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Rating of the best male shaving and beard trimmers

Not only women, but also modern men tend to look well-groomed and attractive. To do this, the latter does not need to sign up for a hairdresser or visit a barber to care for a now fashionable beard - there are many devices on the market that facilitate daily and periodic care of vegetation on a man's face. One of them is a device called a shaving trimmer.

Trimmers help care for beard and mustache

What is a shaving trimmer

What is a shaving trimmer or styler? This is a compact hairdresser tool, with the help of which you can quickly and very accurately get a stylish beard of different lengths of bristles and degrees of density or well-groomed mustache. The device is designed to cut hairs to a given length to form various types of beards. This result is achieved using various interchangeable pads that are included.

A shaving styler can save you both time and money at hairdressers. In addition, you can not worry about hygiene (the device is the same individual thing, such as a toothbrush). Processing the skin with a trimmer does not cause the irritation on it that can be obtained using a razor.

Important! You should not expect clean and smooth skin from the trimmer, as after shaving, with it you can only shorten the stubble or mustache.

Devices come in various modifications:

  • for home use - with wide integrated cloves and a knife system,
  • for professionals - barbers that are used in beauty salons, they are durable, but very expensive,

Professional shaving trimmer

  • universal - such models allow carrying out grooming procedures not only with a beard, but also with a mustache, you can also cut hair with different nozzles.

Trimmer and clipper

Despite roughly the same purpose - putting your hair in order, these devices have several significant differences, thanks to which the consumer can choose what suits him.

The main thing in which the trimmer and clipper are excellent is the dimensions. The first device is much smaller and therefore lighter. The trimmer has been specially designed so compact that it can easily be placed in a luggage bag or placed on a shelf in the bathroom. In addition, a small device is easier to hold and operate.

The functionality of the devices also varies. For example, the machine, with proper adjustment, will cope with hairs of any length and thickness, thanks to the system of blades and nozzles.

Trimmers with numerous nozzles

The trimmer, on the contrary, can’t cope with hard hair, its pitch is only 0.5-0.7 mm.

Note! Thanks to this step, the trimmer can be perfectly used in the intimate area.

The machine can hardly be adapted for cutting a beard, a styler is created for this.

The trimmer costs about half as much as a clipper, and it has a lot more different nozzles, including there are universal ones for any model.

Using a shaving device is very simple - by pressing the start button, the razor is more difficult to control due to the greater number of operations performed.

The trimmer has some disadvantages. So, a clean shave with a trimmer is not available. The design of the knife blades on it too quickly becomes unusable.

Additional Information. If necessary, this problem is solved by noise and vibration isolation.

The main

If the trimmer has a very low price, the quality of the shave, as well as the durability of the service will be at the same level. Models with too high a price are designed more for professional use. Cars from the middle price range are a commodity of choice.

You should pay attention to the number of nozzles in the kit and their quality, as well as the ability to control the length of cut hairs (step) - without a proper set, modeling a beard and mustache will be very problematic. The more various nozzles, the easier it is to choose the desired mode and better care for the beard.

The operating time of the trimmer without recharging is also very important, especially for those who like traveling. In addition to working from the network, models on batteries or batteries are available. Conventional medium-sized devices can work out without additional charge for a little less than an hour.

The main working tool in the trimmer is its blades, which are available in stainless steel coated with titanium or a ceramic-titanium mixture. If the knives are made of plain steel, they run the risk of dulling quickly. It is better to opt for self-sharpening blades.

Self-sharpening blade trimmer


It is important that the machine lies comfortably in the hand, and it is comfortable and convenient to use, i.e. ergonomic design is also a necessary criterion for selection. Anti-slip coatings are desirable on the handle so that the trimmer does not cut the skin on the face.

Also, additional criteria may be opportunities that make the process of caring for a beard as pleasant and convenient as possible:

  • wet haircut (the trimmer can be safely rinsed in water)
  • the ability to work from a network with different voltage levels is important for travelers,
  • setting different shaving intensities - allows you to vary the beard styles,
  • vacuum cleaning of cut hair - eliminates cleaning after the procedure.

Female shaving machine

There are models of trimmers and for ladies. However, the issue of a female trimmer is a razor or an epilator - the device is designed to get rid of hair in intimate areas (including a deep bikini) without the threat of cuts of these areas with delicate skin, as well as subsequent ingrown hairs. A huge plus, compared with a conventional epilator, is the painlessness of the shaving procedure. In addition, a trimmer with curly nozzles is an indispensable tool for the formation of intimate hairstyles.

Female shaving trimmer with nozzles

Rowenta Forever Sharp TN6000

  • self-sharpening blades
  • 3 nozzles: 1 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm
  • waterproof case
  • work both from a network, and from the battery
  • not identified

This model is ideal not only for shaving, but also for trimming and shaping the beard. During operation, it does not pull the hair and does not leave irritation. The blades are sharpened very sharply.

The waterproof case provides easy cleaning of the device: you just need to rinse it under running water, and then grease the blades with oil. It works almost silently, and the resource of one charge is 120 minutes. Buyers note that when operating three times a week, the battery can be left uncharged for 2 months. Charging itself takes a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Clipper and Shaving Machine

Such a universal device is a real find for those who monitor their appearance and want to look well-groomed and sexy without special time and material costs. The machine for cutting and shaving allows you to:

  • cut hair in hard to reach places
  • thin out excessively thick hair or stubble,
  • to shape the contours of the beard and mustache,
  • to achieve the effect of "3-day stubble."

Philips BT1216 Series 1000

  • multifunctional
  • hour without recharging
  • interchangeable nozzles
  • does not work from the outlet
  • 8 hours charge
  • vibration and noise

Standalone model with a haircut range of 1-7 mm. For the desired length there is a corresponding nozzle. All items are stored in a case for transportation. There is no oil, but it is necessary.

Remington BHT2000

  • titanium blades
  • haircut 3-12 mm
  • shears and shaves
  • wet cleaning
  • 4 year warranty
  • does not work from a network

The reliable device which can be used under a shower. For shaving has its own nozzle, and the minimum length of the haircut: 3mm. A case is provided for transportation. The length of the cut is regulated by the rotation of the biscuit.

Philips OneBlade QP2520

  • 45 minutes work
  • can be washed
  • makes a clear outline
  • 3 nozzles of different lengths
  • minimum hair length 1 mm

One of the most popular models for today. She has rubberized handles, double-edged blades that provide shaving of clear contours. Sharp knives are rounded at the edges to prevent skin cuts, and hidden behind a protective grill.

Panasonic ER-GB40

  • works 50 minutes
  • can be washed
  • 20 length settings
  • stand, brush and blade oil
  • shears from 1 mm to 10 mm

This is the most convenient model to use. She recharges while standing in a stand. The length of the haircut is adjusted by turning the slider on the body. True, smooth skin and clear contours cannot be achieved, but the process itself will take a couple of minutes.

Braun BT 3040

  • for hairstyles and shaving
  • wet cleaning
  • 1 hour without recharging
  • 39 length settings
  • inconvenient to transport
  • the battery is running low

This is a kit consisting of a clipper and a shaving machine. Hair removal up to 2 cm is regulated by a slider, for the correction of beard and hairstyle there are 2 nozzles-combs. Users note that the battery weakly holds a charge.

Braun BT 5090

  • convenient to transport
  • oil included
  • can be washed
  • 25 length options
  • 50 minutes battery life
  • the price is a bit high

Opens our rating of beard trimmers working with a power outlet best offer from Braun. If you do not take into account the minimum bristle length of 1 mm and the price, then the machine is more than worthy. The cutting head has 25 length settings plus a head for hair. Hair is not scattered, but there is a soft cover for transportation.

Remington MB320C

  • retractable blade
  • Ceramic knives
  • 8 length settings
  • inconvenient length setting
  • the blade is weak

This trimmer not only cuts, but also shaves, and with a wide or narrow blade. Small, however, is kept rather weak, which buyers say. It is hidden under the cutting head and, if necessary, extends.


  • bristle length min 0.5 mm
  • 20 length settings
  • battery indicator
  • uncomfortable to keep
  • shears max 1 cm

This is the cheapest model in the ranking. Although she does not have a comfortable handle, the razor provides the shortest bristle cut: 0.5 mm. The length is selected by pushing the nozzles up to a maximum of 1 cm. The appliance must not be wet.

DEWAL 03-505

  • multifunctional
  • 2 nozzles
  • removes hair in the ears and nose
  • comfortable stand
  • powered by AA batteries

This is a narrow trimmer that is suitable for trimming mustaches, eyebrows, tanks, as well as removing unwanted vegetation from the nose and ears. For these purposes, he has as many as 2 nozzles. The minimum shearing length is standard, 1 mm.

MOSER 5640-1801

  • universal
  • can be washed
  • for professional care
  • 3 nozzles
  • thick nose nozzle

MOSER creates professional hairdressing equipment, and this trimmer is no exception. It is convenient to hold it in your hand, it can be washed, and the cutting nozzles are very sharp. But the one for the nose removes hairs for a long time, because it is too large.

Wahl 5546-216

  • wet cleaning
  • comfortable to hold
  • shaving and shearing nozzles
  • does not work from a network
  • no oil included

Another small trimmer to remove hair from hard to reach places. It is powered by AA batteries. The nosepiece is excellent: narrow and smooth. There is also a narrow blade for trimming contours, mustaches and whiskers.

Dear professional models

From low-priced models, let's move on to the rating of professional beard and mustache trimmers. The main characteristic of “professionals” is their reliability. The second point is low noise, and the third - minimal vibration. You have to pay for convenience, so the prices of such trimmers are not modest.

Panasonic ER-SB60

  • washed
  • speed adjustment
  • display
  • charging stand
  • precision trimmer
  • cutting range 0.1-1 cm
  • no indication of remaining charge

This model works from a network and independently. On the battery, the power is doubled. Over time, the battery capacity drops sharply, as noted by many users. Does not shave at zero, only at 1 mm. The power button is locked.

BaByliss E886E

  • informative display
  • shaves smoothly
  • 48 lengths from 0.4 to 10 mm
  • 5 min charge
  • does not work from a network
  • confusing instruction

This model has a memory function of the last length setting; data is displayed on the LED display. The quick charge option allows you to recharge the battery so that you can shave quickly for 1 time. The wire is for stand only.

Philips QS6141 StyleShaver

  • shaves to “zero”
  • 75 minutes work
  • 12 length settings
  • wet and dry shave
  • charging up to 4 hours

Reliable and trouble-free machine that can handle wet shaving. The battery is reliable, which is a rarity in current realities. It’s a pity there is no nozzle for cutting hair, and this is a very good machine. It only takes a long time to charge.

Polaris PNT 0102

  • comfortable stand
  • can be washed
  • cleaning brush
  • 2 nozzles
  • does not shave
  • no recharge

This device copes well with cutting hair overgrown on the face and body, and shaving is not provided. The batteries run down in 2 times of use, so it’s best to insert rechargeable batteries. Very comfortable nozzle for ears and nose.

Philips OneBlade QP2510

  • comfortable to hold
  • double sided blade
  • wet and dry shave
  • 2 nozzles
  • works only 30 min.
  • charges for 8 hours

This trimmer can be safely used in the shower, because it has a waterproof case. The double-sided blade makes the shaving process quick, which is important with such a weak battery. For the beard there are 2 nozzles, 1 and 3 mm.

BaBylissPRO FX757E

  • stylish
  • copes with stiff hair
  • overpriced
  • just trim the beard

This model is suitable only to refresh the beard. You can not shave, remove hairiness from the ears - either. Rinse - again no. It is necessary to clean dry, but only brushes for cleaning are not provided. Where such a price tag from is unclear.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

  • smooth shave
  • waterproof case
  • rubberized handle
  • 3 comb heads
  • shaving irritation

This model is a novelty in 2019. It is suitable for use in the shower. Dry shaving is not provided. You can trim the beard to a length of 2, 4, 6 mm. The battery is consumed super-economically, it will last for several months.

Philips OneBlade QP2530

  • 4 nozzles: 1-2-3-5 mm
  • double sided blade
  • waterproof case
  • battery
  • no comb attachment

Another waterproof model. This trimmer is equipped with a battery, which eliminates the need to buy batteries. A quick shave is provided by a double-sided rounded blade.


  • multifunctional
  • can be washed
  • cleaning brush, case
  • fragile plastic

With this trimmer, you can remove the hair from the nose, trim the beard, level the tanks, shave and make clear contours with a thin blade. The nose nozzle is narrow and long. The miracle of technology works from 1 AA battery.

How to choose a shaving trimmer

The first thing to do before buying a male trimmer is to decide what it will be used for: to shave or to create a hairstyle on the head and care for the beard. The choice of model depends on this.

Shaving can take place both in the shower and when walking around the room, so you should pay attention to the trimmer for men who are not afraid of a humid environment. Another important point is the location of the knives in the shaving head. In the pursuit of safety, manufacturers often hide them behind a protective grill, which causes the bristles to remain on the skin when shaving.

If the main task is to cut hair and maintain the effect of light unshaven, it is better to choose a beard trimmer with an adjustable reach of the comb or with replaceable nozzles. It is good when the device works from the network and autonomously: this expands the possibilities of its use.

Note that even the best multifunctional models can not be compared with highly specialized ones, as always happens.But on the other hand, 5 in 1 models replace several devices at once and are indispensable on the road.

Do not forget that after each use of the machine, its blades must be lubricated with oil if you want the device to last a long time. It is also worth it to thoroughly dry the device in order to avoid the growth of mold inside the case.

What is a shaving styler?

The original association of the word denoted a unique device for grooming hair. The term fully explained the huge advantages of the product. Gradually he was called all multifunctional fashion devices. What is a shaving styler now? A men's razor-styler is a machine that carefully shaves, gently removes hairs from the most problematic areas. That is, this is a machine + machine (trimmer).

Many cars function like 3 in 1, having three hair cutters of different lengths. The standard set includes: a razor with a set of nozzles, gel, AA batteries, a stand, ultra-thin tips. Their edge thickness is less than a wave of light. In addition, the blade coating is multi-layer, providing smooth glide over the cover.

Benefits of using

To date, numerous consumer reviews speak about the following advantages of the tool:

  1. Smooth shaving, sharp lines.
  2. Water resistant, versatility.
  3. Wireless tool.
  4. Quiet at work, compact savings.
  5. Easy to disassemble, change blades.

How to choose?

When deciding on a specific form, consider the following indicators:

  1. The functional role of the machine.
  2. Minimum and maximum cut hairs.
  3. Working hours before recharging.
  4. The number of nozzles.
  5. Small but important functional parameters.

Regarding recharging. Preferred are models that are connected to the mains. They are wired, but they work for a long time without requiring recharging. If you travel often or travel on business trips, buy a model that has a powerful battery. The standard device will work until charging 45 minutes. Some need to be charged after 30 minutes, and some are enough for more than 50 minutes of work.

The number of nozzles determines the functionality. It is better to purchase branded goods with a set of nozzles (for example, with sizes 2, 3, 5, 6.5 mm).

The indicator of the minimum and maximum elongation of the hair affects the desired length of the curls. To obtain a three-day bristle, a 0.4 mm trimmer head is sufficient. Common types with one nozzle, which allows you to change the length when cutting from 0.4 to 5 mm.

Additional features of the functional:

  1. Choose models that easily adapt to voltages from 100 to 240 volts. This will help when traveling, it is easy to charge from the networks of different countries.
  2. With the built-in backlight tool, you will shave off the tiniest, barely noticeable hairs.
  3. Models with vacuum suction immediately collect the residue after shearing, working like a vacuum cleaner.
  4. A type with an indicator signals that the device is about to sit down, so it needs to be recharged.

Mode of application

In addition to usefulness, the shaving styler is easy to use, because without requiring great skills, it clearly defines the boundaries of the beard, aligning the elongation of the hair or shortening them. Before use, determine what length of hair you want to perform. Then select the desired nozzle. Walk the machine against facial hair. Move from bottom to top, because the strands grow down.

If curls of different elongation, first cut long, then short. So you shave as accurately as possible. While shaving, hold the tool at one angle so that the face hair turns out to be the same longitude. To avoid bumps or injuries, use the machine to gently, without haste. After the haircut, derive the shape of a beard, mustache. When shaving curls from cheeks and neck, use a razor head.

The best models of beard and mustache stylers

We represent popular companies that have successfully established themselves. The positions are not rated, but each deserves attention:

  1. Philips BT It has a vacuum system, and the lift & trim function previously raises the hairs to the direction of the blade. The device adjusts the cut length using 20 options. Battery life is 75 minutes. Built-in three-level indicator. The manufacturer responds about guaranteed work for 2 years.
  2. Braun bt An effective, reliable styler for beard and mustache from a German manufacturer, which has an accurate comb attachment, a double battery, and a charge level indicator. Charges 8 hours, wireless work - up to 50 minutes.
  3. Panasonic ER-GB Ergonomic design, convenient dial switch for setting the length of the haircut. Blades are strong, high sharpness, sharpened at an angle of 45 °. The possibility of dry and wet cutting without a nozzle is supported, which is convenient on the road.
  4. Remington MB Strong tips of a titanic covering. Thanks to the flexible form, shears at an optimal angle, moving comfortably in different directions. Adjustable shaving length adjustable to 13 positions. 4 hours fully charged, wireless work 50 minutes. Warranty from the manufacturer - 3 years.
  5. Babyliss. French beard and mustache trimmer technology. Universal kits are also available, with noiselessness, water resistance.
  6. Moser. The American company, which released the first vacuum model for hair cutting for half a century. Unique products are edging machines with an original knife set.

The section consistently lists the value of the goods described in paragraph above. The prices are indicative, however, they show how much should be counted on, choosing a specific model:

  1. Philips BT The average cost is 5 840 rubles. Marginal prices: 1690-9990.
  2. Braun BT The average price is 2890 rubles. Limit frames: 1090-4690.
  3. Panasonic ER-GB37 - 2190 rubles.
  4. Remington MB The average figure is 4590. The limits are from 1190 to 7990 rubles.
  5. BaByliss. Roughly from 1390 to 4890 rubles.
  6. Moser - 1590-9750 rubles.

Your ideal trait

In addition to success in all matters, the smoothness of the face will always help you to remain unique. Today you learned how to cleanse facial hair with a styler. Also examined what species are, how they differ. Caring about the appearance, choose a quality product, delighting yourself with the result. Good luck!


It is necessary to decide what kind of beard you want to see in the mirror - the shaving technique depends on this, as well as the choice of a suitable nozzle. The treated hair surface must be clean so as not to impede the operation of the device. Before the first use, you can practice a little in the correct grip of the handle - it should always be at the same angle, the trimmer should be moved smoothly from one edge of the beard to the other.

Shaving process

The shaving process itself begins with elongated hairs, while the trimmer pitch is set to maximum. For shorter vegetation, a nozzle is used, giving 3-4 mm in height.

The neck is shaved in the direction from the Adam's apple to the chin, where you can form a small submandibular beard with nozzle No. 1. It is advisable to lightly brush the bristles with a trimmer without nozzles and a simple comb. This will be a beard trim that runs above the bottom of the hairline. Depending on the type of edging, the hairstyle and beard may look "torn" or smooth.

Using a shaving head, promoting it necessarily against the growth of hairs, you can shave the vegetation under the root.

Nose and ears

Unwanted vegetation breaks through both the nose and ears. A trimmer with a rotating head is designed for such places, which gently tears out the extra hairs, while you should not deeply immerse the appliance in the nostrils or ear canal. An important condition is the individuality of devices for each person.

Nose and ear trimmer

The most trusted consumer in the segment of nose and ear trimmers is the Brand Philips model. Thanks to the “protect tube” technology, the head has a suitable tilt angle. In a set - various nozzles and stainless steel blades. The hairs are not pulled out, as during hair removal, but are cut cleanly. The device is silent and waterproof.

Intimate parts

In intimate areas, the trimmer helps to model creative haircuts, and just keep these important and sensitive places in neatness. It is important that such devices should be moisture resistant, since the procedure is often accompanied by a shower. It is advisable for them to have both a narrow and a wide working head for performing various functions. The skin is treated against hair growth, missed hairs are removed with a narrow nozzle.

Care and lubrication

For a long and trouble-free use of the trimmer, it should be carefully looked after:

  • after each use, clean hair by removing the plastic nozzle,
  • sweep with a brush the bristles adhering to the head,
  • rinse under running water,
  • lubricate the blades with oil (if required).

The trimmer must be washed

Rating of the best manufacturers

Professionals and advanced consumers are well aware of the best brands of trimmers:

  • Remington is an American manufacturer with excellent shaving quality,
  • "Philips" - produces the widest line of trimmers,
  • "Braun" is a German manufacturer with high-quality devices for both salon and individual use.

Trimmers and such brands as:

Barbs and mustaches are now in fashion, but they require careful daily care. Significantly ease it and save money and time will help the device - trimmer. It is lightweight, compact and comes with various nozzles to perform various functions.

Watch the video: Best Beard Trimmers in 2019 (March 2020).

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