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These folk remedies will cure varicocele at home without surgery.

Varicocele is the appearance of vein expansion on the testis and spermatic cord.

This is such a peculiar "varicose" testicle, when the varicose veins, often found on the legs, appear on the testicle of a man.

There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of varicocele: this includes genetic characteristics, anatomical factors, physical activity, obesity, etc.

There is still a lot of controversy surrounding this disease: many doctors claim that there is a connection between varicocele and male infertility.

Nevertheless, there were cases when even surgical intervention to get rid of varicocele did not save a man from infertility and, moreover, sperm quality deteriorated. However, in most cases, it happens that microsurgical intervention eliminates not only varicocele, but also the problems associated with the disease - pain and infertility.

There are several degrees of varicocele:

  • At 1 degree it is impossible to independently determine the varicocele - the disease is detected only by a urologist through special studies and diagnostics.
  • At 2 degrees bloated veins in the scrotum and groin area are already felt at a certain position of the man's body.
  • At 3 degrees varicocele can be seen with the naked eye the characteristic signs of the disease.

Depending on the stage of varicocele, the need for surgery also changes: with grade 3 varicocele, surgery is absolutely necessary - only this method will save the man from pain. With 2 degrees of pain, it may not be, but you should be guided by the recommendations of a doctor and follow your interests - if you want to conceive children without problems in the future. At the 1st degree of varicocele, microsurgical intervention is not required.

In uncomplicated cases, it is possible to treat varicocele without surgery with conservative methods that are not accepted in medicine: this is achieved by taking homeopathic medicines and folk remedies, and performing special physical exercises. These agents are also good for prevention and therapy.

Drug support for a man’s body is necessary for any degree of varicocele, both on the eve of the operation and after it.

With varicocele, tissue hypoxia is observed, therefore, it is necessary to take anticoagulants with vitamins A, E, C. In addition, treatment with antioxidants, vitamax plus C, three-plus plus, itriovit will be of great help.

You can not do without medications that help improve blood microcirculation: taking pentoxifylline, orbiflex, agapurin and trental will help with this.

If a man has an initial stage of varicocele (1 or 2 degree), then a reception is desirable venoprotectors: treatment with detralex, escusan, gingcobiloba drugs will be effective.

It is advisable to take all of the above medicines two weeks before the operation of varicocele and within three months after surgery. Ultrasound and sperm analysis will help to monitor the patient's condition while taking these drugs.

Key questions about varicocele and how to treat it

  • Is it possible to cure varicocele without surgery at home? Yes, it is possible if a man has an unreleased form of varicocele, that is, there are no indications for surgical intervention.
  • Is it possible to cure varicocele with homeopathic remedies? Yes, it is possible, however, it should be remembered that such treatment is effective only for the early non-started stages of varicocele. The stronger the symptoms of varicocele appear, the lower the possible effectiveness of treatment with homeopathy.
  • Is it possible to cure varicocele 3 degrees without surgery? No. With this degree of varicocele, only surgery will help.
  • How to find out if varicocele can be cured without surgery? It is best to contact a urologist and andrologist. Doctors of these specialties will help determine the exact degree of varicocele in the patient and recommend the necessary treatment.

How to treat varicocele at home: the main alternative methods of treating varicocele at home

Many sufferers of varicocele wonder: how to treat varicocele at home?

The easiest way to organize home treatment for varicocele is folk remedies. This method of treatment is suitable only for those who have varicocele stage and do not have indications for the operation.

Treatment of varicocele with folk remedies is also suitable for children suffering from this ailment, since most often varicocele at an early age is characterized by pathologies of the first degree. Folk remedies for treating varicocele include decoctions of herbs that need to be taken orally, as well as compresses and baths for external use.

The most effective and proven folk recipes can be considered the following:

  • Apple infusion: Antonovka is best for infusion. We take three fresh apples, wash, brew in an enameled bowl and insist for about three hours. After this, the infusion needs to be filtered and taken the received product at 50 grams in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
  • Infusion of a mixture of herbs: in equal proportions, a mixture of chamomile, willow bark, chestnut, raspberry root and yarrow is mixed and poured with half a liter of boiling water. Insist during the day, then take 150 grams twice a day.
  • Compress: you need to mix a little fresh chopped wormwood leaves with one spoon of sour cream. Rub the resulting mixture into gauze, then apply it to the area with varicocele. The compress must be repeated for five consecutive days, then we rest for three days, after which we repeat the procedure again.
  • Bath: you need to make a special decoction, which includes a branch of oak, chestnut and willow. Components in total should weigh somewhere a pound. The mixture is boiled for about half an hour. Then you need to add marshmallow cinnamon, chamomile and a string - each ingredient is 200 grams. Separately, you need to steam three loaves of bread (necessarily rye). You need to take a bath for half an hour at a temperature of no higher than 40 degrees.

Is it possible to treat varicocele without surgery at home

Varicose veins of the spermatic cord are manifested due to stagnation of blood, while the veins swell and acquire a bluish tint. The disease is common: every 6 men hears a diagnosis of varicocele 1 time in life, and every third man twice, because after surgery there is a chance of re-development. The disease requires emergency treatment, neglected forms provoke complications, namely disturbances in the blood supply to the scrotum, poor quality of seminal fluid, and blockage of the blood vessels of the heart.

You can treat the disease at home only at stages 1-2 of development. The danger is that it is quite difficult to identify the initial progress of the disease. At the first stage, changes in blood circulation can be diagnosed using an ultrasound scanner, a man at this moment does not complain about any changes.

It is impossible to identify varicocele at the 1st stage of progress independently. Do not neglect the need to visit a urologist 2 times a year.

In the second stage of varicocele, slight pain in the scrotum is observed, the veins expand, but the change still does not cause acute discomfort to the patient. The pain intensifies in a standing position and during movement. At this stage, the cycle of the development of the disease often stops and without prerequisites for further development does not progress.

It is possible to carry out treatment at home with unilateral varicocele. Doctors report that the bilateral process is characterized by a sharp course and is often associated with various complications. Rejection of the operation should be considered. The urologist will explain to the patient the possible consequences of non-surgical therapy. Treatment at home should include the action of several healing techniques:

  • taking medications prescribed by a doctor,
  • the use of traditional medicine,
  • physiotherapy,
  • preventive and therapeutic massage.

The patient must remember that treatment at home is long. As a rule, a full recovery can be achieved within a year.

Is it possible and how to treat varicocele without surgery: treatment of varicocele with homeopathy

Another way to treat varicocele without surgery is to treat the disease with homeopathy. Homeopathic preparations have medicinal properties and, with a degree of varicocele, will help to avoid endoscopic (laparoscopic) and other other surgical interventions.

The practice of treating homeopathy is often not recognized as a medical procedure, highlighting it separately. The use of homeopathic remedies is indicated in the absence of pain in the scrotum in a man or child.

The main elements that make up homeopathic remedies are plants (leaves, flowers, roots) and products of animal origin. Homeopathy is a good way to maintain the immune system before and after surgery, if such an operation is necessary.

Features of treatment at home

In determining the appropriate exposure regimen, factors that triggered it and the intensity of the symptoms should be considered. The patient is recommended medication. To increase the effectiveness of treatment, a course of exercise therapy, a diet is necessary. If the patient's condition remains unchanged for a month or systematically worsens, it is worth abandoning home therapy in favor of radical methods. Adequate treatment will prevent serious problems such as male infertility.

The andrologist or urologist recommends the following drug regimen to the patient:

  1. Reception of venoprotectors. With varicocele, Detralex, Troxevasin can be prescribed.
  2. Trental is used to restore blood circulation.
  3. Use of drugs externally: Triovit, Antiox.
  4. Anticoagulants are used to reduce blood coagulation.
  5. Reception of vitamin complexes containing zinc, selenium, vitamin A, E, C.

To prevent further progress, a supportive suspension is used. Often it is enough for men to wear tight, tight underwear.

The course of therapy should be worked out by the attending physician. Self-medication with varicocele is unacceptable. The selection of adequate treatment methods is carried out after a full diagnosis. If the effect of home treatment is not visible, doctors recommend considering the possibility of surgery.

Non-surgical treatment of varicocele: exercise, sclerotherapy and testicular massage for varicocele

If it is possible to treat the disease in question without surgery, then special physical exercises and testicular massage with varicocele will become a good method.

Such exercises are aimed at stimulating the cleansing of the veins and contribute to the outflow of blood from the venous plexus.

As a result of proper physical exertion, varicocele

The exercises are as follows:

  • You need to stand stretching on your toes for a couple of centimeters from the floor, then abruptly return to the starting position. After repetitions, rest for about ten seconds, then repeat. You need to perform the exercise calmly, without rushing. In total, three sessions in a row are required, and no more than 60 of these exercises per day.
  • Testicular massage with varicocele is a fairly effective method for stages 1 and 2 of the disease. A man (or child) should lie on his back and slightly raise his pelvis so that a natural outflow of venous blood from the spermatic cord occurs. Massage movements need not be done very strongly: you can not cause pain and discomfort when touching the testicles. Excessive pressure often leads to additional problems (for example, fever). It is best to use the special testicular massage service for varicocele in the clinic.

Also, non-surgical treatment of varicocele is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy of varicocele is a special procedure when special substances are introduced into the testicular vein under the influence of anesthesia, which contribute to the outflow of blood from the testicle with varicocele. Sclerotherapy is indicated for patients who, for one reason or another, cannot undergo surgery: for example, if there are chronic diseases, a high risk of complications, the presence of a hernia, the poor condition of the immune system, etc.

Embolization is another non-surgical treatment for varicocele under local anesthesia. A special spiral is inserted into the testicular vein on the left side, which prevents the expansion of veins. After the procedure, the risk of recurrence of the disease and dropsy of the testicle is quite low.

Varicocele: treatment without surgery

Varkocele is a disease associated with a malfunction of the testicular vein, which is responsible for the blood supply to the testicles. With excessive blood flow and slow outflow, the vein strains, its walls are stretched and deformed. Most often, left-sided varicocele is observed, the right testicle is affected much less often.

In some cases, the right-sided form is possible. Over time, the affected testicle decreases in size, the scrotum sags, the patient experiences pain and discomfort. Some urologists believe that the advanced form of varicocele can cause male infertility.

At the beginning of the disease, the symptoms are practically absent. With a rush of blood, dull or pulling pain is possible, with a nerve infringement, it becomes sharp, but quickly disappears.

If you find disturbing symptoms, you need to see a doctor.

The patient is examined, a spermogram is prescribed, testicle measurements are performed.

At the first or second stage, the doctor does not recommend radical intervention.

Usually, the patient is prescribed maintenance drugs, a therapeutic diet, strengthening gymnastics. It is necessary to undergo an examination every six months and take tests.

With an exacerbation of the disease, surgery may be necessary, but if the patient's condition does not worsen, he can successfully continue drug therapy.

Further on how to treat varicocele without surgery?

The basics of non-surgical therapy

When choosing a treatment regimen for varicocele in men without surgery, many factors are taken into account, among which the causes of the onset of the disease and the severity of symptoms occupy the most important place. If the patient does not experience pain, it will be enough for medical treatment and wearing a special dressing with a supportive effect.

If the symptoms are severe, the patient complains of constant pain, other therapeutic methods are added to the drugs: therapeutic exercises, massage, aromatherapy, taking vitamin complexes, as well as compliance with certain preventive measures that impede the progression of varicocele. In parallel, it is allowed to use folk remedies.

Medication for the expansion of veins

Medications for treating varicocele will ineffective if the disease is in 3 or 4 stages of development. In these cases, only surgery can help. But taking medications can increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

In the early stages, the following drugs are usually prescribed:

Venotonics and venoprotectors: ointments Phlebodia, Venoton, Troxevasin, as well as Ginkor Forte or Detralex tablets. They improve capillary blood flow, strengthen the walls of venous vessels, relieve swelling and eliminate blood stasis.

Ointments are applied twice a day to the affected testicle and inguinal region.Apply the ointment by rubbing it for about 2-3 minutes. Perform these procedures for 1.5-2 months. If this period was not enough, the treatment is repeated.

Tablets should be taken 2 times a day, during the meal. After a week, the dosage is reduced. The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician.

Antioxidants: Triovit, Antiox, vitamins C, E, A, grape berry extract. These drugs increase the oxygen saturation of the tissues of the testes, improving the general condition of the venous vessels.

The doctor determines the antioxidant regimen, but usually they are taken one tablet twice a day with meals, washed down with clean water.

Blood circulation improving drugs: Trental, Agapurin, Pentoxifylline, Arbiflex. These funds contribute to increased blood microcirculation, increase vascular tone, and reduce blood viscosity.

These drugs are prescribed in courses of several weeks. Take them 1-2 tablets three times a day, for several weeks, depending on the course of the disease.

Some medications help normalize sperm production., which is especially important with a disease such as varicocele, which often leads to male infertility.

What is Varicocele

Varicose veins or simply - varicose veins, causes the expansion of veins, which are formed due to stagnation of blood. Veins swell under the skin and take on a bluish appearance.

Men are diagnosed two types of varicose veins, one of them affects the lower limbs, the other develops in the spermatic cord.

The last type of disease is called - varicocele. Every sixth man of a predominantly young age suffers from this ailment; often the disease begins to progress in adolescence during puberty.

The disease requires immediate treatment. The neglected form can cause serious complications.such as circulatory disorders, blood clots. Broken blood clots clog the vessels of the heart and lungs and can cause death.

The causes of the disease are different. In most cases, the disease is genetically determined. Weak vessels, high blood pressure in the vessels, load on the muscles of the peritoneum, chronic constipation - this is far from an incomplete list of factors that contribute to the development of the disease.

Symptoms of varicocele occur gradually. The disease goes through four stages:

  1. At the first stage the disease manifests itself weakly, no defects in the venous system are palpable, they can only be visualized using ultrasound or other diagnostic equipment.
  2. In the second stage the expansion of veins is already beginning to be felt, but only in an upright position.
  3. In the third stage venous disturbance can be determined in both vertical and horizontal position.
  4. In the fourth stage the defect is visible by visual examination.

The disease does not always go through the full cycle of development from the first to the last stage. As a rule, after reaching any stage it is not further aggravated.

Varicocele is easily diagnosed. Most often, it develops on the left testicle in the form of a noticeable enlargement. It is extremely rare, but it is still possible to develop a disease on the right testicle or on both sides.

Disease negatively affects sperm formation, since the dilated veins disrupt thermoregulation, the temperature in the affected area rises and interferes with normal sperm synthesis. Even when one testicle is affected, sperm production decreases in both testicles.


Performing special exercises with varicocele can have a positive effect for stopping the development of the disease. The following exercises are recommended:

  • Stand on your toes, hold out in this state for 20 seconds, then sharply lower the heels to the floor. You need to perform 30 times, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat again. This exercise must be performed 5-10 times a day.
  • Stand straight, put your legs together. Then you have to slowly bend until your hands reach the floor. After that, you just need to slowly return to the upright position, take a deep breath, stand on your heels and exhale. Repeat three times a day.

These exercises are positive affect the tone of the venous vessels, especially in the groin area. Gymnastics will help improve blood circulation, give the vessels elasticity, and eliminate stagnant processes.

Varicocele Treatment

In most cases, in order to recover from varicocele, surgery will be required. This is the most effective method. But in some cases, you can do without surgery.

Important! Treatment of varicocele in men without surgery is possible only at the initial and in some cases at the second stage of the development of the disease.

The third stage of the disease can only be cured surgically. But in the postoperative period, taking medications will be necessary, with the help of medications you can avoid complications and accelerate the adaptation of the body after surgery.

Testicular massage and aromatherapy

Pretty an effective way to improve the condition with varicocele is testicular massage. It is used at stage 2 or 3 of the disease. It is carried out as follows: you need to lie on a hard surface and raise the pelvic area. This posture will improve the outflow of blood from the venous veins that come from the testes.

After adopting this position, it is necessary to gently massage the affected testicle and the inguinal zone around it. It is not necessary to press hard, but too light massage will not bring any effect.

Aromatherapy in some cases can alleviate the condition with varicocele, improve venous tone, have a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system. It is recommended to use aromatic oils from plants such as cypress, lemon, tea tree, lime, juniper, sandalwood, lemon balm. Oils are added to aroma lamps or bathtubs.

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Drug treatment

For the treatment of the disease, drugs are prescribed, the administration of which will greatly facilitate the patient's condition. How to treat varicocele without surgery will tell andrologist. The specialist will conduct an examination and prescribe a course of therapy.

Medicines with varicocele have a different direction:

  • Venoprotectors, these include Detralex, Excuzan and Troxevasin.
  • Blood circulation aids: Trental.
  • External means: Lyoton, Venolife, Tromblex.
  • Antioxidants are needed to saturate the blood with oxygen: Triovit, Antiox.
  • Anticoagulants reduce blood coagulation.
  • Vitamin complex to stimulate spermatogenesis. In this case, vitamins A, E, C will be useful, as well as minerals - zinc and selenium.

Detralex includes flavonoids. Detralex with varicocele eliminates edema and relieves pain. The course of treatment can be long - from several months to a year. It depends on the severity of the disease.

Excuzan sold in the form of tablets and drops. It is based on vitamin B1. The drug is made from natural ingredients, safe for health. Aescusan with varicocele is effective only at the initial stage. The course of treatment lasts from one month to two.

Troxevasin can be in tablets, and in the form of ointment. It has a tonic effect and relieves inflammatory processes. In addition, the drug helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Trental with varicocele, it regulates blood circulation, and also improves the consistency of blood, making it less viscous. The drug helps resorption of blood clots.

With varicocele, drug therapy can be supplemented with topical drugs, they have an anti-inflammatory effect and improve metabolism in the tissues. They are applied to inflamed areas with light circular movements.

The therapeutic complex should be developed by a doctor. The urologist and phlebologist are involved in the treatment of varicocele. Self-medication is not worth it, it can cause complications.

Treatment linens for maintenance therapy

How to get rid of varicocele without surgery? Patients who show the initial signs of varicocele are prescribed therapeutic elastic underwear.

Such underwear with varicocele helps to maintain the scrotum in a comfortable position, removes excess load from the veins, improves blood flow, prevents pain.

They are sewn from high-quality knitwear with the addition of modal and elastane, the front part is duplicated by a lining. The laundry is washed daily; it is better to dry it when unfolded, without using heating devices. Proper care will extend the life of the knitwear and not reduce its beneficial properties.

The use of suspensorium for varicocele is also shown.

Folk remedies at home

Many folk remedies are able to improve the state of venous vessels, make them more elastic, thereby preventing the development of varicocele. The most effective folk recipes:

  • Strawberry and birch leaves, dandelion roots, oat straw and clover grass mixed in equal proportions, then a tablespoon of this mixture is poured with three glasses of boiling water. Wait half an hour, strain. Take a quarter cup shortly before meals for a month.
  • A teaspoon horse chestnut peel juice diluted in a tablespoon of water and taken twice a day. You can also purchase a ready-made tincture of horse chestnut at the pharmacy and take it according to the instructions.
  • Tablespoon finely chopped hazel leaves pour boiling water into a glass and let stand for 15 minutes, then drink. This tea is recommended to drink four times a day.
  • Wring out juice from fresh hypericum herb, then mix 50 ml of juice with a glass of boiled milk (it should not be hot). Drink this mixture in the morning before eating for 2 months.
  • White Acacia Flowers crushed to a mushy state, then salt is added, which should be 10 times less in weight than flowers. The ingredients are stirred and left for half an hour. After this, you need to take gauze, put the mixture there and attach it to the diseased testicle. This procedure should be performed once a day for a week, after half a month repeat the course.

More on the topic - is it possible to cure varicocele without surgery and how effective it is - see the video:

Massage treatment

Testicular massage with varicocele is an effective tool. With the help of massage actions you can prevent swelling, soften swollen veins.

In order for the massage to give the desired results, certain rules should be followed when performing it:

  • the procedure is carried out in a prone position, it is better to be placed on a hard surface,
  • put a small pillow under the pelvic area, the body should be slightly raised, this will improve the outflow of blood,
  • the duration of the massage should not exceed 10 minutes,
  • testicular massage is done with light circular movements, slightly increasing the intensity, the duration of the procedure is about 5 minutes,
  • during the procedure, pain should not occur,
  • massage should be carried out not only on the testicles, it is necessary to touch the perineum and lower abdomen to activate full blood circulation, therefore, after massage the testicles go to nearby areas and massage them for about five minutes.

Important! After the massage, the skin may turn red, which is considered normal and is not harmful to health.

At the initial stage, massage can prevent the further development of the disease and even completely cure a person. The procedure can be done twice a day: in the morning and before bedtime.

Gymnastics for prevention

In the case of varicocele in men, treatment without surgery involves the use of special exercises and maintaining an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle can solve the problem of blood stagnation.. With varicocele of the first degree, the patient can engage in any kind of sports, at later stages it is better to limit yourself to moderate loads without overvoltage. Useful morning jogging, walking in the fresh air, swimming, breathing exercises.

  1. To improve blood circulation and strengthen immunity, morning exercises are useful, which can include stretching exercises and simple yoga asanas.
  2. Perform swings with straight and bent legs in a prone position, do tilts forward and backward, left and right.
  3. End the warm-up by rotating the pelvis first clockwise, and then against it.
  4. Lying on your back, make movements that simulate riding a bicycle.
  5. Lift the pelvis, holding in this position for 10-15 seconds. Tilt your knees bent and standing on the floor to the right and left without turning the body.
  6. Each exercise is performed 10-20 times at a calm pace, without holding your breath.
  7. Very useful yoga pose of a snake:
    • lying on your stomach, lift your upper body, holding on straightened arms,
    • fix the pose for 0 seconds, then lower yourself to the floor and relax,
    • a more complex option is the Planck pose. With her, the body is held in weight, focusing on the socks of the legs and arms, bent at the elbows. The back is straight, the pose is fixed for 10-30 seconds.

Further on how to treat varicocele at home and whether it is possible to cure varicocele without surgery.

Preventative measures

In order not to think about how to treat varicocele without surgery, to stop the development of the disease and improve the condition, it is recommended to observe the following measures:

    More movements. In some cases, varicocele occurs with a sedentary lifestyle. Daily physical activity will help reduce the risk of complicating the disease.

  • Proper clothes. When varicocele is strictly contraindicated wearing swimming trunks and other underwear, which has a compressive effect on the testicles.
  • Regular sex. They improve blood circulation in the genitals, contribute to the outflow of blood and normalize the state of venous vessels. With varicocele, it is extremely dangerous to practice interrupted sexual acts and other methods of delaying ejaculation.
  • Compliance with these preventive measures, a balanced diet, as well as smoking cessation and other bad habits will strengthen the body, reduce the pathological processes in the testicles and accelerate recovery.

    Use of medicines

    It is possible to cure varicocele without surgery in the initial stages. Anticoagulants, venotonics and drugs that improve blood microcirculation have a good effect.. Usually, drugs in the form of tablets and capsules are prescribed, the course is calculated individually. Self-medication is unacceptable, medications should be used only under the supervision of the attending physician.

    One of the most effective drugs from the group of venoprotectors is Detralex.

    It contains a combination of diosmin and hesperidin, which strengthen the venous walls and prevent thrombosis.

    Other venotonics have a similar effect, for example, Excusan and Gingo Biloba.

    Anticoagulants are used to thin the blood and prevent thrombosis. In the initial stages of varicocele, complexes with vitamins C, A and E, Antiox, Itriovit, Obriflex, Trental are prescribed.

    Many patients prefer gemopathic drugs. They improve blood flow, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, prevent adhesions and blood clots, and remove small swelling.

    Varicocele: home treatment

    Testicular varicocele - treatment at home, consider a few examples:

    1. With an initial and moderate degree of varicocele, baths, compresses, decoctions and teas will help ease the patient's condition.They improve blood circulation, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, accelerate the outflow of lymph, relieve pain and heaviness.
    2. For treatment, medicinal herbs with antibacterial, venotonic, emollient, tonic effect are widely used. Traditional healers most often use a pharmacy chamomile, calendula, highlander, succession, yarrow, wormwood, oak and willow bark, roots and raspberry leaves.
    3. Compresses from fresh wormwood will help reduce swelling and relieve pain.. 1 tbsp. a spoonful of crushed raw materials is mixed with the same amount of sour cream or natural yogurt. The mixture is applied to the affected testicle and covered with a flap of cotton fabric. The compress should be kept for about half an hour, repeating the procedure for 5 days in a row.
    4. Herbal decoctions that strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve blood flow are useful.. Pharmacy chamomile, yarrow, raspberry, willow and chestnut bark, taken in equal proportions, are mixed in a separate container. 1.5 tbsp. tablespoons of the mixture is poured with 2 glasses of boiling water and infused under a lid or in a thermos for 8-10 hours. The finished infusion is filtered and drunk in two doses before meals. The treatment lasts 7 days, a new infusion is brewed the day before.

    Vitamin tea will help strengthen the body's defenses.

    Combine mint, lemon balm, pharmacy chamomile, currant and raspberry leaves.

    Brew a handful of raw materials with a liter of boiling water, add 1 tbsp. spoon of hawthorn and rose hips.

    Insist the mixture in a thermos for 1 hour, strain, add 1-2 teaspoons of liquid honey. Infusion is drunk warm or cold instead of regular tea.

  • A warm bath is used to relieve pain and reduce discomfort.. The branches of willow, chestnut and oak are chopped and poured with boiling water and heated for 20-30 minutes. A handful of succession, pharmacy chamomile and gingerbread cough is added to the broth. The infusion is heated for another 5 minutes, filtered and added to the basin with a small amount of warm water. There, the rye bread steamed in a separate container (1 loaf) is laid out. The bath lasts 10-15 minutes, it is done before bedtime for 7-10 days.
  • Cool baths with chamomile or calendula help relieve swelling and pain. A handful of dried or fresh raw materials is poured with 2 liters of boiling water and insisted in a thermos for 2-3 hours. The infusion is filtered and poured into the pelvis. Water temperature - 25-30 degrees.

    You can read more about traditional methods of treating the disease here.

    A must-have supplement to home treatment - a balanced diet.

    1. The patient is not recommended too sharp, fatty, heavy dishes that make the blood viscous, stimulate the formation of plaques and increase cholesterol.
    2. Prefer dishes based on vegetables, fruits, low-fat poultry, fish, whole grain cereals.
    3. Mandatory refusal of tobacco, which worsens the functioning of blood vessels and increases their fragility.
    4. Alcohol is also harmful, causing a sharp expansion of blood vessels and provoking the development of varicocele.

    We tried to consider as much as possible the question of how to cure varicocele without surgery.

    Home treatment for varicocele can bring many benefits in the early stages of the disease..

    Therapy and non-surgical treatment of varicocele is carried out under the supervision of the attending physician, who will monitor the patient's condition, adjust the course, offer new medicines, and if necessary, advise surgery.

    We hope that this article was useful to you and now you have an idea about how to cure varicocele at home?

    The danger of self-medication

    With varicocele, irreversible processes occur in the testicles. They can be suspended, the patient's condition improved, but in most cases the problem is solved surgically to completely get rid of the disease. The disease should be treated under the strict supervision of a physician. Self-medication is dangerous and can lead to infertility.. If you try to eliminate the disease yourself, valuable time will be lost.

    Urologist-andrologist is involved in the treatment of varicocele, it is to this specialist that you should seek help with the slightest discomfort in the testicles. The andrologist deals with problems associated with testicular function, and he is also responsible for the expansion of veins in these organs. Before starting treatment, you should undergo an examination. The diagnosis should be made only by a doctor.


    Varicocele is one of the main causes of male infertility, it affects about half of the male population. That is why the disease should be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. With the developed disease, it will be impossible to restore the vessels in a non-surgical way.

    The sooner treatment is started, the higher the chance of a full recovery.

    When can I refuse an operation?

    At stages 1-2, serious violations are not observed, therefore, the situation can be corrected without surgical intervention

    It is quite possible to cure a varicocele without surgery. Doctors give preference to conservative methods of therapy when the disease proceeds in stages 1-2. At these stages, serious violations are not observed, therefore, the situation can be corrected without surgical intervention.

    Also conservative methods of treatment of varicocele are used if the patient has contraindications for the operation. It can be inflammatory diseases of the male genital organs, past strokes and heart attacks, and so on.

    When selecting a therapeutic regimen, the attending physician takes into account many factors: the degree of development of varicocele, the severity of the clinical picture, the presence of concomitant pathologists. If a man is not tormented by painful sensations, then coping with the disease will be enough with the help of drugs and wearing a special supportive dressing.

    If the patient complains of discomfort, pain in the scrotum and other unpleasant symptoms, then the doctor prescribes a comprehensive treatment. It includes taking medication, therapeutic exercises, massage, wearing a bandage and the use of non-traditional therapies. Only in the aggregate, these methods can cope with the disease, avoiding varicocelectomy.

    Home treatment: in what cases and by what methods can this be done?

    To choose the right treatment method, first of all, additional diagnostics are needed. If it was found that the general hormonal background is disturbed, but the patient does not complain of pain, then drug treatment may be enough. In this case, you need to monitor the spermogram.

    Usually, no surgery at an early stage. The patient usually recommend wearing a suspension, that is, a special supporting dressing. Also, treatment involves the use of folk remedies for varicocell.

    Alternative recipes for the treatment of varicocele at home

    Non-surgical methods of exposure are effective in the early stages of pathological progress. Folk remedies are often used to prevent the development or relapse of the disease in men who belong to a risk group.

    Folk techniques operate as follows:

    • relieve pain
    • eliminates the feeling of heaviness,
    • restore blood flow
    • remove swelling
    • strengthen the venous wall and prevent microcracks.

    For the treatment of male disease, phytotherapists recommend the use of such plants and herbs:

    • prickly needle
    • horse chestnut
    • yarrow
    • drug root
    • oak bark
    • willow bark
    • St. John's wort
    • laurel
    • calendula.

    The listed components have a painkiller, venotonic and anticoagulant effect. On the basis of herbs, infusions and decoctions for oral administration are prepared or used for sitz baths.

    Traditional medicine can provoke the appearance of adverse reactions: nausea, vomiting, dizziness. Such symptoms require discontinuation of drugs. When taken, the patient may experience allergic reactions.

    You need to prepare medicinal infusions according to popular recipes:

    1. Horse chestnut infusion. To prepare it, you will need the peel of the fetus and boiling water. Peel and peel 1 tbsp. l of raw water. The tool is insisted for 2 hours and consumed in a tablespoon 3 times a day. Horse chestnut infusion can be bought at the pharmacy.
    2. Milk and St. John's wort. From the leaves and stems of St. John's wort squeeze the juice using a garlic press. To prepare one portion of the solution requires 50 ml. St. John's wort juice is added to cold milk and the composition is insisted 10 minutes before ingestion. The duration of the course is 2 weeks.
    3. A decoction of oak bark. To prepare the medicine, 50 grams of dry extract is required. The composition is poured into 500 ml of water and boiled. After the tool is languishing in a steam bath for 1 hour. The composition is filtered and taken, diluting 50 ml of the concentrate in 200 ml of warm water. Duration of admission is 1 month.

    Medicinal herbs are also used externally in the form of compresses and lotions. Locally, you can use compresses of wormwood mixed with sour cream in a 1: 1 ratio. The mixture is left on the affected area for 30 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

    Massage, aromatherapy

    Testicular massage is recommended to be done daily after performing a complex of therapeutic exercises. The patient lies on his back and rubs the testicles, with light circular movements, gradually increasing the pressure force. Movements are made only clockwise and extend not only to the testicles, but also to the perineum. The duration of exposure is 5-7 minutes. After rubbing, heat is felt at the site of exposure, the skin turns red, but the reaction is eliminated after 20 minutes. The procedure is performed daily.

    The appearance of severe pain, burning or discomfort during the treatment indicates a violation of the massage technique. The patient needs to see an andrologist.

    Aromatherapy will help improve the well-being of the patient and reduce the intensity of the expression of symptoms with varicose veins. Subject to the scheme of phytoprocedure, the technique allows you to increase the tone of the veins and restore the strength of the vascular wall. The method is also considered as a prophylactic agent that positively affects the state of the cardiovascular system. Sandalwood, lemon balm, peppermint, almond and lime oils can be added to aroma lamps and bathtubs.

    How to cure varicocella without surgery with medication?

    Today there is no drug treatment for varicocele that is 100% effective. However, during research positive effects of antioxidants have been confirmed. It became known that they increase the level of active oxygen in the tissues of the testicles. This method of treatment is still experimental.

    It's believed that drug treatment stimulates spermatogenesis. For this purpose, vitamin complexes, dietary supplements, which include zinc and selenium, are prescribed. Also, in some cases, hormonal drugs are recommended.

    It is worth noting that in the treatment of children and adolescents, it is most often used medication, which turns out to be very effective in this case.

    Find out what oligospermia is, you might want to check with a doctor.

    If there is a suspicion of chronic candidal balanoposthitis, then here you can read about this disease.


    The appearance of the disease is most often due to the presence of a defect in the valves of the veins of the spermatic cord, which is inherited. In addition, the secondary form may develop due to pathologies of the kidneys. For this reason, it is worthwhile to take good care of your health and visit a doctor.

    So that the blood does not stagnate in the pelvis, you need to monitor the regularity of the stool, exercise and have sex. It is not recommended to abuse alcohol and spicy foods. Also, do not visit the bathhouse too often. Underwear should be elastic, but not tight.

    Many urologists consider surgery a real way to cure varicocele. In fact non-surgical treatment is also often effective. To choose the appropriate method, the doctor must take into account the patient's age, his individual characteristics, as well as the degree of the disease.

    Methods of minimally invasive therapy

    It will be possible to cure varicocele without surgery using sclerotherapy. This is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of this pathology. The technique was first described in the late 70s of the last century. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

    The specialist introduces a thin catheter intended for angiography into a vein. After this, an X-ray machine is installed, under the control of which a contrast agent is injected into the left renal vein. It quickly spreads through the circulatory system of the pelvis, due to which the specialist finds places of expansion.

    Using such preparatory procedures, it is possible to create a special x-ray map that indicates the foci of varicose veins in the groin in men. After this, the specialist lowers the catheter to the inner inguinal ring, through which the steel balls are inserted. They inhibit further blood flow in the veins.

    At the end of the event, the specialist installs a pressure bandage at the site of the puncture of the vein, with massive intervention, suturing is indicated. After this, the patient remains in the hospital for several hours: the doctor monitors the condition of the body, adjusts the treatment regimen.

    After this time, a person can go home. At the same time, he is forbidden to lift weights, bend over, have sex. However, in a week he can return to his usual way of life.

    Among the advantages of sclerotherapy include:

    1. Small recovery period,
    2. Low relapse rate,
    3. Allows you to stop the development of infertility,
    4. Does not cause hydrocele - the accumulation of fluid in the testicles,
    5. For 1 session, you can get rid of bilateral varicocele,
    6. The operation does not require general anesthesia.

    Methods of alternative treatment

    Traditional medicine will help you treat varicocele without surgery only if certain restrictions are observed. There are a huge number of different recipes with which you can quickly get rid of varicose veins in the testes. Such therapy is acceptable for use in both adults and children.

    The effectiveness of this method of treatment will only be when using it in the initial stages of the disease. Its essence lies in the use of various infusions, decoctions, compresses, baths based on natural ingredients.

    The following recipes showed the greatest effectiveness against varicocele:

    • Apple infusion is one of the most common components in the treatment of varicocele. Take 3 apples, peel them from the skins and seeds, then place in enameled dishes and pour a liter of water. Insist the medicine for three hours, then strain and take 50 ml immediately after waking up.
    • Herbal infusion - in equal proportions mix chamomile, chestnut leaves, raspberry root, willow bark, yarrow. 50 grams of the mixture pour half a liter of boiling water. Leave the resulting broth for 24 hours so that it can be infused. Take the medicine 150 ml twice a day for a month.
    • Healing baths - prepare a decoction of oak, willow and chestnut branches. Take 0.5 mixture, then fill with a liter of water and boil for an hour. After this, add 200 grams of chamomile, string and dried marshmallow to the pan. Also take 3 small loaves of brown bread to boil with boiling water. Pour the resulting broth into the bathroom and take it for half an hour.
    • Hypericum infusion - thoroughly chop this herb, then mix with olive oil in a ratio of 1/10.After that, heat the resulting product in a water bath, keep it there for 3 hours. After that, remove the medicine and leave to insist for 8 hours. After this time, strain the infusion, lubricate the testicles with it every day.
    • Wormwood compress - mash a handful of flowers and leaves of this plant, then fill them with a small amount of kefir to obtain a viscous mass. Carefully move the product, distribute it with a thin layer in several layers of gauze. Apply the resulting compress to the dilated veins on the testicles. Repeat the procedure twice a day for a week.


    Aromatherapy is an ancient method of treating many diseases. However, he is starting to gain his popularity only now. Keep in mind that treatment of varicocele with aromatherapy can be ineffective, because the effectiveness of this method of treatment is not yet fully proven. Despite this, you can still try aromatherapy.

    Many experts recommend using the following essential oils for the treatment of this pathology: cypress, lime, tea tree, juniper, arborvitae, roses and mint. You can add these essential oils to the bath, take a shower with them, use during massage.

    Keep in mind that such therapy can only show results if it is started at the initial stages of the pathology. It is best to use aromatherapy in a complex - so you will achieve the most positive result in treatment.


    Massage - effectively a tool that allows you to get rid of varicocele without surgery as soon as possible. Such procedures contribute to the restoration of blood circulation in the testicles, prevent the swelling of blood vessels and the development of edema.

    Also, this procedure contributes to more healing and normalization of metabolic processes. Be sure to consult a doctor who will tell you how best to carry out massage movements.

    Lie on the floor, put a roller or pillow under the basin to lift it. This position of the body increases the outflow of blood, restores blood circulation. The duration of the procedure on average should be 7-10 minutes, longer sessions are not recommended. At the very beginning of the massage, rub the testicles with light movements, while categorically it is impossible to make the pain appear.

    Gradually move to the crotch area, increase the intensity of massage movements. Constantly monitor your well-being, in case of discomfort immediately stop the procedure.


    Physical therapy for varicocele allows you to quickly solve the problem with impaired blood circulation. If in the initial stages you begin to perform exercises, then such a violation will quickly recede. On average, several months of regular classes are enough to quickly defeat the pathology.

    Therapeutic exercises are based on the following exercises:

    • Swinging legs - an exercise that allows you to quickly disperse blood in the pelvic area. They also contribute to improving the tone of the abdominal press, which increases the outflow of blood. Lie on your back, spread your legs to the side, continue until you do 10 approaches.
    • A bicycle is a standard and well-known exercise that improves blood circulation in the lower extremities.
    • Rotation of the pelvis - helps to establish blood circulation in a short time, also improves reproductive ability and prevents stagnation.
    • The plank is a simple exercise that helps to drain blood from the lower extremities. It helps to establish metabolic processes in the pelvis. Also, with the help of the strap you can improve the condition of the spine and abdominals. Try to stand on the bar for 30 seconds, gradually increasing the treatment time to 5 minutes. With the appearance of painful sensations, it is best to refuse such exercises.
    • Squats - one of the most effective exercises, with which you can quickly get rid of congestion. It also helps to strengthen the muscles of the lower extremities, which favorably affects the elasticity of blood vessels. Regular performance of squats prevents the development of adenoma of the prostate and prostatitis.

    Leech Treatment

    Hirudotherapy is an ancient method of treating many diseases. With the help of leeches, it is possible to quickly get rid of varicocele. It is very important to carry out this therapy under the supervision of the attending physician. The use of these organisms helps to reduce soreness, improve blood flow, and get rid of inflammation.

    During the procedure, the specialist installs leeches on the navel and tailbone. In this case, 3-5 pieces are applied immediately. On average, the duration of the procedure takes 1 hour. During this time, leeches absorb toxins, toxins and free radicals from the body. This greatly increases his ability to fight against pathology.

    To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to carry out 10-15 procedures. Hirudotherapy is not prescribed for men who suffer from anemia, poor blood coagulation, in the presence of allergic reactions and acute inflammatory processes.

    We strongly recommend that you consult with your doctor before conducting such therapy.. If carried out incorrectly, it can cause serious side effects.

    Additional recommendations

    Varicocele is a serious disease that has a fairly high tendency to relapse. Because of this, a man who suffers from pathology is required to constantly adhere to certain restrictions. Try to follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of subsequent expansion of the veins in the testes.

    The most effective preventive recommendations include:

    1. Wearing comfortable and fitting underwear made from natural fabrics. Tight panties break the bloodstream, causing the veins to expand. For this reason, you should refuse to wear tight-fitting pants.
    2. Maintaining an active lifestyle - try to exercise every day, regularly walk in the fresh air.
    3. Dress according to the weather - severe hypothermia can provoke the rapid development of this pathology.
    4. After prolonged sedentary work, warm up.
    5. Give up all your bad habits: minimize the amount of alcohol, quit smoking.
    6. Try to eat right: refuse fatty, fried, spicy, smoked and pickled. Give preference to simple foods rich in vitamins.
    7. Get enough sleep - your sleep should be at least 8 hours a day.
    8. Have regular sex - an active sex life has a positive effect on the blood circulation in the pelvis.
    9. If you are obliged to constantly sit at the table on duty, then get up every hour and do a little workout: wave your legs, squat, walk down the floor and stairs.
    10. Drink vitamin complexes - they allow you to establish metabolic processes, increase the body's immune abilities, and minimize the risk of developing any complications.

    Varicocele is a serious urological disease that requires immediate therapeutic action. If treatment is not started in time, the man risks losing his reproductive ability.

    The sooner you start treatment, the higher the chance of getting rid of the disease completely. Men who do not have varicocele should follow preventive measures without fail. This is especially true for those who have a genetic predisposition.

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