance. Assume that the daily dose of tribulus should not exceed 1500 mg per day, and the daily dose of D-aspartic acid should not exceed 3 grams per day.

Are drugs suitable for women?

Women are not recommended to use testosterone boosters, as in some cases this can lead to the manifestation of secondary male sexual characteristics, such as increased body hair growth, voice changes, and rapid muscle gain. There may also be problems with the menstrual cycle, since the normal course of menstruation directly depends on the hormonal background and lack of stress, and any intervention in the endocrine system is a huge stress for the body. Of course, this is a temporary phenomenon, and after the use of the testosterone booster is over, the hormonal background will return to normal, and these problems will come to naught.

Testosterone Booster Rating

The testosterone booster, whose rating we present to you below, is considered the best tribulus-based drugs at the moment. At least, according to reviews left on the website of the world's largest online sports nutrition store bodybuilding.com. So, here is a list of the most popular drugs:

  1. Muscletech Alpha Test
  2. Mens Multi + Test by GAT.
  3. Animal Stak by Universal Nutrition.

The best testosterone boosters based on D-aspartic acid are:

  1. Prime-T from RSP Nutrition.
  2. EvlTest by Evlution Nutrition.
  3. Anabolic Freak by PharmaFreak.

The best testosterone boosters based on zinc, magnesium and B vitamins are:

  1. ZMA Pro from Universal Nutrition.
  2. ZMA from NOW.
  3. ZMA from Optimum Nutrition.

Opinion of Chinese medicine

An interesting experiment with the use of tribulus was conducted by Chinese doctors and documented the results in the article "Effects of Tribulus Terrestris saponins on exercise performance in over training rat sand the underlying mechanisms".

The essence of the experiment is that experimental rats were created with conditions of severe overtraining, physical activity took up most of their time. At the same time, rats consumed tribulus in a dosage of 120 mg per 1 kg of body weight half an hour before each training session. Analyzes showed that rat testosterone levels increased by 216%. This has led to an increase in muscle mass and overall physical potential.

Egypt experiment

Egyptian scientists conducted an experiment, a scientific article called "The Effect of Oral Feeding of Tribulusterrestris L. on Sex Hormone and Gonadotropin Levels in Addicted Male Rats." They gave morphine (an opium drug) to one group of experimental rats for 21 days, causing a strong lower levels of testosterone and growth hormone. Drugs were not given to another group of rats. After 21 days, both groups of rats began to receive tribulus therapy to restore hormonal levels. The group of rats that were given drugs showed a fairly strong increase in testosterone levels, while the hormonal background of healthy rats remained virtually unchanged.

American study

American scientists have questioned the effectiveness of D-aspartic acid. The article "Three and six grams supplementation of d-aspartic acid in resistance trained men" describes their experiment, in which they gave well-trained adult men 3 or 6 grams of D-aspartic acid. The results are disappointing: men who consumed 6 grams of D-aspartic acid per day showed a decrease in the level of free testosterone, there were no other changes in the hormonal background. Men who consumed 3 grams of D-aspartic acid per day showed no direct effect on testosterone levels.

Aromatase inhibitors

These drugs can be bought at your local pharmacy. Their effect is that they lower the level of estradiol in the blood and thereby increase the level of free testosterone in it, which helps to increase the anabolic effect.

These drugs include anastrozole, letrozole. It should be said that these drugs are often taken during a course of anabolic steroids to lower the level of estradiol, which is increasing due to an increase in testosterone levels. Also, these drugs are used for post-cycle therapy (PCT) for the same purposes.

Tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris)

Tribulus Terrestris is a substance from the plant kingdom called Tribulus Terrestris. This plant contains substances that affect the pituitary gland, causing it to secrete more luteinizing hormone. As already mentioned, after 30 years in men, the level of testosterone and the level of luteinizing hormone begins to decline and, accordingly, it is more difficult for a person to gain muscle mass and maintain bone density.

If stimulation of the release of luteinizing hormone occurs, this leads to the fact that the level of testosterone rises and, accordingly, its age-related decrease is leveled.

Other additives (D-aspartic acid, ZMA, etc.)

Other testosterone boosters can also affect Leydig cells. They can affect various parts of the testosterone production chain when the pituitary gland produces luteinizing hormone. Please note that some people have a rather high hormonal background from nature and taking these drugs will not produce any effect on them.

In other cases, a person's own testosterone level may be lowered due to any reason, and boosters may be justified. However, there is no doubt in the effectiveness of the tribulus, it really works, but decide for yourself whether it will be accepted.

Which testosterone booster is better?

There are several main forms of production of testosterone boosters: liquid form, tablet form. In addition, you need to pay attention to whether it is the only element, or whether it is part of a combination of drugs

If the tribulus is contained in the form of a single active substance, its effect will be limited. This always happens with many drugs. If, for example, you take some kind of complex, in which the tribulus is included as one of the components, its action will be more pronounced, because in this case the action of several components is combined, the so-called synergistic effect is formed and several components at once influence through different mechanisms to testosterone levels.

Types of Dough Boosters

Testosterone boosters differ from each other in the principle of action, as well as the source of the main active substance. So, there are natural and pharmacy (synthetic) drugs.

The principle of action is different from each other testosterone boosters

Natural origin

Natural boosters are based on plant extracts, as well as vitamins and minerals. They naturally help maintain optimal testosterone levels, while also providing other beneficial effects.

Natural dough boosters can contain either one monocomponent or a whole range of ingredients.

The most effective components of drugs of natural origin are:

  • ginseng,
  • cordyceps mushroom
  • tribulus (Tribulus Terrestris) and other sources of saponins,
  • fenugreek,
  • EFA (Essential Fatty Acids),
  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid),
  • nettle extract
  • DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone - a precursor to testosterone)
  • zinc, magnesium, vitamins B6 and D,
  • D-aspartic acid
  • Eurycoma longifolia (longjack herb extract),
  • epimedium (horny goat weed).

Ginseng is a natural component of drugs

Attention! The testosterone level can be maintained not only by taking natural supplements, but also through nutrition. For example, the cordyceps fungus, the extract of which is used in some boosters, can be prepared and eaten. Also, products with omega-3s, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, watercress, etc.) and protein sources such as dairy products, eggs, and meat contribute to testosterone production.

Positive effect on the body

In men, the level of testosterone in the body is normally quite high until 30 years old. Then it gradually decreases, negatively affecting libido, the ability to conceive, bone density, muscle strength and volume, excess fat level, and the general tone of the body.

Important! A study published in the foreign medical journal JAMA Psychiatry found that men with low testosterone are prone to depression.

By stimulating the level of your own “male” hormone and bringing its value to normal, test boosters help:

  • balance hormones
  • increase muscle gain
  • increase vitality and energy,
  • reduce excess fat
  • enhance cognitive function of the brain.

Also, when testosterone is contained in the body in normal amounts, libido, sexual desire increase, and sperm counts in men improve.

Athletes taking testosterone boosters note that these drugs are useful for increasing endurance and strength during training.

Attention! All the positive effects of testosterone boosters are observed only during their administration and disappear after cancellation. There may also be a regression of muscle mass gained “on drugs”, but not as pronounced as after taking and canceling anabolic steroids.

Dough boosters help boost muscle gain

Side effects

If you take the drugs in the correct dosage and according to the indications, then there are practically no harm to the body and side effects. However, many believe that taking boosters will quickly solve their "problems", so they begin to use them in excess of dosage and without hormonal control.

Such uncontrolled reception can lead to:

  • increased pressure and problems of the cardiovascular system,
  • excessive irritability, attacks of aggression and anger,
  • impotence and infertility,
  • a significant hormonal imbalance,
  • acne and other skin problems.

Important! If testobusters are used at a too young age (about 20-23 years), then they will not only not have the desired effect, but can significantly disrupt hormonal metabolism. At this age, usually the level of testosterone is naturally elevated and does not need stimulation.

Can girls take testosterone boosters?

Many female athletes are concerned about the question of whether it is acceptable for them to use testosterone boosters. Despite the fact that this hormone is considered "male", it is also produced in the female body. Therefore, the question of its additional stimulation is decided on an individual basis - if its level is lowered, then the doctor may approve the intake of additives that increase its natural production.

Reception of test boosters by women (with the permission of the doctor) has the same positive effects during training as in men. Increases endurance, strength, accelerates the growth of muscle mass.

Dough boosters help girls increase stamina

However, with an overdose or uncontrolled use without indications, the following undesirable effects may occur in women:

  • the manifestation of secondary male sexual characteristics (body hair growth, engorgement of the voice, excessive increase in muscle mass),
  • menstrual irregularities as a result of hormonal imbalance, etc.

However, these and other side effects will disappear after drug withdrawal.


Forskolin is a natural herbal remedy based on an extract of the root of Indian Coleus (a tropical plant of the mint group). This plant has long been used in traditional herbal medicine, and since the beginning of the 2010s, its extract has been actively advertised and used as a weight loss supplement.

The action and effect of forskolin on the body has been studied many times. And as a result of research, it was revealed that this supplement:

  • stimulates the release of accumulated fat from fat cells (simulating the need for energy),
  • helps to lose excess fat while maintaining muscle mass and body weight,
  • significantly increases free testosterone.

Also, taking forskolin increases bone mineral density and improves the respiratory system, which can also be useful during training.

Important! The optimal dosage of forskolin is 200-500 mg. It is advisable to divide the daily dose into 2 doses.


Hay fenugreek is a grass growing in southern Europe and western Asia. Drugs containing its extract effectively act to increase libido. It was also noted that when taking fenugreek, testosterone levels increase, there is a surge of energy and an improvement in overall well-being.

The principles of action of this substance:

  1. It inhibits the breakdown of testosterone, prolonging its effect on the muscles.
  2. Enhances the release of insulin into the bloodstream, which accelerates the increase in muscle mass after strength training.
  3. Reduces the amount of enzymes that convert testosterone to estrogen.

Attention! The optimal daily dosage is 500-600 mg of fenugreek extract.

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