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Chinos - what is it and what to wear for men?

Summer has rapidly replaced spring this year, leaving almost no chance for it. Few people managed to notice how the buds opened - the bare trees suddenly suddenly turned bright green. Someone this sudden renewal of nature was taken by surprise, and it is not surprising if you did not have time to quickly prepare your wardrobe for the warm season either. So, it's time for summer shopping, and if you are going to the store to buy a new pair of light pants, pay attention to men's chinos. It is about them that we will talk today.

Surprisingly a large number of people did not even hear about this type of trousers. While chinos have been popular all over the world for more than a dozen years, and during this time they managed to firmly take their place in the basic wardrobe of a stylish person. Perhaps only jeans can compete with them in fame. Meanwhile, chinos have many advantages and are often more appropriate. Therefore, my advice is, if you are fixated on jeans and do not see alternatives, change the record: make a difference in your life - buy a couple of chinos.

History and origin

Like most men's chinos, they have roots in military history. The year 1845 was born is considered to be the year when Sir Harry Lamsden, a general in the British Army, with his troops in India, was extremely concerned about the fact that his snow-white uniform quickly got dirty: the climate was so dry that it wasn’t dirty there was salvation. Using a combination of coffee, curry and mulberry, the general dyed his trousers in khaki, which later gave the name and appearance of army trousers.

newspaper advertisement 1955

Also known as “chinos,” they became truly popular among the civilian population in America and Europe after World War II, when millions of soldiers returned home and continued to wear military trousers. Slightly changing the cut, making it more elegant, the designers of that time adapted them. Thus, chinos have become an integral part of everyday fashion, especially students of prestigious American colleges - the so-called Ivy League (The Ivy League).

The first firms to start production were Levi’s (in 1906, the company introduced trousers called “khaki”). Brooks Brothers began manufacturing chinos in the 1940s.

Material and cut

Chinos, like jeans, were originally 100% made from cotton. Currently, you can find models with a slight addition of synthetic fibers to give elasticity. Do not take pants with a high percentage of synthetics - it does not look too good, and in the summer it will just be hot.

As for the cut, today we have a fairly wide selection in this regard. But most models still have a narrower silhouette, which reflects the general trend of recent years. Here are the main types of chinos, the cut of which is relevant now:

For those who believe that slim fit is overrated today, some brands offer relax fit pants with a fairly wide cut:

Chinos can go both with buttons and with a zipper. They have two side, slightly sloping pockets,

as well as one or two back, the most characteristic pocket of this type:

What is the main advantage of chinos over jeans?

As soon as you put them on, you will immediately realize that it is much more convenient to move in them. They are lighter, more spacious, do not constrain movement, the hand in your pocket is free and natural - in general, ideal for spring and summer.

One of the advantages is that this type of men's trousers has a rather low price. For example, decent jeans for the same price are much more difficult to find. While in the range of two thousand in Moscow there is a good choice of chinos. One of the most obvious examples is H&M or Uniqlo (there you can buy chinos for 1200 - 1500 p.) Of course, there is a higher price segment, but is it worth it to overpay? Buying online is risky - each pair sits differently - you need to measure.


Another undeniable plus of these pants is that you will find them in any color. From white, honey-beige and mustard to olive, dark blue and graphite. This is one of the few items of men's clothing that is available in such an unlimited color palette, thereby providing the opportunity for endless experimentation with your daily kit. Of course, color chinos are easiest to combine with a white t-shirt or polo. If you wear a jacket, navy will be the most versatile. For more information on creating a harmonious image, read the article How to combine colors in clothes.

What do chinos look like?

Many men still do not know for sure, chinos, what it is, where they originate from, and who invented them. Initially, according to history, military men in America and the United Kingdom began to wear chinos, since such a cut and tailoring of pants is much easier and more pleasant to wear than a denim uniform. The first models were sewn from Chinese fabric, performing in two colors - khaki and beige.

After some time, the pants began to be popularized among civilian men, as a result of which the manufacturers of trousers began to offer other bright colors and styles. You only need to understand that today chinos do not have a certain style and style, they are made either 100% from cotton or mixed with synthetics. You can wear them from the age of 25 to 35 years, regardless of status, social status of men.


One of the most important qualities that we value clothing for. Chinos as adaptable to the situation as possible. Depending on the situation and purpose, you can make a set of clothes in such a way as to achieve the desired level of formality. Moreover, the chinos here will be the base, framing and complementing which, you will create the mood you need in the outfit.

From the most everyday:

To a strict one where you can go to a business meeting:

And also a lot of situations intermediate in nature:

A d-shaped belt buckle is an interesting option to wear with this type of pants.

What kind of shoes to wear chinos?

Since our trousers belong to the casual or smart casual style (for example, the presence of chinos arrows more characterizes them as the second type), then the shoes should be appropriate. In other words, the vast majority of everyday varieties of shoes available in stores are suitable here. Starting with regular sneakers,

and ending with loafers

One of the most win-win options is boaters (for more details see the article “Men's shoes for spring”). Here is one of the options from Timberland.

But do not forget, this shoe does not go well with socks. In my opinion, a combination with suede shoes will be ideal.

Tighten or not?

As you probably noticed, on a photo chinos are found in a tucked up form, and not. Both options have a right to exist.. It all depends on your mood and preferences. Personally, I love tucked up chinos in the summer (if the environment allows). You can read the most fully about this trend in the article “How to Tuck Jeans”.

Features of the model and types

The peculiarity of such trousers is the use of Chinese twill fabric, namely diagonal weaving cotton fabric during the production. This makes the garment light and not hot, but durable and practical to wear. If synthetics are added to the fabric, this will only increase the elasticity and durability of the fabric, if only in a small amount.

It’s not enough for a modern man to know men's chinos, what it is, you need to be able to understand their varieties. Today, chinos pants are produced in several varieties, namely:

  1. Casual Slim Pants. On such models, the manufacturer leaves the seam stitching visible from the inside and outside, there is also a low fit and low cost. Most often, everyday chinos are presented in two colors - khaki and beige, but there are other pastel shades.
  2. To work Straight. This style of trousers is made of fabrics with a denser structure so that it is less wrinkled and keeps its natural shape. Pants provide a high fit, pulling a man visually into growth. Acceptable pastel, muted and neutral colors in colors.
  3. For celebrations Super slim. Sewing chinos of this kind is not as important as their color. For meetings with friends, dates and other informal events, you can choose bright contrasting colors. But for official meetings it is better to choose khaki or beige chinos to emphasize the seriousness of the event.

Another distinguishing feature of chinos is the front hidden or beveled pockets, which are actually roomy for a comfortable position in their hands. If the pants have a low fit, and are made with zipper, if medium or high fit - with stylish buttons.

Who is it for?

Today, manufacturers of men's chinos offer different styles for the season of the year - spring-autumn and winter chinos, for planting - low, medium and high, in colors - official and unofficial. Paying attention is not only to these criteria, but also to the general style of clothing of a man and his age. In general, chinos are compared with jeans because of their versatility and practicality.

Stylists advise them to try on men of any height, choosing their fit and length correctly. For example, shortened chinos are contraindicated in men of short stature. Also, pants can be worn on any figure and equipment of a man, since a straight and simple cut perfectly corrects excessive thinness or fullness of legs and hips. It is important that the trousers do not fit the hips and legs, allowing the skin to breathe.

Men's chinos - what kind of animal?

Cotton pants, called chinos, were popularized by the military. The soldiers of the armies of the United States and Great Britain wore such pants with pleasure, because they were much more pleasant to the touch and lighter than uniforms made of denim. Initially, men's chinos were made exclusively in traditional military shades (khaki or beige), and were sewn from Chinese fabric, which they owe their name to. As the civilian interest in such trousers aroused, manufacturers added more and more colors. So there was that variety of styles and shades of cotton pants that we can see in stores around the world today.

Men's chinos - a variety of colors available

It is important to consider that chinos are not at all a concrete style. This is a type of trousers. Cotton is used for sewing them, or textiles that combine cotton and synthetic fibers. Chinos models are incredibly popular among young people, as well as stylish men aged 25-30 years and older. Social status is not a hindrance. Such trousers are worn at the resort, in everyday life, at informal and even some semi-official events. Their success in men exceeds all expectations!

What to wear?

The main condition for a harmonious image and style is knowledge and the ability to wear chinos with men, how to combine them with other wardrobe items. When creating a bow and image, a man should think over several points at once - a combination of pants with a general style in clothes, the right combination of colors, and also with what shoes to wear chinos.


Men's chinos for everyday wear are available at expensive boutiques and mass market stores. Most often, these models have seams visible on the outside and inside, as well as a low waist. Usually they are sewn from cheaper fabric, and therefore differ in budget price. But there are exceptions.

Classic men's beige chinos, a striking striped jumper and comfortable boat shoes are a harmonious casual solution!

Plain or printed trousers of traditional khaki and beige shades, as well as pastel colors and bright colors look equally impressive. If your choice fell on pants with a pattern or catchy colors, then they should be the only emphasis in a stylish masculine look. If you are confident in your unsurpassed sense of style, then the bright chinos can be complemented with a harmonious-tone shirt, cardigan, belt or tie.


In any case, I recommend trying to experiment. Believe me, an incredibly effective and stylish result is worth it! Bright shades of trousers are relevant for leisure and informal parties. Although such decisions can be found on employees of creative agencies or companies with a creative nature of activity. It's all about the dress code of specific firms.

A youth version of a combination of chinos with things in a casual style

Everyday chinos are organically combined with classic-cut shirts made of cotton, linen, flannel. However, they can easily be replaced with knitted longsleeves, T-shirts, pullovers, polos. This top is in harmony with a low-key cardigan or blazer. The latter will add along with a bit of seriousness and emphasized elegance. This will not allow the bow to be excessively careless.

As for the belt and shoes, it is optimal to give preference to models in a brown range of shades. The result will please you! Because you get a spectacular, modern, but quite restrained image.

For work

Such men's chinos are sewn from a thicker fabric that wrinkles less, retains shape better, and therefore looks more presentable. In addition, they usually have a high waist, which visually makes a man slimmer. Priority is reserved for neutral and muted colors, including pastel.

Options for business casual suites with chinos

Such chinos are perfectly combined with strict shirts, complemented by a blazer, vest or laconic cardigan. It remains only to choose a tie that matches the image.


For celebrations

In this category, it is permissible to use any styles of chinos, but their color is of particular importance here. It is on her that she should concentrate her attention.

In an informal setting, you can easily flaunt your pants in bright colors with cotton:

  • Citric,
  • Azure,
  • Red,
  • Terracotta,
  • Mint,
  • Pastel colors.

This is where a man is given an attractive opportunity to show off his original sense of style!

One of the options for using chinos in a party dress

Bright chinos will be perfectly complemented by a long-sleeved shirt, polo, t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt or “Swedish”. These can be plain or printed companion items. The main thing is that the color of their pattern should be in harmony with the basic tone of the trousers or echo with the colors of the accessories (belt, socks, neck scarf) and shoes present in the image.

As for semi-official events, here it is better to hold on to your ardor and stay on men's chinos in classic shades - khaki or beige. It is these colors that will give your stylish look an elegant seriousness, mandatory for celebrations of this level.

In this case, the choice of secondary things (shirt, tie, belt, etc.) directly depends on several factors. These are the individual preferences of the man, as well as the occasion, time and place of the event.A bet made in favor of classic models of shirts and shoes will be a win-win. Restraint is also relevant for the design of accessories used in the image. For example, an ordinary tie or a “butterfly” is suitable here. And do not forget about the jacket - a laconic cut blazer will be the best solution. But catchy accents can be created using a spectacular print or bright colors of a chest or neck scarf, tie. But this is only when this is allowed by the dress code of the solemn event.


What it is?

In their purest form, these are pants made of 100% cotton, tapered down, with buttons on the fly instead of a closure, beveled pockets on the front and straight, mortise - on the back. Although, of course, now you can find various variations of chinos: from mixed fabrics, with a standard front lock, a classic or understated fit.

A priori, they were masculine, and only in the last century did women manage to “drag” them into their wardrobe (and, by the way, quite successfully). The first chinos appeared in 1848 in the British troops, at that time lodging in hot India. Before that, soldiers wore only white - but you yourself understand what happened with such trousers in the heat, and even during the drill on the parade ground. So the general ordered them to be painted with all the means at hand (coffee, curry and mulberry) - so he “accidentally” invented the color khaki, plus he gave the world those chinos that they still know. And, by the way, they owe their name to, you guessed it, China - it was from this country that the British military bought fabrics for their uniforms.

Criteria for a successful look with chinos

  • Be sure to try on pants before making a purchase. It is necessary to choose the model that is optimal for yourself - only this way your appearance will be impeccable.
  • It is important to note that men's chinos should not tighten their hips. Believe me, this will not increase your sexuality in the eyes of the fair sex! Just choose a model that fits perfectly on you, naturally fitting around your waist and hips.
  • Focus on slim models or relatively loose leggings? This largely depends on where you intend to wear new pants. It is also important that visually the trousers do not add extra pounds to you, do not shorten the length of the legs and do not look baggy.
  • Chinos should not be too long, but also short too. You should choose the best model for your growth. Ideally, the bottom of the legs should barely touch your shoes. If you plan to wear trousers with trousers tucked up a few centimeters, then consider this when choosing a model. In any case, a man in chinos should not look ridiculous or funny.
An example of perfectly matched men's chinos
  • Should I tuck a shirt, polo, t-shirt into cotton trousers? If you are going to a semi-formal celebration, then the definite answer is yes. In other cases, this is a matter of personal taste. But still I recommend taking into account the occasion, time and place of the event.
  • If you have chosen chinos of light colors to wear in the warm season, and even more so at the resort, then the belt and shoes in brown shades, as well as the color matching one of the things present in the image, will look most impressive and stylish. Store black color for semi-official and working sets, there he has the rightful place! Although this color, if desired, can organically fit into a casual outfit.
  • The following shoes are perfect for an ensemble with the participation of chinos: loafers, moccasins, boat shoes, oxfords, brogues, deserts. The choice of a particular model depends not only on the mood of the man or weather conditions, but also on the place where you are going to wear it. However, the harmonious colors of the ensemble “shoes + socks + chinos” also plays an important role.


Trendy colors in 2018

There are many shades of jeans in our time, and this is very often used by women walking around in red or bright green jeans. But when a man chooses denim trousers, he most often stops at the classic - all shades of blue, well, at worst - black. This is not the case with chinos. Whichever option you choose - mustard, greenish, white, or at least classic khaki - everything will be fashionable and relevant.

But still, choosing the perfect chinos for yourself, first tell me what you will wear them with. If your style is a neutral classic, dark gray chinos and blue are perfect for you. Pastel colors (pistachio green, pale lavender, lemon) can be easily combined with other things, so they are considered the trend of this season. Say, if they are worn with a navy blazer, a white shirt, they compensate for the formality of the image. And with a simple T-shirt and linen scarf, on the contrary, they will give you a slightly bohemian look.

In general, the most fashionable colors of men's things will be: cranberry (deep red), emerald, bright orange, amber, cornflower blue, lemon, asphalt gray, beige, chocolate. If you wear pants in one of these colors, you are guaranteed to be in trend.

But what kind of pants stylists would not advise men to wear regardless of the fact that chinos of all colors of the rainbow are sold in stores - these are bright red. They are fat, and just look crazy, even if they are stylishly cut, and you can’t find fault with the “top”, that is, a shirt with a blazer.

How and with what to wear such pants

Like our usual jeans, chinos are universal. Khaki pants, plus rough boots, a quilted vest and a shirt made of chambray fabric are perfect for casual style (this material looks like rough denim, although on the contrary it is thinner and lighter to the touch). In this way, you can at least go on a hike, at least get ready for work (if a strict boss does not look after your suit there and you can wear whatever you like). And in the summer, in the heat, such a casual set of clothes is more appropriate: pastel chinos, a polo or a simple T-shirt, espadrilles or sandals, and in the evening - a thin cardigan.

For the smart style, it is better to combine chinos with a melange sweater and luxury sneakers (which are not for running, but for the office - in other words, sports shoes). Another win-win bow is a sports jacket (ideally - the same color as the pants), plus monks or loafers on the bare foot.

To look more sophisticated (but not conservative, but at ease), that is, for going to the office, weighed down by a dress code, stylists advise wearing saturated marine trousers, plus brown loafers and the same belt. A white shirt and a blue jacket (lighter than chinos) will complement this look. And in order to look more vivid, do not forget about such an addition as a chest scarf or a contrasting silk scarf, which can be advantageously draped over the floors of your jacket.

And if in general terms, then you can wear chinos, as you wish. With a white t-shirt without prints - and a classic shirt and jacket. With a dark office - and the most incredible color belt. With sneakers, loafers, shoes, boat shoes. But! It is better to refuse socks (well, or choose the most understated model that you will find in the store).

Final word

In fact, chinos - pants are much more interesting than denim. They are more versatile than their invariably blue counterparts, and also go well with a lot more things from your wardrobe. And no matter how you are - bold, not shy of bright colors and unusual combinations, or restrained, preferring strict shades - such pants will suit you in any case. You can wear them, giving your appearance a light sense of formality - but without office busting. Do not be afraid to experiment with chinos - because, firstly, they will tolerate a combination with almost any shoe and clothing, and secondly, this is how a person’s unique personal style is born, as well as his personality.

I wish you to look elegant and stylish. Share the article with your friends in the social. networks. Have a nice day

Distinctive features of men's chinos

Chinos are typical representatives of universal casual and even smart-casual. They are the embodiment of convenience, comfort and practicality.

The classics of the genre are trousers with high or medium height and moderately wide, slightly narrowed down legs. However, wide straight trousers, narrowed and narrow options are equally popular - each has its own highlight.

Chinos are cotton pants. Initially, for the sewing of chinos, Chinese twill fabric was used - lightweight cotton fabric of diagonal weaving. Thanks to this, the trousers were durable and not hot. Modern trends to improve practicality, durability and elasticity of things allow the use of cotton fabrics with a small addition of synthetics.

The combination of light matter and cut is the key to convenience and comfort. Practicality of things is added by capacious hidden type beveled front pockets. The hand in them lies naturally and comfortably. There are vertical back pockets (one or two), often with a small button as a zipper.

Today, chinos are represented by various styles and modelsfastened with a practical zipper (trousers with a low rise, as a rule) or stylish buttons (trousers with a medium fit). The range of colors in the assortment: monophonic options, trousers with contrasting inserts, chinos with original fashionable prints.

Who will fit the chinos? They do not drive into the framework - neither by age, nor by style, nor by complexion and features of the figure. You can always choose the best option.which will be in harmony with your lifestyle, individual preferences and requirements.

Young people go with fashionable models with a narrower silhouette, and middle-aged men for their basic wardrobe can get a calm monophonic version with a classic, moderately loose silhouette.

The most suitable season for chinos - a warm season, because the pants are light. However, experiments with fabric (adding wool and synthetics to cotton) allowed expanding the temperature range up to the thaw or the first significant frosts.

Here main advantages chinos pants:

  1. Compatibility Clothing, shoes and accessories of various styles go well with trousers.
  2. Practicality and durability. Chinos serve for a long time, without losing a neat attractive appearance, require minimal care.
  3. Multifunctionality. They are appropriate not only for everyday wear, but also in the office, at events and meetings, indispensable in travel and long trips.
  4. Availability. High-quality branded chinos can be purchased for only $ 20-30, and not missing the time of seasonal sales in online and offline stores, and even cheaper.
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Chinos Origin History

The history of the chino began around the middle of the 19th century, when comfortable, lightweight twill trousers made of lightweight twill fabric took their place in the outfit of British colonial soldiers in stuffy and hot India. They already owed their style to traditional Indian pants. Marked and catchy white color changed to the likeness of khaki, painting the matter with a mixture of coffee, curry and mulberry juice.

By its name chinos pants are due to the origin of matter. At that time, it was produced only in China (in English, China translates as China).

The starting point for the victorious march of these trousers around the world was the end of World War II. Upon returning home, soldiers in everyday life continued to wear comfortable and non-marking trousers.

However, if earlier chinos could be attributed only to the style of a soft, non-aggressive military, then modern trousers simply cannot be recognized. The result of the versatility of the style, combined with the imagination of designers, can be observed today in the form of a wide range of chinos and their high popularity.

How chinos differ from slacks

The variety of styles and models of trousers of casual (informal casual style) and smart-casual (business informal style) styles can be confusing and misleading from time to time.

A modern man who wants to dress stylishly, fashionably, with taste, is interested in the question, what to choose - chinos or slacks? And maybe this is one and the same thing, because the slacks began to gain popularity at the same time as the chinos?

Left - slacks, right - chinos

Both those and other trousers are united by the fact that they relate to casual-styles, have a straight or slightly narrowed silhouette, are made of fabric based on cotton or linen, do not constrain movements and require minimal care.

Some models are really similar, but there are differences:

  1. The cloth. Slacks are sewn from dense fabric (mixed gabardine), chinos from lightweight.
  2. Texture. Slacks are spacious and reminiscent of jeans in form and texture, chinos are a sure alternative to jeans.
  3. Compatibility Slacks are less combinatorial and universal than chinos - this concerns both the choice of clothes and the choice of shoes, slacks are more demanding.
  4. Tucks. Slacks are often sewn with folds on the belt (tucks), chinos - without.
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What to wear with chinos: we select clothes and shoes

Chinos are bright representatives of casual and smart-casual style. A high degree of compatibility, the ability to combine incongruous (and it looks fresh and unusual), convenience - all this made chinos a favorite subject of the basic wardrobe of fashionable party-goers, managers, entrepreneurs, creative personalities and all those who seek to live life to the fullest, able to value comfort.

Chinos is one of the few types of trousers that are comfortable and allow you to wear the same comfortable clothes and shoes. Trousers are perfectly combined with shortened jackets of a straight and slightly fitted silhouette, T-shirts, shirts (including classic ones) worn out or carelessly tucked in with tucked up sleeves, classic or wide silhouette polos and jumpers. The length of the clothes on the run with chinos should not hide the line of the front pockets. If you decide to supplement the pants and the image with a belt, then the accessory should be opened.

A business-casual fashion trend is a combination of classic straight or narrowed chinos with a classic shirt, fitted jacket and tie or bow tie. In this form, it is possible at the graduation, and at a business meeting or official event. Classic shoes or comfortable casual loafers are suitable as shoes.

However, it is worth remembering one important detail. The length of the trousers of modern chinos opens the ankle joint, and therefore it is better to wear high socks (no elastic in the visibility zone) or refuse them altogether.

Pants go well with different types of shoes: sneakers, sneakers, sneakers, boots with lacing or with buckles.

Clothing style

As already mentioned, chinos look harmoniously and holistically with casual informal casual style, as well as informal but business smart-casual style. In the case of such pants, it is even possible to combine incongruous, getting an original and creative bow. They are worn with shortened fitted or straight-fitting jackets, with shirts or t-shirts, sweaters and polo shirts.

A new trend in men's fashion is the combination of a classic shirt with straight or narrowed chinos, a narrow jacket and a bow tie. Stylists recommend such a bow to semi-official, solemn and official events. If shorted chinos are provided, they wear high socks or refuse them altogether, this rule cannot be violated.

Color combinations

Classics are pastel colors of trousers, for example, beige, marsh, sand, coffee with milk, white and gray chinos. Thanks to this palette of colors, trousers can be harmoniously combined with almost all the colors of other clothing items. For more than 5 years, such a gamut has been most in demand among men of all ages and in all countries of the world. You can combine contrasting colors - black and white, as well as a combination of white with shades of khaki, brown shades, sand and khaki, graphite with gray, etc.

Shoe selection

The ideal shoes for chinos are classic shoes or loafers, brogues, if a solemn and official bow is required. Stylists also recommend that all kinds of shoe styles be worn under chinos, observing a single ensemble of wardrobe items - sports sneakers and sneakers, original sneakers, as well as fashionable shoes with laces and buckles, trendy espadrilles and moccasins today.


When buying chinos for a man, it is important to find a quality product that can be identified by several distinctive characteristics. Good chinos will be 100% cotton or contain a small percentage of synthetics. They will have smooth lines of cut, repeating the silhouette of the figure, smooth and neat seams on both sides. Decent manufacturers of chinos are GAP, NEXT, ZARA, Polo Garage, H&M and ASOS.

What are men's chinos?

Chinos are considered typical everyday wear. They are distinguished by a high degree of comfort and are considered a practical piece of clothing.

A classic option is the model with medium or high landing. They are moderately wide cut and slightly taper down. Today, in designer collections there are quite a few options for such clothes.

Initially, Chinese twill fabric was used to make this type of clothing. This lightweight cotton material has a diagonal weave. Due to the use of such fabric, the trousers had high strength and did not cause discomfort in hot weather.

Current trends include the use of cotton fabrics with the addition of a small amount of synthetic fibers. Thanks to this, the material becomes more practical and durable. In addition, it acquires some elasticity.

The combination of lightweight fabric and cut is the key to amazing comfort. In addition, the thing becomes more practical due to the presence of hidden beveled pockets on the front. Thanks to this, hands in them can be placed comfortably and naturally. Also, trousers have one or two rear pockets. Often they are supplemented with a button closure.

Today, fashion designers offer a variety of models of such trousers. Mid-rise models complement stylish buttons. Pants with a lowered waistline are often fastened with a comfortable zipper.

These trousers are versatile. It is suitable for people of different ages and physiques. Designers offer many stylish options, because every man can choose the best solution.

It is worth considering that it is better for young fashionistas to pay attention to narrowed models.

Middle-aged men are advised to give preference to a monophonic model, which has a standard moderately loose silhouette.

The main advantages of such trousers include the following:

  • Versatility. With such trousers things of different styles are perfectly combined. The same can be said about shoes and accessories.
  • Strength and durability. Such models of trousers serve for a long time and do not lose their attractiveness. In addition, such things need minimal care.

  • Multifunctionality. Such trousers can be safely used to create everyday bows and more rigorous office compositions. Such models are great for long trips and travels.


These trousers have a loose fit and mid rise. Buttons act as fasteners. Classic models look very stylish and feature excellent functionality.

Straight trousers are ideal for middle-aged men. Such products look quite concise and elegant. They can be combined with simple shoes and shoes in a sporty style.


Such products have a low fit. However, sometimes you can find the average options. Skinny products are usually complemented by a zipper, which makes them more stylish and practical.

These options blend perfectly with casual shoes. They can be combined with pullovers and jumpers in a sporty and classic style. Such models perfectly correct the visual flaws of the figure and emphasize its merits.

On an elastic band

Most often, chinos are supplemented with fasteners in the form of buttons or zippers. However, sometimes in fashion collections you can find interesting models with an elastic band. Such products are ideal for bold and confident fashionistas who are used to lead an active lifestyle.


Such styles also usually have a narrower cut and are complemented by a zipper fastener. Today in the collections there are a variety of options for shortened chinos. The upper part may have a different cut. In any case, this is a great solution for young fashionistas.


Almost all models of such trousers are made of light materials. Such products are perfect for the summer season, as they are characterized by amazing convenience and do not cause discomfort in hot weather.


Today, many designers conduct bold enough experiments with fabric textures. Due to this, stylish winter models began to appear in their collections.

They are made from combination materials. In addition to cotton, fabrics include synthetic fibers and wool. Thanks to this, similar clothes can be safely worn in winter.


This is a universal solution that fits perfectly in any bow. Black trousers are great for fans of the classic style. They go well with clothes of different colors. A great solution would be light shades. In this case, you must be careful when choosing dark blue and brown additions to such clothes.


This is another versatile and practical solution. These pants are suitable for summer and off-season. It is equally appropriate to combine them with a strict business jacket and bright T-shirts. Dark blue models look great with things of different colors - both saturated and fairly neutral.


Such trousers can fit into any look. Gray models go well with simple business-like items. Also, with their help, you can create stylish everyday compositions. To always look attractive, you need to think through your image to the smallest detail.


These pants are suitable for men who are used to always be in the spotlight. Red patterns can be used to create interesting summer bows. If this color seems too bright, it is quite possible to choose darker shade variations - wine or burgundy.


This is another amazingly bright and stylish option for the summer season. Mustard tones will be a particularly relevant solution. It is important to consider that beige and black things with such shades should not be combined.

To look attractive, you should choose additions in pastel colors. A dark jacket - brown, gray, navy - will help to make a bow more austere.

This is a universal solution that is great for all men. With such models light shirts and jackets look great. To make the image more stylish and elegant, you need to pay special attention to the choice of shoes and accessories.


Such models cannot be called a practical option, since they get dirty pretty quickly. Nevertheless, these trousers look very fresh and elegant. With their help, you can create relevant summer compositions.


This is a more practical and versatile option. Beige trousers are not so dirty as white ones. At the same time, they are perfectly combined with any color schemes. Stylists advise combining such things with dark shirts and jackets.

Who suits chinos

Many people are interested in who suits such models. Chinos are amazingly versatile, which is why all men can wear them.

At the same time, when choosing a model, it is worth considering certain features:

  • Body type. These pants are perfect for tall men. This is due to the fact that the products narrow downwards and can visually shorten the line of legs. People who have legs that are not too long should prefer direct models. Also in this case, products that have a high waistline are suitable.

  • Slender legs. Holders of ideal proportions can choose any options for such clothes. For men with full or full legs, it is better to abandon skinny models. Also, too wide products will not suit them. Only high males can afford such options.
  • Style. In this case, you need to pay attention to the color of the product. To create a casual look, both classic and bright colors are suitable. To get an image in a business style, you can choose models of dark shades - black, blue, gray.

  • Fabric density. When choosing a product, the composition of the fabric is important. Men need to choose dense materials that emphasize the dignity of the figure.

What to wear: clothes and shoes

Many people are interested in what to wear such clothes with. Chinos are a universal item of clothing. Today, designers offer many models of such clothes, which allows you to create different compositions:

  • For everyday look, it is worth using polo shirts and shirts. From shoes you can choose the actual sandals or loafers. This combination of things will allow you to get an elegant composition and provide amazing convenience.
  • To get a more youthful look, chinos can be complemented with white sneakers and a t-shirt same color. A bulky backpack and a sweatshirt will complement the bow.
  • If you want to look more refined and elegant, you can combine trousers with various jackets. In this case, monophonic models and products decorated with a print - a strip or a cage also look great. It is important that the top is lighter than the bottom. Thanks to this, the image will look more harmonious and courageous.

  • Chinos are a great vacation solution. In this case, it is quite possible to choose bright models or products decorated with a print.

Attention! These trousers look great with different types of shoes - moccasins, loafers, oxfords, brogues. The choice of a particular model depends on the preferences of the man and the general style of composition.

To always stay in trend, you need to pay special attention to the selection of relevant additions. To do this, consider the basic recommendations of stylists.

Differences from other models

Before describing the features of these trousers, you need to dwell on the history of their appearance. Initially, this cut appeared in the military of the American and English army. Cotton uniforms have become much more comfortable and pleasant to wear than denim uniforms.

The first chinos were exclusively of such shades that are suitable for soldiers, that is, it was beige and khaki. The peculiar name of the trousers came from China, since the fabric of this particular country was originally used for tailoring.

reference! The year when the chinos saw the light of 1848, at that time the British troops were in the sultry India, and they were ordered to wear white cotton uniforms.

But as you know, the military way of life does not differ in good conditions, and one can only guess what could happen with the white color. Therefore, the general of that army ordered to paint the trousers with improvised means - coffee, curry or mulberry. And all of a sudden, a new color appeared - khaki and a new kind of trousers - chinos.

Over time, civilians became interested in these comfortable pants, so their color changed.

Currently, boutiques can find many styles and shades of these cotton trousers.

Important! It can be concluded that chinos are not characterized by a certain cut. But a prerequisite for sewing this type of trousers is the use of cotton fabrics or a combination of cotton and synthetic fibers - such a fabric is similar in texture to jeans.

Mostly chinos are preferred by adolescents and young men under 35 and even older.

Social status is not a hindrance. Such clothes will be appropriate for tourist trips, in everyday life, at informal meetings and even at some semi-official receptions.

If you are interested in the classic version of chinos, then they are sewn as follows:

  • material - 100% cotton,
  • trousers are narrowed down
  • on the fly instead of the usual zipper fastener - buttons,
  • slanted pockets in front, straight embroidered at the back.

reference! Currently, classic chinos are less common, there are a huge number of variations of this type of pants, both in terms of style and material for their sewing, more and more mixed fabrics are used.

What are chinos and how to wear them is described in the video:

By color

The advantage of such pants is their color variety.

The most popular colors:

A man can wear these comfortable cotton trousers every day while constantly experimenting with his style.

Colored chinos go well with a white t-shirt or polo, as in the photo.

Navy blue trousers of this type are perfect under the jacket, the blue color goes well with both neutral clothes and a color complement.

Red chinos perfectly complement the summer look, but if you shun screaming shades, then you can use darker variations of red, such as burgundy or wine shade.

It is also worth deciding on the choice of style. If you prefer a neutral classic, then blue and dark gray can be suitable colors.

Such colors of chinos are well combined with almost any thing, they are also called pastel:

reference! So, for example, if you wear a dark blue blazer or a white shirt with them, they will give your image a business formality. And if you put on a t-shirt and linen scarf under these trousers, the image will become more bohemian.

The most relevant and universal is still the khaki color - the original color of the chinos. Light shirts and jackets are perfect for these models. You can complement the image by choosing the right shoes and accessories.

White chinos are considered the most impractical, as they quickly get dirty.

But, nevertheless, they look very fresh and stylish. With the help of them you can create successful summer compositions.


Many well-known brands produce men's chinos: Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Banana Republic, Esprit, River Island, New Look, Jack & Jones. In their collections, models of different cuts, colors, and decorative solutions are presented. Here everyone will find the ideal option for themselves, which easily fits into the bow for work and leisure. Optimally, if you get two trousers - some traditional beige or khaki color, others of one of bright colors or printed. So you can alternate them, combine with various secondary things in the bow and look equally stylish in everyday running, at a meeting in a cafe or even a party.

Do you already have chinos? What are they like? Are you satisfied with your choice? Write about your impressions. Your opinion is important to us!

What shoes to combine with?

Since chinos are informal clothing, they are casual style. With arrows, they are more likely to be smart casual. Therefore, shoes should be selected based on a specific case. That is, almost all the casual shoes that are available in the store will be quite suitable.

It can be sneakers, loafers, deserts, sneakers, boat shoes, suede boots, etc.

If the chinos are sewn in the style of smart casual, then it will be appropriate to carry them to the office to work only if there is no dress code installed. Then chinos with an arrow can be complemented with classic shoes.


In their cut, chinos can be casual and designed for a special occasion.

Casual Chinos most often they have a low waist fit and the stitching visible from the outside and from the inside:

  • They are sewn from inexpensive textiles, so trousers are available to the masses.
  • These trousers must be worn depending on the color. Bright and eye-catching colors should become the only eye-catching element in the image, but warmer shades of chinos can be combined with harmonious tones of cardigans, matching shirts, stylish belts and ties.

Chinos for work they sew from thicker fabric, the style of such trousers has a high fit, which visually slim their wearer. They are combined with simple shirts, blazers, vests and cardigans of laconic cut. A correctly selected tie will not be superfluous in this image.

The cut of chinos designed for informal celebrations can be any. Here the important role is given to the color of the trousers. At an informal party, you can appear in bright chinos, which will allow you to stand out from the crowd and show off your special, unlike others style.

reference! Shortened chinos are preferred by young men and adolescents. Most often, such trousers have a healed cut, short length and there is a zipper.

How long should be narrow men's trousers described in the video:

Middle-aged men prefer straight trousers, they look more succinct and consistent with their status. Such an elegant style can be combined both with classic shoes and sports sneakers.

reference! These pants are sewn from the lightest fabric, so they will be comfortable to wear in the summer, in winter, these trousers will not be able to protect from the cold. But recently, many designers began to offer a winter version of this type of trousers. In addition to cotton, winter chinos fabric includes synthetic fibers and wool.

Thanks to this selection of pants can be safely worn in winter in cold weather.

Another tip for chinos is Before you buy them in the store, be sure to try on pants.

it’s best not to order chinos on the internet. You will ask why? The answer is simple: due to its soft fabric, this type of trousers does not always sit as we would like, sometimes they can sag or, on the contrary, puff.

How to tuck pants?

Chinos can be tucked up, or you can do without it. This will depend on the mood of the man and his preferences. In the summer, chinos folded up will be much more relevant.

There are rules for tucking in trousers that apply not only to chinos:

  1. Normal flip is done once by 2-2.5 cm. Such tucked-up pants go well with wide boots or classic shoes.
  2. Wide - while trousers are tucked 4-5 cm wide once. Short men should not resort to this option, since their growth risks visually seeming even smaller.
  3. Subtle twist involves only 1 cm, but at the same time 2-3 torsion twists are done. This option is suitable for narrow chinos and is combined with not very massive shoes - light moccasins, sandals.
  4. Double - the bottom of the trousers is folded twice a centimeter by 2-2.5. This can be done with half-trousers, combined with almost any shoe.
  5. Tapered wrap this is done: the edge is bent two times, then the bottom is wrapped two more times by 2-3 cm. This method is suitable for wide trousers, the choice of shoes is not important.
  6. Casual sloppy upheaval represents a wrapping of the bottom wide and several times. At the same time, chinos should be extremely wide. Both sneakers and sandals can be worn on your feet.

Whether to turn up chinos, it is up to their owner only. Many men consider this very stylish, while others say that such a habit indicates femininity and the absence of brutality in the image. But most often when sewing chinos in production, cuffs are initially provided.

How to properly tuck pants is described in the video:

Chinos are comfortable to wear, and outwardly they complement the look very well. If you choose the right elements of the wardrobe, then you can pass for a dandy in a society where a man rotates.

At the same time, you don’t need to make special efforts and sacrifice your comfort, since chinos are the most comfortable trousers of all existing.

They will be ideal for traveling and long trips, as they require a minimum of care, do not constrain movement and are suitable for men of any complexion.

Military cut in everyday life

The fashionable history of such chinos is very entertaining. Like most things in a modern men's wardrobe, they appeared in the guise of the military, and their ancestor is the English general Sir Lamsden, who decided to dye the white trousers of his subordinates in khaki color. The pants were so comfortable to wear that they were borrowed by servicemen from different countries, and the material for their sewing was imported from China, which in fact gave the name to the chinos (Chinos - from the Spanish “Chinese”). After the Second World War, trousers almost instantly became part of the everyday wardrobe of a strong half of humanity, remaining relevant to this day.

But what are chinos? If we summarize all the models presented by manufacturers, their style can be described as follows: these are straight at the top and slightly narrowed to the bottom pants with three pockets (two in front and one in back). Differences in cut are hidden in some details. The first is a waist fit. In male variants, it is represented by a standard or slightly lower line. Secondly, it is a way of fastening. Designers offer models with buttons and zippers. Thirdly, this is the degree of narrowing of the trousers. Looking at photos of fashionable lookbooks, you can see that they come in both standard size and wide, and so on. Slim-fit and superslim-fit. And finally, fourthly, the way to feed the bottom of the leg. In the classic version, they are not decorated, but made in such a way that, if necessary, they can be turned up to a height of 5 cm from the line of the ankles. And for those who do not want to accurately verify the required height, designers offer options with cuffs.

With such a variety of presentation styles, it seems that the number of possible fabric options should not be small. But for male models, only one material is suitable - dense, natural cotton. It is possible to easily add synthetic fabric (viscose or elastane up to 5%), but it is extremely rare.

As for the color palette, it is very limited. Representatives of the strong half have at their disposal a plain palette - classic khaki, beige, sand. Fashion designers add light pastel shades of blue, orange, emerald, and for office options - black, dark blue, chocolate, gray. The prints in these models remain beyond the attention of designers, with the exception of a thin, barely visible cell.

Model selection rules

Despite its versatility, men's chinos have a number of characteristics that should be considered when choosing a model. These include the general figure, the harmony of the legs, height, stylistic orientation and density of the material.

First- the general figure. Ideally, such a cut falls on tall men. This is explained by the fact that chinos differ in a cut, tapering to the bottom, and due to this, the line of legs is visually shortened. But this does not mean that those who do not have long legs, such a cut is not recommended. You just need to choose those models that have either a high waistline, or not a strong narrowing of the bottom of the legs.

Second- slim legs and height. The owners of the ideal figure in this case have nothing to worry about. But if the legs are full of nature or a man is fond of sports, then when choosing his model, he must take into account the width of the pants. The superslim-fit and wide models are not acceptable for them. The last two cuts will ideally fall on tall men.

The third is a stylistic orientation. Color is crucial in this case. So, if chinos are chosen for everyday look, it is best to give preference to classic shades. For a semi-business image, as well as for a day's exit, dark shades, for example, dark blue or burgundy tones. In addition, do not forget about how chinos look on a man. Those, whose style matches the classic look of the trousers as much as possible, will give the appearance a greater shade of Smart-Casual. In them, the cuffs should be tucked as evenly as possible. And all the other styles are more suitable for the images created for relaxation and everyday worries. Stylists note that such chinos are tucked up with maximum carelessness, but they strictly maintain a height of 5 cm from the shoe line.

Fourth- material density. When choosing chinos, the fabric from which they are tailored plays an important role. A representative of a strong half of humanity should remember that dense materials in this style strongly indicate the features of its silhouette. At the same time, lighter models are able to hide flaws, as well as visually stretch the line of the legs, including when the bottom of the legs is decorated with a hem.

How to fit chinos into your image?

A model of chinos that matches the image and silhouettes of a man is selected. It remains only to figure out what to wear them with. And options stylists and fashion observers offer a great many.

It’s worth starting with the simplest thing: add chinos with a familiar t-shirt or summer plain shirt. To diversify such a mundane bow, suspenders, bow ties or vests worn wide open will help. In addition, it is worth taking a closer look at the headgear - a fedora hat, a "bully" or an eight-blade. However, if the shoes were chosen in a sports style, a baseball cap is also suitable.

In general, the directions of Casual and street chic give men many interesting combinations. In the cool of a summer evening or velvet autumn, chinos can be supplemented with a long sleeve jacket, a short coat tailored in a pea coat style, as well as a wide knitted scarf laid with a French knot. However, it will be interesting to look in an image with a light cowboy hue, in which chinos are complemented by a checkered shirt, a cashmere sweater, a thin tie and a leather bomber jacket. To change the last look, giving him the flair of an elite riding club, all the same shirt will help, but already a plain, woolen sleeveless jacket and a quilted jacket. It is worth remembering that you can wear any type of outerwear with chinos - jackets, bomber jackets, short coats, raincoats, trench coats, duffle coats and double-breasted coats. But under them, in the case of images with chinos, they are necessarily “deuces”: a cardigan, sleeveless jacket, jacket and shirt or t-shirt.

Chinos look interesting in the images built within the framework of Smart-Casual. It is assumed that in the direction under consideration they are always complemented by a jacket or blazer with a scarf in the buttonhole, the color scheme of which should repeat the shades of the shirt or, on the contrary, contrast with it. The shirt in this case is a required element. It can be either plain or with a pattern. Given the informal direction of the chinos, the print is in the form of a cell or strip. In addition, stylists recommend adding a strict cashmere sweater, vest or sleeveless jacket, associated with classic English patterns, to the shirt.

Answering the question of what kind of shoes to wear chinos, fashionable bloggers offer to choose among deserts, toppers or sneakers. At the same time, it is advisable to choose the style of these pairs on a thick sole resembling a military one. In principle, this approach is fully justified, given their "roots". But do not forget about derby or oxford shoes that perfectly fit the style of street chic or Smart-Casual, moccasins, loafers and tennis shirts - for Casual, and chelsea suits for demi-season images.

Do not forget about accessories. Be sure to keep track of the matching shades of the belt and shoes, the tones of which stylists impose one limitation. They should not be black. However, this statement is very controversial. So, if the whole appearance is maintained in this color, with the exception of one of the details of the top, this color of accessories is acceptable. In addition, some reservations exist with regard to bags. It can be a postman, an envelope, a backpack or a sports bag sewn from leather. The taboo is imposed solely on the portfolios, so characteristic of a strictly office dress code.

Concluding the review of such a current style, it is worth noting that the stars in chinos do not hesitate now to appear on the red carpet. Therefore, at least one pair of them should be made in their own summer and demi-season wardrobe.

Watch the video: The 5 MOST STYLISH Ways To Wear Chinos. How to Wear Chinos For Guys (March 2020).

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