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Effective Home Treatment for Prostatitis in Men

Of course, a doctor will make an accurate diagnosis to a man only. But there are symptoms that will help calculate prostatitis earlier and the sooner you start treatment. The most common form of prostatitis in men is chronic. It develops slowly, and all the signs are detected only over time. Among the symptoms of any type of prostatitis, one can distinguish:

  • Discomfort in the groin or penis,
  • Erection disorders
  • Constant going to the toilet.

If you feel worse and the pain increases, this indicates a manifestation of an acute form. And her signs are as follows:

  • Painful toilet trips
  • Groin pain
  • Urinary incontinence,
  • Changes in the general condition of the body for the worse,
  • Temperature rise,
  • Erectile function impairment.

After contacting a doctor, a man should be tested. Promptly resolve this problem will help medication. Their effectiveness will be significantly increased by a variety of home treatment methods.

How to cure prostatitis at home?

There are so many options for how to treat prostatitis at home. For example:

  • Folk remedies
  • Massages
  • Physical exercises
  • Specialized devices for physiotherapy.

All this will help to quickly return to normal strength and overall health. Qualitative treatment of prostatitis in men at home is possible only in cases where the disease is not complicated by anything. Relapses of prostatitis need more effective methods of therapy.

What can folk remedies offer a man?

If a man tries to treat himself at home, taking folk methods as the basis, this will render all possible assistance in alleviating pain, eliminating inflammatory processes, and even normalizing trips to the toilet. Additionally - it will increase the activity of the whole organism and strengthen its resistance to diseases of a bacterial nature.

Hazel Broth

To start treating prostatitis, the bark or leaves of this plant will do. The broth can be done alternately - either from the bark, then from the leaves. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the bark is brewed more time, because it is much tougher.

The recipe is completely uncomplicated. A tablespoon of the ingredient is steamed in a glass of hot water. After you have to wait half an hour and filter. Take a decoction is prescribed in a quarter cup four times a day. And for a new portioned glass, it will be better to take fresh ingredients. It will be enough to drink this broth for one week. This will help speed up home treatment for prostatitis.


Thanks to wormwood, it will not be difficult for a man to cure most ailments, including prostatitis. In this case, the most effective way out will be a treatment consisting of taking dried wormwood and washing the urethra with an appropriate decoction.

About a hundred grams of dried wormwood are needed. It must be grated, then sieved through a sieve. The course lasts about a week. Dry wormwood can be drunk both before and after eating. One pinch needs to be swallowed and washed down with water. Washing and enemas will be most conveniently carried out in the evenings.

And decoctions are made like this: a teaspoon of dry wormwood is poured with a liter of hot water. When it cools down to about forty degrees, it is filtered. For each procedure, you need about fifty milliliters. Enema and washing are carried out using a syringe.

It is necessary to inject sharply into the urethra to ensure good advancement along the canal. For each procedure, the syringe must be separate. As a visual aid, you can find online videos for free.

Pumpkin seeds

Their healing effect is due to the fact that they contain a very large amount of zinc. A man can often complain about a lack of zinc. And this is not surprising, because it ensures the health of the body. For treatment with pumpkin seeds, dried seeds are usually taken. But in no case not fried.

For the entire course of treatment, approximately 0.5 kg of pumpkin seeds will be needed. They must be cleaned from husks and consumed as food. The course should last until these seeds are over. If a man makes such a treatment annually, then there are good chances to reduce the likelihood of exacerbation to zero.

  • Every day, before eating, three dozen seeds should be eaten. But slowly. Chew carefully.
  • Pass the peeled but raw seeds through a blender and add about two hundred grams of honey. It is necessary to mix well, and then roll balls from the resulting mixture, about the size of a walnut. During treatment, before breakfast, lunch and dinner, you need to eat a couple of these balls. But do not swallow them immediately. These balls must be chewed and sucked for at least a couple of minutes.

Treatment with parsley

Parsley is a vitamin treasury. It helps to relieve inflammation and normalizes erectile function. Despite the fact that parsley is very popular in the culinary field, it is still healing greens, since it contains a lot of minerals and other useful elements.

For example, in one hundred grams there is a pair of daily retinol. If we recall ascorbic acid, then it is four times more there than in lemon. Still in parsley there is inulin - organic "insulin". It controls the level of sugar in the blood, and it can also be called the best of the sources of nutrition for intestinal microflora. So, it will be an ideal supplement for drugs prescribed by a doctor.


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  2. You can use different exercises to enlarge the penis.
  3. Using enlargement devices such as an extender.
  4. And, of course, the surgical route is a dangerous operation, but it is 100% working.

A tablespoon of her juice is important to drink three times a day thirty minutes before eating. The seeds of this greenery are no less useful. It is necessary to crush four teaspoons of seeds and pour a glass of hot water, then boil for about fifteen minutes and allow to cool. Drinking one tablespoon of this infusion is desirable five times a day.

Treatment of prostatitis with vegetable juices

To perform a similar home treatment for prostatitis, you will need a juicer and standard foods. For example, vegetables. Under the influence of vegetable fluids, a man activates the excretion of uric acid. Inflammatory processes in the prostate are slowed down, microbes are destroyed. These juices are very effective:

  • Elderberry - before eating half a glass for ten days in a row,
  • Vegetable - six hundred milliliters,
  • Asparagus - half a liter day after day.

Treatment of prostatitis with propolis

For the treatment of prostatitis at home, propolis is used as home-made candles. Make them easy. Ten grams of propolis should be poured with thirty milliliters of alcohol and let it brew for ten days, not forgetting to stir. When the deadline, tincture must be put on gas. The alcohol should evaporate until only a brown liquid remains. After this, add twenty grams of butter and, putting the mixture in a water bath, bring it to uniformity.

From this volume of the mixture, ten candles will be obtained. Each should be wrapped in foil and put in the refrigerator. A man suffering from inflammation of the prostate gland should use such candles for twenty days in treatment. It is advisable to immediately prepare a double portion of the mixture.“Window” - ten days, and after the course it is advisable to repeat.

Massages to treat prostatitis

For the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, experienced doctors advise men to do prostate massage, in addition to medicines for medical purposes. This simple, but very, very effective process can help get rid of chronic prostatitis in any form, including chronic.

Why massages are so effective:

  • Provide outflow of secretion fluid,
  • They enhance the effectiveness of drug treatment,
  • Enhances muscle activity
  • Stabilize the blood flow in the penis,
  • Normalize the sexual function of men.

Massage can be carried out in a rectal way or by affecting the inguinal tissues.

Prostate massage is called the most effective. Access to it opens through the hole of the anus. A man is able to do this massage on his own, can ask a loved one. But it would be better to seek the help of a doctor. The prostate itself is very tender and damaging it is easy.

If you decide to conduct such a massage at home, a man can use special massagers or ask his wife about this sensitive service. If the process will be performed independently for the first time, it is better to search for relevant free videos.

A simplified type of massage is external. A little less productive, but the relief for men is that penetration is not required. It is necessary to finish and make circular gestures in the inguinal region. You can take massagers.

If there are none of them, it is allowed to take something from improvised means. An alternative could be a tennis ball. He is laid on a chair, and a man sits on it and carefully rolls back and forth. A similar procedure can be repeated several times a day. But this massage must be done right in the morning. Enough literally five minutes.

An important point: for such a massage at home to give the desired healing effect and not cause any damage, you must clearly understand where the prostate gland is. All movements must be done very carefully. It is necessary to remember about contraindications.

When you can not do massages:

  • There are stones or a cyst in the prostate
  • There are symptoms of malignant swelling,
  • Acute prostatitis.

Exercises and other treatments for prostatitis

For a disease that occurs due to stagnation, there is no better warning than frequent physical activity. If prostatitis already has a place to be, simple loads on the body will quickly help cure his man. There is no particular need to do them day after day. Enough and three times a week.

It will not be superfluous to go on a short course of specialized healing physical education in the clinic. But most of the workloads can provide effective treatment for prostatitis at home. No extra-large efforts are needed; no special conditions are needed either. But these loads will be an ideal addition to the previously selected treatment, which will quickly and effectively get rid of prostatitis at home.


This exercise is as physically exhausting as it is effective. Squats help stabilize the flow of blood in the pelvic organs, including the prostate. It is advisable to sit a hundred times. But there is no need to do the whole hundred right away. It would be better to divide this number into two or three approaches with short breaks.

If even in this situation a hundred squats is difficult, then it is permissible to start with a much smaller number and increase the load little by little. During the lesson, hands should be raised up, and lowered as low as possible.

What other types of physical activity will help in the treatment process

Squats are far from the only possible exercise option. Supplementing a medical training for a man will help:

  • Leaning on your back, you need to pull your legs to your chest higher, grasp and remain in this position for no longer than twenty minutes,
  • Scissors (crossing legs on weight from a prone position) - twenty repetitions,
  • Put your legs together, sit down for a quarter and in turn push your knees forward - five minutes twice a day,
  • Raising straight legs from a supine position - twenty times.

There are many free videos on the web with similar types of exercises. Additionally, the most common type of load will be the most common walk. It will help stimulate blood circulation in the pelvic area. You need to walk in any event that happens, for example, often walk and stop using the elevator.

Take a warm bath

In order to stimulate blood circulation, a relaxing bath with warm water will be useful to a man from time to time. It should be noted that the water in the bathroom should not be hot, but warm. And you should not relax there for more than fifteen minutes. To enhance the effect and speed up the treatment, instead of water, you can type in herbal decoctions.

a very important point: in no case should you take a bath if the body temperature is elevated - this will only worsen the condition.

Specialized devices that can help treat prostatitis

The general development of the medical sphere has led to the fact that many devices have been created to provide feasible assistance in the treatment of prostate ailments. Through them, it is possible to overcome prostatitis with great success at home. They stimulate the prostate, stabilize blood flow, and thereby eliminate stagnation.

These all kinds of devices are divided into:

  • Vibrating,
  • Laser
  • Magnetic
  • Using alternating current.

Each of the types of these mechanical apparatuses has its own advantages. For example, vibratory ones more effectively destroy stagnation and increase muscle activity. And magnetic anesthetize, eliminate swelling and inflammation.

As you can see, treating prostatitis in men at home is not so difficult and quite feasible. It is only important to comply with all the requirements and the constancy of action. Then the effect will really be quick and tangible. Prostatitis - the diagnosis is not a pleasant one, but this is far from a sentence. And the sooner and sooner it is detected, the easier and faster it will be cured.

What is prostatitis

The disease is an inflammation of the prostate gland as a result of the action of negative external or internal factors. The bacterial form of prostatitis is more common. Pathogenic bacteria provoke it, which from the rectum, bladder and urethra enter the prostate gland. The disease by the nature of the course is acute and chronic. The latter form is characterized by less pronounced symptoms.

A possible cause of prostatitis is also considered a sedentary lifestyle that causes stagnation in the pelvic area. Regardless of the etiology of the disease, it is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • fatigue, depression, lethargy,
  • increased urination at night,
  • accelerated ejaculation,
  • discomfort and pain in the scrotum, groin, lower abdomen and lower back,
  • burning sensation in the perineum
  • the appearance in the urine of floating clots - "strings", and sometimes - blood or pus,
  • feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder.

Home treatment

The peculiarity of home treatment is that it will be effective only at an early stage. Forms of the disease with complications or frequent relapses require a more serious approach with medication. Effective home treatment for prostatitis is based on herbal medicine, proper nutrition, exercise and beneficial massage of the prostate. Certain methods are selected depending on the form of pathology:

  1. Judging by the reviews, it is possible to eliminate the symptoms of acute prostatitis faster. This form of the disease lasts 1-2 months. Treatment can last up to six months. Sedentary baths help improve blood circulation.Effective against the acute form will be juice therapy. The patient is recommended to take the juice of beets (sedimented), cucumbers, carrots and asparagus. Herbal gatherings with marigold, horsetail, yarrow, nettle and other medicinal herbs will also be useful. If the disease is caused by bacteria, the patient cannot avoid taking antibiotics. Alternative methods are used against the background of the main treatment.
  2. The chronic form has to be treated much longer. This is due to frequent relapses of the disease. Decoctions from fresh or dry herbs and plants can cope with the problem. The chronic form of prostatitis requires a change in dietary approach. Bee pollen helps increase weakened immunity and make up for the lack of vitamins. It is important to include more berries, such as:
    • sweet cherry,
    • lingonberry
    • blackberry,
    • currant,
    • strawberries
    • blueberries
    • cherry.


Effective home treatment of prostatitis is carried out not only with the help of alternative methods. Outpatient, the patient may take medication. The approach to treatment is complex, so the doctor prescribes several drugs at once. The following categories of drugs are used depending on the etiology of the disease and symptoms:

  1. Antibacterial. The first patients prescribed fluoroquinols. Second-line antibiotics are tetracyclines, macrolides and penicillins. One of the antibiotics often used for prostatitis is Biseptolum. It is based on the component of the same name, belongs to the category of fluoroquinolones. The drug has a bactericidal and antimicrobial effect. Prostatitis is a direct indication for the use of Biseptol. The average dosage is 960 mg 2 times a day. The advantage of the product is in a wide spectrum of action. Of the adverse reactions, headaches, decreased appetite, and dizziness are noted. Contraindications:
    • individual intolerance,
    • allergic to the components of the drug,
    • pathology of the hematopoietic system,
    • hepatic or renal failure.
  2. Alpha blockers. Needed to relax smooth muscles of the urethra and bladder neck. Often used in this group of drugs is Alfuzosin. Indications for use are urination disorders. The composition includes the same substance - alfuzosin. The effect of the drug is to reduce the pressure in the urethra and decrease the resistance to urine flow. it is necessary to take 5 mg in the morning and evening. The advantage of the drug is that it does not affect the ability to drive vehicles. As a result of taking, headache, dry mouth, weakness, skin rashes are possible. Contraindications:
    • orthostatic hypotension,
    • liver failure,
    • individual hypersensitivity,
  3. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Relieve pain and inflammation. Ibuprofen can be considered effective. The drug has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The advantage of the product is its high bioavailability. Indications for use are pain of various etiologies. The dosage for adults is 3-4 tablets of 200 mg per day. Contraindications and side effects of ibuprofen are numerous - specify them in the instructions.
  4. Antispasmodic. Eliminate vasospasms and associated cider pain. Traditionally, No-shpa is used from this group. The basis of the drug is drotaverine. The substance has an antispasmodic effect. Indications for use are spasms of the smooth muscles of the urinary tract. The dosage is 120-240 mg (3-6 tablets). After taking the pill, some patients experience a decrease in blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, dizziness, and nausea. The drug is contraindicated in:
    • hypersensitivity
    • lactase deficiency,
    • low cardiac output syndrome.


The use of cans for prostatitis improves blood circulation in the pelvic area.This normalizes the work of the organs located in it. They put the banks on the outer edge of the sacrum at the level of 2-3 sacral vertebrae. With inflammation of the prostate, painful seals and dilated capillaries are observed in this area. Before installing cans, it is necessary to treat the skin with alcohol. Next, perform the following actions:

  • using a scarifier, several notches are performed,
  • put banks for 10-15 minutes (due to the vacuum, the blood goes out),
  • then the cans are removed, and the blood is removed with sterile cotton wool,
  • place the notches with a bactericidal patch,
  • the procedure is repeated 1 time in 2 weeks with a course of up to 3-5 sessions.


Treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies involves the use of water procedures. These are the baths that improve the blood supply to the pelvic organs. It is necessary to take them for at least 15-20 minutes. The baths are sessile, you can only dive to the level of the lower back, and not with your whole body. The best effect will be with a simple sitting in the bath and at the same time rubbing the pelvis and perineum. Other recommendations for conducting water procedures:

  • doctors advise adding decoctions of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile, sage, cinnamon, linden, to the bath
  • it’s better to carry out the procedure in the evening before bedtime,
  • hypothermia at the end of the bath should not be allowed,
  • to ensure a massaging effect, a stream of warm water of moderate pressure should be directed from the bottom up to the perineum.

Causes of the disease

Prostatitis is a serious urological disease that occurs quite often. In fact, this is an inflammatory process that occurs in the tissues of the prostate gland. At an early stage of development, this pathology is harmless, but at the same time almost invisible. This is its main danger.

The disease develops, unfavorable and irreversible pathological changes occur in the organs, leading to quite negative consequences. Among the main ones, such factors as the formation of malignant tumors, infertility and the rapid development of impotence can be noted.

As for the causes of prostatitis, the following common provoking factors can be noted here - infection of the gland and stagnation of blood and lymph.

There are many other causes of the disease, but they are all interspersed with two identified main factors.

One of the most common reasons for the development of men-dangerous prostatitis is violation of the natural circulation of blood. The consequence of this problem is a significant increase in the size of the prostate and a violation of its functioning.

So that prostatitis does not develop and that it can be quickly cured, it is worth following prevention of such important provoking factors as:

  • overweight,
  • sedentary and sedentary lifestyle,
  • penetration into the body of a different plan of viruses and microbes,
  • ingestion of intracellular parasites,
  • the development of inflammation in the rectum and passages of the urethra,
  • pelvic injuries
  • frequent hypothermia,
  • chronic constipation.

There is also a certain psychosomatic factor, which becomes the cause of the appearance and rapid development of prostatitis. We are talking about fairly long negative stressful conditions - they must be excluded.

Therapy Rules

Many men go to specialists only if the therapy carried out at home did not give the optimal result. This adversely affects therapy. You need to go to the doctor immediately after the appearance of unpleasant symptoms. Otherwise, you can encounter quite serious complications. The first bells that indicate that prostatitis develops are pain in the inguinal region, as well as frequent urination.

The specialist will examine the patient, determine the level of neglect of the pathology, choose a treatment regimen.If you carefully follow the doctor’s recommendations, the dosages established by him and clearly follow the developed plan, the prognosis for the treatment of pathology will be positive. It is worth noting that treatment can be built not only on recipes of alternative medicine, but also on taking medications and conducting special procedures.

Prostatitis treatment methods

At home, you can carry out different methods of effective treatment. For the most part, it all depends on the cause of the pathology. Inflammation in the gland occurs and develops for the following reasons:

  • Contact with pathogens of harmful infections. In such a situation, you will need to initially eliminate the cause of the disease.
  • Weakening of protective immunity associated with bad habits and insufficiently balanced diet.
  • The complete lack of activity, which leads to the formation of stagnation in the pelvic area, thereby provoking the appearance of prostatitis.

To get rid of the disease and restore the body's defenses, doctors prescribe and apply three main options for therapeutic therapy:

  1. Taking special medications. It can be vitamins, antimicrobials and antibiotics,
  2. Phytotherapy. Specialists prescribe different types of powerful diuretic drugs that will quickly rid the body of decay products and different types of pathogenic bioforms. Properly similar herbs and fees can relieve a man of pain, quickly eliminate inflammation, and also remove the pathogenic flora. Among the most effective plants that help in the treatment of prostatitis at home, it is necessary to note pumpkin seed, lingonberry, hawthorn leaves, celandine flowers, elderberry. You will need to make ordinary medicinal decoctions and infusions from these herbs and take them inside or apply as effective microclysters,
  3. Physiotherapy. In order to get rid of prostatitis as quickly as possible, you will need to regularly massage the gland, as well as engage in simple and very effective physical education.

Among the additional methods of treatment of prostatitis, which must be used in the treatment process, it is worth highlighting:

  • special exercises to strengthen the pelvis,
  • active elimination of constipation and general normalization of the digestive process,
  • constant and very thorough hygiene, the use of sedentary baths,
  • balanced nutrition - the inclusion of fiber in the diet and the complete exclusion of foods that can cause fermentation.

It is very important to lead a competently thought out and specially ordered way of life. This also applies to sexual acts.

Effective recipes for traditional medicine

To completely get rid of prostatitis at home, you will need to make some efforts. Of essential importance is how the patient will observe the proportions prescribed in the recipes and how to correctly take them.

There are a lot of treatment options for this plan. It is simply impossible to list them within the framework of this article. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the three most useful and effective plants, the means of treatment of which are able to quickly save a man from the disease. We are talking about pumpkin seeds, garlic and chestnut.

Pumpkin seeds

There are real legends about this product, which ideally helps to cope with a male illness. Seeds for the treatment of various pathologies of the prostate have been in demand since ancient times. There is a lot of zinc, and this is a substance that should be in the diet of a modern man strictly without fail.

If you eat 30 seeds every day, you can quickly achieve the desired result. Eating a product is strictly before eating. If you observe a certain regularity, you can get rid of even the most complex and neglected prostatitis.

There is one easy and effective prescription that can and should be combined with medications prescribed by your doctor.This will allow you to quickly achieve results in the treatment process. It is prepared as follows:

  1. approximately 500 g of product must be peeled. It’s not necessary to fry the seeds,
  2. everything is carefully crushed in a meat grinder or blender,
  3. 200-220 grams of honey is added to the mass,
  4. from the finished mixture you need to form small balls.

You need to keep them in the refrigerator. A man suffering from prostatitis should eat at least a ball every day and strictly before meals. The course of treatment will be completed after all the balls have been eaten. Such treatment should be carried out at least once in a full year.


This product can also be a unique tool for eliminating pathology. For cooking, you need to take the shell of the fruit and pour it with boiling water. The broth must stand for about an hour, after which it will be possible to drink it instead of tea. The resulting solution can be used for microclysters. On the basis of chestnuts, you can use another medical recipe:

  • you will need to peel the chestnuts,
  • grind the resulting pulp and immediately pour 320 ml of boiling water,
  • This infusion should be left overnight, and in the morning, strain,
  • the prepared mixture is put in a bath to boil so much water until about 200-220 ml of solution remains,
  • it needs to be drained from a jar of dark glass.

The resulting infusion will need to be drunk 30-35 drops three times before meals. The total therapy time is 2 months. To completely get rid of the problem, it is worth taking at least three courses in a year.


Garlic is a unique natural antiseptic in all respects. Its main property is the stimulation of male potency. To prepare a medical prescription, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. In the evening, you need to take 4 cloves of the product, grind them with a knife.
  2. The mass is poured with three glasses of boiling water.
  3. The can or bottle is tightly closed and left to insist until the morning. It is advisable to try to keep the heat as long as possible, for which it is advisable to wrap the infusion with a towel.

The finished medicine should be taken in an amount of about 70 grams. If prostatitis is found in a man of large build, you will need to take about 100 grams. Taking a similar amount of infusion should be repeated before bedtime. As an effective complement to this treatment regimen, it is worth eating two cloves throughout the day. If you need to get rid of smell and taste, just chew a little lemon.

To quickly get rid of prostatitis through garlic, it is worth consuming it at the same time as honey. This product can be very different - linden, acacia, flower, buckwheat. Preparation of the treatment mixture is as follows:

  1. 5 lemons must be carefully ground without zest,
  2. cloves are cleaned of five heads of garlic,
  3. everything is thoroughly mixed with lemons,
  4. 500 grams of honey is added and mixed again,
  5. the composition is infused for a week in a cool and darkened place.

The finished mixture should be taken in a small spoon three times a day. Therapy time is until the mixture is completely over. This medicine is able to quickly relieve a man of prostatitis and relieve general symptoms. The reason for this effectiveness is a powerful antiviral and antimicrobial action. A correctly taken composition is able to suppress the general focus of inflammation, both in the prostate and in other organs.

When deciding how to effectively treat prostatitis at home, it is not recommended to forget about the use of natural juices. In order to completely and quickly get rid of the disease, you can consume juices from products such as:

During the day, you need to drink about 500 ml of fresh juice from a single product or a mixture of them. It helps to solve the problem of elderberry juice.A natural drink should be consumed one spoonful. You need to know that a slight increase in overall body temperature during treatment with this juice will be a sign that therapy gives the desired effect.

Prostate massage

This procedure can be performed not only by a specialist, but also at home. Massage will give results even in fairly advanced situations. The event is not very pleasant, but the effect of such an effect is quite high. This feature allows you to quickly and almost completely get rid of the disease and the discomfort that brings a person prostatitis.

Important! Before conducting a course of massage of the prostate, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination. It is necessary to completely eliminate the presence of malignancy.

A positive result from prostate massage is achieved due to the following primary factors that it causes. Here are the most basic ones:

  1. general normalization of blood flow,
  2. an increase in muscle tone in the genitourinary system,
  3. full outflow of secret
  4. an increase in the effectiveness of the main treatment of prostatitis with modern antibacterial agents.

Preliminary consultation of a specialist is important not only for conducting a medical examination, but also for receiving instruction on the procedure itself. It is very important to carry out such manipulations correctly so as not to harm the health of the man. The procedure should be performed by a loved one, as a rule, this is a wife or lover.

An optimal result can only be achieved with problems such as the development of asymptomatic prostatitis, the presence of various disorders in the male reproductive system, and severe pelvic chronic pain syndrome. Massage will be the best complement for standard medical therapy today.

Devices for the treatment of prostatitis

The solution to the question of how to quickly get rid of prostatitis at home, for modern men is increasingly relevant. The disease can be cured by various methods - folk methods, medicines, as well as special devices and devices.

The use of modern devices will allow you to quickly and correctly solve problems with men's health. Instruments work in different ways, but they are all divided into several main groups. According to the main type of influence on the body, devices are divided into the following types and categories:

  1. Vibrating - able to eliminate stagnation and increase overall tone.
  2. Electric - able to stimulate organ tissues with special modulated currents.
  3. Magnetic - provide a unique decongestant result.
  4. Laser - quickly fix the problem through infrared radiation.

At the moment, in pharmacies and in special online stores you can buy devices of the following popular brands and names:

  • Androgin - a popular device ideal for magnetotherapy,
  • Remedy Intraton - a device for the effective elimination of prostatitis, accompanied by a purulent inflammatory process,
  • Yarovit - a device where the laser beams and standard electrical pulses generated by current are optimally combined,
  • Modern appliance Vitafon - a unique object in all respects, designed to get rid of ailments in the genital area,
  • The device for microwave therapy - gives anti-inflammatory and electromagnetic effects on the prostate,
  • Mavit - provides preferential complex effect,
  • Intramag - with this device, the urethral ducts are washed, electrophoresis is performed. Micromassages useful for the prostate can also be performed,
  • Simple - allows you to quickly eliminate the bacteria caused by prostatitis.

All of these drugs can be used independently at home.Previously, you also need to get a doctor's consultation on the features of the therapy and on possible contraindications.

Hot Tub Treatment

Doctors for the treatment of pathology very often prescribe special hot baths, to which decoctions of herbs are added. This approach allows you to get the desired positive effect much faster. This is possible due to a significant increase in blood flow in the pelvic organs and in the prostate, in particular.

There are several important rules for taking a therapeutic bath. Water in this procedure should be approximately 36 degrees. The total duration is 15 minutes. It is advisable to prepare the baths on the basis of juniper, pharmacy chamomile, St. John's wort and calendula flowers.

Decoctions are prepared in the usual way. It is required to take about 70 grams of dry raw materials and pour five liters of boiling water. The broth is infused until it cools completely. After this, the infusion should be filtered and added to the bath. The total amount of water should be approximately such that the navel is completely covered by the person sitting in the bathroom.

Prostatitis Prevention

If the tips presented to attention managed to get rid of prostatitis, it is necessary to consolidate the effect and prevent the re-development of the disease. You will need to reconsider your lifestyle, change your established habits. It is quite difficult to do this, but it is extremely necessary for men's health. To achieve the planned result, it is worth starting as early as possible to introduce the following changes into your daily routine:

  • rejection of bad habits,
  • compliance with the rules of healthy eating,
  • physical exercise,
  • development of optimal stress resistance.

Particular difficulties are caused in an ordinary person by physical activity. It is not necessary at all to spend two hours a day on visiting an expensive fitness center. It will be enough to perform a daily complex of light exercises aimed at the full elimination of stagnation in the pelvis. INfrom a few simple exercises, each of which will take about 1-2 minutes to complete:

  1. Moving on the floor on the buttocks,
  2. Standard squats
  3. Pulling the perineum with muscle compression
  4. Light and frequent swings to the sides and back and forth.

When treating prostatitis at home, one should not forget that no modern equipment, no massages and folk recipes can and should not replace conventional medications. To defeat the disease completely, to get rid of all unpleasant symptoms will help only a comprehensive, well-designed treatment by a certified specialist. Despite the fact that we are talking about therapy at home, self-medication is unacceptable here.

How to determine the presence of prostatitis

Of course, only a specialist can make an accurate diagnosis. However, there are certain signs that should make a man pay attention to his health.

Diagnosis of the ailment at home is to "not look" at these first alarming signs, and consult a doctor in a timely manner.

Acute prostatitis will not allow this, but more often there is a chronic form of the disease, which develops slowly with a gradual increase in symptoms.

The first signs of prostatitis

  • increased urination,
  • discomfort in the groin and genitals,
  • sexual disorders.

When the condition worsens, painful manifestations intensify, an exacerbation occurs, which is accompanied by more vivid symptoms:

  • pain in the lower abdomen
  • painful urination
  • involuntary urination during squats,
  • feeling of pain during bowel movements,
  • significant deterioration of erection,
  • general ill health
  • fever.

Turning to a specialist, a man needs to undergo a diagnosis and get an appointment.The fastest way to solve the problem is the medical treatment of prostatitis, which will be more effective when supplemented with proven home methods.

How to treat prostatitis at home

Treatment of prostatitis at home involves the use of folk recipes, massage, exercise and physiotherapeutic devices that help to cope with the disease and restore men's health.

It is important to understand that home treatment for prostatitis is possible only in cases where there are no complications of the disease. Complicated forms or often relapsing illness require more attention and more serious measures during therapy.

Infusion of hazel

The main ingredient is hazel. To treat prostatitis, you need to take either bark or hazel leaves. You can brew both ingredients alternately, alternating them. In this case, the bark must be brewed twice as long, since it is more rigid.

Recipe: brew one tablespoon of leaves (or bark) of hazel in a glass of boiling water, close with a tight lid and wait half an hour. Then strain and take 1/4 cup 4 times a day. It is better to use fresh material every time. Usually a week of such procedures is enough.

Healing juices

Effective treatment of prostatitis at home can be quickly and nicely done with juices. In combination with drug therapy, such measures show good results. Well-proven vegetable juices that need to be consumed daily at 600 ml. With prostatitis, juices from carrots, beets, a mixture of cucumber and asparagus juices are especially suitable. Of course, these should not be freshly-squeezed juices, not bought at the store. You can take them constantly, but the minimum course is 10 days.

Parsley prostatitis treatment

Parsley has a large list of healing properties, especially it removes the inflammatory process and restores sexual functions.

Despite the fact that we constantly use parsley in cooking, we appreciate it for its spicy taste, parsley is a medicinal herb, as it contains a huge amount of healthy minerals and vitamins. So, for example, in 100 g of parsley there are two daily norms of provitamin A, which, by the way, is good for the eyes. And vitamin C is almost 4 times more than in lemon! In addition, parsley has inulin, a natural analogue of insulin, it also regulates the level of glucose in the blood and, in addition, is the best source of nutrition for intestinal microflora.

Parsley juice should be taken in a tablespoon 3 times a day half an hour before meals.

It is also useful to apply parsley seeds. Grind 4 teaspoons of seeds into powder, m fill with one glass of boiling water, put to boil for 15 minutes, then cool. Take 4-6 times a day for 1 tablespoon.

Beekeeping products in the treatment of prostatitis

With home treatment for prostatitis, candles made on the basis of honey or propolis will quickly help. They are stored in the refrigerator. Use by inserting into the anus.

To make honey candles you need honey (1 teaspoon), an egg (1 piece), flour (3 tablespoons). All mix and form small candles. Use one piece twice a day. The course of treatment lasts one month, then after a month and a half it can be repeated.

To make candles from propolis, take 50 g of alcohol and crushed propolis, mix and insist 2 weeks without access to light, shaking daily. After infusion, the mass is evaporated in a water bath until it turns brownish-yellow. Next, the resulting mass is mixed with cocoa butter and suppositories are formed. Treatment - one piece daily for 35 days before bedtime. You can cure the disease at home in this way in 2-3 courses with an interval of 8 weeks.

Massage with prostatitis

With prostatitis or for its prevention, urologists recommend prostate massage courses. It helps to cope with any form of chronic prostatitis.This is due to improved local blood circulation and organ stimulation.

What is the secret to the effectiveness of massage?

  • normalization of local blood circulation,
  • muscle tone improvement,
  • secreting outflow of secret,
  • improved sexual function,
  • increasing the effectiveness of drug treatment.

Massage can be performed rectally or through perineal tissue.

The first method is considered the most effective. Access to the prostate is through the anus. It is best to entrust such a procedure to a specialist, because the prostate is a very delicate organ, and its tissues are easily damaged by mechanical action.

The use of this massage method at home is also possible. A partner can make his man. You can cope on your own, using special devices - prostate massagers. They have dimensions and shape, allowing them to safely enter into the anus and perform the necessary actions.

An easier way to massage is an external massage. It is less effective, but carried out without penetration. It can be performed manually, by pressing and making circular movements in the perineum. You can also use massagers or suitable items. For example, a ball for tennis is a good massager for an external procedure. He is put on a chair, a man sits down on top and carefully rolls on it back and forth. This procedure can be performed several times a day, but be sure to do it in the morning, immediately after waking up. Five minutes is enough.

In order for the massage at home to have the necessary therapeutic and preventive effect and not bring harm, you need to know the location of the prostate gland, perform all movements very carefully, and be sure to take into account contraindications.

Physical education against prostatitis

Everyone knows that movement is life. Active movement, regular physical activity are a good prevention of prostatitis due to congestion. If such a disease already exists, then simple exercises that are enough to perform three times a week give good results in its treatment.

If possible, it is worth taking a course of physiotherapy exercises in a medical institution. However, many exercises are available for self-study. They do not require extra effort, special conditions, and will be a good complement to complex treatment, will allow you to quickly and efficiently cure the disease at home.

Other exercises to treat prostatitis

  • lying on his stomach lifting straight legs (20 times),
  • “Scissors” - movements with straight legs slightly raised from the floor in a sitting position, hands with an emphasis a little behind (20 times),
  • lying on your back, pull your legs to your chest as high as possible, grab them with your hands and stay in that position for as long as possible, but no more than 20 minutes,
  • putting your legs together, crouching one third, pushing the knees forward alternately. Exercise is performed for 5 minutes daily in the morning and evening.

An excellent exercise that improves blood circulation in the pelvis is walking. You need to go whenever possible: just walk regularly, walk on business for short distances, climb stairs instead of an elevator.

Devices and devices for the treatment of prostatitis

The development of modern medical equipment has led to the creation of a variety of devices for treating an ailment, with which you can fight this disease at home without regular trips to a medical institution.

The operation of the devices is based on different principles, but their effect is aimed at achieving one goal - stimulation of the prostate gland, improvement of blood circulation in this area and elimination of congestion.

Types of appliances

  • vibrating
  • magnetic
  • stimulating modulated currents,
  • laser.

Each type of device has its own “strengths”.For example, with the help of microvibration, stagnation is eliminated faster and more efficiently, muscle tone is improved, magnetic effect is more aimed at a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect.

There are also devices that combine several operating principles; they are more universal.

The list of the most famous devices

  • Androgin is one of the most common devices for magnetotherapy,
  • Intraton - especially recommended for chronic prostatitis, complicated by purulent inflammation,
  • Mavit - has a complex effect,
  • Yarovit - a device that combines electromagnetic and laser radiation,
  • Vitafon is a universal device for the treatment of many diseases, not just prostatitis,
  • Intramag - allows you to combine electrophoresis and magnetophoresis with micromassage and washing the urethra,
  • Prostam - the most effective in the treatment of bacterial prostatitis.

Warm baths to fight the disease

To better circulate lymph and blood in men, it is recommended that you take warm baths periodically. Water should be no more than 43 ° C, and the session time is a quarter of an hour. Instead of water, hot broths from medicinal herbs can be poured into the bathroom.

The use of bathtubs is allowed only in the absence of an elevated body temperature.

Types of Prostatitis

According to the severity of the inflammatory process and the duration of the course of the disease, prostatitis is divided into two types: acute (the duration of which is no more than 3 months) and chronic. The causes of acute prostatitis, the features of changes in the gland at different stages, the symptoms are well understood, fairly effective treatment methods have been developed. With regard to chronic prostatitis, today there are more questions than answers - this applies to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Acute prostatitis: symptoms, stages, causes

Acute prostatitis occurs in 5-10% of men, most often in the age of 20-42 years. With proper treatment, the disease lasts no more than 3 months. Symptoms of prostatitis are very pronounced, which in most cases makes the patient immediately consult a doctor.

Acute prostatitis is characterized by such vivid symptoms:

  • Local manifestations - pain in the lower abdomen, perineum, glans penis, rectum, pain can give to the lower back and tailbone. Due to inflammatory swelling of the prostate, the lumen of the urethra passing through the gland narrows, difficulties and pain arise during urination. Acute urinary retention may develop, in which the patient cannot urinate on his own (hospitalization and catheter insertion are necessary).
  • General - fever, weakness, thirst, nausea, vomiting, blurred consciousness, etc.

Exist three forms (or else they can be called stage) acute prostatitis: catarrhal, follicular and parenchymal. An abscess (abscess) of the prostate gland is also distinguished as a separate form (N.A. Lopatkin, 2002). They differ in the depth of damage to the prostate tissue, the severity of the inflammatory process and the symptoms of the disease:

  1. First, the mucous membrane of the excretory ducts, the tubules, through which the secretion of the prostate is excreted into the urethra, is affected. Is developing catarrhal prostatitis.
  2. The glands themselves are involved in inflammation, which are responsible for the secretion, - follicular prostatitis.
  3. Inflammation spreads to most of the organ - develops parenchymal prostatitis.
  4. The course of acute prostatitis can be complicated by the development of an abscess - prostate abscess. This is the most formidable form of the disease, because in the absence of proper treatment, the infection can enter the bloodstream - microbes spread throughout the body and infect the blood (sepsis develops) with a high probability of death.

The severity of symptoms depends on the form of the disease: with catarrhal prostatitis, they are minimal.Further, in the absence of adequate measures, severe forms develop, characterized by pronounced manifestations - both local and general.

Main reasonacute prostatitis is infection. In most cases, pathogens enter the prostate. from the urethra on the ascending path. It can be:

  • sexually transmitted infections: gonococci (causative agents of gonorrhea), chlamydia, trichomonads, ureaplasma, etc. They are the most common causes of acute prostatitis in young men of 20-30 years, leading an erratic sex life,
  • opportunistic microorganisms, that is, microbes that can be constantly present in the body, but become activated only with a decrease in general and local immunity. Most common E. coliKlebsiella, Proteus, less often streptococci, staphylococci, etc. can also be the “culprits”. More often, such a cause is diagnosed in men over 40 years old.

Much less often microbes (e.g. staphylococci) can enter the prostate other ways:

  • with a flow of blood or lymph from purulent foci in the body (chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis, furuncle, carious teeth, etc.). In this case, acute prostatitis can begin immediately with an abscess (abscess),
  • from the urethra downward, when there is inflammation of the bladder (cystitis), kidneys, upper urinary tract,
  • during various medical and diagnostic procedures in the prostate gland (insertion of a catheter into the urethra, administration of drugs, etc.). Through the injured areas, the infection enters the prostate.

However, infection is not the only cause of inflammation.. The prostate gland is an organ that is well protected from invading microbes, its sterility is maintained thanks to the work of general immunity, as well as local protective mechanisms: the secret of the prostate has the ability to destroy microbes that have fallen into the organ. therefore for the development of infection in the body, certain conditions must be created.

A favorable environment for the development of microbes is accumulations of dead cells in tissueswhich due to their protein content areexcellent breeding ground for infection. For example, an infection can feed on the stagnant secretion of the prostate remaining in the excretory ducts as a result of incomplete ejaculation. In this regard, for the effective treatment of prostatitis and its prevention, it is necessary to pay attention to stagnant processes in the pelvis and the causes of their occurrence.

Chronic prostatitis: symptoms, causes

Chronic prostatitis has a long (more than 3 months) recurring (recurring) character. The disease has a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • Impaired urination. Due to inflammation, nerve endings in the urethra are irritated, which leads to frequent urges to urinate (especially at night), sudden and imperative (imperative) urges, and urinary incontinence. At the same time, the urination process itself is difficult, it can be accompanied by cutting pain, as the urethra is compressed due to swelling of the gland.
  • Disorders of sexual function. During intercourse, there is a faster ejaculation, pain during or after this process. An erection is weakened, sexual desire is reduced. Prolonged illiterate treatment can lead to impotence and infertility.
  • Pain, which the patient experiences not only in the genitals and in the small pelvis (testicles, glans penis, perineum, rectum), but also in the lower back, on the inside of the thighs.
  • Prostatoreawhen the secretion of the prostate gland is excreted from the urethra. This is due to a weakening of the muscle tone of the excretory ducts of the prostate, which is why the secret flows freely into the urethra.With bacterial prostatitis, the secret may be mixed with pus, and with calculous prostatitis (with the formation of stones) - with blood.
  • Depressive conditions, fatigue, anxiety and so on. Some are so emotionally absorbed by the disease that they are no longer interested in anything, which leads to their loss of work, the destruction of the family - "leaving the disease with a separation from reality."

The term "chronic prostatitis" combines a whole group of conditions that have different causes and features of the course:

  1. Bacterial chronic prostatitiswhen the inflammation is caused by an infection and lasts more than 3 months. According to the US National Institute of Health, only in 8-35% of cases chronic prostatitis revealed a proven connection with the infection (according to L. M. Gorilovsky, M. B. Zingirenko, RMAPO only in 6-10% of cases).
  2. «Chronic pelvic pain syndrome. " Such a diagnosis is made in most (80-90%) cases chronic prostatitis, because no infection detected. In this case, two states are distinguished:
    • Chronic abacterial prostatitis. In this case, in the analysis of urine and prostate secretion there is no infection, but signs of inflammation (increased white blood cell count) are detected.
    • Prostatodynia (prostatopathy). Only the symptoms of inflammation are detected (pain, difficulty urinating), however, when diagnosing the signs of inflammation themselves, it is not detected (there are no changes in the prostate according to ultrasound, there are no leukocytes in the analyzes, etc.). This situation is observed in 20-30% of cases (A.B. Laurent, D.Yu. Pushkar, A.S. Segal, 2002). The word prostate itselfum"Suggests the mandatory presence of inflammation, so this condition formally refers to chronic prostatitis only by the presence of symptoms of the inflammatory process.
  3. Asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitiswhen inflammation of the prostatitis is asymptomatic and is detected by chance during examination for another reason.

"Chronic pelvic pain syndrome" often found in men under the age of 50 and occupies the 3rd place in prevalence in men after 50 years (prof. Yu. G. Alyaev, SBEI HPE “First MGMU named after IM Sechenov” of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow). is he most difficult to treat with drugs.

The causes of chronic prostatitis, despite its prevalence, are poorly understood. There is only evidence that the infection is not the main cause and is often not detected in the analyzes. Most doctors currently believe that the key factor in the development of chronic prostatitis (both bacterial and the "syndrome" of chronic pelvic pain ") are stagnation of blood and lymph in the pelvis.

Stagnation in the pelvis

So, the main prerequisite for the development of prostatitis (both acute and chronic) are stagnation in the pelvis. Only in very rare cases can autoimmune or hormonal disorders be the root cause of prostatitis.

Stagnation can be local and only concern prostate secretion. It can be formed with frequent practice of interrupted intercourse, masturbation, or due to prolonged abstinence, because regular sexual activity and full sexual intercourse are very important for a man’s health. With masturbation, incomplete ejaculation occurs due to a sitting stationary position, since the force of expulsion of seminal fluid depends on the good blood circulation of the area, which should be provided by the active work of the pelvic muscles.

The secret remaining in the excretory ducts thickens and clogs them, thereby preventing the release of a new secret. Wherein stagnant secret loses its bactericidal properties, i.e. ability to destroy germs. Secreted cells die and particles of their decay (protein) become breeding ground for infection. This is especially important for those cases when prostatitis is caused by opportunistic flora (for example, E. coli), which is often present in the body, but is activated only under favorable conditions - with the accumulation of dead cells.

However, stagnation of the secret due to imperfect sex life is not the only cause of prostatitis, especially when it comes to chronic prostatitis or advanced age. Plays a significant role stagnation of blood and lymph in the pelvis, which also leads to the accumulation of dead cells and other negative changes in the tissues.

As you know, all the tissues of our body are made up of cells. The cells of the body are constantly dying and damaged (under the influence of toxins, shock loads, hypothermia, edema, etc.). However, with sufficient lymph flow (lymph movement through the vessels of the lymphatic system), dead cells are removed from the tissues, freeing up space for the growth of new functional cells, that is, those cells that perform the main function of the tissue (for example, for the prostate glands - secretion production, for muscle cells - ability to contract).

Due to venous stasis, edema of the pelvic organs, including the prostate, occurs. In a cramped space bounded by the pelvic bones, such an overflow of blood leads to constriction of blood vessels (nutrition deteriorates accordingly), compression of the excretory ducts of the prostate, etc. Cell death accelerates.

Stagnation of lymph, in turn, leads to the fact that tissue cleaning processes are disrupted. Dead cells gradually accumulate in all tissues:

  1. Favorable conditions are created for the development of infectionbecause dead cells "supply" microbes with food and contribute to their reproduction. But even if the infection does not attach, in itself a critical accumulation of dead cells in any area causes inflammation. Edema occurs when pressure is pumped in the area for enhanced tissue cleaning. So the body tries to maintain the function of the tissue. However, long-existing edema compresses the blood vessels and thereby the condition of the tissues in the area only worsens.
  2. With insufficient resources in places of accumulation of dead cellsconnective tissue growswhose main task is to “connect”, filling the space. The functions of the body are getting worse. The muscle walls of the excretory ducts push the seminal fluid with less force, the prostate glands produce a secret worse, etc. Complications develop:
    • sclerosis (fibrosis) of the prostate: The prostate gland shrinks, tightens, squeezing the urethra and impairing urination.
    • cysts - when cavities form in the prostate, which often become the habitat of microbes. In this case, the dense walls impede the penetration of the drug into the cavity,
    • stones (calculous prostatitis). Stones further compress the ducts, exacerbating congestion and inflammation.
  3. In the worst case, the protein components of dead cells are used as "building material "for tumor cells - prostate adenomas and prostate adenocarcinomas (cancer).

The main cause of stagnationphysical inactivity (sedentary, sedentary lifestyle). No wonder the disease is more common in those who spend a lot of time driving a car, in office workers, in those who, due to health problems, cannot lead an active lifestyle. Today, there is a deeper understanding of why a sedentary lifestyle is so detrimental to human health, contributing to the development of not only prostatitis, but also constipation, prostate adenoma, cystitis, etc.

During physical activity, skeletal muscles tighten and create the energy of biological microvibration * due to the alternate contraction of muscle fibers.

Biological microvibration is a vital condition for many transport and metabolic processes in the body, in particular for (a) lymph flow and (b) venous outflow, as well as for normal kidney and liver function (c).

(a) Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump (heart), and most vessels are not provided with a muscular “wall” that would compress the vessels and push the lymph forward. The movement of lymph is ensured by the work of muscle tissue located next to the vessels (skeletal muscle or muscle "shell" of other organs). In the area of ​​the prostate gland, the lymph flow is provided by microvibration of the muscles of the pelvic floor, bladder and peristalsis (wave-like contraction) of the rectum. That is why the "inaction" of the pelvic muscles and constipation (which indicates weak peristalsis) lead to stagnation, accumulation of dead cells, and, as a result, to prostatitis.

*REFERENCE: The existence of the effect of biological microvibration was discovered in 1986 by academician N.I. Arincin and described in the works "Micropump activity of skeletal muscles during their stretching", "Peripheral" hearts "of man" . And in 2002, physicist Fedorov V.A. Together with a group of doctors, the first measuring device, the myotremograph, was created, which made it possible to measure the microvibration background of a person and experimentally confirm the theory.

(b) Most venous vessels have their own muscle walls. However, their contractile activity is likewise “encouraged” by the work of skeletal muscles, because the pushing power must be sufficient so that the venous blood overcomes the force of gravity, returning to the heart. Otherwise, the tone of the muscular walls of the venous channel decreases, and in the presence of additional damaging factors, venous disorders develop, including venous congestion.

(in) Due to a sedentary lifestyle, kidney function is affected, which is responsible for the water-electrolyte balance of the blood. This blood parameter directly affects the contractile activity of all the muscle tissues of our body (skeletal muscle tone, tone of the bladder, intestines, prostate excretory ducts, etc.). Renal performance depends on the dynamic functioning of the back muscles and general physical activity. Similarly, the quality of blood purification from toxins and other waste substances depends on the productivity of the liver.

Muscle tissue creates energy microvibration constantly and regardless of our physical stress, even at rest (when we sleep). However, it is during physical activity that the necessary power and frequency of microvibration develops.

CONCLUSION: Regular sex life and physical activity are necessary conditions for the prevention and treatment of prostatitis, since it is during physical muscle tension that the energy of biological microvibration occurs, which prevents the stagnation of secretions, venous blood and lymph in the pelvic organs.

Can I have sex with prostatitis?

With prostatitis caused by a sexually transmitted infection, having sex is undesirable, as there is a risk of infecting the partner.

In chronic prostatitis, in most cases, having sex is not only permissible, but also useful, because help reduce congestion in the pelvis. At the same time, with chronic inflammation in the prostate, men often have problems with sexual function, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Therefore, doctors give recommendations to women: if a husband has prostatitis, it is very important to support him as much as possible and to treat the difficulties with understanding, because depression associated with “male failure” will only exacerbate problems in sexual and personal relationships.

Principles of Effective Treatment

Based on the foregoing, the main principles of effective treatment of prostatitis can be formulated as follows:

  1. "Kill" the infection by taking the right antibiotics,
  2. Locally strengthen the lymph flow in order to remove excess dead and damaged cells from the prostate and urethra. This will deprive the infection of nutrition, and the cleaning of tissues from “toxins” by itself creates the conditions for tissue regeneration and restoration of organ function,
  3. Improve the lymphatic flow in the pelvic organs in order to exclude stagnation of lymph in the future,
  4. Increase the tone of the venous vessels, strengthen the venous outflow from the pelvic organs.

Consider existing treatment methods, based on the principles formulated above.

Drug therapy

Drug therapy is most effective in the treatment of acute prostatitis and usually includes:

  1. Antibiotics and other drugs to fight the infection. Since tests to determine the type of microbes that caused acute inflammation take more than a week, and the patient’s acute condition does not allow you to wait long, treatment is often started “blindly”. Initially, broad-spectrum antibiotics are prescribed, and according to the results of bacteriological research, treatment can be adjusted.
  2. Antipyretic and analgesics to alleviate the condition of the patient.
  3. Alpha blockers and similar drugs. They reduce muscle tone, forcibly remove swelling in the prostate gland, and thereby facilitate the process of urination.
  4. Receiving a large amount of fluids (physiological saline) to cleanse the body of toxins that poison the entire body.

The antibiotic purposefully destroys the infection, the reproduction of which causes an acute reaction of the body, and the patient's condition improves. However, in the absence of sufficient lymph flow, tissue purification from dead cells and toxins in the pelvic organs does not occur, and therefore remains risk of developing subsequently chronic prostatitis.

Drug therapy with chronic prostatitis includes:

  1. Also antibiotics and other drugs, despite the fact that in most cases the infection is not detected. There is always a risk that the tests simply did not allow to diagnose the infection, so it is necessary to take measures that exclude the spread of this not found infection. In accordance with the research GBOU VPO "First MGMU them. I. M. Sechenov " up to 40% of patients with chronic prostatitis who did not have a bacterial infection received an improvement as a result of using antibiotics.
  2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that “block” the body’s inflammatory response. Their long reception negatively affects the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and in general throughout the body.
  3. Alpha blockers to improve urination. The effect of treatment is achieved with prolonged use (at least 6-8 months).

The effectiveness of drug therapy in the treatment of prostatitis may be reduced due to blood-prostatic barrier. This is a special protective wall that prevents the penetration of unwanted substances from the blood into the tissue of the prostate gland. Not all drugs can leak through this barrier. In the acute phase of prostatitis, when almost the entire prostate is already affected, this barrier, as a rule, is also damaged and drugs freely penetrate. However, in the initial stages of acute prostatitis and a sluggish current chronic inflammation, the hemato-prostatic barrier is an obstacle.

To overcome it, special drugs are selected, and they also use physiotherapy (for example, phoning).

At the moment, it is quite difficult to directly influence the venous outflow and lymph flow with the help of drugs, to restore the own tone of blood vessels and muscles, therefore, to combat stagnant processes in the small pelvis, additional measures are also necessary (changing the habits of a sedentary lifestyle, exercise therapy, physiotherapy).

Exercise therapy (physiotherapy exercises)

During physical exertion, the muscles (micro) vibrate and thereby create the energy of biological microvibration necessary for lymphatic and venous movement of fluids. In this regard, exercise therapy is an essential element in the complex treatment of prostatitis.

To do this, increase general physical activity (walking, walking, swimming, etc.), and performing special gymnastics - physiotherapy exercises (LFK), aimed at strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, improve blood supply to the pelvic organs, and reduce congestion. The following exercises are simple and effective:

  1. Arnold Kegel exercises (gynecologist of the beginning of the 20th century):
    • Alternating tension and relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles at a dynamic pace. When performing the exercise, it is necessary to close the buttocks as much as possible and tighten the anus ring as high as possible, and then release. You need to alternate such reductions 10 times in 1 approach at least 3 times a day at a convenient time. In the absence of discomfort, the number of squeezes gradually increases.
    • The muscles of the pelvic floor are kept in a state of tension for about 5-7 seconds (buttocks are reduced, the anus ring is tightened), then they relax.
  2. "Bicycle" when lying on your back simulates pedaling. At least 3 times a day.
  3. “Scissors”, when lying on their backs straighten and spread their straight legs according to the principle of operation of scissors for 5 minutes at least 3 times a day.
  4. Classes on the elliptical trainer.

In order to achieve significant changes in the condition, which will no longer feel difficulties with urination and other discomfort, it is necessary to perform exercises often and regularly.

Unfortunately, various “buts” often appear: in the morning - “did not get enough sleep”, “did not have time”, in the evening - “tired to exhaustion”, in the afternoon - “people around”, “no time to do”. Not everyone has enough mental and physical resources to overcome habits and other difficulties in organizing regular classes. Moreover, in old age, a decrease in the general tone of the body and concomitant diseases often impede the performance of exercises in the required volume (hernia, hypertension, and others). In this case, you can resort to the phoning procedure, which can be carried out while lying in bed (resting) at home.

Another modern aid in the regular fight against physical inactivity in the treatment of prostatitis are antihypodynamic pads on chairs (chairs). Such an overlay simulator was specially designed for people who have to sit a lot, to prevent overstrain of the back muscles and the formation of congestion in the pelvic area. A person sitting on such a pad constantly and barely noticeably rolls onto the seat, as the air in the pneumatic chambers passes through a special throttle from one pneumatic chamber to another.

On the one hand, such a seat is stable and does not cause muscle strain, on the other hand, it provides many positions of the movable support and eliminates long-term static load.

Despite the intense work of the back muscles, fatigue does not develop even with prolonged continuous sitting, since this work is performed by a significantly larger number of muscle groups and alternately, which allows some muscle groups to relax and others to work.

Chronic prostatitis is insidious in that the longer the stagnant processes last, the more dead cells accumulate and the greater the risk of complications. Therefore, when detecting prostatitis, it is advisable to take active measures as soon as possible.

Phoning (vibroacoustic therapy)

Phoning (vibro-acoustic therapy) consists in transmitting sound microvibration (frequency range 30 - 20 000 Hz) into the human or animal body using a special compact medical device. Such sound microvibrations are natural for the body: in their physical characteristics they are similar to those biological microvibrations that create muscle tissue at maximum static physical stress (V. A. Fedorov, 2004).

Thus, vibroacoustic therapy is one of the most important elements of the complex treatment of prostatitis, especially in the presence of complications that impede movement. Moreover, the effect of such an effect is higher than that of only one exercise therapy, since phoning is an external additional support of the body, and does not require its muscular expenditures.

The energy of sound microvibration penetrates to a depth of 10 cm and is directed pointwise to problem areas. With prostatitis, the effect is on the following areas:

  • inguinal lymph nodes - to remove stagnation of lymph. Local activation of the lymph flow allows you to clean the tissue from dead cells, and, as a result, the inflammatory process subsides. it unique property of this physiotherapy methodwhich is not available in commonly used drug therapy for prostatitis.
  • the area of ​​the kidneys that are responsible for the water-electrolyte balance of the blood. Its normalization allows you to increase the contractile activity of muscle cells throughout the body (including at rest). it stimulates the restoration of venous tone, excretory ducts of the prostate gland, bladder tone.
  • perineum and bladder, which improves blood circulation in this area. Phoning this area also contributes to the delivery of the drug to the target and overcoming the blood-prostatic barrier. Due to the energy of microvibration, the number of contacts between cells and substances increases, the drug substance does not get stuck in one place, but spreads over the problem area, just as sugar dissolves faster in a bottle when it is shaken,
  • lumbosacral spine, to restore innervation (the passage of signals along nerve fibers from the spinal cord).

The complex effect on the above areas allows you to "dissolve" the existing stagnation in the small pelvis, but, most importantly, gradually to improve and restore the functioning of the prostate gland and other organs of the small pelvis.

At the same time, phoning does not have a side effect, but has a long-lasting effect.

The effectiveness of phoning (using Vitafon devices) in the treatment of prostatitis is confirmed by clinical studies - they were carried out at such scientific bases as the Department of Urology of the Military Medical Academy named after CM. Kirova (St. Petersburg), Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (Kharkov), Central Military Clinical Sanatorium "Arkhangelsk". According to the results, among the effects of the use of phoning in the treatment of prostatitis:

  • decrease in intensity or complete disappearance of pain
  • significant reduction in urination
  • urine stream improvement
  • improved erection
  • increased libido (sex drive)
  • lengthening of sexual intercourse
  • increasing the effectiveness of the drugs used and reducing the duration of treatment.

Sounding is especially recommended for the treatment of chronic prostatitis.

The most appropriate use of phoning in combination with antibiotics and bactericidal agents aimed at combating infection. The use of other drugs (for example, alpha-adrenergic blockers) can be reduced in dose or eliminated altogether (taking into account the doctor’s recommendation).

In acute prostatitis, phoning is possible only in the initial stages, when the body temperature is not higher than 37.5 and only in combination with drug therapy. However, after the end of the acute phase of prostatitis (which is usually treated in a hospital under the strict supervision of a urologist), phoning can be recommended in order to stop stagnant processes, normalize lymph flow, blood circulation, and development of prostate secretion. The very fact of acute prostatitis indicates that in the pelvic area some congestive phenomena appeared, which subsequently can turn into chronic prostatitis. Phoning can be carried out prophylactically in cases where there has been interrupted sexual intercourse or unusually long abstinence.

Information for doctors:

Manual for doctors - Vibroacoustic effects in the complex treatment of patients (Chapter 2. Vibroacoustic effects in the treatment of urological patients.). Scientific editor - candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Urology of the Military Medical Academy A. Kurtov St. Petersburg, 2003

In Roszdravnadzor several models for phoning are registered (in combination and without infrared radiation). All of them are issued under the Vitafon trademark.

To date, these are the only devices in the world that allow the transfer of microvibration energy into the human body, similar to biological microvibrations. For more than 25 years, more than 2 million people have been used.

A complete list of indications for the use of Vitafon devices can be found here.

The effectiveness of the treatment of these diseases is confirmed by scientific medical research, which for more than 25 years, there are already over 100, including abroad.

In addition to research, there is medical practice, which also confirms the high efficiency of the new method of physiotherapy, as evidenced by the reviews of leading doctors.

The official method of treating prostatitis at home with the help of medical devices "Vitafon" can be found here. The duration of the course of treatment to a large extent depends on the severity, duration and nature of the disease.

There is a possibility that your attending physician may not be aware of this new modern treatment method (phoning) and the corresponding devices, so before you go to the reception, we offer to print a memo with information on contraindications and methods of treating prostatitis.


Thus, the advantages of phoning, as a modern method of treating prostatitis, are that:

  1. Phoning comprehensively affects such causes of prostatitis as congestion in the pelvis.
  2. Vibroacoustic therapy improves the effectiveness of medications.
  3. Phono devices are easy to use, procedures can be carried out alone at home.
  4. It is an optimal remedy for elderly patients and people with low physical activity.
  5. There are no side effects, a limited list of contraindications.
  6. The possibility of treating with devices not only prostatitis, but also other diseases of the genitourinary system and musculoskeletal system, including such as: cystitis, pyelonephritis, prostate adenoma, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, sciatica, intervertebral hernia, arthritis, arthrosis, calcaneal spur, etc. .
  7. Availability. Phoning devices can be purchased at pharmacies, medical equipment stores, and on the manufacturer’s website with delivery throughout Russia and abroad. The cost of devices from 5 790 rubles.

Watch the video: Natural At-Home Remedies : Herbal Approaches to Treating Prostatitis (March 2020).

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