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Men's shaving is a procedure that for many men has become practically a way of life and even a kind of ritual. In order to look perfect you just need to choose the right razor and blade, as well as perform shaving in accordance with all the rules. Gillette today is the largest manufacturer of men's shaving accessories and accessories, including razors and their blades.

Almost all over the world, razors and their accessories are in great demand, since all products comply with quality standards, but are sold at optimal reasonable prices. And since demand creates supply, today the brand of razors and blades is constantly updated with new products. Gillette shaving blades alone are featured in over 20 models.


Like shaving accessories, and shaving blades, each man needs to be selected according to the type of facial skin, as well as the characteristics of the response to the shaving procedure. Super-sharp blades promise quick shaving with minimal contact with the skin if the blades are made from hypoallergenic materials. All cassettes with blades from the company are made thanks to the latest innovative technologies. They differ in the number of blades and additional functions.

Gillette fusion

The latest technological developments and constant modernization of production allowed the company to create a separate line of blades - Gillette Fusion. A feature of this line is a special coating on the cutting edge of the blades, thanks to which the blades guarantee maximum glide during shaving. Fusion cassettes mean 5 blades with sharp, thin edges and a tilt angle so that the blades touch the skin minimally.

Cassettes with Fusion blades are available in several variations:

  1. Fusion - standard cassettes with 5 blades, which have a moisturizing strip and microcrests to smooth the skin.
  2. Fusion power - A more advanced model that was developed for the machine in the same series. Five blades are supposed to have a sharp surface and a special coating for sliding during shaving, as well as microcrests for the most effective shaving in hard-to-reach places.
  3. Fusion proglide - a novelty from the company, interchangeable cartridges contain 5 blades with a diamond-like coating, guaranteeing a high degree of sharpness and sliding of the blades. Thanks to this, a man will be able to reduce the degree of pressure during shaving.
  4. Fusion proglide power - cartridges contain 5 blades with a small thickness of only 50 microns, that is, less than the thickness of a human hair. Spraying on the edge of the blades reduces the resistance of the hairs and also extends the life of the blades.
  5. Fusion proshield - An innovative model with different blade thicknesses. In addition, lubricating strips are located before and after the blades to protect the skin from close contact with the blades. To the 5 main blades added 6 blade in the form of a trimmer for depilation of inaccessible places.

Sharp, thin blades in this line are distinguished by quality and functionality, as well as affordable prices. For one blade you will need to pay within 250-300 rubles, but in the packages 2-4-8 and more blades are provided, as well as all kinds of bonus kits. In this regard, the price range will vary.

Gillette mach3

The Mach3 blade line has made a splash after appearing in worldwide sales. The cartridge system has 3 sequentially mounted blades coated with a diamond-like composition. It is the special arrangement of the blades that avoids the risks of skin irritation, the blades have super-sharp edges, so now there is no need to be zealous when shaving.

The follower of the Mach3 series was the new development of the Mach3 Turbo cartridge. This is the same three-blade cassette with a special DLC coating. The advantage of this series is the special arrangement of the blades between themselves and the angle of their inclination, as well as in a wide strip of rubberized microcrests. Rubber rollers (10 pieces) smooth the skin and protect it from contact with the blades, but the blades promise an excellent shaving result. The average price of one blade from these series is 250-300 rubles.

Gillette slalom

Slalom are blades that promise to get rid of unwanted hair, and most importantly, a long service life. This series of blades has several advantages at once:

  • successful double blade design,
  • comfortable shaving even in hard to reach places
  • ease of use
  • moisturizing and softening the skin with special strips with vitamin E,
  • Long-term service and reasonable prices.

The cost of one blade from the Slalom series will fluctuate within 100 rubles, which makes the line more than in demand.

Gillette sensor excel

Excel's Gillette razor blades are an advanced Gillette Sensor model, but micro-ridges are a distinctive feature. Excel Series cassettes include 2 chromed blades, lubricating strips to moisturize the skin, and rubberized micro ridges for maximum shaving of the bristles even in the most inaccessible places. Blades are attached to the spring, reducing their pressure on the skin of the face. And for one blade you will need to pay about 150-180 rubles.


A separate line of razor cartridges from Gillette - Schick includes 4 varieties of blades. Initially, the manufacturer launched the Schick line for men who often shave and need an efficient but safe blade machine. Inside the line are the following subspecies:

  • Hydro 5 - An ideal option for beginners in shaving, as the advantages of such cassettes are special micro-soldering blades for sliding, a container with moisturizing gel on the cartridge, a trimmer at the end of the cartridge, as well as ease of use.
  • Quattro titanium - 4 pieces are issued per set. The features of such blades are a special trimmer, moisturizing strips above the blades, a metal frame around the blades, effective angle of inclination of the blades, titanium coating of the blades.
  • Protector 3 - Innovative technologies allowed us to create this model of blades, since the alpha-diamond coating technology was first introduced. The three-blade system provides quick shaving, skin care, and the thinnest iron protector on the cartridges protects the skin from cuts.
  • Hydro Silk - Five-blade system with a special tilt angle for safe shaving. The blades provide skin hydration in two containers with gel, and a hypoallergenic water-repellent strip is an indicator of shelf life. The edges of the cartridge are rubberized to protect the skin from contact with the blades.

All 4 series from the Schick line are fresh breath in the routine of men's shaving. The cost of one blade, depending on the series, can be about 250-350 rubles.

Gillette venus

All tapes are from Gillette, but for the fair half of society - this is the Venus line. Cassettes are characterized by maximum safety, minimal risk of injuries, the presence of moisturizing pads and strips, as well as an interesting design. The manufacturer offers a wide modification of the blades of the Venus line, namely:

  • Gillette Venus standard blades,
  • Breeze
  • Divine
  • Embrace
  • Olay
  • Proskin Moisturerich,
  • Proskin Sensitive.

Despite some differences, each modification is suitable for the Venus razor. The blades have a sufficient degree of aggressiveness for women, so as not to injure delicate skin, but effectively shave the hairs to the very root. The cost of packaging with 2 cartridges averages 700-850 rubles.

How to choose?

For the correct choice of shaving blades for a man, first of all, it is necessary to compare the machine itself with which it shaves, as well as how certain "feathers" will be appropriate to it. Experts give several recommendations on how to choose blades for the machine:

  1. Quantity does not always mean quality. In most cases, those blades that are smaller in packaging or how many blades a cassette contains will be better.
  2. It is important to choose the ideal blade thickness for yourself. The standard is 0.1 mm, but Gillette offers many new products with even thinner blades. The ultra-thin blade is not always long-term and safe, so it is important to rely only on your own preferences.
  3. The reliability of the manufacturer. This is the main indicator of good blades, as brands that are time-tested and people are unlikely to stain their reputation with low-quality products.

Care and maintenance

The quality of shaving and the durability of the blades will directly depend on the proper care. Each shaving item must be kept in absolute cleanliness and even sterility, and before shaving machines and appliances are advised to be sanitized in a solution. After each shaving procedure, the machine and cassettes must be disassembled, washed under running water and allowed to dry. In the future, cartridges and the machine need to be stored in a ventilated, dry room, manufacturers often offer plastic boxes for blades and cases.


Gillette manufactures all the necessary shaving tools, supplies and accessories, allowing men to enjoy this process. The most popular products are shavers and machine tools, as well as special cassettes and blades for periodic replacement of blades. Today, the company offers both standard and standard blades that most men love, and advanced blade options. At the same time, the brand accepts democracy in pricing, which only increases the demand for blades.

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